Missing Pieces Mobisodes

The Missing Pieces Mobisodes were 13 Mobisodes that were released weekly via Verizon mobile phones for their cell service subscribers.   The Mobisodes ran from November 2007 through early February 2008.
They were created to fill in the story encompassing the first three seasons.

☯ I compiled my original posts from the Missing Pieces Mobisodes and put them together in one place.
Interestingly enough the clips and notes I took for them illustrate not only missing moments, but foreshadowed things we've seen unfold along the way.  They all play an important part of the story, especially So It Begins.

The mention of "missing pieces" comes to us in the season two episode What Kate Did:
Locke- "I think the film's pretty self explanatory."
Michael- “Really?! All I heard was something about electromagnets and an incident. What about all the missing pieces?"

So refresh your memory from that fun time of waiting for those transmissions to come over the airways!
These are my notes from the original posts along with each clip. Click on the links to connect.

 The Watch

The Adventures Of Hurley and Frogurt

King Of The Castle

The Deal

Operation Sleeper

Room 23

Arzt And Crafts

Buried Secrets

Tropical Depression

Jack Meet Ethan

Jin Has A Temper Tantrum On The Golf Course

The Envelope

So It Begins

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