March 28, 2011

See You in Another Life, Brother.

It is extremely rare for me to post personal blogs here, but there were friends and family who couldn't attend the memorial service (we had on March 5, 2011) for my brother Joey and they asked if there was a way I could share some of the celebration with them. Posting here was the easiest and broadest way to do it with its easy Internet access; especially because there are many family members who don't partake in the "social sites" and it was important to my mom that family had a way to share all the Joeyness of Joey.   I think I'll only leave this post up for a short while.

For those of you who don't know what has happened...well, here goes...
A few days before Thanksgiving my brother passed away from an asthma attack.  It has been a heartbreaking few months for me and my family.   Writing his eulogy and putting together the memorial video was extremely emotional for me. I just wanted to pay my brother the honor he deserves.
Theresa presents mom the flag flown on a mission in Joey's honor, by Theresa's son Jamie.
 Randy reads Kristen's memorial to her Uncle Joey.
Me giving Joey's eulogy.

Joey’s Eulogy: A Celebration of Life.

Thank you all for joining my sister Theresa, our mom Anita and our family in celebrating my brother, Joey’s life. Can I just say that…this sucks! I can’t even believe I’m in this room with all of you memorializing my baby brother. This all feels so unreal.

I welcome those who feel moved to get up and share a story; a memory of Joey.
Joey, I hope you can feel all the love we have for you.

On November 22, 2010, you all lost a friend and fellow musician. My sister Theresa and I and our husbands lost our brother, niece and nephews lost their uncle, our grandmother lost her grandson, and our mother lost her only son.

Most of us in this room know Joey the musician and creative person. Everyone in this room shared different relationships with Joey and we all saw very different sides to him. There’s no denying Joey was a character and a laugh riot and he was definitely unique.

Joey was born with debilitating asthma. I remember him having terrible attacks all throughout his life. I knew in my heart that because of the asthma I wasn’t going to have him forever and this caused me to spend a lot of my life worrying about him.

My brother was every bit our father Joseph’s pride and joy. Joey was his baby and my brother knew it. They loved each other a lot. In 1981 our father passed away suddenly and this turned Joey’s life completely upside down and left him in a lot of pain that lasted his entire life.

Our mother dedicated her life to being a single mom raising her three very individual kids. Life was pretty damn hard for us as we were very poor and lived together with our Grandmother. There were times Joey or J2 as some of you know him, kind of hated being in a house of all women and he let us know it.

Joey’s life’s journey was a very long and winding road. I’m not going to sugar coat it…It was fuckin’ rough. His love of music was his only refuge and his outlet. We were lucky because we grew up in a house filled with music…a lot of cursing…but a lot of music and unconditional love.

Joey truly was a King of the Highway. He loved to travel. It brought him joy that being a musician took him to new places. He really was one who took every experience in no matter what it was.
He had always been a man of faith who believed in Jesus and the bible. He was very proud to be an American and showed support for our troops every time he could. He was extremely proud of his nephew Jamie who is in service in the Air Force today.

Joey could spend hours watching history shows and the news. He took such an interest in what was going on in the world. Now mind you, I know firsthand how opinionated he can be with some topics like religion and politics. Those are two subjects you didn’t want to get into a conversation with him about. He was very opinionated and stood strong on his views. So for me and him these subjects were off the table…waaay off!

Joey loved taking photographs of everything, writing stories and writing music, basically anything that would cultivate his creativity. Joey and I shared enthusiasm for creativity.

Whenever there was a family event and a video camera handy, it was Joey who was the cameraman and narrator. Whenever we’d watch a playback of the event he videotaped you just had to laugh out loud because his narration was hysterical… very Joey.

Joey was an amazing artist, as opposed to me who can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler. When we were in the band All Fired Up together he literally created our newsletters and flyers by cutting out his own clip art and pasting them on to paper, hence his new work of art would be born. No computers were ever involved in any of those newsletters and flyers!

I know that it was through his creativity that Joey really loved showing us the world through his eyes.
Joey was deep, but you had to be careful because he could get very intense with how deep he would get with his thoughts. Not for nothing, but sometimes he was a real pain in the ass about it! But that was Joey and one of the many reasons I loved him.

Joey was everything a brother is…totally funny, opinionated, yeah, sometimes a pain in the ass, yet extremely caring, very supportive, protective and loved us deeply.

Something that took people by surprise was that there was a six year age difference between me and Joey; people thought we were very close in age because we shared a close bond.

For me there are moments I can say Joey was the typical brother, as I was the typical sister, and we would get in to arguments. But those stupid moments mean nothing as there were often very special moments he played a direct role in my own life. I can only speak for myself here, as my sister will share her sentiments shortly. But I can tell you Joey enjoyed spending as much time as he could with our sister Theresa and her family. After all, Theresa and Wally throw the best parties!

Joey walked me down the aisle on my wedding day; he and Cris remodeled our first apartment, and helped me and Cris move down to Florida. My brother even literally picked me up off the floor in a moment of personal heartbreak. I also know it was extremely hard for Joey when I was battling cancer.

A weird thing is that me and my mother were recently talking about when I was in the hospital during the time I was sick, and I was really out of it and don’t remember certain things with clarity or even at all…but my mother said that Joey had such a hard time with me being sick that he couldn’t bring himself to see me in the hospital. The weird thing is that I can see in my mind’s eye Joey in that hospital room sitting in the chair next to me and I can see him walking out to leave…so I think the chance does exist that Joey did indeed come and sit with me but I don’t remember, I can’t remember! And not remembering if it really happened or not pisses me off!

Of course I hold very close to my heart the years we played all those All Fired Up gigs together. We got to share our love of music and entertained people together. I know he was very proud of that time together.

Cris and I brought Joey in to our band All Fired Up. Remember, Joey was a bass player. But we wanted to keep the band a family project, so we nudged Joey out of his comfort zone and encouraged him to play guitar for our four piece band. Although he was very nervous at first, he did a great job. In the beginning Cris worked with him on the songs, but Cris taught him so much more. I know for a fact Joey was appreciative of all of this because Joey actually told me two weeks before he passed away.

Joey and I shared and celebrated our relationship as brother and sister at every gig by performing a duet together, just me and him. It would totally blow people away when they realized we were brother and sister.

The most important thing to Joey and the only thing he could ever truly bank on was family.
His living with asthma was a terribly frightening and frustrating thing for him. I know his frustration with not being able to breathe was the basis for his anger and frustrations.
People may say that Joey may have been many things, good or bad…but no one could ever argue or take away the fact that Joey was a brave man.

Some people didn’t understand why Joey only dedicated his life to music and never got a “real job”, and still lived home with my mother. And some people were outright shits to him about it. The only way I explain it is that was the way it always was supposed to be. My mother and Joey loved each other very much and they shared a very tight mother/son bond. Creativity was Joey’s gift, his purpose. Joey knew his time on this Earth was limited and the greatest gift my mother could give Joey was the freedom to live …and to live his life making music.

My mother was there for Joey’s very first breath into this existence and she was the only one there for his very last breath. In my heart I know that’s the way it was always meant to be.

My brother had some sort of gift of “knowing” things. (Which that too would make him a pain in the ass at times) but because of his “knowing” about his life, he didn’t leave a wife and children behind. I personally feel like the pain and trauma he felt when our dad died was something he never wanted to leave his own wife and children with.

Two weeks before Joey passed, I sat with him for a couple of hours after he got home from the Emergency Room with another bad asthma attack, and we talked, I should say Joey talked. I am very blessed that I got to hear what he had to say to me and share with me and I will hold it close to my heart every day. But it was in this conversation that he revealed that he knew the asthma was going to kill him now and that his time left here was short.

I hate that I’ll never get to hug him again. I knew I wouldn’t have Joey forever and I still took his presence for granted and that is weighing on me heavily. That’s what life does, it gets in the way and we take “time” and each other for granted.

I cared so much and worried so much about Joey’s health and well being. And it broke my heart to see how alone his was and how lonely he always felt. Music was Joey’s only place of safety. People didn’t understand his intensity and frustration with his life, but what it really was- was his frustration not being able to literally breathe.

With all the Joeyness that is Joey, no one can ever take away the fact that Joey cared about people and family. He loved giving back, whether it was teaching or encouraging another musician, and it didn’t even matter if they were a first timer or a seasoned professional. He never cared how much money you had, where you lived, what you look like or what insecurities you possessed, and he always tried to push you to do better or do more. He really only ever wanted the best for others. This is part of Joey I was always most proud of.

Joey, along with our mother, Anita, donated their hair to Locks of Love. And a finale testament to his character can be noted when he literally donated himself as part of the donor program to others in need, so they could go on living their lives ... that in of itself makes him a true fuckin’ ROCK STAR!

The thing about life is that we all have our own path to travel. Sure, we meet others along the path, but the path is still individualized for each of us for our own lessons, in our own time. Paths cross and then separate, and low and behold, they will re-cross if they are meant to. You live your path and Joey lived his path. I feel that once Joey ultimately "learned" what he was supposed to learn during his rough journey, his path literally ended. It’s as if Joey literally authored and scripted his life story, the beginning, the middle and the end.

Now that Joey's path has ended, I totally understand and have respect for his journey and what he endured and where it led him along the way.

Joey’s legacy is that he did touch people and he loved deeply, even when he didn’t want you to know it.
What I want to impress upon you all is that the Joeyness of Joey may have been hard for some to comprehend, but know that Joey always had the best intentions of making your life more fun, challenging, creative and most importantly he wanted you to feel the love.

I hope Joey’s story motivates you to never take a photo opportunity for granted, capture the world through your eyes and savor all the memories you can, and I also hope Joey inspired you to keep your family close.

My mother raised us in a crazy house where we all had to endure some very poor, scary and painful times. But even with the crazy time we never had to wonder if we all loved each other, because through the good bad and ugly of life, we do love each other. And Joey knew the importance of all of this.
Family is the foundation we are built on. We really do only need a few things to survive in this word…Water, Food, Shelter and people who love us. We don’t need everyone to love us, but it sure helps when you can bank on your family’s unconditional love, even when the rest of the world is behaving ugly.

Joey didn’t want for very much. All he really ever wanted was to be able to breathe like a normal person, he wanted to share his music and creativity with the world, he dreamed of taking care of me, Theresa and our mother and he wanted a family that loved him unconditionally. I can rest comfortably knowing we, his family loved him unconditionally.

Joey left this Earth without a wife or girlfriend, no children, no home or car of his own and NONE of that matters, none of it…as long as we had each other, us, family and all of us here today. It is true…the best things in life aren’t “things” it is us and the love and inspiration we leave with each other. Joey is the epitome of that sentiment.

The end of Joey’s path, his story, leaves us to have to go on without him. A huge part of me died with losing Joey and I’m not sure how to find a way to live without him around. But I must try because that’s what Joey always wanted. He wanted us to love him, to let go of him, but most importantly to never forget him.

I know Joey can’t hear me and that only adds to my pain. I am having a really, really hard time without him here. My heart is so broken. Even though we shared so much before he left, there is still so much I want him to know and I'll never get to say to him. My only place of true peace comes from knowing that he is free from his suffering. I thank him for the years he blessed me by letting me be his little big sister and for all the things we shared. I'm not happy that my path will no longer have him on it, but I understand and know we walked it together for as long as we were supposed to. I just need for him to know that I love him.

Joey, I hope you are finally having your moment in the sun. And you are right Joey, you and I both "get it". My baby brother, I love you and miss you desperately and you are part of me forever.

I hope you don’t forget Joey. I hope there are times in your life when you can recall a moment that Joey made your day a little more "Joey-like".

Memorial Video:
I created this is the memorial video to honor Joey and to share his story with you. All of the images and footage in conjunction with the songs and their words say something important.  Everything in the video represents everything that was part of Joey and what was important to him.
These are real images and footage and some of it old and the quality isn’t very good, but I tried. There were so many more images that I wanted to include but I still think you’ll get a clear understand of the Joeyness of Joey.
Now I want Joey to tell you his story. Enjoy!

March 1, 2011

Exploring Some LOST Questions With You

             "Living is easy with eyes closed. Misunderstanding all you see."

Every viewer of LOST knows the great LOST Metapuzzle was always based on twists and turns, and people and things not being what you thought they were and I must ask you why you think the final moments of LOST would be any different?

Before we go any further I want to bring you back and reflect on one of the biggest cues from one of the shows creators.
Here is a quote from Damon Lindelof back in January 2007-

"This show is about people who are metaphorically lost in their lives, who get on an airplane, and crash on an island, and become physically lost on the planet Earth. And once they are able to metaphorically find themselves in their lives again, they will be able to physically find themselves in the world again. When you look at the entire show, that's what it will look like. That's what it's always been about."

There are certain facts (not speculations) that can't be ignored, and they could contribute to a different completed puzzle picture and ending than most perceived and/or assumed.
Sideways, Flashbacks, Flash Forwards, Oceanic Six time, The Island events and off Island...Which of those events/time-lines happen outside of the bloody snow globe that is the "Island"? Are any of them outside of the snow globe? Are Jack and the Castaway's ever out of the confines of the "Island"? If you're a long time reader to my notes you know my answer to that.  We have countless examples of events on the "Island" blurring with many of the off "Island" events.
There have been many examples to indicate this concept. Isn't it interesting that "Jacob", who never really knew there was a place anywhere "across the sea" was able to go to an "outside world" and gather up replacements.
Unless...there is no "outside the confines of the Island".
The "Island" and off "Island", Flashes and Sideways all converge (fuse/fusion) in the finale moments of the story.

We have to recall some important key facts to the story. (Of which there are many)

  • Right away Jack runs past the white tennis shoe that he connects to his father Christian, but really it belongs to Jack. Hence this leads me to Jack is really chasing himself.   
  • The point that Jacob is totally privy to Jack "waking up in the bamboo forest" and that we know from the missing pieces episode So it Begins, it's Christian who has Vincent "wake up" his son. Remember that MIB/Locke claimed to be Christian.  Where does Jacob fit in there?
  •  Jacob and Mikhail shared similarities.  Both spoke Russian and both mention people being on the "Island" and on the list/not on the list, because they are flawed.   In Enter 7 7 we meet Russian speaking, eye patching wearing Mikhail who claims to like being alone like a  "lighthouse keeper"  at the Flame which is the hub.  The hub is also the center of a wheel.   Think about it, is this the center of the blast door map and the "?".   And of course this connects us to the "light", the heart/core of the "Island".

TIME and SPACE: Once you can free your mind and let go of the concept of time and space, on "Island" and off "Island" things seem to become more clear.
There is no "now" here = n o w h e r e.
Nowhere,'s all one.

* Jack says Adam and Eve's bodies (which are laid to rest in separate alcoves in the cave) are about 40-50 years old because of his estimation of the decomposition of their clothing.  Yet in Across the Sea Jacob is shown laying "mother" and his brother to rest in the same alcove and we're led to believe this moment in time to be somewhere approximately (up to) 2000 years in the past.  So logically you must think...Was it really 2000 or even 50 years?  It doesn't matter.

* There are many other examples of time not being consistent with brilliant physicist Daniel Faraday's payload arriving to the "Island" after being launched from the freighter and with the time of death with Dr. Ray arriving to the "Island" after being killed on the freighter. And I always found it interesting that Lapidus needed to follow a bearing to "fly" to the freighter (which of course shows us Desmond having his amazing "Flashes") and the 305 bearing had to be followed when traveling by raft in Cabin Fever.

It is important to know that within this mystery the truth is literally spoken to us.  We just have to listen closely.  We're given hints to the "Island" being a place where if you can imagine certain things then they can manifest into that "space".  We're told many times over to pay attention to the metaphor of the story.
In The Brig we're told a bit more about the "Island" and its magical box aspects;
Ben: "No, John, you're not. You're still crippled by the memories of the man you used to be before you came to this Island. And you'll never be free, until you release the hold that your father has over you. Why do you think you brought him here?"
Locke: "Oh oh oh, the, magic box, OK Ben, how about you show me..."
Ben: "The magic box is a metaphor, John. I can't show you anything until you can show me that you're ready and willing to be one of us. When people join us here on this Island, they need to make a gesture of free will, of commitment. That's why you're gonna have to kill your father."

All of this indicates there is something more and a bit different, but something more simple than what some may assume or are reaching for.  Ahh, but what the hell do I know?!
I feel that most viewers are forgetting something important to the finale...

After the many months since the finale I was extremely interested to see and hear viewers thoughts and ideas about what they experienced over the six seasons of LOST. I was also curious to see if their ideas and theories changed over time since the finale. I utilized Facebook as a small forum to present questions to fans regarding general topics of the LOST story. I loved the excitement with all the LOST talk, but honestly was troubled by the amount of anger I witnessed when someone didn't share similar views.  Nonetheless everyone threw something into the LOST stew.

Thank you to all the fans who let me pick their brains and for sharing your insight and honesty with me.  Feel free to leave your thoughts here to add to the ongoing LOST discussion.   I'm positive I'll present many more questions for you to ponder, as I will continue follow the evolution of the story's affect on its viewers.  It really is a lot of fun.

The following is an overview of the first round of questions process including my replies: The good, the bad and the ugly of it. lol.

Question: In your opinion, did the ARGs/ORGs (including sites as Ajira Air, etc.), books, games/board game, Via Domus, jigsaw puzzles, Missing Pieces Mobisodes, and LOST University, add any additional insight to the LOST story for you?
  • Fan Reply- I thought they did, until the finale.
  • Joseph LaValley-Yes and No - IMO, the "LOST Experience" ARG and LOST University were/are AWESOME additions to the "canon" of the shows themselves. (Some of the other ARGs, too, were pretty cool, like the whole "polar bear posters" deal.) And I definitely thought "Things You Never Noticed About LOST," by Vozzek,  "Lost Ate My Life," by Jon Lachonis (aka DocArzt) and Amy Johnston (aka Hijinx) were—in different respects, but each in its own right—both truly excellent books, that added a LOT of insight. (I don't have the LOST Encyclopedia yet, and so can't comment on it; but I do plan to pick it up, and imagine that it will prove a worthy addition to my little LOST-brary.) Finally, I really grooved on all the stuff in the DIOK (w/the s5 DVDs); in the final analysis, though, I'm not sure how much "insight" any of it really added. Beyond all of that, I don't think I've seen anything that really added all that much—other than LOSTpedia, and the Top-Tier LOST blogs (like yours!), of course. Still, the only thing that RLY stands out in my mind as a disappointment is Via Domus: as a game, it was just no fun at all for me, and since Darlton expressly disclaimed its "canonical-ness" (truthiness? ;), I tend to think of it just another in a long line of (more or less, but all relatively) disappointing video games based on a then-successful TV or film franchise. All of the foregoing: just my $0.02! ~Namaste!! :D
  • Amanda Hogan- Yeah, I feel like it all help give clues out.
  • Rob Wense- They said the story in Via Domus wasn't canon but the places were. I loved it when I got to see what was on the other side of the cement covered wall in the Hatch.
  • Lisa Whitten- yes and they were fun too if not a bit obsession forming lol (being that I made it to number 2 on the OGR)
  • Alex Vladi- Well, the Valenzetti Equation is pretty good (and fully canon after being discussed in LOST Encyclopedia). And Rachel Blake as daughter of Hanso is also interesting fact. Short, I'd say: yes. Even DharmaWantsYou. I just wonder, why Thomas van Eeghen wasn't in the Encyclopedia. Is he not in canon?
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting I think they were teases and I looked desperately to them for clues as I did everything else, but in the end, no...but it made if fun for sure.
Question: In Missing Pieces 13, Christian (in white shoes) tells Vincent to go wake up his son. Locke/Flock/MIB claims to have been "Christian" in White Rabbit.  In your opinion is it one in the same or who is who and why?
  • Kristen D Custer- I think it was actually the spirit of Christian. I don't think Vincent would have been so friendly with MIB. In fact when Flocke shows up to Rose and Bernard's camp he starts barking vigorously. And the words he uses "He has work to do." says something about his nature.
  • RedGrave Sebastian- First of all, i must say that Christian, before his dead, in my head at least, have been in touch with the Island. Same thing with the grandpa of Jack, I don't remember his name in this moment. Anyway: I think that both Jacob and MIB, had kind of "far-sightedness". They had, in different ways, the ability of seeing/feeling the future/destiny of people, a lil cause of their manipulating and in part cause, well, they were special. So, i think that Christian, on that episode, was actually MiB, glad and to have such a good "piece" between his hands. That s what i think.
  • RedGrave Sebastian- ‎@Kristen, interesting, but MiB took even some of the nature of Locke lately (you cannot tell me what i cant do)
  • Kristen D Custer- I think thats just one of the traits that MIB and Locke had in common. Thats why he felt so comfortable with Locke's form. Locke was special indeed.
  • Heather Chutro-Lyons- It was MIB, he wanted off the island so he picked the weakness Jack had to manipulate him. The dog, well he is a good dog!
  • Chris Kelly- Vincent is Smokey, Christian Jacob :) probably not, but imagine it.
  • Lindsey Cook- ooohhh...i forgot about that one. ok thinking about it does seem to be smokey if we follow how things have gone on the show...but Vincent seems special...and i really don't think he would follow someone who was evil...ok i know its a dog, its just a feeling that in that instance Christian was a ghost
  • Karen Mauro- Why would "Christian" say wake up my son, if it wasn't "Christian"? If it wasn't "Christian" and it was an impostor, he should have said something like.... "Go wake up Jack" or "Go wake up the dude sleeping in his clean suit on the ground in the bamboo forest".   Why was "Christian" wearing both white shoes, yet Jack runs past one white shoe on his way to the beach?  Besides all that, why doesn't anyone ever question how Vincent the wonder dog, who is a "lab", not get killed or even injured when supposedly hitting the earth while in a dog cage when he fell from a plane?
  • Kristen D Custer- He is an innocent like Walt, Zack and Emma. Speaking of which, what was their fate? What happened to them?
  • Lindsey Cook- its one of the unanswered questions
  • Will Smith- I love LOST with all my heart...but, as Lindsey just brought up, "one" of the unanswered questions doesn't sit well with me. We spent six years analyzing and dissecting this show. I feel like many of its fans know the storyline better than some of the directors and producers. I am rather disappointed with the abundance of the "unanswered." I do, however, really enjoy reading everybody's incredible insight. Thank you, all.
  • Chris Kelly- I believe I wrote about Vincent on pre-Season 6, can't recall exactly what I said at this ungodly hour but might be worth checking out for some fuel for debate?
  • Lindsey Cook- read fanfiction and you get the answers to the unanswered questions
  • Stephen Fry- Who needs to read others answers! I made up my own and that is exactly . I am in need of a rewatch to answer this.....but I do really believe that Christian did show up from time to time! I mean he is a Shepherd after all!! ;)
  • RedGrave Sebastian- ‎@Karen, quote "Why would "Christian" say wake up my son, if it wasn't "Christian"? If it wasn't "Christian" and it was an impostor, he should have said something like.... "Go wake up Jack" or "Go wake up the dude sleeping in his clean suit on the ground..."; for the same reason he told to Johnny Boy "Say hello to my son". He's always pretending.
  • Chris Kelly-Yup yup, I think that's pretty good evidence for it being Smokey!! :)  Vincent's a pretty smart dog. Anyway, is Smokey a) aware of what a dog is, and b) fully in control when assuming the forms of the dead? I've always assumed that any dead BODY on the Island (Yemi, Christian, Locke) is fair game for Smokey to assume. That and nothing else.
  • Karen Mauro-Why would he need to pretend to a dog who supposedly doesn't know him or "his son"?"   Why didn't Christian care about waking up his pregnant daughter Claire? In my opinion it was about Jack being on the "Island" to learn to find what he has lost.  Christian was constantly shepherding/guiding Jack through his journey/experience, all the way until the last moments of the story where Christian was there to welcome awakened Jack to the end of the journey/experience. He was there at the start and at the end. Everything comes full circle.  The New Man in Charge has Ben telling Walt he can still help his "dead" father. In your opinion, what does he mean by that statement?
  • Nicholas Ratliff- He can talk to him like obi wan.
  • Michael Oliver Sacco- get him free of the island
  • Donna Inbigcreek- I think THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE would make a fantastic movie trailer!! Ok, maybe it's just wishful thinking.
  • Stephen Fry- I have not read any of the above comments before posting this: I think he can help him uhhhh "Cross over" so to speak! Get him away from all that wacky him find the peace he has LOST!
  • Lindsey Cook- ive been thinking about this too, I agree with Stephen I think it has something to do with crossing over and making peace with his life.
  • Nicholas Ratliff- I don't think Michael can cross over. I think the whispers are trapped on the island for good.
  • Kristen D Custer- I think the reason that Michael is stuck on the island is because he needs Walts forgiveness. Plus remember Walt is special! Very special.
Question: Over the years we heard over and over about them wanting to go back to the real world. In your opinion does that make the "Island" and/or its adventures (Off "Island", Oceanic 6, Sideways, etc) occurring in an UNREAL world ?
  • Chris Kelly- Certainly surreal, but check out Richard's recruitment of Juliet for proof of 'real'.
  • Karen Mauro- Well, then since surreal encompasses the qualities of "unreal", does that make the "Island" adventure an "unreal" experience?
  • Shannon Jelle- umm there was a smoke monster, time travel, premonitions and a giant cork that in some way affected the stuff that allowed ALL of that to occur, yeah I'd say it was pretty unreal, an awesome show, but pretty unreal.
  • Chris Kelly- Don't forget walking cripples, unaging mascara adverts, unaging wine adverts, a paradoxical compass and the mystery that is...... Vincent!!! (For starters, why did he like Shannon? ;P)
  • Brian Ullom- It was all real. Just like Christian Shepherd said. Except the flash sideways.
  • Chris Kelly -Flash sideways was real, just not Earthly.
  • Karen Mauro- Yes, the experience was real, but was it happening in an unreal world/environment, etc..
  • Brian Ullom- So another level of consciousness? I agree with that then. It all seemed unreal.
  • Karen Mauro- YES! Levels of consciousness.
  • Brian Ullom- There were a lot of "tests" on AND off the island. You pass you get to that other level. So on & so. Until you reach the highest level & you get to finally let go & move on. Imo...
  • Karen Mauro- Yes :)
  • Chris Kelly- Inception (or for those with Japanese tastes, Paprika / Perfect Blue) :)
  • Brian Ullom- God damn I love LOST. Seriously. There are so many ways to interpret this show. It's pure genius.
  • Paul Brown- No, all real, real fruit, real fish, real boar, real Hurley's bowl movements from the real fruit. i'm sticking to The End. The only level I saw was becoming Christ-like and be willing to give up your life for your friends. Jack, Charlie, Locke. But we can't save ourselves, it's an act of grace that they were all in that Church at the end! Not in a game room, a Church.
  • Karen Mauro- Paul, You are free to ignore whatever parts of the story you want. But they are there nonetheless. You can't wish them away.
  • Paul Brown- But here's the real question. people want to talk about tests and things. Who's giving the tests? Who controls the "real" world and the "unreal" world. Sounds like God to me!
  • Karen Mauro- No Paul. That's not who is running the "Island" tests.
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting- Un real in the sense that they didn't have to work a "job" to get/have everything that they needed and sometimes what they wanted and most of it (just like them) dropped from right out of the sky...
  • Paul Brown- It was explained why it dropped out of the sky! It was from the random Dharma drops. You can ignore all the spiritual aspects as well, but I have "The End" on my side. Can I get you to say "church" just once? And what exactly did Shannon d...o to "move on." She bitched and whined to the end. If there ever was an act of grace it was her. You ignore things too. remember when you called shenanigans on Michael and the whispers because they didn't fit into the game story? What did Sawyer do to move on, he conned to the end. Claire? she went backwards, Kate had to drag her off the island. Christian said they were all DEAD, not finally moved on to the highest level. And yes, God does run everything!
  • Paul Brown- Last thing I'll say. remember Rose's answer when Charlie wanted to "move on" and "let go". "dear Heavenly Father..." Rose is the key to the whole show. we can't save ourselves.
  • Karen Mauro- No Paul...I don't ignore ANYTHING with this story EVER. There are MANY spiritual themes in it. As a matter of fact I ALWAYS address the spiritual themes and metaphors in EVERY SINGLE POST I've ever written. I also addressed the other layers and elements of the story as well. I have NEVER been single minded about this multi layered story.  As far as Shannon, you should go back and watch the last moments before she is killed by Ana Lucia and she what/how she is released from the "Island". The answer is right there! And your bit about Michael and the whispers...I NEVER called shenanigans because he didn't fit the "game element" of the story. I completely understand the whispers and what they are.  With all due respect, for you being someone who reads a book filled with symbolism and fantastical stories, you would think your mind would be open to more of the metaphor of LOST.  Apparently you've never read my notes, if you did you would know ALL of the themes and topics I brought to the table. You are free to be as happy with the end as you want.I too am VERY happy with it.
  • Karen Mauro- PS: Paul, I am truly happy that LOST ultimately made you happy especially after hearing you complain about the show for a couple of seasons.  You and everyone else knows that I ALWAYS welcome everyone's opinions on the story they saw. That is exactly what Darlton wanted and why I'm exploring some research now. Rose and Charlie were of the same faith, so that is how they connected in Charlie's time of need. That makes perfect sense to me. Some people rely on faith to get them through and I understand and respect that, but some don't have faith. And guess what?...Just because someone might night have faith in your God to get them through something, or they have the strength in themselves to move forward when something negative happens, does NOT make them a bad person.  There are other religions that are part of the LOST story, not just Christian. Should we assume Sayid converted after he "died"?  You CAN save yourself. Everyone has the power within them to do so, if they choose to. It is all about choices. There are SO many elements over the six seasons that play a specific part in how Jack got to the end... they are part of the journey and the lessons that got him to end his suffering and find peace and balance.
Question: In your opinion why don't the Others leave tracks?
  • Duffy M Joy- So that they wont be traced.
  • Jimmy Mac- the candidates have to find their own way...
  • Ed Rokose- They were probably so accustomed to living in the wild they were able to hide their tracks very easily. This also may explain how they can stay hidden so well.
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting They didn't want anyone following them back the thier pretty little houses.
  • Chris Kelly - If Jack and Kate can become master trackers in a few weeks, surely it is believable that the Others have mad jungle skills?
  • Claire Sheppard- because of their hover boots.
  • Carl Saarela- Being barefoot and tuned with nature, their tracks are one with their environment and are just not visible to anyone else.
  • Claire Sheppard- I prefer the hover boots explanation.
  • Chris Kelly- They have no feet?
  • Felicia Mayle- if you're talking about the scene with Eko in the bushes, I think they weren't in an area that would leave tracks anyway.. bare feet on leaves? No tracks. That was never a mystery to me.
  • Brooke Hall- Underground tunnels!
  • Lindsey Cook- its explained in a dvd somewhere....there is someone in the back of the group who uses a broom to brush them away.
  • Karen Mauro- I believe in hallucinations, illusions, razzle freakin dazzle and mind fucks.  Is it possible that Christian is Jack's constant?
  • Lindsey Cook- interesting idea....he does seem important to Jack's overall arc...either him or Kate...maybe just saying that because shes in his past and in his flash forward...but then again i could be wrong on that one.
  • Poliana Costa- Why would Jack need a constant? Not everyone needs a constant, guys.
  • Mike Quinn- This was explained on the show. The last person traveling in the group simply used a broom to mix up the dirt and destroy their tracks.
  • Mike Quinn- What's the link to your Research post?
  • Karen Mauro- Why wouldn't Jack or anyone else need a constant? Not only "special" people like Desmond were being guided through the "Island" experience.
  • Poliana Costa- The constant is not supposed to "guide" anyone. And I think a constant needs to be someone ALIVE, not a dead person/ghost. A constant needs to exist in both timelines, and we all know Christian was dead and his body went
  • Karen Mauro- Constants and guides do play a role in the "Island" adventure. Some are there to guide, to keep someone on the path or to bring them consciously back to a place of balance and love. Many times they seem to a "person" that is there to ensure the Castaway can safely get from point A to point B, or even to the next place.
  • Poliana Costa- I disagree with you. I dont think constants are there to guide people and this has never been stated or implied in the show.
  • Karen Mauro- That's totally ok that you disagree. The roles of Constants and guides has indeed been implied in the show many times.
  • Poliana Costa- Could you please give me some examples/links? Thank you.
  • Karen Mauro- A couple of examples is...Eloise makes it a point a few times of mentioning "staying on the path".  Abbddon tells Locke that's what his role is.  Desmond even assumes the "guide" role in Season 6. Just go to my site and you'll find much more.
  • Poliana Costa-- Ok, but I just think you are wrong in implying that constants and guides have the same role in the island.
  • Karen Mauro- Why is a constant not similar to a guide? In this instance they are both loyal, unwavering, certain, and assist and connect the Castaway in the adventure.
  • Karen Mauro- It has been my experience with the story that LOST uses a lot of word play and such to contribute to the puzzle. This is one example (Constant and Guide)  That's just my opinion :)
Question: Did Jack see "Christian" sitting in his medical office bldg in the Oceanic 6/off Island era, in the episode Something Nice Back Home?
  • Lindsey Cook- Yes, I've been asking that myself for a very long time...I think it was his ghost.....or Jacob's influence of some type. It was not smoky...we know he cant leave the island so it was not him
  • Dan Ramos- It seems like an inconsistency of some sort to me.
  • Sara Barua- Yes and no. I think by this time that Jack was so high on pills that he was seeing things, or it was Ghost Christian like Hurley was seeing Ghost Charlie. I am not in the camp that says it was MIB or Smokey or Jacob.
  • George Stulak- He saw a vision of Christian...definitely wasn't Smokey and I don't think it was his ghost/spirit. It was more in Jacks head I believe.
  • Dominic White- It was a HUGE error in the show. It was the same episode they purposely foreshadowed MIB being Christian. It's why the smoke detector went off. Jack wasn't on pills yet. Immediately after is when he gets the prescription and starts on pills. It is an error and there is no debating it.
  • Tony Chavez -nope. remember, flocke had a somewhat significant fear of water, and at the time, jack was just beginning his beard-wearing melt-down.
  • Karen Mauro- Dom, in your opinion what makes it an "error"?  Things make sense to me as far as why we saw Christian and the smoke detector went off, as well as Jack's state of mind...or better yet, state of consciousness at that moment.
  • Brooke Hall- I hate that scene. I just can't rationalize it.
  • Stephen Fry- I think he did! He has been with him all along!
  • Lindsey Cook- its not an inconsistency...i am right you are all wrong, including Dan
  • Karen Mauro- Tony, "Flock" did not have a significant fear of water. He only confirms to Sawyer that he can't just "fly" his ass over to the other "Island".
  • Dominic White-- MIB spends his whole life trying to "get home". So seeing as though he can go off island to Jacks office, it is an error to later have leaving his whole objective
  • Karen Mauro- Does the possibility exist that the on "Island" and off "Island" events are not separate at all?
  • Lindsey Cook- but it wasn't Smoky!!!
  • Karen Mauro- It wasn't Smokey.
  • Kristen D Custer- I think it really was Christian. He was trying to warn Jack of what was to come, and that he in fact did to go back.
  • Dominic White- Those of you saying it wasn't MIB have nothing to base that off of.
  • Karen Mauro- I have six seasons evidence to base it off of.
  • Stephen Fry- Ooooo no likey! If the off island is not separate doesn't that make Jacks sacrifice wasteful in the end?? I dunno ??
  • Karen Mauro- Stephen, Nope. Not at all. As a matter of fact it was necessary
  • Lindsey Cook- im agreeing with Karen, I've been rewatching everything, we know Ghosts can appear off island as well as on island: ex: Charlie. I'm Saying it was a ghost under Jacobs orders and being LostLindsey my word is final
  • Karen Mauro- I don't believe in ghosts.
  • Dominic White -So they flat out say MIB was Christian and Jack didn't see dead people like Hurley and you have 6 seasons of evidence? I love the show as much as you all but I'm not gonna make excuses for their mistakes. Writers are human. Errors happen in complicated stories
  • Lindsey Cook- ok that is true, Jack cant see Dead people, but its Jacob....he can do anything. I know there are errors on the show...but I am convinced that what jack saw was not MIB, he couldn't leave the island, and that instance of him wasn't like the others.  I agree with Karen I don't think it was an error. Jack had gone through a lot of emotional stress. He left behind all those people. He hadn't been sleeping. Plus he had never found Christian's body. It's not hard to come to the conclusion t...hat he was a hallucination brought on by guilt and insomnia. And Dom, LOST will always be debatable. :)
  • Stephen Fry- Ok...I'm missing something! Who says Jack can't see ghosts?? Why can't he?? If Christian is "leading" our gang so to speak ...why can't he appear to Jack? Same as he did to Michael on the freighter???
  • George Stulak- I agree with Karen, sorry Dom....I don't believe it was Smokey either. Like I said, just a vision I think.
  • Karen Mauro- I'll add this here too...I believe in hallucinations, illusions, razzle freakin dazzle and mind fucks.
  • Karen Mauro- Altered States of Consciousness at the root of things we see.
  • Dominic White- No one has to be sorry. You're allowed your opinions. I'm just basing it off of the actual story and not my thoughts or excuses. Christian appears to Jack as smoke detector goes off and then to Claire on the island with smoke from the fire in front of him. Obvious foreshadowing. But I'll agree to disagree
  • Poliana Costa- Dom, it couldn't be Smokey because he wasn't able to leave the island.  I think fans read too much into things. Jack was clearly distressed.
  • Joey Saade- I think the "error" the LOST writers made was making the story in a way where we eat up every line like it is scripture. That is how they wanted us to view the show. So for them to throw in a huge foreshadowing clue like this in S4 only mad...e us believe it had to be Christian and that it had to be significant to the rest of the story. What the scene’s purpose was in terms of writing in that season (of course this is just an educated guess) is to 1. Foreshadow the idea that Smokie (smoke alarm) was Christian and many other deceased people that have been manipulating our characters on island (especially with him bringing Claire to the cabin on the island story) and 2. It pushes forward the idea that Locke telling Jack that his father sent Locke to bring the O6 back led directly to Jack’s pill addiction. Of course though, me and everyone else took it as a huge plot point that Christian appeared to Jack when that was not really the way we should have seen it.
  • Stephen Fry- So Jack and Michael both had hallucinations involving Christian? Michael didn't even know Christian. If Christian can visit Michael before he died then he can go say hello to Jack in his office. Ehhh?
  • Joey Saade- Christian appearing to Michael will always bother me.
  • Karen Mauro- I agree with Dom, we all can agree to disagree. This is what makes this story SO wonderfully exciting :)
  • Stephen Fry- I agree!! ;)
  • Rob Wense- It feels so good to debate LOST again. Thanks Karen. :D
  • Stephen Fry- Been too long ! At what point are the things we saw considered evidence? I only ever based my own thoughts on the actual evidence that presented itself over and over, and not speculation and assumptions.
  • Karen Mauro- Rob, you know only purpose is to keep LOST alive. lol
  • Chris Kelly-  I agree with Joey. The whole Kevin/Michael angle was THE worst mishandling in Lost. At least his S6 re-appearance made up for it somewhat.
  • Jack's Christian? Man Of Science says drugs, Man Of Faith says Jacob, Fan Of Lost says Smokey. Doesn't... bother me which one is true :)
  • Joey Saade-Since we saw MiB pushed into the water and all that black blood-like goo coming out in S6 only for him to just climb out all upset. We can assume that the Smoke Monster's chemical makeup does not sit well in water. This does not mean that h...e can't be on the freighter, just that he more than likely wouldn't want to be. He can get back to the island after it blew up. Problem is, he was with Claire in the cabin, and since in S6 we saw Smokiecam and they drilled into our heads the idea that he has to travel just like anyone else, I do not believe he could be in two places at the same time.See More
  • Joey Saade- To me, the most disappointing thing about LOST is that the outrigger scene in season 5 was pointless. :-( I felt like they stabbed me in the back when I read the interview where they relieved they would not pay off that scene in the end.
  • Chris Kelly- Besides that, the sonic fence drilled into our heads he can't fly, else he woulda popped over it like Kate did ;)
  • Sara Barua-‎just because Jack asked for a prescription doesn't make it his first time with pills, he could have taken them from the drug cabinet, or used his samples that drug companies give doctors..I know we didn't see that ib screen, but I think he was already spirilling out of control by the time he saw Christian. I don't think seeing Christian led him to taking drugs...the other way around..drugs led him to seeing Christian.
  • Chris Kelly- The outrigger scene never bothered me :/ guess the Oceanic water bottle being tied to the second plane was pay-off enough :)
  • Joey Saade- lol I spent two years obsessing over where every outrigger was on the show, how the scene would be executed, who would be on the other outrigger, ext.  To me it should have been Ben, Richard, and Miles after the Black Rock blew up. They would have gone back to the beach to ride over to Hydra Island, seen that someone took one of the two outriggers, then went after them shooting. Of course they then would find that Lapidus was alive after the scene and the rest of the show would have ended similarly. The tacked on piece of crap idea that they would go get C4 from a safe vault AFTER trying to get super unstable dynamite, then having one of their own die from it, THEN having the BR explode is the most unbelievable thing on the show to me. Couldn't put the outrigger scene into the show naturally my ass.
  • Joey Saade- Feels good to release a few pent up lostgasms :-)
  • Chris Kelly- Me too! You too!! I want an outrigger for Christmas!!!!!!!!
  • Amanda Hogan- That time I'm convinced it really was Christian. Just like when Richard really felt Isabella presence. ;) Sometimes it's real.
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting I think it was stressed out insomniac Jack being haunted by unresolved issues with Daddy and just when he gets a chance to talk to him, something happens. Kind of like when you are in the middle of a great dream and your alarm clock goes off. All you wanted to do was finish that damn dream and get some answers...
  • George Stulak- Aww shortcake, I miss LOST more then anything also!! This thread had been so get talking about LOST again and having conversations and debates makes me so happy! love ya all...  In S6 Smokey transformed into a dead man and Jacob showed himself to Hugo as a kid and then a few seconds later as a grown man. So Jacob can "transform" too. Are there any connections here?
  • Chris Kelly- Jacob has similar powers to Smokey? Smokey takes the form of the dead, Jacob the living?
  • Karen Mauro- Maybe there's just more than one "Smokey".
  • Ed Rokose- After watching Across The Sea, both Jacob and Smokey came off as immortal children. All they ever knew was Island life. Smokey would constantly throw tantrums and whine about "going home" , while Jacob had to bring people to the Island over and over to correst his mistake.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Hmm, well the difference being Jacob was a mortal man at first, until Ben killed him. Smokey, As Jacobs Brother, was always a dead man, since becoming smoke after being murdered by Jacob, whether it was intentional or not on Jacobs part, it... was still done in anger. My point is Jacob didn't really transform, he was a ghost himself when he appeared to Hugo, and had but limited time in the realm of the island, until the ashes burned down., and he only appeared as himself. Smokey's appearances and "transformations" into other people were wholly different., imho, often appearing as islanders loved ones. The only appearance that doesnt make sense to me was after Smokey was apparently "stuck" as Locke (as told by Ilana) but we still see Smokey take thr appearance of Alex Rousseau when she threatens Ben in the Cerberus Vent beneath the temple.See More
  • Chris Kelly- Yeah, good shout. No transformations until death. For the Lost virgin - watch at least 4 episodes. You really need to see Locke's to get TOTALLY hooked ;)
  • Chris Kelly- Whoo! It's always fun to watch a new Lostie experience it. Currently watching one friend through Facebook (he's at the S3 Charlie episode - poor guy :( ) and is still one of my favourite blogs ;
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting The way I interpreted Jacob being a little boy and then a man was all in Hurly's eyes. I felt that Hurley, at that point, had the ability to see the past and possibly part of the future of the island. When Jacob was running through the woods as a little boy, I felt as if Hurley could go back in time and see it because at this point in the side time line, Hurley was pretty much all knowing...Bottom of Form
Question: Has your opinion or perception on the final moments of LOST changed after viewing The New Man in Charge? Did you get any further clarification on your thoughts?
  • Kristen D Custer- It actually gave me hope for more stories from the island. :) And gave a couple of answers we didn't have such as the Hurleybird and what happened to WALT!
  • Heather Chutro-Lyons yes, don't pet polar bears...
  • Robert Iwataki- I knew the Island was in good hands. ^_^
  • Miljan David Tanić- I'll repeat my answer xD  As I said - and I'm amazed not many people saw it (and I'll humbly remind people that I was right about who's in the casket, too, lol) - Walt is the key to everything.
  • Paul Brown- I was a little disappointed in NMIC, mainly because there was a report on the internet about some scenes like Walt reuniting with Vincent that turned out to be false. I think that scene would have given NMIC more heart. That being said I did enjoy watching it. It gave a few answers, didn't change any thinking for me. The best part for me was once more getting to hear "My name is Benjamin Linus."
  • Donna Inbigcreek- I still want "The New Man in Charge" to be a movie trailer.
  • Paul Brown- oh, I do too Donna. They must give us more!
  • Miljan David Tanić- But I think they gave us pretty everything... what do you guys think, what was the "job" Hurley needed Walt for?
  • Paul Brown- Protecting the Island like Hurley, Jack and Jacob before him. I know they wrapped things up good, but there's so many things to speculate about. Where did the Ajira plane land? Did they draw much attention like the Oceanic 6. Kate can't go back to California, did she live in Australia with Claire and Aaron? What did Sawyer do? Become a cop, continue to con? I'd love to know what Richard did back in the world!
  • Miljan David Tanić- You really think that's what Hurley needed Walt for? Why? Hurley didn't need to leave the job (like Jacob didn't) - they're obviously immortal... I think Walt was needed to... build something. And that was what he was "special" about from t...he beginning. -As for your questions... essentially, that's all not important - we know they continued with their lives. Like in fairy tales... and they lived happily ever after xD
  • Paul Brown- I know it's not important, because they all end up happy in the end, but I can't help wonder. Yeah, that would be cool if Walt was needed for something else besides protecting the island. I'd like to think he and Hurley spent many years together doing the good work with Ben. I guess we'll never know, or will we? Can't believe this is the last we've heard of it all.
  • Miljan David Tanić- I think (I'm actually pretty much convinced) - and that redeems the whole "Walt is special" story - that Walt created the sideways world. We know only he had such "special" powers, so the others couldn't have made it themselves... Now that I think about it, I'm sure Hurley wanted him for something else besides taking over for him. Hurley was happy when we saw him in NMIC, not burned out like Jacob was, it looked like Hurley was still enjoying what he was doing. I think the reason Jacob allowed Walt to leave was to protect him from Samuel, to get him back to the real world until he was needed. After they had captured Walt the Others realized he was too much for them to handle at that time. Only question is how many of the orders really came from Jacob, and how much of it was Samuel using the Others to manipulate his plan.
  • Miljan David Tanić- Samuel? That a new name for MIB?
  • Kristen D Custer- MIB didn't have a name. Just Brother was all he was called. Even confirmed by Darlton that he wasn't named for a reason. And I think Walt is needed there to help others find the island for whatever purpose that is.
  • Susan Terral- That was the name on his chair back that was sold at the auction.
  • Jannah Lynn- No, and, No.
  • Amy Monroe- OMG YES!!
  • Paul Brown- Yeah, his name was Samuel. It came out near the end of Season 6. I like it, he needed a name. I felt sorry for him, all he wanted to do wad leave that sodding island, Jacob and "Mother" really blew it. They were jerks to him.
  • Paul Brown- Well now I can't find anywhere if it was confirmed or not. I'd like to think he had a name, it just wasn't revealed to us. If he went through his whole life without Jacob or that witch giving him a name, then that once again shows how wicked they were to him, and why I was hoping he would succeed in dropping the island to the bottom of the ocean. Until I realized that would doom is all!
  • Kristen D Custer- They never said his name in the show. Never.
  • Paul Brown- I know, but it was reported by DarkUFO. Just because it wasn't mentioned in the show doesn't mean he didn't have a name. This is LOST, remember.
  • Kristen D Custer- Uh thats exactly why he doesn't have a name. And even confirmed by Darlton on the Across the Sea commentary that he does not have a name.
  • Paul Brown- Then that's one more reason that he was screwed. And since when should we start believing Damon and Carlton!
  • Kristen D Custer- The reason they used Samuel on his chair and such was to throw off cheaters and spoilers.
  • Paul Brown- So what did the "others" that he lived with call him? "hey dude?"
  • Kristen D Custer- That part of the story isn't important. His name doesn't really matter. Its what he became that does.
  • Kristen D Custer- And I always thought he was just Brother and thats what fueled his anger at times because he wasn't even important enough to name.
  • Paul Brown- I still like it, and to me he does have a name. We can't just have him be 'evil' to Jacob's 'good'. Jacob was screwed up!
  • Paul Brown- True, that's probably one reason he hated Jacob so much. I still bet he gave himself a name though. He just wouldn't tell that punk Jacob!
  • Paul Brown- And he didn't tell Damon or Carlton either. Lol
  • Stephen Fry- No further clarification was needed, for me anyway. for me, "The End" was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!
  • Paul Brown- I agree Stephen. "The End" was good enough for me too, but there's still so much to wonder about we'll be talking about it forever. I don't really need the answers, but it's fun to wonder about it!
  • Stephen Fry- and that is the MAGIC in what they accomplished!
Question: If you are one who re-watched the LOST finale- Did your initial thought of what you observed change upon the subsequent viewing?
  • Kristen D Custer- Yes. Because my initial thoughts were wrapped in not wanting it to end. Also I wasn't satisfied with not getting all my questions answered. Like Jimmy Kimmel said on the Scream awards last night. THEY DIDN'T ANSWER SHIT! but I have accepted what happened. And I love that Hugo is the new protector of the island. :)
  • Paul Brown- Not after viewing it again, but it was such an emotional 2 1/2 hours, I think it meant more to me after I calmed down and reflected on it more. And there was good conversation on the chat.
  • Kimberly Felipe- All I know is that I cried my fool head off both times. And it will be a long time before I can re-visit that tender, tender place.
  • Wayne Henderson- Watched a 2nd time, with same feelings about what happened. :)
  • Paul Brown- I forgot about Jimmy Kimmel, it was great to have that on after "The End." I didn't want it to be over!
  • Miljan David Tanić- For me everything changed with watching "The new man in charge".
  • Christine Meissner- Yes I cried even harder
  • Karen Mauro- @ Miljan, seriously, THAT IS MY NEXT PLANNED QUESTION! lol
  • Miljan David Tanić -Well, you know what I think about that particular part of the finale... in my view, it explains just about EVERYTHING. That's why it's an even bigger shame they cut it from the broadcast.
  • Karen Mauro- I might as well post the question now.  I have been very, very curious on how perception may change with fans watching the finale a few times and of course adding The New Man in Charge into the mix.
  • Miljan David Tanić -As I said - and I'm amazed not many people saw it (and I'll humbly remind people that I was right about who's in the casket, too, lol) - Walt is the key to everything.
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting Yes, because the first time, I was so caught up in it actually ending, that I took everything I had just to contain myself.
  • Stephen Fry No- I completely "Got" what I was intended to get the first time. I am very happy to be one of the ones who can say that!
Question: In your own words tell me what you saw in the last three minutes of the LOST finale.
  • Cj Allan- The credits lol
  • Heather Chutro-Lyons Jack learned to let go, he died doing what he was supposed to, save the island
  • Tony Chavez- one of the most (sadly) beautiful endings I've ever watched.
  • Mindy Browning- I agree with Heather..
  • Christine Meissner- I saw 2000 people in the Orpheum Theater in LA sobbing as we watched the last few minutes of our favorite show
  • Michelle Archambault Alexander- What I saw in the last 3 minutes of the LOST finale was hope. No matter what hardships, tragedies, loss, misfortune, adversity, failures, or struggles we go through in this life...there will be a time when there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and all will be well again. Things happen to us for a reason. It may be hard to understand the why right now, but one day we will understand the reason.
  • Will Smith- I saw the one truth of humanity's condition. In 100 years, we will all be in the same place. Together.
  • RedGrave Sebastian- Love is the answer ^_^
  • Anne Pelton- Love always was the answer. :D
  • Paul Brown- I remember the silence as Jack and his father were in the room together and thinking, "This is it, this is the end, please don't blow it!" I thought it was beautiful. I saw Jack saving the world by sacrificing himself for his friends, which ...Christ said was the greatest love. And I saw the writers giving us a great ending: All the characters we love, together and happy in eternity. No doubt it was a very spiritual ending, it was filmed at a church with a statue of Christ outside, and that will make some people not like it. But I think it was the ultimate ending. If you are in a good place filled with love in eternity, that can't be taken away! I love this show, can't wait to get the new soundtrack…
  • RedGrave Sebastian- ‎@ Paul, i share every single word of what you wrote. All the unsolved misteries disappear in front of such a deep meaning. It makes forget about the Bomb, the loop and everything... Just details. I wait for the last LOST too, and the Encyclopedia as well!
  • Paul Brown- I want to order the Encyclopedia as well, I've just read some bad reviews on it. I'm sure I will get it though! And yes, I look at the whole story as being very spiritual and that means so much to me. I'm definitely in the Rose, Charlie, Eko camp (even Ben know his Scripture). But the story is so rich people can get so many things out of it. One of my friends said (half jokingly I think) that the church was an alien spacecraft! Hey, if he can come up with his own theory, God bless him!
  • Kristen D Custer- What I saw was a plane that was crashed on the beach. It gave me new questions as to why they showed that. Was it all because everyone really died? You see some foot prints on the beach but no survivors.
  • Brooke Hall- Everything I saw was blurry and sniffly. *sob*
  • Paul Brown- ABC just wanted something special to show during the end credits of the finale, instead of the the ominous music with just the credits rolling. I think it was cool to see the wreckage there during the closing credits, kind of like, "here's where it all began, thanks for sticking with us for 6 years." I was going to wait a little while but darn it, you guys are making me want to start watching it all over again now!
  • Paul Brown- Karen I'll see my friend again Friday, I'll ask him if he wants to expound on his alien theory!
  • Michelle Andrews--Ting Acceptance, forgiveness, going home(whatever that is), the unknown wrapped up in, happyness and love
  • Stephen Fry- My initial answer....The last three minutes is what I HOPE my parents saw, and experienced when they went on to the next life. Whew....all misty eyed! Great question Karen!
  • Wonders why I'm still hearing the word...purgatory...hmm
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Lol, Soul Colonic irrigation involved for this particular evolution- fortunately
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting or anorexic purging, Stephen...
  • Karen Mauro- What about "afterlife"? After what life? Which one? It is a new life.
  • Sara Barua- Notice how no one on the Island died until they had come to terms with something. Hurley especially was unscathed in a lot of situations, and even Juliet didn't die until she had finished the job. Why some got to leave the island is still a question up for debate.
  • Karen Mauro- You don't leave until you complete the things you set out to do and one of them is learning to "let go". It seems that once you free yourself from suffering then you can move on. Until're stuck there.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- ‎....purgatory.
  • To me, the fS is a level existence. Possibly the one we're all in right now.
  • Sara Barua- But why did Kate et al get to leave the conventional way and not die? If there had been a longer season I think they would all have died.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Just because they got to leave conventionally....If THIS was the fS then the island would be part of it, although existing in its own timespace outside of it at the same time. ‎ we know, the island ran AHEAD of 4 dimensional space ‎....which basically means it existed outside of normal 'world' time.
  • Sara Barua- Stephen-, I can't wrap my head around that explanation, I'll have to
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Chang said it! in the Orchid orientation!  He said the island was ahead of 4d space by a few milliseconds, but even that puts it out of sync with the rest of the world, which is why no one could find it. Its part of this world,,,yet to find it you have to access a "time window", which is what Hawking did with 316
  • Paul Brown- I'm not Catholic, but am a Christian. I'm just glad it all ended in a church!
  • Karen Mauro- Think of it all being incorporated via "States of consciousness".
  • Karen Mauro- Paul, don't forget the church is the place the contains the Lamppost station.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Exactamondo:)  excuse improvised French
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd -The United Sates of Consciousness
  • Paul Brown- Yeah, and I like that that was part of a church too, maybe a clue that The End was going to be so spiritual.
  • Karen Mauro- Mastering levels of consciousness rids the boundaries of time and space.
  • Karen Mauro- Ok, Spiritual, but not religious.
  • Paul Brown- You know what I like best? That no matter what conversation we have about the many aspects of the show, that it always comes down to the characters and the beautiful writing they all did for them.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- It was a masterfully woven tapestry., an intricate mosaic
  • Karen Mauro- that is understood with the freeing of the mind.
  • Paul Brown- Well, they did show the statue of Christ twice on the finale. I know there were many different symbols inside, but they did choose a Christian church to film it in, and Jack, to me, was a great picture of a Christ-like sacrifice to save the world
  • Karen Mauro- A lot of icons were shown. Enlightenment is the key to the story.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Well.....the writers are of Jewish extraction. If that counts for anything at all, im not sure.
  • Paul Brown- true, like I said, there's room for everyone to take many things from it. The piercing of Jack's side is what was beautiful to me.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Maybe a slight Bias?
  • Karen Mauro- That was assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill!
  • Paul Brown- Overall, a beautiful story!
  • Karen Mauro- That is why we're all talking about LOST. We all have very different perspectives on what we saw and took from it.
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- Ta Da! You reached Level 2  **fades to black** LOST
  • Karen Mauro- Indeed, it is a beautiful that changed my life :)
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- I concur with that sentiment Karen
  • Karen Mauro- Live together, die alone :)
  • Paul Brown- Right!
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- I recall pouring over the placings of the Davinci Last supper and its counterpart the Lost supper for some scrap or clue
  • Stephen Darrell Shepherd- All I got was Locke=Central figure
  • Paul Brown- I got Samuel trying to be the central figure, with instead of 12 apostles, there are 13, Jack and Sawyer standing behind Samuel to keep him in check!
  • Karen Mauro- Interesting...I got something different.  Regardless... Jack's journey made him come face to face with opposition and other aspects of himself. Jack needed to find balance with a lot of issues.
  • Paul Brown- Yeah, Jack was awesome to watch. Think of him in the last season as a man of faith, and then remember how stubborn he was in the first few seasons. I guess he still had his stubbornness, he just used it to protect the island.
  • Melissa Berrier Carmichael- STUPID PEOPLE!!!!!!!
Question: What is your interpretation of the "light" on the "Island"?
  • Robert Iwataki- Lifeforce of the planet.
  • Mike Quinn- Light is actually life. Life was introduced onto earth through what you call 'the island' two billion years ago. It's why every living has the light in
  • Mike Quinn -Thank god the dance break ended. I almost didn't make it.
  • Brian Ullom -Light=Time.
  • Douglas Carey Carman- life of the island and it definitely affected time on the island.
  • Kristen D Custer- The force.
  • Paul Brown- I agree with Mike, except for the 2 billion years part! God said "Let there be Light!" Light is used 73 times in the New Testament. Those who believe become sons of Light, John 13:36
  • Chris Kelly- The "light" was actually an optical illusion. The hole in the ground led directly to the vast magnetism at the heart of the Earth. When opened, much like a black hole, everything was attracted to it - light, water, people, gravity. It kept... the Island afloat, "magical", powered the vile vortices (donkey wheel), the magnetic "time-shield" around the Island and so on.  Thought I would speak up for the men of science, but judging by the last episode - yeah, it was God 'n' stuff.
  • Amanda Hogan- God. It goes back to my spiritual beliefs and the verse in John 8:12 "I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life."
  • Paul Brown -Going farther, it's the remnants of the Tree of Life. After man fell, God set a guardian over it and a flaming sword. The flaming sword is a weapon of government and law enforcement. There was also a cherubim (guardian) sewn on the veil of the temple thast it restricted access too.
  • Karen Mauro- Paul, I must ask a serious question, and please don't read anything into it, it is just a question...In your opinion is LOST written only with Christians and Catholics in mind? And do you feel, as one who takes the religious POV that the show was literally hinting directly to the bible and Christianity (at all times), as far as the entirety of the story?
  • Paul Brown- No, I'm a Christian so those things I see on the show that reflect Christianity are the things I emphasize. I understand and see that people of all religions and spirituality can see things in the show and make it their own. And I think that's the way the writers meant for it to be. The show ended in a church with a statue of Christ outside, but there were many religious symbols in the room with Jack and Christian. I've just heard so much about karma and Buddhism and everything else so often, I just like to bring out the Christian symbolism. So to me, it is Eden and the source of the Tree of Life they are protecting. So I would be organizing a Bible study with Rose, Charlie and Eko every few nights on the island!
  • Chris Kelly- Yeah, we can all agree that everybody was represented. My opinion of it is that the religious afterlife came about regardless of the Island - it WAS the afterlife, not Jacob's, not the Island's, not Hurley's, not Jack's, but THE afterlife. The "life" stuff can be explained with science easy enough (short answer - magnets and radiation) or religion (light = life).  Also, the hardcore atheists can claim that the "afterlife" was merely Jack having an advanced "life flashing before his eyes"
  • Chris Kelly- near-death experience, much in the same way Donnie Darko is sometimes explained - an advanced hallucination, a day-dream, a wish, nothing more.  Lost - something for everybody, right to the End (if you choose to take the time to interpret and re-interpret it, of course).
  • Karen Mauro-  Hmm..."afterlife"...everyone loves the "afterlife" conclusion.  Well...Is there ANY chance at all we witnessed a "rebirth". Is there ANY chance that we were shown Jack finding Nirvana, that his life finally found an end to his suffering and now he has inner peace? Is there ANY chance that the man finally WOKE UP…
  • Chris Kelly- I presumed it was a bit of both to be honest, like when they walk through that door they get a whole second chance at a second (or third, or fourth) life.
  • Karen Mauro- Chris, Are you talking about reincarnation or just another chance; a clean slate to start over?  I didn't see anyone walk through any doors, except for Christian opening the doors. We can only wonder what new beginning awaits :)
  • Paul Brown- I think that we like the thought of an afterlife because we are never going to find peace on this earth or in this life, not for long anyway, no matter how many times we are reborn. I think we believe in and see the afterlife ending because... only a place like heaven will we be truly happy, and it's not a place we can dream up on our own. If it's left to us it will always end in disaster.  I agree that the two existences came together and they "woke up", but then they "moved on", and they moved on in a church with a bright light engulfing them all, sounds like heaven to me. Really, the ONLY way we can account for Christian Shepherd being there is an act of Grace. What did he do on this earth to make it to their little creation at the end? He drank himself to death? Died letting his son believe he hated him? He confessed to Sawyer at the bar that Jack was right, but he couldn't pick up the phone to even call him.  So I guess I have to see it as an afterlife, because I don't believe we can save ourselves, individually or collectively.
  • John Morris- ‎'Mother' called the Light...the source of all life. I like one poster called it 'the Font' (during the 4-letter word guessing). Has ref's in many literary works. Not a hole into the center of the earth..that is full of magma. Lost tried to be non-denominational, but did have mostly Catholic references. Pointed to 'universal truths', common to all religions.
  • Karen Mauro- Why is it that people can't find peace now, while "living" on the earth? Why believe peace, light and happiness only can only come from not being alive on the earth and not attained until you go to "heaven"? Wouldn't "life" be better if was truly "lived"?   There are ways to find light, positivity, peace and happiness now, even while life presents its challenges, twists and turns. There is so much to embrace here, on earth...while alive and living the life we have.
  • John Morris- Exactly why i hated the 'big reveal' of the 'flash sideways'...why couldn't they have had a happy ending and stay alive?
  • Karen Mauro- What does "dead" mean on LOST?   Life...Death...Rebirth.
  • Karen Mauro- That IS what part of the "Island" was all about."DHARMA". It seems that most are not counting DHARMA as part of the equation.
  • John Morris- They said 'the dead stays dead'. but some dead can hang around as spirits, like Micheal, etc. Sim'l to 'Ghost Whisperer' and 'Medium'.
  • Paul Brown- That's what "mother" said. She was insane! They also said that when you are dead, there's no coming back. I once heard someone say that a happy ending is only a story that's not finished yet. I believe in afterlife and heaven because I don'...t believe you can get it right here, no matter how many times you are reborn. We can find happiness here. Family, friends, love. But for me true, lasting love will only come when I get to my true home in Heaven, being prepared and kept for me by my Father. They were dead at "The End" and 'Moved On". I believed they moved on to heaven. It's not how I think it really happens. I actually think it's pretty weak. But it did give us that final reunion and great ending. For me there was life, I died to my former self, and I was reborn a new man in Christ and that's what I read into the End. Everyone else is welcome to their own view as well!
  • John Morris- Dharma did seem to have a big influence, with it's eastern religious origins, but S5 and then S6 seemed to negate all that by showing it was all a front to get to the 'source aka exotic matter' and exploit it.
  • Paul Brown- That was in response to the Life/Death/Rebirth. Not dissing John's view on death and the whispers
  • Paul Brown- Yeah, I was really disappointed with what they did with DHARMA in season 5. I agree with John, all they wanted was to exploit the exotic matter. Overall I really think they failed big time with the "Across The Sea" episode. We're supposed to take our ideas about the light from "mother". She was psycho!
  • Paul Brown- Yeah, Michael is stuck on the island with the other whispers. I wonder if they will ever get to move on out of there? Could Hurley bringing Walt back to the island have something to do with that?
  • John Morris- Mother was a Smokie monster; that'd make anyone a little nutty, but i think she was speaking for TPTB in what she said. I'd guess that Micheal and the other spirits were stuck on the island as well.
  • Paul Brown- Not sure about that one. I guess they never gave us much on the whispers. They followed MIB around in Season 6, did he have control over them? Were they set free when he died? I do remember that when the others were capturing the losties (again!) and shooting those darts at them, you could hear one of the whispers say "it's a dart!". Trying to help out and make up for past sins?
  • Paul Brown- Yeah John, I think she was a smoke monster too. So we can trust her about as much as we can trust MIB. And wasn't it cool that after all the John vs Jack build-up for 6 seasons, that Kate was the one to blow him away!?!
  • Paul Brown- But it was a great discussion. Kind of a hot button issue with many different views. And I respect them all. I guess it's hard to say how we would have done it differently. It was their vision after all. The only thing I would have done is let Damon and Carlton have the 2 seasons they wanted after season 3 to wrap it up, instead of making them stretch it out for 3 more shortened seasons. Greedy ABC!
  • John Morris- it actually added up to about the same # of episodes as 2 reg'l seasons of 22 to 24, it I recall right.
Question: In your opinion, why is there a "fertility issue" on the "Island"?
  • Mary Ann Patrick Mermelstein- It's probably as something as simple as so the island won't be over-populated....
  • Julie Phillips-- Because of the bomb.....
  • Chris Kelly Magnets :P
  • Dan Ramos- I DARE the Island to try and stop Octomom!
  • Amanda Hogan- It's because the bomb went off. They really couldn't change history and it always was supposed to happen and the radiation caused it.
  • Kristen D Custer- I have no idea
  • Jamie Brown- It’s the island/Jacobs way of punishing Ben. The one thing that haunts him more than anything else is that his father blamed him for his mother’s death.
  • Chris Kelly- So why does Ben deserve to be punished then?
  • Jamie Brown- Genocide, for starters.
  • Sara Barua- Juliet setting off the bomb, she caused the fertility issue she was brought on the Islamd to fix! It's a loop dude.
  • Jamie Brown- That's a good theory, I just didn't get that. There's no evidence there was a problem until Ben took over. I'd like to think its not a problem now with Hugo in charge, I mean life must continue on the island.
  • Kristen D Custer- Well why was Aaron able to be born then? And is there a greater purpose on the island for him?
  • Jamie Brown- Arron wasn't conceived on the island, remember? That's why Sun was in jeopardy, because he was Jin's.
  • Kristen D Custer- But Ethan was conceived there and born on the island. And Daniel was conceived there as well
  • Kristen D Custer- And I'm pretty sure Miles was conceived and born there as well but that story was kinda shaded.
  • Jamie Brown- Ethan was conceived when Ben was 12, well before he took leadership. I’d say Daniel was as well. I suspect the reason Ellie dumped Widmore is the same reason he was banished, because of the family he started off-island. However, this would’ been before Ben took over and both before the incident.
  • Chris Kelly- But Ben's genocide was done at Richard (Jacob)'s behest. If anything, all Ben really did was kill his Father. The real birth motifs begin with Esau's, not Ben's. I say magnets, powered by the bomb/Incident, and the reason it's not as simple radiation is the fact that Aaron was born on-Island and Ji Yeon off. Magnets mess you up if you spend more than 6 months pregnant on the Island, I guess. Btw, check out for an argument on why Michael is the true father of JiYeon.
  • Karen Mauro- Who is Esau?
  • Kristen D Custer- Its one of those names people have given Brother. AKA Man in Black!
  • Karen Mauro- I know. lol  But not once did he represent Esau (in my opinion).
  • Jamie Brown- OK, you might have had me and then you lost me with that Michael being the father stuff. Jacob never spoke with Ben. Richard was following Ben's orders. There’s no evidence of fertility problems after the birth of MiB.  It’s clearly stated on more than one occasion that pregnancies started off island will be fine. On island conceptions are the problem. Anyone else? Bring it
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting- The combination of the bomb with electromagnetism. Also the island only wanted who the island wanted. So if the island didn't want you there, you were not going to be there come hell or high water or conception or any other way! ! !
  • Chris Kelly- Uno question that bugs me - if Richard is specifically there to be the voice of Jacob, why did Jacob abandon him to follow Ben's orders instead?
  • Sara Barua- Only AFTER 1977 was fertility and specifically conception AND carrying to term an issue, Faraday was already in the womb, Ethan born in 1974, and Miles and Charlotte were already born. Bomb alone or with magnetic properties is the cause. Magnetic properties alone can't be the cause explained by Ethan's birth. Ji Yeon and Sun would likely have died if they hadn't gotten off the
  • Chris Kelly- Yeah, the bomb blew a hole eroding the layers between the magnets and the people. It's proximity to the magnetic parts of the Island that's the problem. Imho.
  • John Morris- I'd have to go with the released radiation from Jughead going off.
  • Caroline Bailey- Isn't it to do with the energy down at the Orchid station.
  • Joshua M. Patton- Jughead.
Question: What is the "Island"?
  • Stuart Kiczek- an island. Woohoo, I was first!
  • Zahra Ali- a second chance
  • Heather Chutro-Lyons- A place to find the real you inside yourself.
  • Kristen D Custer- The place where Heaven and Hell meet ;)
  • Brian Ullom- Another level of your existence.
  • Stephen Fry- A place where we ALL know exists but some/most end up NOT believing in. I BELIEVE!!
  • Mike Quinn- If I knew, then you'd know. :). I'll tell you what is not. It's not an island by most definitions. What you see is comparable to the visible part of an iceberg. It's size and properties are well guarded secrets that have been disclosed throughout the series.
  • Sara Barua- ‎is a place that is the "beginning of the end", a place where you have a second chance to find yourself, your constants; a place where you learn to "let go" and take a leap of faith.
  • Mike Quinn- Actually, quote a bit of information concerning the second 'volcano' was revealed in the note's you provided. I'll place it on my site and give you the link when I'm done. It's very interesting. Give me about a week. There are other interesting items that I was able to glean out of it. I'll just combine it all.
  • Dan Ramos- The Island was yet another prop, no real significance other than being a setting.
  • Chris Kelly- The Island was just a random Island that happened to have a link to the center of the Earth. Could have been any Island inhabited by anyone. The choices, the second chances, were created by the people who lived there to try and explain the unexplainable - remember how all-knowing Locke seemed, then Ben, then Richard, then Jacob, then Esau, then Mother. No-one actually knew anything other than effects - never the cause. The only one that came close was Faraday, but then Charlotte died. Even Hurley was just a man trying to cope with the unknown - he just coped well. To sum up, the Island wasn't "magical" in any mystic sense - it just had weird magnetic properties. The hijinx that revolved around it were man-made to explain ...these scientific properties before a scientist would explain them. The fact they all went to heaven would have happened regardless of the Island, assuming they all eventually repented off-Island. 
  • Karen Mauro- What is one of my loooong running mantra's?! People and things are not what you think they are.
  • Dan Ramos- Unless you think they're exactly what they are.
  • Karen Mauro- HA! That is EXACTLY true ;D
  • Dan Ramos- Unless you're contrarian, like me, in which case I throw things like this out there: ;)
  • Stephen Fry- Wow...Interesting!!
  • Michelle Andrews-Ting- It was another stop on the long road known as life. The reason they all allegedly went to heaven together was because they all bonded and became very close friends because of an accident that they all had together. A very traumatic accident at that...and because of that plane crash they had a lot of time for soul searching and working out all the things they needed to work out. All the magical properties of the island didn't hurt either. It was the catalyst that put them where they needed to be...
  • John Morris- ‎"the Island wasn't "magical" in any mystic sense"...ummm, it was finally said repeatedly that it moved around. It had 'the source' of all life.
  • Has many parallels in past fantasy novels, they seemed to have drawn from.
Question: When asked by a friend to explain LOST, how do you interpret and define the LOST story to them?
  • Stephen Fry-Very slowly!! ;)
  • Ed Rokose- Just tell them it's an amazing show, and they need to take a leap of faith to watch it.
  • Kristen D Custer- I don't even try. Its something to be experienced. To even try it loses something in translation. All I do is say its a story of faith and love and not for the closed minded. It must be watched in order and you need to PAY ATTENTION.
  • Heather Chutro-Lyons- I made the mistake of recruiting people who showed interest, well at first, I was happy to talk LOST until I came to the conclusion they are morons who didn't pay attention. LOST is to be loved, not explained frame by frame. They demanded the answers, I told them, watch the show, I waited 6 years and still don't know what the hell is going on!
  • Nicholas Ratliff- I say it's an amazing and intense show. I've got several people into the show.
  • Josh Spivack- You tell them it's a mythology driven character drama and if that sounds cryptic they should watch the show.
  • Amanda Hogan- I've just told them I consider it one of the Best TV series ever made and it's my favorite. Then I just explain to them that it's sci-fi mixed with great character stories, and now I also say not to think that everything will be answered. LOL ;) I just want to to enjoy it and for the most part they have. :)
  • Donna Inbigcreek- It`s a journey. Just make sure you buckle in good and tight.
  • Melissa Berrier Carmichael- BIGGEST MIND FUCK EVER!!!!!! LOL
  • Paul Brown- I tell them it's the greatest show I've ever seen. Beautiful characters, scenery, cinematography, music, humor, romance, action. That they can dive as deep into the mythology of the show as they want, but that the main thing that keeps me coming back is the beautiful story of the people of 815.
  • Mary Ann Patrick Mermelstein- they have to watch... can't explain LOL
  • Shannon Kroner- I say - it's about a group of people who land on a mysterious island with a smoke monster and polar bears. nothing really makes sense and yet somehow i understand it. time travel is involved and they all die at the end
  • Paul Brown- We all die sometime kiddo!
  • Karen Mauro- And some get a new life out of it...rebirth.  Life, death, rebirth.
  • Trace Aiken- ‎"Redemption Song...♪"

Logically you have to ask yourself if Jack and the Castaway's were all literally dead and in a literal purgatory, why hasn't Darlton outright stated that?   Why haven't they come out, cleared things up and said...'Yes, they are literally dead, have been literally dead and in purgatory and in an afterlife, and the Dharma Initiative, the tests, studies, scientists, Flashes and all the other stuff has nothing to do with seeing literally dead Castaways'.   Instead all they have said is that although it is a "spiritual" finale, you can go back and re-watch and/or reach your own conclusions to what you saw.   Or you can simply refer back to the Damon Lindelof quote I left for you near the beginning of this post.   See, it all comes back around ;)
Until next time...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! I hate spoilers and stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.