October 28, 2009

Edification in Vagueness.

This clip of Mysteries of the Universe mysteriously found its way to me. It is said to be parts 5 and 6 of the episode highlighting the investigation into the Dharma Initiative. The segment is part of the DVD extras on the Season 5 DVD.

Narrator: "We now return to Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative... A secret organization is only as private as its most public fact, and this we know: The Dharma Initiative exists.  As we consider vivid eyewitness accounts and empirical evidence, we begin to shine a light in the darkest corners of this room. When conjecture, half-truths and myths are pieced together, it stops being science-fiction and becomes science-fact.
There are many things you can do: Be vigilant. Be aware. 
A secret organization such as the Dharma Initiative is not immune from making mistakes that you can be on the lookout for. 
For example, a village on the Isle of Tonga: on an otherwise unsuspecting day, the village is the sudden recipient of a one-ton air-dropped food pallet.  The smoking gun: again, the octagonal lagoon a field of white. Every single food stub is labeled in this way: Soup. Chili. Salad dressing. Peanut butter. Oatmeal. Desserts. Even beer and rum.  Hardly the stuff of humanitarian aid. Manufacture? Unknown. Point of origin? Unknown.
We think it was a mistaken resupply attempt for an outpost in the South Pacific.  Is the Dharma Initiative located on one of the 169 islands of Tonga?   Could it be that it was originally meant for the real location of the Dharma Initiative? And what happened to the plane? There are many stories of missing planes that have vanished while en route to islands like Tonga: the Bermuda Triangle, a mysterious section of ocean in the Atlantic.  Perhaps The Dharma Initiative is linked to this paranormal activity.  And who would have the means to airdrop pallets of food or weapons?  Alvar Hanso made his fortune supplying the resistance during World War II, and did so by any means necessary. By land, by air, or by sea.  He would have the knowledge and armada to create a supply line to an outlying post of secrecy.
Ann Arbor, Michigan. A newspaper prints an article stating volunteers and test subjects are needed for an anthropology experiment that would require entire semesters abroad in a tropical locale. "Sequestered from friends and family" is a mandatory condition of participation, as is a rigorous aptitude test and a physical stress test. The person in charge? Gerald DeGroot, the graduate student who seems to have unlimited funding for his project. Our intrepid reporters made every effort to uncover the nature of his scholastic endeavor but were given a "no comment" at every turn.
Lab testing. A faraway base. Secrecy. "Mysteries of the Universe" believes The Dharma Initiative is behind this "educational experience". The highlights on this map on the world show where instances like this have been reported.  Chances are, a similar instance may occur near you.  It is important to be vigilant and aware of anything that may appear suspicious.  Look for these two clues: the octagonal logo, used as a special identifier to other members. We have found these four variations, but the possibility remains that there may be more.  These lines surrounding the logo appear to be Oriental in nature - perhaps... Communist China.  
Two: job posting and openings for specialized positions that require the same testing of the criminally insane and a level of secrecy only used in the highest branches of government.
Many pieces of the puzzle are still missing, but one thing we know is that this organization exists. Purpose: unknown.  We know its roots start with this man, Gerald DeGroot, and his benefactor Alvar Hanso. We know it is recruiting for new members. We know that it has the power to maintain a fleet of submarines. It has weapons, an unlimited source of income, ties to the church... and we know it wishes to remain shrouded in secrecy."

{With updated opening}
Narrator: Update! Since the original air date of this production, "Mysteries of the Universe" has uncovered startling new information about the secret organization, The Dharma Initiative. We had told you the story of a schoolteacher from Portland, OR named Olivia, who had taken a job offer and had mysteriously disappeared for three years. Since our broadcast, our investigative team has discovered that she has reappeared. A recent telephone call:
Producer: "Hello. May I speak to Olivia, please?
Olivia: "This is she."
Producer: "Hello, Olivia. I am calling with "Mysteries of the Universe". I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions?"
Olivia: "What?"
Producer: "This is "Mysteries of the Universe"."
Olivia hangs up
Narrator: "Several days later, our production offices received this written statement from the schoolteacher."
Producer: {reads Olivia's statement} "During my absence, I was performing research in the South Pacific. I no longer wish to be contacted regarding this matter. Thank you."
Narrator: "Once again, the South Pacific appears as a character in this ongoing investigation. Did Olivia return at just the right time to save her life?  Also, it seems that our producers are not the only ones performing an investigation. Our offices have received several anonymous phone calls questioning the origins of our research.  Harmless prank calls, or something more nefarious?
Since our original investigation, several experts in the discipline of martial arts have come forward to share information regarding the logo of The Dharma Initiative. In fact, this is not a logo at all. This is a symbol that dates back to the Ancient Orient.   It is a Bagua symbol that represents protection. Each side of the octagon represents opponents.  One could stand in the middle of the octagon and be protected from all sides.  The specific arrangement of lines seems to have ties to astronomy, astrology, geography, anatomy and more.  Much like the rest of The Dharma Initiative, further information on the meaning of these symbols is shrouded in secrecy. The exact answers are perhaps known only by the cultures of the past.
One final missive from the unknown: we have a report on the church originally investigated in this program.  This past Christmas, several staff members have mysteriously disappeared.  They were reported missing, but never found.  Mysteries of the Universe launched a follow-up investigation to see if these staff members disappeared to the South Pacific.  Close analysis of the church's waste receptacles revealed this; a partially destroyed document with a charred logo similar to the other logos, but this one had a lamp at the center. Coincidence?
Public records showed that the newly appointed general manager of the church is named Eloise Hawking.  However, she has refused several requests for an interview.   In a most unusual twist, Miss. Hawking apparently does not have an official birth certificate, but she is listed as the motherbirth certificate of one Daniel Faraday.  As to why they have two different last names, especially when no father is listed on the certificate, is yet another mystery. on the
Destroyed records. Missing persons. Questionable documents. Missing information. Has another organization secretly taken over The Dharma Initiative? Discovering answers in a world of the unknown provides a brief moment of satisfaction, but answers sometimes do nothing but create more questions. One day, the final chapter of this story will be written and the book will be closed.

Will the stream of unanswered questions continue? Or will this enigma eventually be pushed or forced into the light of truth? Only time will tell the ultimate fate of this 'Mysteries of the Universe'."

We go round and round with the investigative team trying to shine the light on the secrets of The Dharma Initiative. Again we are warned of the secret organization and its mysterious symbols.

On the Isle of Tonga in the South Pacific is the discovery of a 1 ton air dropped food pallet. All food is marked with the Dharma Bagua symbol on a field of white. Manufactured- unknown. The point of origin is unknown. They believe the delivery must have been intended to be dropped at the real Dharma outpost. Is there an outpost located on one of the 169 islands of Tonga?

They feel the D.I. has made mistakes. As a matter of fact we’re encouraged to Be Vigilant! Be Aware! Of anything that may be suspicious.

An Ann Arbor newspaper prints an article asking for test subjects that are needed for an anthropology experiment. The person in charge is Gerald DeGroot.

Recruitment is a global happening and we’re warned a similar instance may occur near you. WoooHoooo! I say BRING IT!

The investigators of the show claim to have vivid eye witness accounts to “things”.

An “update” is placed within the clip. {We don't have a date or time frame to tell us how much time has passed.}
Since the original air date of this production they say they uncovered startling new information. They contacted one Olivia, who mysteriously disappeared for three years. She has reappeared and reveals nothing.

Things to Note…Questions to ask...
* Puzzle pieces.
* Bermuda Triangle-Missing planes. This mysterious happening occurs in the Atlantic Ocean waters. Any link to the D.I. and paranormal activity?
* Character.
* Symbol.
* Roots. Tree.
* Recruiting.
* Reel to reel tape.
* Files.
* Link.
* Documents.
* Records.
* Same testing used for the criminally insane.
* Bagua= Ancient Oriental symbol representing protection. One can stand in the middle of the octagon and be protected from all sides.
* Alvar Hanso is presumed to be tied to the food drop or weapons.
* They mention two clues: Octagonal Logo=special identifier. They found four variations but there may be more.

Mysteries of the Universe also reports that the church they introduced us to previously, now is missing church: staff.
The investigators went through the church garbage cans and found a charred document with a Dharma Lamppost symbol.

Miss Eloise Hawking is the new General Manager of the church. She has no birth certificate but is listed as the mother on the birth certificate of Daniel Faraday.
They question why two different last names and no father listed for Dan.

Mysteries of the Universe isn’t the only one investigating things…Someone is investigation Mysteries of the Universe. I would do the same.

Of course you can’t help but wonder has another organization secretly taken over the D.I.?
As a matter of fact that question keeps me up at night. I can't help but relive my own experience with the newly reconstituted Dharma Initiative last year. I was tested and assigned a position and then due to the economy the Dharma Initiative was sold to the television show LOST. This action put a stop to all their projects.

It’s no secret the South Pacific is an ongoing character in the Mysteries of the Universes' investigation and mine. So it seems logical to me that I take a field trip to this tropical oasis for a glorious adventure and see firsthand if this is all fact or legend. I can only hope there is some sort of reinstatement of the position I was assigned last year and departure to the "Island" is in my immediate future. Hey, a girl can wish, can't she?!

Forcing questions in to the light of truth! Only time will tell…

Indeed the final chapter of this story will be written and the book will be closed...Or will it?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

October 25, 2009

Poster Madness Continues.

Here's recap on the goings on over at


This partial picture clue led us to this website that showed the full picture of this first clue...

My research brought me to: Fair Wind to Java is a 1953 American adventure film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Fred MacMurray, Vera Ralston, Robert Douglas and Victor McLaglen. An American sailor voyages to search for diamonds on a volcanic island but has to contend with mysteries, pirates and an exploding volcano.
But we soon discover that we are really directed to...

"Parque Patricios, BA" which is a district of Buenos Aires.
Yay! Off to Argentina!

A couple of totally awesome artists create this piece incorporating the URL.

The poster URL:


The Hatch by Kevin Tong
Kevin Tong's website:

On the poster you can find “Deus Ex Machina” printed at the bottom of the island.

Cheng mentions to Jack the janitor that “LaFleur is a good man and runs a very tight operation” in the episode Namaste.


This hunt begins with the image of two feet and an apple.

A clue to a recording mic on a mac computer.

Note: This is a
Shure KSM32 S/L condenser mic.

This artwork is for the artist 88 Keys and his disk “The death of Adam”, released November 11, 2008.

Research on 88 Keys and The Death of Adam leads me to:
Charles Misodi Njapa
, better known by his stage name 88-Keys, is an American record producer and rapper.

Decon- 84 Wooster Street. #503 Ny Ny 10012 212-343-8486
Decon Records is a New York based independent record label founded and operated through Decon Media, Inc. Founded in 2000 as a film production house.
Note: Although the mic in the clue is a Shure KSM32 S/L condenser mic, I'll note that Wikipedia lists the equipment used in recording this album and an AKG C 414-B – ULS recording mic was used.

Picture clue to Polo Life Thursday

88 Keys has a blog titled “I heart my polo lifestyle”- Ralph Lauren-Cape Lounge.
At one point the HUB showed us clocks for four time zones: New York, Los Angeles, London and Adelaide.

This all leads us to the 88 Keys recording of Baggage Claim with the URL reveal right in the song. This was friggin brilliant!!
You can listen to the song here : Baggage Claim by 88 Keys

Lyrics to Baggage Claim:

Uh, yeah! My name is 88-Keys & that’s the name you’ll see on the manifest on Ocean Flight 815. We’ve been Lost for a few weeks now. I don’t think anybody’s coming for us. Man… I remember this like it was yesterday; When I lost my bag on day one.
1st Verse:
I woke up from a concussion
With sand on my feet
No futher discussion
I’m a son of a beach
Where’s my briefcase?
It was in reach
I gotta drill these people
Just like a prez before he gets impeached
Let me go straight to the liar & pack rat
Scratch that
Take it to the man
With the desire for that hatch
Locke – Don’t give me that
Philosophical crap
I know is gonna spew
From you esophagus track
Just tell me where my box is
Before I let everybody know
You couldn’t use your limbs
Where your sock is
Save it!
I’ll just ask Sawyer
Now let’s face it
He’ll say he didn’t take it
So now I gotta go to Kate
To sweet talk Sawyer
Just to get my briefcase
For a kiss like cheap dates
Sawyer doesn’t have it
Nobody said they grabbed it
Now they’re all acting like
I’m chasing down a white rabbit like Jack did
My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears
I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so
2nd Verse:
Gotta investigate this matter further
This madam that I never heard of
Using words
So absurd to
Me & everybody else
Except for Shannon
Distress calls
Who got balls like cannon?
To tell me where my briefcase is
How ’bout you Michael?
You know us brothers gotta
Stick together
I tried to play the race card
But my plan faultered
The only one he’s cares about
His lil’ man Walter
That’s the kid
Who could
Make reality
I ain’t messing with him
So I slid
Back to Shannon
Just to see if I could find Sayid
And he’s over there
Talking to Boone
Let me see if I could get closer
And get the scoop like a spoon
I heard him say,
“Stay the Hell away from my sister!”
Mr. Overprotective brother
Not only does he lover her but he used to kiss her… Under the covers
My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears
I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so
3rd Verse:
Now I searched all over the island
For my stuff
Man it’s rough
When these dead bodies are piled in
There’s only so much
That Jack can do
With polar bears running through the forrest
Attacking you
Now let’s not forget Claire
She needs the prenatal
Care – Make the wrong move
And Charlie makes it fatal?
I’m not really here for friends
Just my bag
I don’t care about you, your drugs
Or Drive Shaft
Now why did Sun laugh
If she only speaks Korean?
There’s something she ain’t telling
There’s something Jin ain’t seeing
She making ginseng
Just to poison human beings
And everybody on the cave & beach
I should’ve asked Hurley
‘Cause he took a head count
He knows everybody on the island
I described my baggage
He said he knows who had it
Now we gotta figure out
Why Ethan’s name wasn’t added to the manifest
My bag got lost
So now I’m looking for it
My bag wasn’t found
I got tooken for it – Lost
Have you see it
Anywhere around here? – Lost
Tell me if you see it
When the ground clears
I’m not taking orders from Jack
Like I’m his soldier
I don’t trust Katie
As far as my arms could throw her
Expect the unexpected
When they do drop bombs so
· Needlz – for producing this crazy beat. The beats he gave to me to get this song done are C-R-A-Z-Y!!! If I was a grimy dude, I’d probably put out another 88-Keys album… Entirely produced by Needlz (whether he’d like it or not). (Don’t laugh! You’d be surprised how often that happens with songs). *smh*
· Irko (The Audio Nutrionist) – for blessing me, once again, with an awesome mix. He knocked this out in the matter of minutes practically. Needlz’ tracks are heavily layered so you could just imagine what Irko had to go thru to get this sounding proper. (”What’cha say Hammer? Proper!” – Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest -)

The URL reveal:

Rousseau's Transmission
by Dan McCarthy

Dan McCarthy's website is

You have to click on the poster to zoom into the bubble dialog...
"Je suis seul sur cette ile ..ils sont tous morts"
Which translates to- "I am alone on this island ...they are all dead"

* In the episode 316 Kate tells Jack, as she refers to Christian's shoes, “Those don’t much sense for the island. You might want to consider hiking boots”.
* The modern piano has 36 black keys and 52 white keys for a total of 88 keys (seven octaves plus a minor third, from A0 to C8). Older pianos only have 85 keys (seven octaves from A0 to A70).

Rousseau's Transmission is the poster that spoke to me. Due to the lovely economy and my lack of cash, I had been holding out for the poster I could relate to. After the link was up only a couple of short moments I excitedly went to click to Buy Now and learned it had just SOLD OUT.
The poster craze has hit the LOST community BIG TIME. This is all very exciting and has understandably led to some great team work between fans to ensure their single purchases or to complete their collections.
The thing that makes me a bit sad is that the posters have shown up on eBay and other sites for sale. I personally don't want to purchase a poster this way because I feel the fun and goal of this hunt is to "stake your claim" {purchase your poster} at the checkout link. Of course I completely understand it's the "fastest finger" that has their purchase go through.
Since discovering that bit of information about the posters on eBay and such, I feel the odds are against me in purchasing one of the posters. I have officially given up my quest to acquire these LOSTASTIC posters. But that hasn't stopped me from actively participating in the scavenger hunt. After all you know how much I love hunting for clues!!
I realize I am a little behind in posting my notes but I am current on my participation in the hunt. I find Frame 10 and Frame 11 to be very, very curious.

Until the next one...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

October 16, 2009

Learn the Art of Puppetry with The Dharma Initiative.

Ahhh, more Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative.

This little segment starts off with a "new series" ad for the detective show Matt Houston.  This show ran from Sept 26,1982-July 19, 1985.   It's about Matlock "Matt" Houston, a wealthy Texas oilman who played private investigator in his spare time.

Narrator: "We now return to Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative....
Many times, smaller organizations are controlled by a larger, shadowy company. Silent and hiding in the dark, but secretly funneling resources, without a clear link.   Much of what we have uncovered is layered in anecdotal evidence and legend. However, there are hard, documented facts, and several flesh and blood people that are pulling the strings.
Our mysteries researchers have found a strong link between the Dharma Initiative, and what could be a larger, more powerful force working behind the scenes, spearheaded by a man named Alvar Hanso. Who is this man, and what does he have to do with The Dharma Initiative?   Details about Alvar Hanso are shrouded in mystery. But his reputation is made clear through public documents and records.
A Danish World War II munitions profiteer, Alvar Hanso provided weapons and ammunition during the war to various resistance movements around Europe, earning him a large fortune.  After the war, Alvar Hanso became the leading purveyor of high-technology armaments to NATO, some say stopping only after what he felt was guilt and regret about profiting from war and destruction.
However, before the war, Alvar Hanso attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for a year, as a foreign exchange student. There he lived with a family, the DeGroots, and developed an affinity for the local area.   At that time, this man, Gerald DeGroot, was eight years old. It is said that Alvar found him precocious and charming.
Curiously, when our research team tried to uncover DeGroot's college records, they found them to be expunged, erased from existence.   Piecing together from secondhand resources, we deduced that Alvar's undergraduate degree was in chemistry, from a university in Billen, Denmark.   And he returned to a University in Michigan for a Master's in engineering; quite possibly, spending more time with the DeGroots, and bonding with Gerald.  We suspect the families stayed in touch over the years.
Then, when Gerald was a graduate student, in his search for financial backing for his project, The Dharma Initiative, he contacted his family friend, Alvar Hanso, for funding.  
Who exactly is Gerald DeGroot? We tried to investigate further into the DeGroot-Hanso connection, but we were stymied at every turn.   Our team went to Ann Arbor, Michigan, to this location: a DeGroot laboratory, but were barred from entering. Barred from the truth."

This Mysteries clip reinforced that there are people of great wealth who are secretly spearheading something big.  Again these people can funnel resources to anyone anywhere at any time and are master manipulators who seem to be pulling off one hell of a long con...thus far.

We get a little bit about the Great Dane Alvar Hanso, who became a bigwig with new technology and extreme wealth.  He has a degree in chemistry and a master degree in engineering. Of course we can't ignore his involvement with the military.

Apparently he attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor for a year as a foreign exchange student. His host family was none other than the DeGroots.
Alvar found eight year old Gerald DeGroot to be charming. Isn't that sweet?

When Gerald needed financial backing for his project, he contacted family friend Alvar Hanso for funding.
Through the investigative reporting of Mysteries of the Universe, they discovered Gerald’s college records had been “erased” from existence. How about that? Barred from the truth! That’s disgusting!
Stories layered in anecdotal evidence and legend sounds exactly like the information distributed by the "Island" itself to us.
Moral of this segment...Don't get stymied!   Go out and find the truth because it can't stay hidden forever.

By the way, that was the ugliest puppet on a string I ever saw!
Until the next segment...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

PS: LOST UNIVERSITY freshman/Class of 2010, don't forget to send me a photo of yourself in your Class of 2010 tee-shirt for the class picture.

For more info head over to L.U. Class of 2010 Photo.

Send your photo to:

October 3, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go.

Here is another short version of where we are at with

A single STAR graces the "HUB" over at the site.
Then a hot pink X marked on top of it. I was excited that I recognized this logo. This connected the image to the band Blink 182. Of course we had to get an "eye" reference at some point. {Love that!}
An image of this arena seating chart shows up next.

Realizing that logo was associated with Blink 182, I headed right over to their official website to look at tour dates for the immediate future. One of which was Wed, Sep 23, 2009 06:30 PM at music center. It was formally known as The Smirmoff Center.

Then we get a clue of a Bass guitar
with a bat on it. Hmmm. Imagine that. I recognized this as a bass belonging to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. Sometimes being a musician comes in handy. lol

This confirmed the connection of Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy with the show date of 9/23/09.

The next clue leads us over to a page on Twitter:

That page shows us the Drive Shaft ring pic in the left corner and a message revealing...

"Fall out boy to channel LOST during their opening set for Blink 182. Wednesday night in Dallas Texas at the center."
That page went through a couple of changes with photos.
Then PacesOilChange gives us a picture of a white bass guitar with the URL on the it in red letters.
The reveal of the official poster url is

Fall Out Boy thanks "Charlie" for the memories.

Here are few more sites I explored in the hunt for clues:
By Jason Munn for the 4- toed statue.
This poster contained a little bit of "Island magic".  The link told us 'The image above god foot printed in gloss and can only be seen from certain angles and in certain lighting.'

The bass guitar with the url on it, and a lovely letter from Ronie Midfew Arts, was sent to the lucky first Lostie to purchase this poster. Head over to Audibly Lost to read about this wonderful gift to a true Lostaholic.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...

* Okay Losties, "Huck Finn was taken" is said by whom, in which episode?
* "Lighting" plays a role with this poster.
* Where's Charlie? Sure seems like he was the fall out boy in the game.


This first clue pic was of Vincent the Wonder Dog. Then came the stuffed toys/animals.
And then the street sign.

I thank fellow Lostie Lottery Ticket for the heads up over at with intel via "Avondale Blog", who discovered where the pet toy picture came from. This pic is associated with the website for Rusty's Pet Store on Ventura Blvd in Studio City, CA.

The official advert for the "url reveal" was posted over at the "HUB".

You just gotta love that the paw print properly displays an image associated with four toes.
I know that was a stretch. lol. Or was it?

Apparently while you're at Rusty's you can buy your pup a costume or two.

Fellow Lostie, Maven, shows us the inside print of the shirt.

The official URL is -
But Note how the word "Jereky" is spelled in the url and not "Jerky" as it is on the tee shirt. Hmmm...more spelling glitches to ponder.

Lostie Maven, proudly gives us a look at her newly discovered treasure.
Great work, Maven! And THANK YOU for bringing us to Rusty's with you and the use of your photos!

The official photo over at the "HUB"

Poster 7
By Ken Taylor- The Smoke Monster.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* "I'm trying to buy some jerky and a slushy" was said by Hurley to Charlie in The Beginning of the End; while at Santa Rosa.
* This url's obvious spelling issue.
* Shhhhhhhhh.

I would like to purchase one of these fun works of LOST art. We'll have to see which one calls out to me for a home.

It is important to act quickly if you want one of these posters. A few have sold out right away. But there is also the chance that you may be the first purchaser...and who knows, you may get a special Thank You from "The Island".

We are definitely part of the "hunting party".

Until FRAME 8...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

October 2, 2009

L.U. CLASS of 2010 PHOTO.

Hi Losties!

I'm going to just throw this out there...
So many of us around the world will be attending class at LOST UNIVERSITY and many are in the process of receiving their "freshman" tee-shirts.

It would be fun to put together a "Class of 2010 Photo" of students in their "Freshman" tee-shirts.
I'd love to put this together.

If you're interested, send a photo of you in your "Freshman" tee shirt and I'll compile all of them and create a "Class of 2010" photo.

A snapshot of you from the waist up would be great and would show up better.
AND be sure to include your name or name you want associated with it.
You don't have to put your name or anything on the photo; I will add the names and such to the photo.

Send your photo to me at

Let's see how many we get!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

PS: Here's a sample look at mine.