January 25, 2010

The 23rd Psalm.

Let's talk about LOST! The 23rd Psalm.

Young boys {Eko}are playing soccer in front of the church in this village. {The scene is bathed in red.} His brother Yemi is also playing. Eko wears a cross on a chain around his neck. A pickup truck with armed men up pull up to where the children are playing, gather the children up and demand the adults go away.  Small Yemi seeks the protection of his big brother.
A priest runs out of the church yelling "Don't take any more children!"  He is knocked out.  One of the drug runners grabs an old man out of the crowd of villagers and picks little Yemi to kill this old man; forcing the gun into his hands.
Eko sees that Yemi can't do it and steps in the role his brother was just given and kills the old man. {Was this an act of protecting young Yemi, or is it really Eko's nature?}
The bad man asks, "What's your name, boy? What's your name, boy?" {Yeah, that's an echo. lol}
Quiet Eko replies, "Eko."
The impressed bad man tells the crowd to look at Mr. Eko, "No hesitation. A born killer. Come... {rips the cross from Eko's neck and throws it on the ground.} You won't need that anymore."
Eko leaves with them. Yemi picks up the cross.
{Were their given roles just reversed? Was it supposed to be Yemi that was to be taken by the bad guys? Just a thought.}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the beach Eko sits carving scripture into his Jesus stick.
Claire walks over with Aaron and asks what he is writing.

Eko-"Things I need to remember."
Claire sits with him, "So you're Eko, huh?"

She introduces herself and Aaron to him.
Eko inquires why she chose it (name- baby Aaron).
Claire just liked it.
Eko shares that Aaron was the brother of Moses; Aaron was a great man. Claire feels being the brother of Moses must have been tough to live up to.
Eko explains Moses had great difficulty speaking so he spoke for Moses.
Claire-"So you're religious, huh? {Eko doesn't respond} You should speak to Charlie. He doesn't want to admit he's religious but he carries around a statue of the Virgin Mary...He says he found it on the Island. Weird, right?"
This peaks Eko's curiosity, "May I see it?"

Eko holds the statue and starts getting worked up. Claire tells him Charlie said he found it in the jungle. Claire feels it's just a statue but Eko reveals the heroin hidden inside it.
Motivated Eko asks her,"Where is Charlie?"

Inside the hatch Locke changes the combination of the armory lock. Michael asks Locke if he's "breaking in or breaking out?"
Locke laughs-"I used to love those old silent movies where the robbers would crack a combination lock with their ear pressed up against the safe.  And the money they stole was always in a white bag big $ on it."
Michael -"Silent movies, huh? You're not that old man"
Locke- "I'm old enough"     {Yeah, just how damn old are you?}
Michael-"Setting the combination?"
Locke explains to him that with the new people joining them it was best to limit people's access to the guns. Can't have anyone who wants one walk in and help themselves.  {That is what Eko and Yemi did in the opening of this episode.}
Locke guesses that's why Michael is there. {Guns!}

Charlie sings, "He's got whit, he's got charm, When he gets rough he'll break your arm. He's got taste in manners and grace..."   {Charlie's stick/pole has wire}
Jin is fishing with his net.   Charlie wonders if Jin likes the Kinks as he tries articulating his question to Jin.
Jin gestures communicating to him to be quiet or the fish will go away.
Charlie thanks Jin for complementing his beautiful voice.
Pissed off Eko marches over to Charlie demanding to to take him to the jungle to where he found the statue.    Jin, in Korean, seems to ask what's up but Eko tells him it's not his business.  Charlie will lead Eko but wants to explain to Claire before he leaves so she won't get the wrong idea.
Eko-"Tell her on your way."

{Flash Whoosh}

Grown Eko {Cut off sleeves on his leather coat, ala Ana Lucia wear.  His role now is of a man in charge} gets out of the car he looks around. {Watch his face as he looks around. The color RED pops out.} There are clucking chickens.
Eko enters to meet a drug lord about Heroin the man "found".   He sits opposite the man and asks him where he found it.  The drug lord feels that doesn't matter. {Listen to the sound Eko's knife makes when he pulls it out to slit the bag open.}   Eko tests the product that the drug lord has packed in bags.
Drug lord-"50 what?"
Eko's helper dumps money out of a bag onto the table.
Eko-"50 is what I will pay you in exchange for the favor you are asking me to do."
The drug lord- "A favor?!"
Eko-"You have a large quantity of heroin in a country that has no poppies and no market for its sale. Your drugs are of no value here, so you must get them out. The borders are all guarded by the military so you must fly. But as I'm sure you are aware the only private planes currently allowed into the air are either U.N. aid or the Catholic missionaries. And so you have come to me for a favor. I will buy your heroin...for 50."
The drug dealer tells Eko it is true what they say about him, "You have no soul."
This pisses off amused Eko so he kills the two men with one wave of his knife.
Eko lets the little boy live. "Go and tell your friends that Mr. Eko let you live."
{Flash Whoosh}
Claire is picking up the pieces of the broken Virgin Mary statue. Charlie walks over with Eko in tow.   Charlie asks Claire what happened to the statue and she tells him not to play dumb.
She presents the heroin to him and remembering that he said he was a drug addict. She is pissed.
Charlie tells Claire that he didn't know the heroin was inside the sealed up statue and swears to her that he's not using. He breaks open the tiny bags and discards the drugs onto the ground, “Believe me now?”
Claire’s not buying it as she looks over at Eko, “Someone’s waiting for you.”

In the jungle Locke is coaching Michael through target practice. “Breath halfway out…gently squeeze the trigger...squeeze.”

Michael pulls the trigger. {No shot is fired.}
Michael wonders how Locke learned all this stuff.

Locke-“My dad used to take me hunting.”
He shares they hunted mostly birds, “Of course, birds don’t shoot back.”

Michael-"Yeah. I know people are talking…thinking I'm gonna go running after Walt again"
Locke- "If people are talking, I'm not hearing it. But if I was, I'd say it's not a very smart plan."
Michael looks right at him,"Yeah, it's not." {Michael isn't technically going after WALT!? What else did he have in mind?}
Locke loads the rifle and tells Michael,OK. Let’s try one for real.”
Michael aims and hits the Dharma Ranch target

Locke is proud, “Bravo.”
Michael smirks. {He knows what he’s doing.}

While on their trek Charlie shares his displeasure with Eko. “Well done with Claire, mate. You got me in a lot of trouble there, so, thanks for that…h-you’re happy. Oh, that’s right you don’t do happy.”
They arrive at a tree and Charlie claims “We’re here…” that is where he found it. {lie}
Eko looks puzzled and feels Charlie is lying.
Charlie smirks-“You know what? I don’t even know you. You asked to see where I found it. This is where I found it. We're done. Have a nice hike.”
Pissed off Eko pushes Charlie against a tree by his neck; he knows Charlie didn’t find the statue there and demands to be taken to the plane.
While continuing their trek Charlie asks Eko how he knows about the plane.
Charlie- "It’s old you know. Been out in the jungle for years. Of course, you would know that, you know everything."   {WTF? How does Charlie know that Eko knows everything? THAT'S FRIGGIN' HUGE!!} 

Eko asks why he lied to “the girl” about what was inside the statue.
Again Charlie insists he didn't lie.
Eko-“Then what was the wrong idea?”  {Again, we dealt with this statement a few episodes back. For someone to get the wrong idea, there must be a impression/belief/concept that is the correct/accurate or truthful idea.}
Charlie plays dumb.
Eko-"When I showed you the broken pieces of plaster, you said you did not want her to get the wrong idea. What is the wrong idea?”
Charlie-“I don’t have to tell you anything. You come traipsing across the island and what?...suddenly you're in charge?! You want me to take you to your plane? You best start treating me with some respect. I'm not just some guy you can just tr…” {Who are you really Charlie?}
Eko hears/sees…..The Black Smoke! Charlie does not!
Eko-“Let’s go.”
Charlie looks annoyed, “Yes sir.”
{Flash Whoosh}
A lady with one crutch is outside the church selling Virgin Mary statues. {Eko wears one Pearl earring}
She tells Eko if he buys a statue the money will help buy polio vaccines for the village. {200 Naira} Father Yemi is leaning against the post of the church and asks Eko what he’s doing there.
Eko-"I have come to give my confession.” 
Eko is happy to see his brother.
Inside the church we learn this is the first time in three years Eko has come to visit and Yemi won’t hear his confession
Eko-“You know, Monsignor would have said he failed to raise a proper Catholic boy.”
Yemi-“Why waste your time confessing. It won’t help you.” For confession to mean something you must have a penitent heart.
Eko-“You and your guilt, Yemi. I've only done what I needed to do to survive. How is that a sin?”
Yemi-“You may live far from here, but that doesn't mean I haven't heard of who you are and what you have done.“
Eko takes the cross out from Yemi’s shirt and looks at it, “Have you forgotten how you got that cross, brother? The day they took me? Is what I did that day a sin? Or is it forgiven because it is you that was saved?”
Eko tells Yemi the plan to move merchandise/drugs and the use of the church relief flights to transport it; it is not Eko's normal business and they are moving the drugs out of Nigeria so that they cannot be used by “our people”. {So what is normal business? Hmm?}
Eko explains Yemi will have all the money to buy the vaccine.
Eko feels that God has given them this opportunity and they should not turn their back on it.
Yemi-“God did not bring you here, Eko. You're own greed did. I will always love you, but I will not help you. It's good to see you again, brother.”   Yemi walks away. {Even in a bad situation Eko is still trying to help Yemi. But it seems its Eko's own actions that brought him "there".}

{Flash Whoosh}
At the beach Kate is giving Sawyer a close to the ear haircut. He wonders if she’s sure she knows what she’s doing. Kate asks him to please turn his head.
Sawyer-“Why, you ain't got a clean enough shot at my neck? I can cut my own damn hair.”
Sawyer doesn’t have to be belligerent just for belligerent's sake because everyone loves Sawyer now.
Hurley tells Sawyer he’s glad he’s back.
Michael asks Kate for her shift at hatch duty. It will help take Michael’s mind off of things.
Kate-"Sure, it's all yours.”
Michael tells Sawyer, “Glad you’re OK, man” almost as if he was 'obligated’ to say it.

In the jungle Charlie announces he wants to take a break. Eko feels he just had a break.
Charlie stops for a water break anyway, "I'm not what you think I am."
Eko-“And what do I think you are?”
Charlie blames his brother.
Charlie-“It was his fault I became an addict. He started with the heroin. I tried to make him stop. You don't know me, man. I was a good person. I was an altar boy. Alright, I knew what was in that statue it doesn't mean I needed what was inside it. Just don't judge me, man. Don’t…just…”
Eko notices something in a tree.
Charlie-“What’s that?...It’s a parachute.”
They find a priest. Eko opens the corpse’s shirt and notes the gold tooth.
Charlie asks, “You know that guy?”
Eko- "Yes. This man saved my life."
As Eko is kneeling/ praying Charlie's attitude is very cocky. "Saved your life huh? Sure, that makes sense. He takes off plane in Nigeria we're out in the middle of the South Pacific… that makes all the sense in the world."   {Different "places" in the world.}
Charlie notices scripture on the stick and assumes Eko and the other man are priests.

{Flash Whoosh}
Eko walks into Yemi’s church, opens the curtains to the confessional where Yemi is in the middle of hearing a confession.
Yemi-“How dare you come here and disrupt my work!”
Eko asks if Yemi’s reconsidered his request.
Yemi-“Flying drugs under the cover of the church? How’s that something I could ever reconsider?”
Yemi yells at Eko’s thug not to touch the candles on the Jesus table.
Eko will make this easy for Yemi. His plan includes demanding Yemi make them priests and they will fly under the cover of the church. He wants Yemi to sign the ordination documents and he will give Yemi the money for the vaccines.
Yemi demands he leave this church now.
Eko - "Yemi, I understand that you live in a world where righteousness and evil seem very far apart, but that is not the real world. I am your brother and I would never do anything to hurt you, but my friends…if you do not do what I ask…they will burn this church to the ground. Is that worth less than the price of your name on a piece of paper? Think of the lives you will save.”
Yemi reluctantly signs it, “My signature does not make you a priest, Eko. You could never be a priest.”
Eko buys all 300 Virgin Mary statues. He drops the money in front of Yemi and says "I guess we are both sinners now."
As Eko takes the papers and walks out Yemi agrees with Eko but God will forgive only him and not Eko. {Why? Doesn't that God forgive everyone? Maybe not.}

{Flash Whoosh}
Charlie and Eko are still out looking for the plane.
Charlie stops to get his bearings, “Uh, I’m lost….it was dark. I was following Sayid. Right afterwards a big bag of rocks fell on my head so I'm sorry if I'm a bit spotty with the geography.”

Eko suggests Charlie climb the tree to get his bearings or see the plane.

Charlie looks up at the tall tree and doesn’t want to do it. “You climb it. What if I don't? You going to beat me with your Jesus stick? I find it a little odd that your scripture stick has dried blood on it.”
Reluctantly Charlie climbs up. "What kind of priest are you anyway?" {Yes, what kind of priest are you indeed? Hmm?!}

As Charlie climbs Eko informs him he needs to get higher. Eko hears the smoke monster in the distance. Charlie is literally out on a limb and the smoke monster bursts up through the ground coming face to face with Eko.
Charlie yells at Eko to run!

Images of Eko's life flash in the smoke. Eko stands firm and stares it down.

The smoke monster just turns and heads back into the jungle.
Charlie is stunned.
Eko was not afraid!
Charlie saw it, “What the bloody hell did you do?
Eko-“I did nothing.”
Upset Charlie declares that thing kills people! {Have the rest of the Losties seen the Black Smoke kill anyone at this point? NO! Why would he make a statement like that?  Reminder-Charlie was around for the "killing" of the Pilot.  Note that Charlie is not wearing his black and white vans sneakers, these are dark, tie up sneakers/shoes}
But luckily Charlie was able to spot Eko’s plane a kilometer “that way”.
Eko thanks him and heads off.

Michael looks around the hatch; checks his watch, he is alone. He tries typing into the computer trying to contact whoever was trying to communicate with him.
{Who is on the other side this computer, really?}

Michael asks out loud, "Where are you?"
All of a sudden a word appears: Dad?
Michael has brief dialogue with the person on the other end.
As Michael is about to reply to a comment Jack enters and wonders if Michael’s down there alone because he doesn’t see anyone else there. {Timer 47 00}

Michael-"Yeah. Hurley’s supposed to be here but uh, I guess he's running late."   {Maybe Hurley is the Rabbit from Alice in wonderland, he's running late, HAHAHA! But really, where is he?}
Jack pulls up a chair to chat with Michael- "Well listen, uh…No one's forgotten about Walt. I can’t…I don’t have any idea what you must be going through. But, I just want you to know that as soon as we can, we're going to figure out a way to go out… and bring him back."
Michael thanks him.
Jack wonders if Michael’s OK.
As Jack walks around to see the computer screen, it is blank. {All without Michael touching anything. Now that’s fucking convenient! If a kid is missing in your very, very small village, are you going to forget to go and search for him?}

Eko and Charlie arrive at the overturned plane. {As Eko looks on, the sound of the plane engine and propellers starts up.}

The church plane is on the runway in Yemi's village.
Eko and the other fake priests are loading boxes into the plane. {note E 300lbs notice inside the plane}

Yemi arrives in an old Toyota van/bus to save Eko's life.
He warns him not to get on that plane because of the approaching military; who he informed about this operation. Yemi offers to hear Eko's confession.
{Eko asks him if he's a prophet now.}
The military arrives and there is a shootout.
Yemi is shot and put into the plane but Eko is literally kicked out by one of his fake priest thugs. The plane takes off even though it is being shot at. 
{Tiny Flash Whoosh}
Eko enters the plane and discovers the boxes/crates of statues and his brother/cross on the chain. He holds his brother, cries and asks for forgiveness.
{Flash Whoosh}
Eko sits on the ground. A military guard {with 2 gold lions on his green beret} asks the father if he’s okay.
Eko assumes his new role as priest/father.

Charlie peeks in on Eko with Yemi.
Eko reveals, “He is my brother.”
Eko places a Virgin Mary statue on Yemi’s corpse and crosses his arms.
Charlie is sorry.
Eko pulls the gas line and pours it over Yemi. He then gives Charlie a statue for the one he broke and they burn the plane.
Charlie asks, “So are you are priest or aren’t you?"
Eko-"Yes I am." {Important! Eko places the cross on chain over his head} He recites the 23rd Psalm with Charlie joining in.
Charlie holds the statue. {The lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…}
While the plane burns and Eko’s prayer continues, we see Ana tending to her campfire where Jin introduces Sun to her and they offer Ana fish.
Hurley helps Libby build her tent.
Sawyer looks in a mirror to check out his new haircut.
Jack brings Sawyer his meds.

Charlie comes back to find Claire moving his guitar case and bags. She has kicked him out of the tent for lying. {Why do they have domestic issues?}
He apologizes for lying to her, "They make me feel safer to have it around."
Claire-“Look, I can’t have you around my baby, OK.”
He tries to explain but Claire yells, “I can’t have you sleeping anywhere near us, OK!”
Aaron cries and Claire tells Charlie to go.
Charlie picks up his guitar case and bags and leaves.

At night in the jungle we see that Charlie continues to feed his need to feel safer around the statue.
He has hidden many statues.

The 23rd Psalm is a GREAT episode!!!!

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Eyes.
* Brothers.
* Priests. Military guards/security

* Eko was taken as a child. Walt is taken as a child.
* Movies. Images. Script-written.
* Real- Not Real. Fake. Real world-un/not real world.
* Prophet-Profit.
* Deal.
* Items of no use or value.
* Fly. Save. Fail. Beat.
* Communications. Linguistics. Understand. Misunderstanding.
* Locke coaches Michael with target practice and he coached Walt with knife throwing.
* "No soul"...Why? Is it strictly because they have looking for that missing piece of themselves or is it because they are a bot?
* Choosing an identity/name. Change roles.
* Hidden inside the statue.
* The 23rd Psalm….Just a prayer?  This is the Psalm of David. "The lord is my shepherd..."
* Because I'm in a freaky mood, I'll ask....Who is Hurley, really? References to clucking chickens! LOL! Clucking chickens and Hurley! {I love Hurley!!!!}
* Why is Charlie such a liar?  Is he an impostor/phony of some sort?  Is he pretending to be something when in reality he is something else? Could that be true of all of them?
* Who is Charlie….really? Why make a statement about the smoke monster killing people when at this point the Lostie's have never seen the smoke kill anyone.  Do Charlie and the Castaways know what the black smoke really is?  Do they know that the black smoke is responsible for the "deaths" we have seen thus far? Hmmm?
* What/who is the smoke monster, really?   Is it a security system that protects the “Island” and the secrets of the “Island”?  What actions would the smoke monster take to protect the "Island"?  Does it remove people and other threats when the discovery of the truth is about to be revealed? Does it take different shapes and create situations?   Is it an entity, a magnetic charge, an alien? Who knows? Do I need to worry about dragons too?
* Michael: What is he up to, really?  Again, if Walt really can show himself why not show himself to his own "father", why use a computer?    Does Michael believe he's talking to Walt or is he really looking for someone/something else under the cover of looking for Walt?  Is Michael a distraught father trying anyway possible to find his boy or is he having to "rescue" Walt by default?   Come on now, if Michael thought that he could really find Walt and knew Walt was the one really trying to contact him via the computer would/shouldn't he tell everyone?   Especially when Jack talks to him about finding Walt? I still believe Michael knows lots!
* The plane, the cross, statues, guns, etc…Trigger points for our residents of the "Island"? Yes!
* A statue keeps on finding its way to Charlie.
* Will a woman save the day?  Sun, Claire or Kate?
* Michael sees "Dad?" on the computer and in White Rabbit Jack catches up with Christian in the jungle and says "Dad?"
* Christian is sober 50 days in A Tale of Two Cities.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Heroin- A female hero.
 - Heroin aka Horse
* Name: is used to identify, ID
* Echo-the reflection and/or repetition of a sound.
-In computing- (command) a Unix, DOS and Microsoft Windows command to display a line of text
- (framework) a web framework for Java programming
- (Echo protocol) an Internet protocol largely superseded by ping
- A command in programming languages to output one or more strings.
- A superheroin in the Marvel Universe.
Eric Kirkham Cole Limited was a British electronics company producing radio and TV sets from 1924. Expanding into plastic production for its own use, Ekco Plastics produced both radio cases and later domestic plastic products.
* Lyrics to He's Evil by The Kinks:
He comes on smooth, cool and kind, But he wants your body not your mind.
He's got style, personality, But he's the devil in reality.
He'll make you laugh, make you smile, And make you feel good for a while.
Wicked smile, decadent grin, He likes school girls, nuns and virgins.
His skin is soft but his mind is hard, He'll lead you on then he'll tear you apart.
He is just the devil in disguise. He will drag you down and he will make you cry.
And once you're in there'll be no getting out,
So look out, look out, look out, look out.
He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil.
He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil.
He's got wit he's got charm. But when he gets rough he'll break your arm.
He's got taste, manners and grace, But when he gets tough he'll slit your face.
He'll buy you jewels, expensive clothes, Then his mind'll go and he'll bust your nose.
He's a joker and a clown But he'll pervert you and drag you down.
He comes on smooth, cool and kind, But he wants your body not your mind,
He is just the devil in disguise. He will drag you down and he will make you cry,
And once you're in there will be no getting out.
So look out, look out, look out.
Look out, look out, look out.
He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil.
He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil. He's evil.
evil. He's evil.

There is no doubt that we are shown that things/people here are not what we think they are. The writers just fucking told us!  The truth is most likely hidden under the cover of something else and right in front of our eyes.
Are we getting the wrong idea about what's going on?  Yeah, I believe so. Are there some "kinks" in our story? ABSOLUTELY!
Is Eko living the life he really is supposed to be living, or did he step into Yemi's place? Is he trying to make the best of it either way? Eko has a cross to bear but who is Eko… really? And while we’re at it…
Who is Locke, really?  Again, I question Locke, his real role, his purpose and his 'years'. And do I dare say age? Could he be older than his years? Maybe, maybe not….. I love that he is so worldly but where did that come from?

The bottom line here is what is told directly to us...Things and people are not what they seem!!! I've been saying that all along.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace August 26, 2007

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right. The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. You all know I hate spoilers, and I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good. Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance. It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

January 23, 2010

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January 18, 2010

Mystery LOST Guest Chats!

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The ODI is back!
Four podcasts have been recorded over the last few months and will be released all before the premiere.

The ODI interviews a new cast member of LOST who has a minor role in season 6 but is also an actor that has a recurring role on the show Heroes.

Please keep in mind the first half of the podcast is spoiler-free except it obviously reveals who the actor is and for some that is a spoiler. Then discuss their career, their role on Heroes and then talk LOST.

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So if you don't mind a minor spoiler and really miss us, below the audio player with a download link to the MP3 file.

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PS: A note from Karen...As we head into season 6 and are nearing the end of LOST please note...I STILL HATE SPOILERS and will still stand clear of them, j
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Podcast Breakdown:

1) Intro, Podcast Update and LOST News
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3) Heroes Talk: 20 Min Mark

4) LOST Spoilers: 44 Min Mark

ODI LOST Podcast 46 - Interview with David H Lawrence XVII

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January 12, 2010

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Your information will not be made public.
And also indicate if you want Vozzek to inscribe and/or sign it to you.

LOST fans around the globe can buy "Things You Never Noticed About LOST" on Vozzek's site or at

Thanks again to all who entered and to Vozzek!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

January 6, 2010


Hi Losties!

As we inch closer to the premiere date for LOST all of us fans have kicked our Lostness into overdrive! You can feel the electromagnetism in the air!

Over the break fans re-watched all the episodes and chatted about things they may have missed the first time around or discovered things that made them see the show in a whole new light. That is awesome!

DarkUFO episode re-capper (who hates being called a re-capper. lol) and podcaster over at The ODI, Vozzek wrote a book about the things he and LOST fans never noticed about LOST.

The book is not a reprint of his episode recaps and discussions. A totally awesome aspect of this book is that it encompasses not only his observations but the observations and theories of fans from all over the LOST world. He neutrally explores many possibilities to the many layers of the LOST story.

LOST enthusiast Jeff "Doc" Jensen of Entertainment Weekly highlighted Vozzek in his "Super-Fan" segment a couple of weeks ago. You can learn a lot about the man and his book over there.

You can buy the book Things You Never Noticed About LOST at my friend Vozzek's site. Don't worry about shipping because he ships all over the LOST universe.

You can order from

Or ...{Insert dramatic drum roll here}...
You can win one of three copies right here! Yes Lostaholics, right here!
I will hold a Mega Lotto Book Drawing!

Three lucky winners will be chosen simply by dropping your name into the comment section below. All the names will be printed out and put into a special Mega Lotto Book Drawing piece of equipment, and three winners will be chosen at random.
Vozzek will even sign and write a note in the book for all three winners.

Let all your friends on Twitter know to follow Karen's LOST Notes/Karen's LOST Notebook and visit this site to add their name to the drawing.

Contest ends January 11 at midnight EST.

So, what have you got to lose? You gotta be in it to win it!

Tell your friends…Karen’s LOST Notebook is having a Mega Lotto Book Drawing!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

January 5, 2010

Island or Bust!

Hi Losties!

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

I wanted to touch base with you about how this long ass LOST hiatus has been going.

The first bit to share is that in my spare time I've been very busy over the past few months moving all my LOST notes from MySpace to their home over here.

There are two reasons I decided it was best to move my notes and not leave them at MySpace "as is"...
1). So that non MySpace LOST fans could have access to Karen's LOST Notebook.
2). It seems MySpace was having issues with the amount of text and photos I need per post for my detailed episode notes. This caused all sorts of formatting issues. So instead of constantly having to struggle with problems re-posting them in full, its best I do that here and just post the links over there.
I am not abandoning my blog over there at all. As a matter of fact it's because I want MySpace readers to have my complete notes and photos to use.

Let's face it...I am honest enough to admit I am not a writer and first to admit my notes weren't originally meant to be shared, they are crude, poorly written and I'm also aware sometimes my jotted down thoughts make it hard for some readers to follow.

But long time readers know there was a good reason for my madness and horrible writing as far as my note taking. I was very sick for a long while, but that couldn't keep me away from connecting with LOST and absorbing myself in the puzzle, playing detective and keeping track of potential clues. Thus writing down what I could in any fashion while my brain retained any information became my normal standard.
The wonderfully supportive LOST fans and friends over at MySpace stuck through the poorly underdeveloped structure, awful spelling and dreadful grammar of my notes. Writing ability or lack thereof aside, I totally appreciate each and every one of you for coming back for more insight.
Fans asked if I'd ever go back and put my earliest notes into the format they later became accustomed to, and indeed I did.

Actually this moving process enabled me to add those very important snapshots in LOST time I took for my notes.

It has always been important for me to show that not only clue words, info and photos are consistent, but also my record of things and where potential clues present themselves, has been the same throughout. In other words...those "clues" and bits of info have been there since the very beginning.

The original date I posted the notes over at MySpace is on the bottom of the moved notes.

So over the next few weeks if you find more than one title posted in a single day, it's most likely my older material being moved over. Please Don't feel compelled to read them, just know they're here for your research if you need.

Here are a few other things that have happened over the break:
* Was not able to attend San Diego Comic Con 2009, but many of you did! There were good times had by all. Darlton and their team aired a few new advertisements involving a couple of survivors, brought a few handsome men from the cast to hang out with you, made the event extra special by literally sharing the love and creativity of LOST fans and have been on a Fan Appreciation mission of sorts. And we were introduced to Damon Carlton and a Polar
* Damon Carlton and A Polar Bear kept us busy for over 16 weeks while we became art aficionados.

* I recorded a few interviews with special guests over at The ODI that will air soon.

* Put together a LOST University Class of 2010 photo with the help of fantastic fellow LOST fans and friends.

* There were releases of Mysteries of the Universe and sneak peeks for the season 5 DVDs. You can find my posts on all of these by using the drop down menu.

* My friend Vozzek wrote a book about LOST. Things You Never Noticed About LOST. You must get yourself a copy!

* LOST University classes began. After fearing I wouldn't be able to participate in L.U. because I don't have a Blu-ray player and had no plans purchasing one, the Blu-ray DVD set was a Christmas gift so I get to take my classes after all. Thank the island gods for my PS3!

Christmas held a huge surprise for me... A little "Island" magic.
My family and Santa brought me a Dharma lab coat, a Dharma Initiative license plate frame {For my LOST license plate}, LOST t-shirt, Oceanic ornament for the tree, Season 5 Blu-ray DVDs, and an extra special surprise a... Dharma Initiative messenger bag.

This was no ordinary D.I. messenger bag; it contained some of my favorite entertainment magazines and an Oahu visitor tour book.
I was very confused with getting the Oahu visitor tour book and for a split second wondered "Why the hell is my family torturing me?!"
The reason...As much as it is my dream to spend quality time on the island, I knew deep down the reality would be that I would never be able to ever get there.
Well, my hubby had me open the front cover of the book and it was there that held the announcement he booked four days on the island for the premiere.

Needless to say I broke down in total shock combined with massive amounts of joy!
Here's proof in this embarrassing moment caught for posterity. lol!

Yeah, I know...I'm a DORK.

I realize four days isn't enough time for us to do what I want and need to do there, and much of that time will be spent traveling, but at least I will be there.

A dear friend of mine, Vanessa, who knows how much this trip means to me, suggested I journal my voyage. That is the perfect idea! So I got myself a journal and will have at least two cameras on me and I will try to document this adventure as best I can.

If you plan on being at the premiere, let me know because I'd love to say hello and grab a photo op with you, even if it's just for a moment! Being excited at the opportunity to be at a LOST event on the actual island with all of you has left me speechless.

Knowing the island is filled with beauty, love, peace, magic, LOST and friends, I know this adventure will be a dream come true for many of us.

Thank you for putting up with my Lostness all these years!

I look forward to meeting you and creating memories that will forever become part of my own personal journey.

Love to all who are "LOST"™