April 27, 2012

Revisiting the Truce

Hello, my long lost Losties!

First of all- I miss you all so much. I miss our weekly chats about LOST episodes, and podcasting with my podcasting buddies too.  I'm hoping LOST makes an appearance at this year's Comic Con so we have some new LOSTness to revel in.  We need it!

My LOST notes have been feeling very, very lonely lately, so I wanted to give you all an update on things and revisit some fun LOSTness

Site Update

As many of you already know, I compiled some key items of relationship to the "Island" story into tabs.  I will be adding another tab or two- so check back often.
Note: This is not new information. This info already exists within my notes for each episode.

Tab titled The Box
Tab titled Data and Evidence 
Tab titled Instructing Further  
Tab titled Missing Pieces Mobisode

What is Karen Watching?

For those longing for a deep moving story, characters you can relate to, mythology, mysteries and puzzle solving, I hope you're watching ONCE Upon A Time.  This wonderful fairy tale mash-up is the creation of the awesome storytelling duo, Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.  They have fused the wonderful world of fairy tales with a smart and emotional grownup adventurous journey, filled with razzle-freakin'-dazzle.  The show has an awesome groove, so much so, that many of us hate when an episode ends. The writers have kept us wanting more! I really love this show!

An addendum to ONCE, it seems to illustrate a relationship with LOST.  We can't deny LOST's DNA can be seen upon close examination.  Maybe I'm seeing only what I want to see.  Anyway, since this is how I seem to be experiencing ONCE, I, almost as if on autopilot, take my notes for that show just as I did with our beloved LOST.  Thus my ONCE notes are written through the eyes and perspective, not only of a LOST fan, but also a student of LOST.  Check out Karen's Adventures in Storybrooke where I'm sure you'll find a lot of LOST connections.


Today we're revisiting the Truce created on the "Island" between the DHARMA Initiative and the Others; Resolution dated August 15, 1973.   (8-15)

The date of adoption is August 16, 1973.   (8-16)

A very important bit to note is this is not a signed copy of the Truce.  We never see a signed copy of said Truce; by Horace Goodspeed and Richard Alpert.  We only hear about a Truce in the episodes "Enter 7 7", "LaFleur", "He's our You", "Namaste", and in the epilogue "The New Man in Charge"
* "In "Flashes Before You Eyes", Charlie mentions "a peace offering- to make the truce official" when he breaks out the MacCutcheon Whiskey to get Desmond to talk.

I know this is very, very old news, but for those of you who have not seen it after all this time- here you go!

These are from our DHARMA Initiative Orientation Kit: