September 29, 2009


Let's Talk about LOST! ?
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Eko is chopping wood with an ax; to build the church. {Cross on black cord} Ana Lucia is standing there with no shoes on and asks him, "What are you building?"
Eko smiles, happy to see her and says, "Hello Ana".
Ana-“Well, hello yourself. So you gonna tell me. What is it?”
He tells her he is "building a church".
Ana crosses her arms and sarcastically wonders, "Now why the hell would you wanna do that?"
Eko- "Because I was told to."
Ana-"Told to by who?"
Eko- "I was just told...I think it was in a dream."
Ana- "A dream like this one?"
Ana now has a gunshot wound and is bleeding from the corner of her mouth and forehead.   She tells Eko that he needs to help John. {Her voice is a bit distorted}
****"FLASHES" of...The Tailies version of the crash, in the water, the monster, body floating in the water, cross on the chain, the feet of the others walking by when he was with Jin, teddy bear, campfire, Jin blind folded, 9 virgin Mary statues from outside the church in his village, Eko and Charlie burn the drug plane, black smoke rising from it, Eko's priest brother, Arrow station with Dharma symbol with fire, Bible he found, Jesus Stick w/ 23 psalm,, revelations:3,"Hateth", Coi_sians, T:4, TITUS :3, Priest skeleton w/gold tooth, Locke, Eko's confrontation w/smoke monster when he sees his life flashes inside it, Cross w/chain on skeleton body, Drug/missionary plane about to take off, soldiers going after the plane, brother yelling, {the very next frame of Yemi is purposely blurred}, the orientation film w/Marvin Candle, Swan Dharma logo from hatch.****

Eko with an ax in the hatch; see the Swan Dharma logo and goes into the computer room. Yemi sits at the computer with his hands folded. There is a glass of water to his left and a red toolbox.
Yemi smiles, gets up, nods and says "Hello brother."
Eko hurries to him and says "Forgive me! I should have listened to you. You were right. I didn't mean to do it." {Do what exactly?}
Yemi- "Shhhh. Your work being done in this place is important, Eko. It is more important than anything. And it is in danger. You must help John. He has lost his way. You must make him take you to the question mark.”
Eko looks confused.
The countdown clock beeps, it turns to black and red '?'. {Yemi seems disappointed the timer is up.} The computer keyboard is all question marks. Yemi enters a code, the beeping stops; the timer resets.
Yemi- "John will not want to show you, so you must make him. {The sound of a hum.} There are many distractions brother. But you must move past them. What's done is done. Do you understand?"
Eko says yes. The hatch starts to rumble and shake. You can hear magnet sound; see the computer screen.
Yemi- "Eko, bring the ax!"    We see and hear the ax in the dark.
Eko jolts AWAKE, upset and holding on to the cross around his neck. Charlie asks if he's alright. Eko grabs the ax and tells Charlie, "I need to find John".

In the jungle at night:
Locke is still on crutches, Kate, Jack and Sawyer are complaining about Locke, the guns/Ana. Sawyer is pissed and says to Jack, ”Well, ain't that swell. Gimpy McCrutch over here covers up that the Artist Formally Known as Henry Gale tried to strangle your little Amiga, and suddenly it's on me when she goes vigilante.”
Jack-”How about you go back to the beach.”
Kate makes them stop the bickering.
Michael stumbles out of the hatch doors, "He shot me. He's gone. He ran out."
Michael says he was sleeping and heard gun shots.
Jack- "Come on, We gotta get you up, alright."
Eko shows up. "Let me help."

Sawyer and Kate are inside the hatch and find Ana Lucia dead and Libby on the ground.   The armory is empty. {I love that the lava lamp is on.}  Kate checks on Ana Lucia; she’s dead. {and wearing a wedding ring.}
Libby is still alive, barely.  Michael is troubled about that! {Michael looks like, WTF? I shot her 2x!}
Jack tells Kate, "We gotta get her up. We gotta get her up to the back room."
Eko blesses Ana's face/body that is now laid in the armory.   Eko looks up and prays.
Locke looks on.
{Jack and Libby have on the same color shirts.}
Dr. Jack and Nurse Kate work on Libby; who is in shock. {Here I go over thinking! Jack tells Kate to keep pressure on this one.  But when Jack walks out of the bunk room I don't see Kate keeping pressure on any Libby.  Are those the only set of bunks in the hatch? Please tell me.}
Jack asks Michael “How long ago did this happen? How long ago did he leave?”
Michael-"About 20 min, maybe a half hour ago."
Jack wants to pick up the trail to catch up to him.   Sawyer reminds Jack the guy has a head start and a gun.  Jack says that he shot three of our people; one's dead. {Ana's one of his people? NOT.} Sawyer’s concerned who will take care of Libby while Jack’s off playing Daniel Boone.
Eko volunteers to go.  He asks Locke about his tracking experience, "We will find his trail together."
Jack tells them if they find anything to come back there and they'll figure out what to do next, together.
Eko with his ax and John with his crutches, head out.
{Flash Whoosh}
Eko sits in a dark confessional going through the motions of being a priest. He is hearing confession, "How long has it been since your last confession?" {Eko looks really thrilled. LOL! He even checks his watch.}
In the confessional is the adulterer guy who forged I.D. papers for a guy pretending to be a priest. The guy (Mr. Caldwell) gives Eko a passport. {Sydney Australia is all over it, 's on top M 223652, National status, Australian citizen, a few dates 8/23/68, 16/4/04, 15/4/14} The guy has friends in L.A. He can get Eko with them to do 'stuff'.

Eko is  known  as Father Tunde. Eko introduces the man to the monsignor as the man who's helping him plan his trip to the U.S.. The monsignor has bad news about Tunde’s trip. Eko has to postpone his trip because it appears they have a miracle.
Inside the church a mother is telling Father Tunde about her daughter who has drowned and came back to lifeCharlotte, whose not much of a swimmer, must have slipped and fell into the river, drowns and the next day she woke up! Dead, and the next day she woke up!
Mrs. Malkin tells the unbeliever Eko that "It's a miracle, a confirmation of faith. Everyone needs to know about this...The world needs to know about this."
Mrs. Malkin tells Tunde that Charlotte is at home with her husband the psychic.  Monsignor tells her that the church will conduct an investigation before anyone can be told.     Father Tunde will start this process.
The monsignor chose Eko for this because he doesn't believe what the woman says.

Eko leads John through the dark jungle.
John asks Eko, "Are you seeing something I'm not? Hey! I haven't seen a single track or piece of sign since we left the hatch. What the hell are you following?" {WTF is a piece of sign? Hmmm?}
Eko-"Where is the question mark?”
John doesn't get it.
John tells him "You keep chasing after your own shadow. I'm going back" {YEAH!}
Persistent Eko says to John- "I know you don't want to show me, but you must."
John- "No. I don't have to show you anything."
Then Eko is sorry because now he must head butt him; knocking him out! {People are always getting knocked out!}

John starts to wake up; his head bothers him.
Eko admits he “hit” John because he was being difficult.
John-“Are you insane?”
No, Eko is not.  Eko also shares with John that his friend "Ana Lucia wants me to help you, John...Find the question mark."
John- “You don’t even know what you’re talking about. Do you?”
Eko says no, “But you know what I am talking about, John. And that is all that matters.”
Frustrated John gives Eko his drawing of the blast door map with the question mark in the center.
John-"Here. You wanna find your damn question mark? Here. Here. This is it, right here. Take it! Take it! Because it’s nothing. It’s a memory. It's 10 seconds of nothing."
Eko is trying to figure out what direction to head.
John still insists the hatch isn't his.
Eko- “If the Swan is where we came from, then we go that way.”
John feels they shouldn’t even be out there and that Ana Lucia would still be alive if I’d just told Jack that Henry attacked her.
Eko- “Now she wants us to go here, John. She wants us to go here, John. Together. She said this in my dream.”
John whispers, “Oh. Of course. Your dream.”
Eko wants John to tell him, "Haven’t you ever followed a dream?"
{Flash Whoosh}

Eko interviews/investigates Ian.
Ian- “So, the Vatican is really interested in this one.”
Eko says it depends on what he puts in his report. Ian got the call 1 am.  Ambrose brought this girl in. She'd been dead in the water two hours. Eko wonders if Ian’s had much experience in this type of death.
Of course Ian has, he’s an undertaker, it’s his day job; he’s perfectly qualified to be a coroner as he did go to medical school.
Eko asks when he found out that she was not dead.
Ian doesn’t expect Eko to believe him but shares it was during the autopsy.
He recorded the autopsy and plays it for Eko.
While the tape plays Ian leaves the room. “This is a Caucasian female. She's 161 cm, 51.3 kilos. Body prepped and washed by the very lovely Valerie McDervish...Commencing with the post. This is a clear case of drowning. I'll begin with a thoracic...” You hear the terrible screams. {Listen to the screams very closely!!}
Ian returns tells Eko to "Take it, I don't ever want to listen to that tape again."
He gives it to Eko.

In the jungle, Eko is trying to follow John's map.
John- “You lost already?”
Eko feels John’s map is inexact.
John- “No kidding.”
Eko asks John "These landmarks, is this a river?" questioning a point on the map.
John- "No. It’s a wavy line. I didn't draw it, I just transcribed it, I told you. I don't even know if it is a map."  {WOW!! Maybe it's not a map.}
Eko will assume it is.
John asks what the ax is for. Eko admits he doesn’t know yet. Eko takes a few steps and crunches on a Virgin Mary statue. They walk a little bit further and find the missionary plane.
Eko-“You were the one who found this plane, yes.”
Locke seems sad, “Yeah. It was up there.”
Eko-“And what made it fall?”
John- “Boone. Boone made it fall. Then he died. A sacrifice that the island demanded.”
Eko turns to John, confused and says, “Excuse me.”
John says it’s nothing.
Eko tells John that they will make camp, get some sleep and wait for FURTHER INSTRUCTION. {WOW!! YEAH!!}

In the hatch impatient Jack asks Kate “Where the hell are they?
Kate wants him to calm down, “Finding his trail in the dark’s not gonna be easy. They'll be back.”
Jack washes blood off his hands.
Michael asks Jack if Libby said anything.
Nope, she’s still unconscious; the bleeding has stopped and that’s not good.    Jack can make Libby comfortable but he doesn’t have what he needs.    Sawyer wonders why their all looking at him; he gave them all the meds two days ago.
Jack needs the heroin.
Sawyer- “Give me 20 minutes.”
Even though it doesn’t take two people to carry it, Jack insists Kate to go with Sawyer.     Jack knows the heroin is in his stash; this way Kate can see where he has the guns, or “let poor Libby suffer" says Sawyer. {He does have a heart!} Sawyer and Freckles head out.
Troubled Mike glances over to see Libby.

It is daylight on Sawyer and Kate's walk back to his stash on the beach.    Kate is curious about how Ana got his gun.   Sawyer lies and says maybe she lifted it off of him.   Kate mocks Ana pick-pocketing his gun but wonders how.
Sawyer-”If I knew how she did it, then she wouldn’t be able to do it now, would she?”
They arrive at his tent. Kate assumed the stash is somewhere else.
Sawyer opens the fabric door for her and says, “Do you have to make everything so damn difficult? Just go in.”
The stash, guns and heroin are all right there!   Sawyer kept them right underneath himself all this time. {He wipes the dirt off the stash cover; It is a piece Oceanic wreckage. It looks like a BULLS EYE or TARGET! There is a bottle in wine/liquor in his tent.}
Sawyer is pleased he fooled Kate; he hands her a Virgin Mary statue.

On their way back to the hatch, red shirt wearing Hurley asks them if they've seen Libby around. Kate breaks the news to him.
{It was daylight when Libby went back for the blankets, dark when Michael fell out of the hatch doors, he tells jack that 'it' happened 20-30 minutes before, now it's daylight again. How much time has passed?}

John is sleeping near Eko and his extinguished campfire.
{White smoke rises}
A whisper "Shhhh. You’ll wake John...Come. Follow me.”
Eko and his ax follow Yemi. They climb up the cliff with the roots from the trees. {Yemi kicks ass on the climb! It reminds me of the Steven King story Pet Sematary. When Judd and Louis climb over the thick piled high brush and sticks, Judd moves quickly and swiftly up and over it and on to the pet sematary. I just wanted to share that with you.}
Once at the top, Yemi is in a wheelchair.
Yemi- "Wake up John!"
{Listen to how that is said}
Eko falls!
John wakes up with a jolt!
Eko with his stick asks John if he had a dream with a man; a priest.   Eko tells John the man he saw was his brother; that is why they have to go together.    This is how they are going to be led and how they will know where to go next.
John doesn’t know where to go, "It wasn't even me, it was you. It didn’t...He wanted me to follow him.” {Important!}
Eko -“Follow him where?”
They look up to the top of the cliff. Eko is happy and tells John to wait there.
John feels it was just a dream, it's not safe,  but Eko goes anyway.
{Flash Whoosh}

Eko goes to the Malkin’s home to speak to their daughter. {It's a day later} {2001-house number} Joyce panics that Eko is there; it’s not a good time.
Richard Malkin orders his wife and daughter back into the house.
Charlotte doesn’t say a word and never takes her eyes off of Eko.
Richard reveals to Eko there was no miracle.
Eko says the doctor who treated his daughter feels differently {Doctor?}
Richard says the Doctor is trying to cover up his own negligence. "He tell you the whole she supposedly drowned? She fell into a mountain river, her body shut down; she went into hypothermia which made her appear dead."
Mrs. Malkin is a zealot!  Everything his wife is doing is to spite him because knows he's a fraud. Richard reveals he makes his living as a psychic, "That's what I do. I gather intelligence on people and I exploit it.   Every day I meet people looking for a miracle Desperate to find one, but there are none to be had. Not in this world anyway.”
{Is that what he's doing to/with Eko right now? If he tells Eko no miracle, then he can go on his trip and be on that "plane".}
Eko will report back that there is no miracle here, “Your daughter is alive. This is all that matters.”
Richard looks relieved. Eko and the girl share a look through a window.
{Flash Whoosh}

Eko works hard to climb up the cliff with is ax. John warns Eko to be careful. Eko slips a bit but holds on. {Check out how Locke is standing holding his crutches.}

Once up top John asks what's up there, “Do you see anything?” {What a beautiful view!} Eko sees the beach craft plane and what he believes is a “?”.  {It looks like a circle to me}

Eko investigates the dirt on the ground and proclaims the earth has been salted so that nothing can grow.   {Like Carthage.}
John wonders why because there’s nothing there. {Hmmm.}
Eko believes a circle, a target, so that this place can be seen from up above.

Locke wonders, "They? What place?"
Eko-“The place that this plane fell upon. Come on John!”
John looks a bit baffled.
Eko pokes around the plane with his ax and hits something metallic. There is another hatch underneath the plane. Together they push the plane and wipe dirt off the top to reveal the hatch. Eko uses his ax to open it. John would like to open it too so they open it together.
This hatch has two doors. The men look down into the very deep hatch.
In the Swan hatch Jack cracks open the Virgin Mary statue. {IMPORTANT:Watch Jack's face when he holds/looks at the heroin.}
Hurley tells Michael that he was going to have his first date with Libby. Hurley is glad Michael is okay. {Michaels' expression.}

John and Eko make their descent into the hatch.
Entering the new hatch first is Eko then John. This hatch has a ladder. We see a Dharma logo. This hatch has power/electricity.
John turns the power on.
Inside a little room there are two chairs; there is heroin on the desk tops.    There is a wall with nine monitors. Monitor number five is on. {Static} Locke turns the other monitors on.
One monitor airs footage from the Swan hatch; Jack is walking around. There are cameras everywhere and a computer.  John turns on the lights.
The computer screen is on and shows 'Print log Y or N'. Locke presses Y execute.
The printer prints out the log showing numbers and the word “accepted” after them.
Eko finds a closet with blank composition notes books.
John sends his blast door map {I thought he gave it to Eko? Is this a different one? Are there 2, 3 or more?} up in the pneumatic tube.
Eko finds an orientation video tape.
Eko loads the tape into the top loading VCR.

They watch video 5 of 6. The video plays on monitor 5.
The video is hosted by Dr. Mark Wickmund. {No fake arms.}
The Pearl is a monitoring station. The activities of participants of Dharma projects can be observed and recorded. {People are shown exercising} Not only for posterity but for the ongoing refinement of the initiative as a whole.   Karen DeGroot wrote "Careful observation is the only key to true.. and complete awareness." Participant’s tour of duty will last three weeks.   You and partner will observe a psychological experiment in progress.  The other team members aren't aware they're under surveillance or that they are the subjects of an experiment.  Working in eight hours shifts you and your partner will record everything you observe in the notebooks.   What is the nature of the experiment, you might ask?  What do the subjects believe they are accomplishing, as they struggle to fulfill their tasks? You as the observer don't need to know.  All you need to know is that the subjects believe their job is of the utmost importance.  Remember, everything that occurs, no matter how minute or seemingly unimportant MUST be recorded.   Each time the notebook is filled with the fruits of your diligent observation, {Tape glitches-static} place it in the container provided, place it in pneumatic tube and presto, it will be transported directly to us.   At the end of eight hour shift, proceed to the Pala Ferry, which will take you back to the barracks and prepare for your next… On behalf of the DeGroots, Alvar Hanso and all of us at the Dharma Initiative, thank you, Namaste and good luck. {The credit at the end of video is The Hanso Foundation 1980.}

Eko asks John if he'd like to watch that again.
Disappointed John says no, he's seen enough.   Pleased Eko wants to bring the notebooks and papers back as he believes the work John has been doing is more important than ever; pushing the button. John says pushing the button is not work, it's a joke. "Rats in a maze, with no cheese."
Eko insists its work.
Eko-"We're are being tested…The reason to do it, push the button is not because we are told to do so in a film...We do it because we believe we are meant to. Isn't that the reason you pushed it, John?"
John is getting angry- "I was never meant to do anything. Every single second of my pathetic little life is as useless as that button. You think it's important, you think its necessary, its nothing. It's meaningless. And who are you to tell me that it's not?"
{Flash Whoosh}
Eko at the Oceanic check in counter at the airport. {Another agent behind the counter. Not Krissy. And we don’t see any of the fuselage passengers here. Only Libby. Interesting, huh.} Flight 8 1 5 leaving from gate 23. 
Charlotte {The un-dead/alive} waits to speak to Eko. Her father doesn't want her talking to Eko but she had to see Eko. Crazy Charlotte promised to deliver a message, ”He says you were a good priest".
Yemi said this. This upsets Eko, “Speaking about my brother is not a joke. So you should be very careful about what you say next.”
Charlotte- "I saw him when I was between places. He said that you would come and see me. He said that even though you were pretending, you were a good man… He wants you to know that he will see you soon. He says that even though you don’t have faith in yourself, that he has faith in you.”
Eko raises his voice wondering why she is doing this to him. Libby happens by and asks if everything is alright. Charlotte nods her head yes at Libby. {Check out Libby's body language and look she gives!}
Charlotte tells Eko- "He has faith in you. One day you'll believe me". {Flight 815 is now boarding for L.A.}

Eko tells John that the cross he wears was worn by his brother Yemi. {Cross on a brown cord} Yemi was a great man. “A priest. A man of god.   And because I betrayed him, he was shot and died. He was placed on a plane, which took off from an air strip in Nigeria, half a world from here. Then the plane that I was on crashed on this Island.   And somehow, here, I found my brother again. I found him in the same plane that took off from Nigeria in the same plane that lies above us now, that has concealed this place.   And I took this cross from around Yemi's neck and put it back on mine. Just as it was on the day I first took another man's life. So let me ask you, how can you say this is meaningless?  I believe the work being done in the hatch is more important that anything. If you will not continue to push the button John, I will."
Eko packs up notebooks and papers.

In the hatch, Jack shoots Libby up with {Heroin}.
Hurley kneels down beside Libby, who is trying to open her eyes.
Hurley is crying-“Hey. It’s Hurley. Hugo. I’m sorry I forgot the blankets. I’m sorry I forgot the blankets.
Libby struggles but manages to say "Michael".
Jack tells her “He's okay. He made it, Libby. It’s okay. It’s alright."
Libby dies. They all cry. {I'm crying cause they're all crying!!}
Sawyer comforts Kate.
Jack stands in front of the bathroom mirror. {Two Jacks.}
The beeping starts on the countdown clock.
We see Eko and Locke {crutches} heading back.
Hurley is with Libby.
Michael is standing in the armory with one hell of a look on his face.
Ana Lucia’s body is covered except for her head/face; looks more like she’s sleeping.
The beeping continues.
We see the computer, waiting there for someone to enter in the code.


? is a great episode! 
Things are NOT what they seem on the surface.   Eko tells Ana he "thinks" he was told about building a church in a dream.    Is his speaking with Ana a dream?   In this place what are "dreams" or "visions" and what could be real, manipulated imagery or even memory?    The ever important orientation video mentions a bit about the subject “believing” their job is of the utmost importance, this is what "Yemi" tells "Eko" as well.  
With the similarities we witnessed with Sawyer here and the "target", how does he connect? How about the "work being done in the hatch"?    Does this have anything to do with the "work" Jack is doing in there with Libby and the heroin? Definitely lines are blurred!

Things to note...Questions to ask...

✈ Eye Color
✈ Dreams; an altered state of consciousness.
✈ Exercise. Study. Experiment. Test. Learn.
✈ Boone
✈ What is Eko's "work" in this place, really? Is he there to build a church or build something else?! By the way, another word for church is temple.  Important? Maybe...
Dark and Light. Eko and John.  Two brothers.   Eko finds his "brother", again. Hmmm??   Eko also bears the cross of his brother.   What is the connection with Eko and Locke?
Two different versions of the cross. One on a chain, one on a black cord.
✈ Could John be the original artist of the blast door map or just the scribe?
✈ Jack handles the Heroin in the Swan hatch and Locke and Eko come in contact with it at the Pearl Station.
✈ Blast door map is the shape is of the Bagua (8 sides).The ba gua literally "eight symbols": are eight diagrams used in Taoist cosmology  to represent the fundamental principles of reality, seen as a range of eight interrelated concepts.  Buddhism.
✈ The '?' is shown in the middle of the blast door map. It marks the center with 7 Hatches around it. 6 hatches are shown, 1 is crossed out.
✈ The blast door map shows the '?' in the center of the hatches. Yet here, this opening to this hatch is basically right at the question mark. So is this an exit not an entrance into this hatch? Another hatch with two ways in and/or out.
✈ Just as the episode Orientation could be about their orientation to the Island itself, couldn't the video in the Pearl be part of the answer about what's happening to them? Clues to people watching! Watching the observers.
Ian also means John!
✈ Drugs. Heroin {fruit/food}.
✈ Tour of duty is a military term.
Oyster and Pearl: A pearl is a hard object produced within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk.
✈ We hear about to the DeGroots and Alvar Hanso in addition to the Dharma Initiative.
There was a bulls eye/target underneath Sawyer. The Oceanic Logo fits into this idea here.
✈ Hurley feels responsible for Libby's death.
✈ Who does the swan hatch belong to? John or Jack?
✈ Again we are shown that things are not real. Even the participants in the Dharma Initiative were lied to about what they were doing. Secrets/Truth is kept from them.
✈ Is it easy to fake a death and have someone fooled? Here we see people appearing dead, although they are NOT!  {Dead and then come back to life/reborn.}
✈ There is a target or bulls eye to be seen from above. Be seen by whom? {To me it looks like a circle in the salted earth}
Are the answers right underneath them? Very deep below them or above them or within them?
✈ I.D.-Identity.  New Identity/different identity.
Wavy Line- What could this represent? Brain waves, perhaps.

Vocabulary and Research...
  Map- Computer and video games : Where "map" may refer to a level in computer or video games.
   - MAP (file format)a computer file format.
   - MAP (higher-order function)a higher-order function used to apply a function to a list of values and return another list with the results.
♦  Boon- A blessing or benefit.
♦  Question mark: the punctuation mark (?) placed at the end of a sentence or phrase intended as a direct question. It is also used after a word or phrase whose appropriateness is in doubt, or after a number or date whose accuracy is in doubt.
   - Used in computer programming.
   - It is also used in Math equations.
   -Minkowski's question mark function, a mathematical function
♦  The Question Mark (Polygonia interrogationis) is a North American nymphalid butterfly.
More importantly I also learned, it is an algebraic chess notation. "?" denotes a BAD MOVE, and "??" a blunder. I find that fitting to our story.

It is VERY important to note that John dreamed that he was Eko following his brother. A dream where John wasn’t himself but actually someone else.  In the dream Yemi was in the wheelchair, as representation of John, but Locke felt he embodied Eko.  Who dreams were these...really?  We can't count out other hints to things pointing to "Yourself".  This is telling us something very important.

Looking for the '?'.
Is it about finding another hatch? I  Maybe this hatch just distracted them from what they really were supposed to be looking for.   After all finding this new hatch makes Locke lose faith even more.  Eko was supposed to help him find his way, not steer John further off the path, or was it?  Eko feels the work in the hatch is more important than anything.  I feel like their job on the "Island" is of the utmost importance...this is the place that they will make changes in themselves and find what has been lost.
We know that there are many hatches so, which hatch has the more important work? Is it one we have not seen at this point?

?... Is it possible that Eko still missed the mark? Did his quest for the '?' end up being a 'Bad Move or Blunder'? Was there a distraction? Or did he do exactly what "someone" instructed him to do?
Did John wake up?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

September 15, 2009

The “This is not a game”, game.

Here's the latest update on

FRAME 5 Gave us:

* The University of Arizona Bookstore
* The University of Arizona football team motto- Bear Down.
* "Wildcat Readers, see you on - J. Perkins/R. Morrison"
* Monday Sept 14th 7:30 am – 5 pm.
1209 E. University Blvd Tuscon Az 85721
Poster revealed- The Love Triangle by Leia Bell. It depicts Jack in front of the video screens catching Kate and Sawyer's connection. All the number colors for the video monitors are RED, but the number 4 is a different red.

At the Universities bookstore:
The display poster is the same one we saw in the photo of the partnering of Ronie, Paul, Damon and Carlton. It is flanked by two displays.
Sawyer was seen reading Lancelot in Maternity Leave.

One case displays:

Oceanic Magazine
Dharma Beer 6 pack
Box of Dharma Red Wine
Bookmarks with Sayid and Juliet and The Swan logo among plain logos.

Books displayed: {A few with very brief descriptions. I can not make out many of the books on the other display other than something about survive and Generation We.}
* Lancelot: Written in 1977 by Walker Percy. Lancelot Lamar, a dejected lawyer who, when he discovers that he is not the father of his youngest daughter, kills his wife by blowing up their house. He ends up being confined in a mental institution, where he then dwells on the memories of his frightful past. There is a surrealistic element, where reality blends with delirium.
* Lord of the Flies by Wiliam Golding: British school boys stuck on a deserted island try to govern themselves.
* Carrie by Stephen King. Carrie is a shy high-school girl, who uses her newly discovered telekinetic powers to exact revenge on those who tease her.
* Slaughterhouse five or The Children's Crusade: A Duty-Dance With Death by Kurt Vonnegut: Anti-war sci-fi novel about WW2 experiences and journeys through time of a soldier named Billy Pilgrim.
* Our mutual friend by Charles Dickens.

* Stranger in a strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein: Sci-Fi story about a human raised by aliens and his return to Earth.
* The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy: A fugitive hides out on a deserted island, where he is the only "real" person living among "recorded images" of other people. The fugitive thinks he is hallucinating, going crazy, food poisoned, has a strange disease/radiation poisoning before finding out the truth.
* Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck.
* Alice in Wonderland- Through the Looking Glass, and What Alice found there by Lewis Carroll: Alice's adventures with bizarre characters in strange places that occur while she is really in a "sleep state-dreaming".
* The Third Policeman by Brian O'Nolan: A story told by the narrator, an amateur scholar of DeSelby {a scientist and philosopher}, who is who breaks his leg under mysterious circumstances and gets a fake one. He knows John Divney plans to rob and kill someone and this ends up involving the narrator. Three years pass and we see where their extremely strange relationship leads them.
* A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle: A young girls quest traveling through time and space to rescue her scientist father from IT, the brain.
* Dirty Work- Stuart Woods: A sexy thriller set in New York filled with rich high society people, murder, divorce, undercover work and missing people.
* Catch 22 by Joseph Heller: Satirical novel set during the later stages of WW2.
* The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle: An expedition to a plateau in the Amazon basin of South America where prehistoric animals still survive.
* Are you there god? It's me, Margaret by Judy Blume: Margaret's evolution from child into pre-teen issues, as well as exploring her quest for a single religion.
* Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden: A Geisha working before and after WW2.
* The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand: The story of architect Howard Roark—and his battle against the tradition-worshipping establishment. Its theme: "individualism versus collectivism, not in politics, but in man's soul; the psychological motivations and the basic premises that produce the character of an individualist or a collectivist."
* Valis- Philip K Dick: Sci-Fi Novel. The title is an acronym for Vast Active Living Intelligence System.
* The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy by T.A. Barron Thomas Archibald' (T.A.) Barron. He wrote fantasy literature, books for children and young adults, and nature books. The Great Tree of Avalon trilogy completes the sagas of Merlin's realms {The Lost Years of Merlin}.
- Child of the Dark Prophecy
- Shadows on the Stars
- The Eternal Flame

* Watership Down by Richard Adams: A fantasy about a group of rabbits living in a society where they need to escape the destruction of their warren to seek a place in which to establish a new home, encountering perils and temptations along the way.
* The Heart of Darkness & The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad: This very symbolic story is actually a story within a story, or frame narrative. Marlow, travels deep into the heart of the Congo where he encounters the crazed idealist Kurtz and discovers that the relative values of the civilized and the primitive are not what they seem.
* Heart of Darkness was also a video game.

* The Travels of Babar.
Of course, the item that we see the backside of is a jacket cover photo of Babar the Elephant and Jean de Brunhoff. I'm noting it because it is there and obviously meant to be seen. This seems to be the dust cover for the book titled The Travels of Babar. Babar and Celeste set off in a balloon, beginning an exciting series of adventures. Escaping from savage cannibals, only to be trapped by a circus owner. Babar the Elephant is a very popular French children's character who first appeared in Histoire de Babar by Jean de Brunhoff in 1931.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...

* In Dead is Dead, "John" wants to talk to Ben about "the elephant in the room". I'm just noting it.

Vocabulary and Research...
{Because it seems that we're in a treasure hunt of sorts, the following was a very elaborate one involving artwork clues.}

* Hareraiser is a computer game, originally released in 1984 in the UK. Released in two parts; Prelude and Finale. A prize was on offer if the game could be solved. The game takes the form of a series of graphical screens depicting grass, sky and trees with occasional text 'clues'. The only interaction is pressing the cursor keys to follow a hare which moves across the screen and disappears off one of the sides. There are no hints as to how the puzzle can be solved but presumably, the position of the trees, sun, clouds etc (which are different on each screen), the movement of the hare and the text can be interpreted in some way. The solvers of Prelude would also then have to buy and solve Finale. They could then enter a competition to locate the prize, the bejewelled 18 carat "Golden Hare" pendant featured on the cover.
The "golden hare" had previously been the prize for solving the children's book Masquerade, by the British artist Kit Williams. It had been buried at a secret location, the object of the game being to solve the clues in the book that would lead the successful treasure-hunter to this location and the golden prize. Williams sealed the hare inside a ceramic hare-shaped casket. The casket was inscribed with the legend "I am the Keeper of the Jewel of MASQUERADE, which lies waiting safe inside me for You or Eternity".
Kit Williams said: "If I was to spend two years on the 16 paintings for Masquerade I wanted them to mean something."
The solution to the Masquerade puzzle is both elaborate and elegant: in each painting, lines should be drawn from each animal's eyes through their longest digits to a letter in the border. The resulting letters form individual words, revealed either by anagramming or by applying the order hinted at by the Sir Iassac Newton painting, in which all of the creatures of the book are represented as puppets hanging in a line from left to right.

We must keep in mind that we have been on a treasure hunt for answers since day one. It is obvious the way to some answers may come from our participation with the puzzle by facing the challenges of solving anagrams, acronyms, jigsaw puzzles, riddles, brainteasers, symbols, glyphs, codes, logos and such.

We have been presented with issues with our current activity displaying all the wonderful things that make the hunt so much more exciting and challenging. Our very own DaVinci Code!

* by s taying in
long a s you're
combine shippi ng costs
and ot her minor
nature o f this
project, here will (Missing the letter T)
* THEEE Mike B- seems the correct way should be THEE Mike B
* The Title of the clue video {hub page said} "AcutallyItsKetchup"
* The Build Our World Logo at Johnny Cupcakes door the letter D had an angle to it.
* An frame on the site keeps appearing and disappearing. { near 14}
* The number 4 monitor has a different color red used than the other numbers.

Will we really find answers following the carrot through the maze or will it all end up being a fool’s errand and the prize "fools gold", bringing us right back to the "con" of it all just to be left with the preverbal LOST paradox.

What will the holy grail of answers be? I'll just wait for my Scooby Doo cryptograph set with invisible ink to arrive and help me on my quest. Maybe will we discover LOST to also be an acronym? Don't think that has been in my notes since the beginning as well!
Until Frame 6...

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

September 11, 2009


This is a re-post of LOST Predictions sent in to Simply Television.
Be sure to check out that site for more predictions.


These are the last of these predictions from Lost Bloggers and Podcasters so I have included 3 sets.

These predictions are from the cream of the crop in Lost podcasting world infact Darlton told me over brunch that these 3 featured podcasts are their favourite Lost podcasts..........ok no they didn't but I'm like 108% confident they are their favourites, They must be!!!

These predictions are from Jen from The Transmission podcast.
If your a Lost fan and haven't listened to this pod.......... your not a Lost fan!

1. This will be the "Memento" season. Memento is a film that came out in 2000. It's a revenge movie, the story of which is told backwards. I think we'll see the very last scene of the series first and find out all the events that lead up to that conclusion.

2. Someone very important will die. Just because.

3. Juliet is dead, but we will see her at least once in flashback. She's too important to have gone the way she did without another peek into her on-island life. Also, we will find out she was expecting Sawyer's baby.

4. Ben Linus will be redeemed, somewhat. We will still understand that he's an evil, conniving little bastard, but we will see that most of what he's done was done out of a desire to protect the island.

5. Kate will end up with neither Jack nor Sawyer. She will finally learn how to fight her own battles and be her own woman.

6. Somehow, some way, Hurley will be happy.

7. We will find out where Shannon's inhalers went, and it'll be surprising.

8. Sayid will beat Mr. Paik to a bloody pulp.

These predictions are from Cliff from The Weekly lost podcast.
Listening to this weekly Lost Pod should be a higher priority than the weekly shopping list! Shame on you if it isn't!

1 I believe that "They Did Change Things" That we will see an "alternate reality." where our losties never crashed on the island. And if not, this is what I would like to see. I'd love to have the "flashbacks" be "flashes between parallel dimensions."

2 I believe that we will see Cindy, the flight attendant again, as well as Zack and Emma, the children from the tail section.

3 I believe that we will see believe that we will see Richard Malcon again. He was Claire's psychic from "Raised By Another."

4 I believe that Jack and Kate will ultimately end up together.

5 I believe Claire and Aaron will be show to be key to the main story.

6 I believe that Rose and Bernard will end up being Adam and Eve (Dead bodies found in season 1 by the caves)

7 I believe that we'll see the return of a lot of characters that have died in the previous five seasons. When I say a lot, I would guess at least four or five. Possible choices would be (Boone, Shannon, Michael, Charlie, Mr. EKo, Libby, "Anna Lulu", "Nike and Appollo Bar", etc. )

8 I don't believe that they will end the story by tying up all the loose ends. I believe that they will give us enough at the end to just barely satisfy us, but still leave us enough room to argue over the meaning of so many things for the rest of our lives.

These are from Karen from The ODI podcast!
Again just.........Listen to her pod! Your Not a proper Lost fan otherwise!

1). The "time glitch" will be "fixed" because the bug in the system is repaired.

2). We will be joined by the players of the game who have already been removed from the playing field.

3). Ben will continue to lie.

4). The person or person's who have truly found what they are looking for will move on to a life in the actual "real world".

5). The powerful creators of the "game/experience" will be revealed.

6). The importance of Hurley will come to the surface.

7). I think fans will be shocked that people we see are not who they thought they were. And that a particular "things" are not what they seem. (Wink, wink!)

8). The experience the Lostie's have been on will simply make sense. The answers have been right in front of our eyes all along.

9). There will be people who have to "play the game" again.

10). John Locke is alive and well living in a cute bungalow in the Florida Keys.

11). The finale will ABSOLUTELY leave us wanting more!!

Fade to white..............

September 8, 2009

Three Minutes

Let's talk about LOST!   Three minutes.

Locke is in the armory putting the guns in their place. Michael {In a plaid shirt, sleeves cut off} comes over to Locke and whispers, “I was hoping I could borrow one of these guns.”
Locke asks if it’s supposed to be a secret.  Michael implies he’s whispering because Jack's sleeping.
Locke asks, "More target practice?"
Michael tells him, yeah; he just wants to stay sharp.  Michael seems hurried; he looks at the expensive gold watch. {It’s not on his wrist. It was in his pocket.}
Locke notices that and asks him, "You got a date?"
Michael- "No. Old habits, you know."
Locke- "Yes I do."
He gives Michael a rifle.  Michael grabs for a couple of the bullet boxes and purposely knocks over them over.  Locke bends down to pick them up and Mike knocks him out. {There's a lot of knocking out of Losties. It looks like Michael takes a hand gun or something on the way out.}
Michael tries to communicate with"Walt/someone" on the computer.  The screen only shows a small blinking green box. He frantically and randomly enters letters in an effort to spark some action.
Nothing happens.
He verbally asks, “Where are you?
He back spaces all the random letters to clear them and types in…”You okay?”
Michael stares at the screen waiting for a reply.
The computer replies with- “ok. No time. Come soon?”
Excited Michael replies, “I’m ready. Coming NOW. You said north….{next line}…north WHERE?” Computer replies very fast: “when they take me out. there’s huge rocks with a hole in the middle by the beach you’ll know when you see.”
Michael replies, “It’s gonna be ok. I’m coming.”, as he verbally says, “I’m coming Walt.”
Jack calls out for “Locke.”
This startles Michael...the screen goes blank.
Michael, with this back pack and rifle, orders Jack to stay in the armory.   Locke is still unconscious. Michael is going after his son and nobody is going to stop him.  He feels it’s his right, a father’s right! Michael locks Locke and Jack up in the armory. {Jack has key around his neck.}

Michael {Wearing a rose color shirt} is holding a small rose/pink list in his shaking hand. He burns the list. Jack comes out of the hatch door and {NOT wearing the key around his neck} asks Michael “What are ya doing out here?”
Michael’s just getting some air.
Jack wants him to come inside, “We should talk.”
In the hatch we see two bodies wrapped in blankets.
Jack, Michael, Kate, Sawyer and red shirt, nervous Hurley is there.
Sawyer tells Jack they have 11 rifles/pistols total.
Jack- “That’s it?”
Sawyer reminds Jack, “In case you forgot, they' took five of em right off us.”
Jack asks how long to get to their camp.
Michael says if they leave now, move fast, “middle of the night tomorrow.”
Michael tells Jack, “Look, they have no idea I know where they are. They won’t be expecting us. So we get the guns, and we go. Right now, just the five of us.”
Jack feels five is not enough. Jack reminds Michael that he saw at least 20 of them, they’ve got 'our guns', and we’re not even sure if what you saw was…..' {Michael said he counted 22; And about their Hatch, They keep it guarded 24/7. 2 guards, 2 guns. And 2 guns is all I saw. They're barely armed. Most of them are old and half of them are women.}
Michael is fired up, “I know what I saw! We take too many people they hear us coming. I’m NOT TAKING A DAMN ARMY ACROSS THE ISLAND, Jack!”
Jack asks him, "Sure you're in the best place to be making decisions for all of us right now?"
Michael asks Jack if he's got a son? {hmmm?}
Hurley yells, "Their dead! Anna Lucia and Libby are dead. I mean we haven’t even buried them yet.”
Jack understands and says to Hurley, "Me and you will take Libby, OK?"
Kate and Sawyer will {take Anna Lulu}.
Jack tells Michael he should stay there, “We’ll bury them tonight…then we’ll figure out what’s next.”
Michael looks down at the blood on the floor.
Michael is running through the jungle. He stops to take a drink from his bottled water and to check his compass; takes off running again.
In the middle of nowhere he comes upon a dude {Pickett} peeing! {That's' lovely!}
Michael pulls the rifle and tells him to put his hands up. The guy recognizes him as Walt's old man. Mr. Friendly is there. They try to capture Michael.
Two guns shots ring out when Mr. Friendly tries to grab him. We hear "We need him!"
They shoot at each other. {Michael has a handgun}
Mr. Friendly is able to knock Michael down by using a rock/sling and then he instructs them to "Bag him quick. His friends are right behind us."

One armed Michael cleans up the bloody floor. {The Dharma bucket is a clear/see-through bucket.} He doesn't hear Eko come in.
Eko took his muddy shoes off outside. He tells Michael they didn't find Henry. Eko admits to Michael that he's a priest.
Michael asks him if he believes in hell.
Eko kinda shakes his head no. We find that Eko worked in England.
As Eko helps clean up the bloody floor he shares a story of a little boy who waited in the back of the church. The boy confessed he had beaten his dog to death with a shovel; he was protecting his sister. {Michael listens. Eko cleans; wiping the blood, rinsing and wringing out the white cloth.} The boy wanted to know if he would go to hell for this. Eko tells the boy God will understand and forgive him as long as he was sorry. But the boy did not care about forgiveness, he was only afraid he did go to hell, that dog will be there waiting for him.

Michael {w/backpack, arm in sling} pukes in the jungle.
Jack was on his way back to check on Michael.
Michael he had to get out of there. He goes on to say, "I have to get my son back. It's gotta be like I said man. Just the five of us, otherwise it won't work. It won't work!… It's got to be the people that already know! ...You don't get to decide this! It's my son, it’s my call. And that's the way it has to be!"
Jack- "Then that's the way it'll be."

At the beach:
Claire wearing two shirts, is with the baby.
Charlie says hi to the “big guy” and asks if she's seen Eko.
Charlie tells Claire that he and Eko are building a church. Charlie gives Claire the case with the vaccine he got from the pallet.  He says he doesn't know what we'd need a vaccine for but thought she and the baby should. {What does he know about a vaccine?} He shows her how to use the Pneumatic Injector; put it into your leg, it goes right in, quite painless
Claire- "You seem to know a lot about it."
Charlie says he tried it, as he wanted to make sure it was safe before giving it to her and the baby. He feels fine; doesn't feel anything (from the injection).
Charlie tells Claire, "that you're supposed to give yourself a shot every nine days".
There’s enough there for her and the baby for a while. He leaves the case with her and asks, ”Hey, Claire. Do you think maybe you and I can, umm…”
Claire instantly gets distracted because she sees that Michael is back. {Check out Charlie!}
Jin and Sun {with a net} are surprised yet happy to see Michael.
Jin says a bunch of stuff in Korean to him. {Remember, Jin considers Michael his friend. Sun and Michael seem to have a connection.} They're ALL happy to see him. Off to the side Sun sees Kate digging graves.
Sun wants to know what happened, "Who...?"
Michael reveals they were murdered!

At night bagged Michael is brought over to a campfire with Mr. Friendly.
Michael spits at Friendly.
Mr. Friendly won’t hold that against him, fair is fair, after all he took his boy.
Michael- “Where is he? You son of a bitch.”
Look at what Pickett found…He found Kate, who now has a hood/bag over her head. She was following her friends.
Pickett- "They were about a half of click behind us."
They gag Michael to silence him and ready the torches as Mr. Friendly is going to talk to "her people".

Jack, Locke and Sawyer are in the dark jungle. Locke feels they better head back but focused Jack just wants Locke to find the trail.
Locke-“I lost the trail.”
Jack is pissed, “You don’t just lose a trail. You just don’t wanna find him.”
Surprised Locke says, “Yeah. That’s right, Jack. I’ve been running through the jungle toward the sound of gunfire because I don’t care about Michael.”
Jack feels if they just turn around and go back they’re never gonna see him again; and that’s gonna be on them, “On you. And on me.”
Mr. Friendly tells Jack he’s exactly right.
Jack-“Who are you?
Sawyer knows him to be the son of a bitch who shot him on the raft.   Sawyer goes to take a shot at him, but a shot is fired at Sawyer.

Behind the scenes Alex explains to Michael, “It's okay. He's just delivering a message. He has to scare your friends to do it." {WTF? Why?}
Jack- “I don’t believe you.”
Mr. Friendly-:You don’t believe what?
Jack thinks there’s “more of us than there are of you.”
Mr. Friendly feels that’s an interesting theory and yells “Light em up!” {Many torches are lit} He wants their weapons, tells them to turn around and go home.
Stubborn Jack refuses.
Mr. Friendly calls out, "Bring her out, Alex!”
Alex won't do it, so Pickett presents the hooded/bagged Kate to the guys.
Alex asks Michael if Claire's is okay; if the baby is okay, was it a boy or girl. Michael seems puzzled.
Curious Kate is revealed to the guys.  The pissed off guys surrender their guns to Mr. Friendly.  All the torches go out at the same time, Friendly picks the guns up and pushes Kate over to them.  At the campfire Friendly announces his friends are going home; they give up Michael.   Alex knocks out Michael. {Yeah, didn't see that coming. HA!}

On the beach Vincent {No collar} is alone with quiet Michael; he’s just petting the dog and thinking. {That DOG! Yep!}
Jack and Sawyer are at his tent getting the guns from his stash.   Sawyer offers the Doc a drink. The Irish drink when somebody dies; Neither one of them are Irish. {Irish! HA! I wonder what they really are.}
Sawyer asks why Jack and Kate were gone all night.
Jack says they got caught in a net. {Yes they did get caught in a net, but they weren't in it all night!}

Sayid asks Jack if it’s true, “Henry’s gone?”
He wants in on the quest for Henry and the Others.  The guys mention that Locke and Eko went out in the middle of the night but they haven’t seen either of them since.
Jack says no to Sayid’s wanting to help ‘finish this’.
Jack- "Michael wants to keep it small."
Sawyer is upset and tells Jack that even though Pipi Longstocking and the damn Grape Ape are ideal candidates for the dirty dozen, he wants to bring the red beret.
Jack again defends Michael's call.
Annoyed Sayid says "It's not his call, Jack, it's ours."
Sawyer hands Sayid a gun and says "Welcome aboard."
Jack walks off with the Halliburton case in hand.
In the quiet hatch Eko passes the humming magnet; it lifts/pulls his cross.
The beeping starts. Eko {with his stick} enters the code in the computer; resetting it. Eko is pleased.
Just then Charlie wanders in and says to Eko, “So. You wake up in the middle of the night, you grab your Jesus stick, race off into the jungle. You don’t call, you don’t write.
Eko apologizes saying he had work to do.
Charlie looks at wrist watch. {WTF? Does he have a date? Maybe he does! Is time important?} Eko kindly asks Charlie for a favor; to bring his things from the beach to the hatch. He's moving in.
Charlie wonders, "What about the church? We're supposed to be building it together, man."
Eko- "I'm supposed to do something different now."
Charlie, seeming insulted asks “what he's supposed to do?”
Eko- "Bring me my things."
Charlie tells Eko, "Bring your own things…. You better leg it, mate. Clocks ticking." {He points up to the timer. Somebody/something must be on a schedule. Timed.}
Charlie smirks as he leaves. The timer shows 107.

Michael packs fruit in his bag.
Sawyer comes over to tell Michael the good news about Captain Arab joining in too, “The Calvary rides at sunrise.”
Michael is pissed that Sawyer told Sayid.  Sawyer figured if they're going to war it would be best to have the one guy who's been in a war, “Is that a problem?”
Troubled Mike says “No. It’s not a problem.”
Mike looks back to watch “problem Sawyer” walk away.

Michael wants his captors to get off of him.
Mr. Friendly asks him, “You got a problem, Michael?”
The Others have been marching Michael day and night without any rest. The problem is Mike is tired. Mr. Friendly would offer to knock him out and carry him but, “We’re here!
They bring Michael to the big rock with the hole. {It literally looks like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Don’t you think?}
The Others camp:
They walk by people working on their huts, two guards at the hatch doors, three people with a fishing net. {You can hear a crow in the background!}
The Others are not wearing shoes. They sit Mike down and Mr. Friendly instructs Alex to “Tell her we’re here.”
Pickett, not being able to promise this wont hurt, takes a blood sample from Michael.
Michael- "Taking some blood for what? Who are you people? Where's my son?"
Pickett finishes drawing blood, bags it in a plastic baggie and tells Michael, "See you in the funny pages" {OMG! Great clue!}
Miss Klugh strolls over and introduces herself. She was hoping he might help her answer some questions about Walt.
Miss Klugh- “Is he your biological son?” {Michael doesn't answer!}
Miss Klugh-“Are you his father?
Michael- "Yes." {He answers yes to that one.}
Miss Klugh- “How old was he when he started speaking?” {Mike is flustered and his attempt at words are choppy.}
Miss Klugh- “Did he have illnesses growing up? Headaches, fainting spells?”
Baffled Michael says "What? No! I don't…I wasn't there. He was ½ way around the world. Why are you asking me these questions?!”
She cuts him off to ask. "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be? You say he was ½ way around the world, but did you see?"
Michael doesn't answer this question he just demands to see Walt.
Miss Klugh feels, "For someone who wants his son back so badly, you don't seem to know much about him Michael." She gets up.

{Before we see Sayid we hear something. A gun being cocked?}
Sayid is putting papers in his backpack.
Michael comes over to tell Sayid, “You're not coming.”
Sayid with a gun in his hand welcomes Michael back.
Michael knows Sawyer told him but, “It’s not gonna work. You’re not coming.”
Sayid wants to know why.
Michael-“Cause you’re going after the guy who escaped. And I’m going after my son.”
Sayid wonders if Michael’s implying that he’d let a desire for revenge compromise Walt’s safety. Mike is getting tense, he outright says, “I’m implying that I decide who stays and who goes! And you stay!"
Michael realizes his own attitude and adjusts it. He calmly tells Sayid he knows Sayid wants to help but he’s gotta do this his way.
Sayid compassionately shakes Michaels hand and says, "Of course. Good luck Michael."
{Note the antenna thingy leaning against Sayid's tent.}
Charlie {Wearing the black/white/check (vans) sneakers.} tries to continue work on the church but seems to be having difficulty working aloneVincent the wonder dog brings him a Virgin Mary statue. {The fucking dog actually wants him to take the statue!}
Charlie asks Vincent, “Are you kiddling me? Did someone put you up to this?
Vincent runs off and leads Charlie to Sawyers tent and stash with the statues. Charlie takes them and throws them into the water.
Locke {splint on leg and crutches}, sitting alone, looks on as he does this.
Sawyer and Jack are in the hatch.
Jack stops at the computer room and says to Eko, “You were supposed to come right back. You were out in the jungle all night. What happened?”
Eko tells Jack they were unable to find Henry's trail.
Jack wonders where Locke is.
Eko- “I do not know.”
Jack says they will bury the girls at sunset.
Eko will morn them in his own way. Eko just keeps his eye on the countdown clock. {WTF? He's the only priest on the island! He won't oversee the funeral? Come the fuck on!}

Jack and Sawyer go through the guns and ammo. {There’s a lot of it.} Sawyer asks who is gonna talk at the funeral.  Jack is sure Hurley will want to say something about Libby.
Sawyer never knew Ana Lucia's last name; But Jack did.
Sawyer admits to screwing Ana. That's how she stole the gun; she jumped him.
Sawyer- “We got caught in a net.”
He's telling Jack all this because he feels like Doc’s the closest thing he's got to a friend and because she's gone. {Who's gone? Ana Lucia? He screwed her once! He's that heartbroken? Give me a break}
Sawyer-"Well. At least now we get to kill somebody."

At the beach, Hurley and Kate {She's wearing 2 shirts. Note the two blanketed bodies cooking in the hot sun. lol} dig two graves.
Michael walks over and asks Kate if Jack filled her in on the plan.
Kate- “What plan?”
They’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning, cross the island to their camp. He asks Hurley if he's coming with them.
Hurley wonders, "Why would I want to go?"
Michael trying to bait Hurley- "Because they killed her. What do you say Hugo?" {Michael calls him HUGO! Hurley doesn't even blink at it!}
Hurley says he's sorry about Walt but he's not going. Mike wants to continue to manipulate Hurley in to going but Kate stops him. Michael helps to dig.

3 DAYS ago.
The Others hut camp at night:
Michael is tied up and sleeping in one of their huts. Miss Klugh comes in to bring him dinner.
Michael asks her when are you going to do it; kill me. “I've seen where you live. I know how to get here. You have been asking me questions I don't know answer to for a week. I don't even think my son is alive." {He's been there a week?}
Miss Klugh says he is alive and is standing outside right now.
Mike-“What do you think I’m stupid?”
Miss Klugh goes on to reveal, "There's been a development since you came here, Michael. One of our people was captured by yours."
Mike doesn’t care, “So go get him back.”
Apparently they can’t do that, but Mike can.
Miss Klugh - "If you do, we'll let you and Walt go free."
Michael demands to see Waaaaaaaaaallt!! Pickett brings in Walt. Miss Klugh tells them they have three minutes.
Walt enters and looks very nervous. Klugh gives him a ‘you better watch out look.’
Mike-“Did they hurt you?”
Walt tells Michael that they make him take tests. Miss K warns Walt they're not going to talk about that.
Walt asks "How's Vincent?" {The wonder dog!}
  Michael tells him that the dog is great and he "misses you. Don't you be scared…. It's gonna be over real soon.”
Walt warns Michael, "They're not who they say they are! They're pretending!"
Miss K threatens to put Walt in the “room” again. {What room?}
Michael wants to know, pretending what?
Miss K ends their reunion. Walt breaks free from Pickett and runs over and hugs Michael, says "Help me. Don't leave me. I love you."
Michael is breaking down, crying; he loves Walt too. Walt is removed.
Miss K tells Michael, "After you release our man, I’m gonna need you to do something else.”
Desperate Michael will do whatever she wants.
She writes four names down on yellow note paper; four of your friends. “I need you to bring them here. You have to bring only these four people. Michael, just them. If you don't bring all the people on the list, you'll never see Walt again.” {She just said if they get their guy back, he and Walt can go free.}
Michael wants to know what to tell them. She says it doesn't matter, make up a story; they'll be angry enough to believe whatever you say. {WOW!!!!!!!} Michael looks at the list and realizes he doesn't know James Ford. She informs him, he knows him as Sawyer. Michael knows the rest of them.
Michael wants his and Walt’s freedom and the boat! {The crap boat they took Walt away with? That's a piece of shit! It's not meant for open water.}

The beach residents make their way to the funeral. Sawyer stands right at the edge of the two graves. {Why is Sawyer seemingly upset over Ana Lucia? Maybe it’s not Ana he’s upset about.} Kate comforts Hurley.

Locke sits away from them and cuts away the splint from his leg freeing himself and leaves his crutches as he walks off. {I love Locke! Where is he going? Does he remember/know something?}
Jack shares with Sayid "when the plane crashed I was on my way to LA to bury my dad.   Seems like such a long time ago now.   He was going to go right from the airport to the cemetery,I had no idea what I was gonna say.Here we are again." {YES! You are here again!} Sayid reveals to Jack he thinks Michael has been compromised; his actions are not those of a man who is telling the truth.  Sayid believes a Father would do anything for his son, and believes Michael may have freed Henry and believes Michael is leading you into a trap. {Sayid believes a lot.} Sayid also believed Henry was one of them. Sayid suggests let Michael continue to believe he's in control, so we can create an advantage. They have one more night to figure out how to create such an advantage.

Jack speaks at the funeral about Ana. Jack tells everyone before they “crashed” Ana Lucia Cortez was a police officer. {She was? I thought she wanded people at airport security? Hmm?}
Jack- “Rest in peace, Ana.”
Sawyer is still standing at the edge of the graves looking a bit dismal.  Hurley speaks about Libby; she was a psychologist or psychiatrist, one of those. "Either way, she probably helped a lot of people. She helped me. She was my friend. It's not fair that this happened to her. It's not. Hurley looks right at Michael and says he's going.
Claire takes hold of Charlie's hand.
Sun sees a boat in the distance and says "Boat."
They all see the boat in the distant water.

Three Minutes is great episode! Important in fact.

I've always questioned Michael being Walt biological father. I guess it still safe for me to feel that. What does Michael know about Walt, really? Again, if Walt can show himself, why wouldn't Walt show himself to Michael? Why do via computer? Besides that, the computer is NOT supposed to be used for anything but entering the code. Why is Michael exempt from this rule?
What does Michael really know about the "Island" and the "people" on it? What important role does he have with the "Island"? He must be very important. I think he knows lots. He knows where the 'Others' live and how to get there. Bear with me, I may be over thinking it, I admit it, but...Could he know where the "Island" is, and how to get to "it"? Then there's the bit with Michael wanting the Other's boat, and a boat appears to the beach crew.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Michaels' 13 days.
* Charlie and the vaccine. He is very comfortable with the device. Could he already be familiar with it? Don't laugh, it's possible.
* The rock with the big hole…Could that have been part of a ruin, an old structure? Is it more of a clue to the black rock? Just a prop?
* The Others don’t wear ‘shoes'. Is this to keep up with the ratty look they're going for? Maybe it is because they are on sacred ground? Again, taking shoes is off is a practice of respect for holy land or building, structure, temple, etc. Could the ratty clothes be only costumes or are they work clothes too? Then again, it is noted Eko was shoe-less.
* Is Pickett's comment to Michael about seeing him in the funny pages a clue to him being in the newspaper or a reference to the comic book? I still feel the comic book is a source of clues. The comic book reference comes up all the time.
* Charlie can show two different attitudes at times. It really makes me think..two faced or two....YEAH!!
* Charlie and Eko supposed to be building a 'church' together. Again, maybe those two are supposed to build/do something else. Maybe they are!
* The importance of Vincent! Who/what is Vincent really? What is the purpose of 'the dog'.
* Michael’s arm in a sling. Mr. Friendly uses a sling to shoot the rock at Michael. Charlie wears a sling backpack.
* Sawyer’s stash contains “vices” or “crutches” belonging to some of the Losties.
* Jack turns down a drink. Charlie gets rid of the statues. Locke literally leaves his crutches behind.
* Two versions of the note written by Miss Klugh. One Rose/Pink paper, the other yellow paper.
* Net. Click. Escape. Crash. Could this be referencing a computer/online?

Vocabulary and Research...
* In "BULLET CHESS" the game is played under three minutes.
* The First Three Minutes, a modern view of the original universe. By Steven Weinberg.
* Pneumatic is a Greek word the issue of pressurized gas to work in science and technology.

Three Minutes…. Walt's three minute visit with Michael gives us lots of answers. People pretending, test taking, special room, and Vincent. What can happen in three minutes? We are in the midst of a war game of sorts. This game is full of trades and deal making. But who is against whom? This must not be an open ended game…it’s on a timer. Is this our three minute warning? My next question is...WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace. October 17 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.