July 23, 2009

'Cause we love more Dharma mysteries.

Hi Losties,

Our lesson is always about keeping our eyes and ears open. So watch this!

Where are we going with this?


Apparently there are four more to come.

Caption: The following is an episode of a short-lived television series from the 1980s. The topics explored may be of particular interest to fans of "LOST"
"ABC" jingle plays.

Narrator: "They look like us. They talk like us. They walk among us. Yet, they are not us.  Ever since the dawn of civilization, secret societies have existedWhat do they know that we don't? And why do they exist?  Some exist as a benign social group in a small town, but others span the breath of the entire planet, infiltrating ever corner of our society. An assembly that spreads in our ignorance, working silently to accomplish its unwritten mission. The scope of their power is unbeknownst to even the most intelligent minds of our time.
Are these groups here to protect us, allowing man to live under their silent watch? Or do they have evil intentions {Glitch} far beyond our darkest nightmares?  Mind control, secret weapons, conspiracy to overthrow the government, intelligence sharing with other worldly beings, and clandestine eavesdropping of our most intimate communicationsOrganizations like the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones existed in complete secrecy for many years. However we now know of their existence and we believe their mission to be purely humanitarian. But perhaps there is another organization. One that has yet to be classified.  One that exists only under the dark veil of secrecy. It appears to be a peaceful organization, but wary to show itself to the public. The recent manifestation of clues and evidence has prompted interest from truth seekers around the world.  You may have seen an octagonal seal or crest with the word "DHARMA" in the center. The word itself, an Indian spiritual term; this is their mark. Why do they exist and what are they here for? Any clandestine organization of significant stature cannot exist in complete secrecy foreverDocuments, stories, records; telling items that eventually float their way to the top of our collective consciousness. Theory and assumptions quickly inch closer from fiction to fact. It is perhaps by piecing these minuscule clues together one-by-one that we start to solve the puzzle.
Join us in this 'Mysteries of the Universe: The DHARMA Initiative'.
(A title sequence roles listing various themes: Alien Life Forms, Paranormal Activity, Monsters, Ancient Cultures, Conspiracy and Cults. "The DHARMA Initiative".  
The small print on the bottom of the last card seems to read: "This program contains information based in part on theory and conjecture. The producers' purpose is to suggest some possible explanation, but not the only explanation, to the mystery we(?) examine.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

July 22, 2009

Two podcasts for the price of one!

Hi Losties,

There are two podcasts to share with you today:

We recorded a special Comic Con Preview podcast for you all. Our good friend G-Man also joined us to talk about the LOST Fantasy League that he hosts over at DarkUFO.

The Comic Con portion is about not only what is going on with the LOST panel and what we are planning but a little of what to expect from the event in general. As always we will be live blogging the event on the site and most likely the LOST panel in the spoilers sections.

Last year was a blast, because The ODI met many of you and he looks forward to meeting even MORE this year!!

For the LFL portion of the podcast, we talked to G-Man about running the LFL, what happened in Season 5 and what is in store for Season 6!!

Compared to our previous podcasts this is a mini one and is just about an hour long!

Hope you all enjoy it!!

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ODI LOSTcast 45 - Comic Con 09 and LFL Season 6 Preview

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Over at the Jacobs Cabin podcast, we had the honor of participating in their very special LOST episode titled “What Lost Means to us.” It’s a beautiful collection of narratives shared by LOST podcasters and bloggers.
It was great to see what makes all of us so passionate about LOST.
Head over to Jacobs Cabin listen to find out why we love the show Lost! A special THANK YOU to Jacobs Cabin with bringing all of us together again!

In order of appearance:

July 14, 2009


Let's talk about LOST.    Numbers.

(Click the pics)

Waves are crashing.
Jin {Handcuff. Holding a group of long wires/twine} is trying to communicate to Hurley to hold the bamboo together so he can tie it.
Hurley misunderstands him thinking he wants to make snowballs.

Michael interjects, "He wants you to hold the bamboo tighter...I think." {Come on, he understands Jin.}
Jack walks over to see how things are 'coming', "As long as nobody sabotages this one as well huh?"
Michael assures him he has people standing guard 24/7, "Nobody gets near this with or without intent to burn."
Michael mentions to Jack the chances of a passing ship spotting this raft out there are pretty slim, they could use something to send out a distress call to any ships that might be close, "Like an S O S."
Jack will ask Sayid but even if he can make something like that he's not gonna have anything to power it with.
Hurley-"Didn't Sayid say that crazy French chick had batteries?"

Sayid, "Absolutely not!"
Jack isn't asking Sayid to go, he'll do it.
Sayid- "No you won't."
Upset Sayid asks them, "Do you really think that she would give up something she needs for survival to a total stranger?"
All Jack is asking his how to find her.    Sayid explains he was brought unconscious to her camp, when he escaped he was disoriented, "I don't know how to find her."
Hurley-"Don't know, dude, or don't want to?"
This annoys Sayid.
Jack says Sayid has her maps and her papers and he thought they were pointing to something.
Sayid-"Well I was wrong."
Jack suggests maybe they're pointing to her.
Sayid grabs up the papers in anger, "I don't even know what these papers mean!  For all I know they can be the ravings of her disturbed mind!  Song lyrics mixed with equations!"
He hands the papers off to Hurley.
Sayid shows Jack a map, "If this map is pointing to her then you should know she resides here in this area.  She gave it a name, Territoire Fonce.   Shannon translated it.   It means Dark Territory.   Does that sound like a place you'd like to visit?"
Jack-"So you won't help."
Sayid didn't say that; he'll build the distress beacon but he suggests they find another power source. He feels there must be something in the cockpit.   Jack says they're not going to the cockpit.
All the while Hurley is starring at the numbers on the small sheets of lined notepaper.

Channels are being switched on the TV.
It's Hugo sitting on the couch eating some chicken from a Mr. Clucks bucket.   His mother calls from the kitchen that she hopes he isn't watching those g-string mujeres again.   While Hurley's mom wants him living there, he wants his privacy respected. {Channels show dancing, exercising, hockey, cop chase}
Hurley lands on the channel to watch the Mega Lotto drawing.   His religious mother comes in complaining, "Look at you...It's Saturday night, a grown up man sitting at home watching TV. You should go out and try to find a nice woman.
Hurley-"I'll get right on that."
Mom wants him to eat better because he's gaining weight.    Annoyed Hurley watches Mary Jo, the Lotto girl, display the winning balls.

The Mega Number is 42, "And that makes tonight's Mega Lotto Jackpot drawing, 4 8 15 16 23 with the Mega Number 42."

The winner has won a near record Jackpot.  {}
The TV announcer is heard saying, "That's right, Mary Jo, because this is the 16th week without a winner."
Hurley faints. {Crashing/Smashing glass can be heard.}

Sayid is sleeping while Hurley is sitting there watching him.
Sayid stirs.
Hurley-"Hi. You awake?"
Sayid-"I was just wondering that myself."  {Well, are you or aren't you?}
Hurley is there with the maps and papers that the French lady wrote.   Sayid wants to know what Hurley wants since it's the middle of the night.
Hurley- "I couldn't sleep.  And I got curious.    You and guys have been trying to figure out some of this stuff and...I was wondering, guys figured out...about this stuff."
Sayid's still laying there, "What stuff?"
Hurley's curious about the numbers she wrote down a bunch of times, "Got any idea what it means?"
Sayid thought at one time they may be coordinates of some kind.
Hurley- "Coordinates...yeah. When you first found her, the French chick, you said you saw a wire or something in the beach and you followed it and it led you to her."
Sayid corrects him, "No. It led me in to a trap she set."
Hurley assumes the place is probably close.  Sayid asks why he's so suddenly interested in Rousseau.
Hurley says he's not, "I'm just making conversation, dude.  Sorry if it's a bad time."
Hurley puts the maps and papers back and says goodnight.

Walking from the tent we see Hurley hid one of the large papers under his shirt.

Camera flashing {Boom mics, video cameras}:
Hurley and his family are in the middle of a large press conference.    News/media are there to inquire about his winning the Lotto.   KSVU 8 asks how he came up with the winning numbers, "Any significance?"
Hurley says they kind a came to him.   Another reporter wants him to introduce his family.  Hurley introduces his bashful beauty mom, Carmen.  Then introduces his very excited brother Diego and his wife Lisa.
Diego-"Yeah! We're rich!"
Hurley tells the press to ignore him, "He's an idiot."
Hurley really wants them to meet the greatest guy he knows, his grandpa Tito.  Grandpa Tito's worked three jobs for 52 years.   He's 70 years old and the closest he's been to a vacation is when they put a pacemaker in him four years ago.  The first thing Hurley's gonna do with the money is finally give him the rest he's earned, "That's all it's about for me. To be able to do things for the people I care about.   Cause I really put my family through a lot recently and umm...well this way I can make it up to them.  You know, maybe even buy my mom a new house.  Maybe after uh, my grandpa comes back from his cruise he can...get to do some of the things we've always wanted too."
Grandpa Tito grabs his left arm and collapses. {You can hear the camera's continue flashing.}
{Flash Whoosh}
At the cave Hurley fills up water bottles.
Charlie walks over, "Hey, man."
Hurley is startled, "What?! I'm not doing anything."
Charlie- "What?"
Charlie's just saying good morning.  He asks if Hurley's going anywhere.  Hurley is loading the bottles of water into his backpack, "Well, yeah. I just thought I might take a walk. Uh...maybe scope out some new fishing area."
Charlie wants him to hang on; he'd like to "come with."
Hurley tells him he could really use some alone time right now.  He lifts the pack and the pack opens up spilling the bottles on to the ground.   Hurley puts them back in and tells Charlie, "I'm a big guy...I get dehydrated easy."
Charlie seems baffled by Hurley's behavior.

Waves crash:
Claire sits on the beach.  Locke calls for her; he's wondering if she's free to help him with a little project. "I'm building something, I could use an extra pair of hands."
Claire is nearly nine months pregnant; she can barely waddle over the beach.
Locke-"Can you hold a saw?"
Yeah, she can.
Locke-"Can you move your hand back and forth like this?" {He makes a sawing motion.}
She "possibly" can.
Perfect. He holds out both hands to help her up.
Claire asks, "So what exactly are we building?"
Locke doesn't answer.

At the cave Sayid angrily asks Jack where the map is, "I told you it won't help you find her.   Jack tells him to slow down; he doesn't have the map.
Sayid- "What makes this worse is you won't even do your own dirty work.   You get Hurley to do it for you!...He was in my tent last night quizzing me about Rousseau, about numbers she wrote, how I came to find her."
Jack doesn't know anything about this.  Jack asks firewood carrying Charlie if he's seen Hurley.
Charlie- "A couple of hours ago.   He was heading out for a walk.   Acting like a loon, I might say."
Concerned Sayid realizes Hurley's going after her.   Jack's disappointed.

"When are you gonna be back?" Shannon asks Sayid.
Sayid feels they can catch up to him before nightfall, "Why? You worried about me?"
Shannon- "So what if I am?"
Jack yells over asking Sayid if he's ready.  Sayid takes his backpack and tenderly touches Shannon's face, "I'll be fine."

Hurley treks across the beach {Rap tune plays}
{Flash Whoosh}
The rap tune continues playing loudly.
Well off Hurley drives a yellow Hummer H2.   His mom is the passenger.
The tune continues playing and mom says loudly, "Hugo turn that noise down!"
Hugo turns down the volume,"Sorry."
Mom wants to know where he's taking her; she doesn't like surprises.
Hugo thinks she'll like this one; she deserves something good since Grandpa and that at the funeral Father Agular got struck by lightning in that freak storm, and Diego moving back home after Lisa left him for that waitress.   Hugo feels that ever since we won the lottery they've had bad luck like the money is cursed; although these Catholics don't believe in curses.

Approaching the surprise for his mom, Hugo has her blindfold herself with a red bandanna. They pull up to the curb and Hugo carefully helps blindfolded mom out the hummer.  Mom asks why she has to wear this, she can't see anything.
He tells her to take off her blindfold and take a look at her new dream house.
Mom slips on the curb and hurts her ankle.    Mrs. Ryes removes her blind fold, {He told her she can take off her blindfold} and as she's crying out in pain then she smells smoke.   There is a fire in an upstairs room of the new home.
Hugo calls 911 and before he can finish dialing, two cop cars pull up and draw their guns on him. "Drop the phone! Move away from the vehicle!"
Hugo tries to tell them it's the house.
As Hugo's getting cuffed he says to him mom who is blessing herself, "No such thing as curses, huh, ma?"
The mustached cop tells Hugo he has the right to remain silent....

Hurley comes upon a thick power cord in the sand. It runs from the water into the jungle.   He picks it up and calls out for the French chick. {It's not a telephone! Is it?}

 Hurley keeps hold of the power cord and follows it into the jungle.
{Flash Whoosh}

 "I would think you'd be happy, every one of your stocks is up. Your interest in orange futures skyrocketed after those tropical storms hit Florida.
And you are now the majority share holder for a box company in Tustin."
Hugo looks out the window to the street below.   He is in the office of his financial advisor/accountant.   His advisor feels a box company is a lucrative business. "Everybody needs boxes."
Which reminds him Hugo's sneaker factory in Canada was destroyed in a fire last month. Hugo's not surprised.
The advisor thinks Hugo may have read about it, "8 something people died.  But the good news is we over insured it.   It's gonna wield you a windfall of cash.   And when we add in the generous settlement from the L.A.P.D. for your false arrest you almost doubled your net worth in a few short months.  I still can't imagine how the police mistook you for a drug dealer."
Hugo blurts out, "Bad Luck."
The advisor informs him he's not the first lottery winner to feel the money brought him nothing but trouble, "It's all in your head."
Hugo wonders if this guy doesn't believe in jinx's/curses.   The advisor only believes in numbers.  By the way, the advisor wants to know where he got the numbers from, "Somebody's birthday? Phone number?"
Hugo-"Nothing. It's just something that I...."
A light bulb goes on; he has an epiphany, "It's not the money. It's the numbers. The numbers are cursed."
The advisor doesn't buy it.
Hugo-"Dude. Don't look at me like that, I'm not crazy. This is real..."
Just as the advisor is telling him there's no such thing as a curse, a man is falling past their window. {Scream.}
{Flash Whoosh}

Michael in his orange shirt bangs away on building the raft.  This noise is hurting Sawyer's head.
Sawyer is reading A Wrinkle in Time.
Sawyer yells sarcastically over to Michael, "You wanna hit that a little harder?!"
Michael-"Oh I'm sorry. Is my building a raft to get us rescued bothering you?"
At the moment it is. Walt asks Sawyer why he isn't helping.
Sawyer tells Short Round he's helping by keeping watch for arsonists.   Michael feels Walt's got a point; he could pitch in, "Seeing as you already bought your ticket."
Just then one of the tied together bundles of bamboo loosens and the bamboo sticks tumble.   Jin starts yelling at Michael in Korean.   The two men yell at each other. {I still feel they understand each other.} Annoyed Sawyer leaves.
Sun watches the two men yell from further down the beach.   She shares with Kate she feels he's never going to speak to her again.   Kate feels he just needs time.   Sun knows she's humiliated him.
Sun asks Kate, "When the raft sails, do you think he's going to leave with them?"
Kate doesn't know.

Hurley continues to use the power cord as a guide into the jungle. The buzzing sound of flies makes him look up to find there is a dead hanging boar that has been captured by a trap.
Hurley continues on.
He steps on something with a slight metal sound. As he's about to take another step Sayid yells to him, "Don't move!" He's standing on a pressure trigger.
Sayid-, "If you take your weight off it, it will release that. {The other spiked end of the trap. Wow! It's like Indiana Jones!} They need to find something to replace his weight on the trigger.
Hurley asks if he can drop the wire.
Charlie suggests they find a big rock.
Hurley drops the wire and nothing happens.  The guys still insist, "Don't move!"
But Hurley feels he can make it, "I can get out of the way. I'm spry."
The guys start to freak out with Hurley's intention to make a move off the trigger.
Hurley jumps off the trigger and the spiked weapon misses him!
Charlie yells at Hurley, "What the bloody hells wrong with you?!"
Nothing is wrong with him.  {Hurley believed he can cross it unharmed and he did! He has the power!}
Jack asks him what he's doing out here.   Hurley reveals he came to get a  battery.
As if Jack doesn't buy that he asks, "Seriously...what's going on?"
Hurley- "Nada. You guys coming?"
Sayid concedes that they all want to go, but he'll take the lead.
Sayid grabs hold of the power cord.
Charlie feels that's an excellent notion.
{Flash Whoosh}
"Lenny. His name is Lenny...or Leonard"
Hurley is at the psychiatric admissions counter of Santa Rosa Mental Instit.... Hugo doesn't know Lenny's last name but he just needs to talk to him for five minutes.   Hugo watches a janitor climb a very wobbly ladder.
The nurse can't look anything up without the man's name."How many Leonard's are here?"
Hugo wants her to type it in and look it up, "I mean the guy's been here for like...everHe knows me."
The nurse tells him their records are private.
Hugo yells out to the wobbly dude on the ladder, "Do not do that right now! Leave the bulb for another time, man!"
Hugo starts to raise his voice to the nurse about needing five minutes with Lenny as a doctor recognizes Hugo.
Hugo-"Oh, hey Doc."
The doctor says its good to see him and asks what he's doing back here

In the rec room the doctor mentions to Hugo he doesn't remember he and Leonard being that close.
Hugo-"We hung."
The doctor will leave the gentlemen to it then and he wishes Hugo good luck.

Lenny sits at a table alone dropping the markers into the filthy Connect 4 game.
He is repeatedly mumbling something unclear in cadence.
Hugo walks up to the oblivious twitching Lenny, "Hey, Lenny. Remember me?"
Lenny does not deviate from his obsessive repeating.
Hugo says, "Hugo." {A voice can be heard "Hurley" although it does not sound like Hugo and we don't see this coming from Hurley's mouth.}
Hurley asks Lenny, "I gotta know...What do the numbers mean?"
Now Lenny's mumble becomes clear, "4-8-15-16-23-42" {Note smoke detector over the door}
Hurley drops a red marker into the game and asks Lenny where he got the numbers and is that why he's here.
{Lenny's black cord for his glasses looks more like a wire. BTW, in a mental hospital they would not allow patients to have anything they could hurt someone or themselves with.}
Hugo continues, "Did they do something to you?  Cause I think they did something to me. I think they turned me into a jinx.   Bad news to everyone around me.  And when I tell people I think I'm the cause they, they look at me like I'm nuts. They don't believe me.  But I know...ever since I won the lottery with those numbers."
This statement snaps Lenny out of his repeating world.
Lenny speaks! "You used those numbers to play the lottery?"
Lenny freaks out, "You shouldn't have done that. {He grabs his head} You've opened the box! You shouldn't have used the numbers!...It doesn't stop!...You gotta get away from those numbers! You gotta get far, far away! Do you hear me?! Don't you understand?! You gotta get away from them or it won't stop!"
An orderly tries to restrain the freaked out patient, but Hugo wants answers.
Lenny grabs at his head again.   Hugo asks where he got the numbers.
Lenny happens to be coherent enough to clearly inform Hugo that he got them from Sam Toomey. Sam heard them in Kagoorlie, in a town where they used to work in Australia.
Lenny is dragged out of the room by the orderly.

"It stops here.  It goes into the ground.  This poses somewhat of a problem."
Sayid shows the guys where the wire disappears.
Charlie has something the guys need to see. He leads them to their next obstacle; the rickety narrow bridge that is their connecting path to the other side. They are very high up.

Jack says to Sayid, "You never mentioned anything about a bridge."
Sayid never saw this before. 
Jack notes there's no way she could have built this all by herself.
Sayid-"No. But her team could have. "
Charlie-"Or Ethan's team." {HUH?! WTF?!! WOW!}
Hurley starts to make his way across the shitty bridge, "Relax. I'm just gonna check it out. You guys should stay here."
Jack's freaking out "Hurley! Get back here!"
Hurley-"Dudes! Chill!" {lol. hear the crow.} Carefully, he makes it across. The guys are relieved. If Hurley can do it so can Charlie; he heads across. {Charlie's wearing his black and white Vans.} As he approaches the finish line the bridge breaks but Charlie makes it to the other side.
Exhilarated Charlie is okay.
Jack yells over to them to stay put; he and Sayid will find a way around and we'll meet you there. Screw that! Calm Hurley tells them to stay because there's a path right here... Charlie snaps and yells at Hurley to shut up and listen to Jack to "Stay put! You're acting like a bloody lunatic!
{Flash Whoosh}

Crow caws.
A house sits in the middle of nowhere.
 Five knocks on the door, an Australian woman answers, "If this weren't in the middle of nowhere, I'd say you were lost."
This is Sam Toomey's wife, Martha Toomey. Sam's been dead for four years.
Hurley shares with Martha that Sam worked with a guy he knows, Leonard Simms. Martha mentions they served together in the U.S. Navy. {File cabinet, ship, binoculars.}
Martha serves tea, "How is Leonard? Still in the service?"
Hugo says he's retired.  He goes on to say that Lenny told him about Sam hearing something. Martha's annoyed he's talking about the numbers.  She reveals that Sam and Lennard were stationed at a listening post monitoring long wave transmissions over the Pacific.  It was a boring job and Sam hated it, "Nothing to do but listen to static...night after night.  Till one night 'bout 16 years ago, there's something in the staticA voice comes through.  A voice repeating those numbers over and over again. {This makes Hugo jolt like he's listening to a scary story.} A couple of days later we're at the fair in Kalgoorlie and some wally there got this jar, must have been big as a pony.  And its filled to the rim with beans.  Fella is offering 50 grand to anyone able to guess how many beans are in that jar within 10. {Sam used the numbers} The answer was exact, to the bean.  Men had been running the same scam for 40 years.  Nobody'd ever come close, so we won the money. On the way home, a pickup truck blows a tire on the highway, hits us head on.  Lost my leg that night." {What about Sam? Barely a scratch. Most people would consider themselves lucky...but not him, he was never the same after that. {Martha presents a blue scrapbook.} He started keeping a record.  Anything terrible that happened to anyone around us, he believed it's all because he used those numbers.   He moved us out here in the middle of nowhere, hoping it would stop."
Hugo asks if they ever found a way to make it stop.
Yep he did.
Martha shares that Sam put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger.
Martha-"What is it you're looking for, Mr. Reyes?"
Hugo grudgingly admits he used the numbers to win the lottery, "And now I think I'm under the same curse." {To win the lottery, not, and I won the lottery. hmmm}
Martha-"Curse?! There's no curse...You think I'd still have my leg if Sam hadn't have picked the right number of beans?   You think that floods wouldn't have happened?  That homes couldn't have burned down? That people wouldn't have died?!"
{Does she have insight to Hugo's experiences?}
Hugo- "Well...yeah."
Martha tells him you make your own luck, "Don't blame it on the damn numbers. You're looking for an excuse that doesn't exist."
{Flash Whoosh}

Locke is working on his building project. {White smoke billows from the fire}. Claire is sawing away on a branch, she asks, "It's a trap, right? For catching animals?
Locke asks her to pass the cup; he's made glue that he claims he made from rendered animal fat.
Claire-"You made glue?...Wow!You should have one of those shows where you uh, fix up houses for people."
Smiling Locke doesn't think so.
Claire thanks him for giving her something to do, "I'm tired of trying to remember what happened to me out there."
Locke asks how her memory is coming.
Claire-"Bits and pieces here and there. Nothing that makes any real sense."
Locke feels maybe he can help because he's good at putting bits and pieces together."
The both share a smile.

Sayid and Jack carefully try to find their way to Hurley and Charlie.
Sayid stops at an area he feels is familiar,"We're close."
Jack asks how he knows, "I thought she lived underground."
Jack takes a step and trips a wire causing an explosion.
Charlie and Hurley hear it.
Hurley looks up and around curiously.
In the exploded pit, Jack comments, "Some security system. Someone trips a wire and the whole place blows up."
Apparently there's nothing there, no batteries, nothing. Jack doesn't get it but Sayid feels she knew that one day he'd come back and bring others. So she abandoned this place, booby trapped it and moved on.
Jack wonders, "Moved on where?"

In the jungle Hurley calls out for Jack and Sayid.
Charlie asks, "Do you even know where we're going?"
Hurley feels "The blast sounded like it came from this way, I think."
Charlie-"You don't know!"
What does Charlie want from Hurley?
Charlie wants to know "what we're doing in the middle of nowhere.  And don't tell me it's because of some stinking batteries.   One minute you're happy go lucky good time Hurley, the next you're Colonel bloody Kurtz.  It just doesn't make any sense. It's not you."
Hurley-"Dude, you don't know me."
Irate Charlie feels all this time on the Island and Hurley's not told him anything about himself.  Hurley indicates they all have "personal stuff."
Pissed Charlie tells him not to change the subject, "We're lost out here.  Jack and Sayid could be hurt if not blown to bits all because you're acting like some bloody nutter."
Hurley is not crazy and he has his "reasons for everyth..."
Charlie presses him for the reasons because he feels he has a right to know.
Hurley spills it to Charlie, "About a year ago..." His story is interrupted by a shot fired near them! {NOTE: As Hurley is going to reveal what happened a year ago, and you see his mouth actually mouths something. The words cannot be heard because of the perfectly times shot of the rifle.}
They don't freak out.
Hurley-"Is someone shooting at us?"
Another shot is fired and the boys run in opposite directions.

Hurley runs, falls down, and when he gets back up he is face to face with Danielle and her rifle. "You must be the French chick."
Danielle-"Who are you?"
Hurley with his hands up replies, "Hurley...Sayid...that guy you tortured...he...a...."
Danielle-"You were on the plane."
He reaches in to his pocket and says he's getting her notes.  He presents her the small note paper and want her to tell him why she wrote this, "Tell me what these numbers mean, Please."
Armed Danielle doesn't know.
This aggravates Hurley, "What? You don't know. Okay, that thing in the woods...maybe its a monster. Maybe... it's a... pissed off giraffe.  I don't know! The fact that no one is even looking for us...yeah, that's weird. But I just go along with it... Cause I'm along for the ride.  Good ol fun time Hurley! Well guess what? NOW!   I WANT SOME FRIGGIN ANSWERS!"
Danielle lowers her weapon and begins to tell the story, "Our ship picked up a transmission, a voice repeating those numbers. Changed course to investigate.  After we ship wrecked my team continued to search for the transmission source. It was weeks before we found the radio tower."
Hurley asks if the radio tower is on "this Island."
Yes, up by the Black Rock.
Danielle- "Some of us continued to search for the meaning of those numbers while we waiting for rescue. But then the sickness came. When my team was gone I went back...up to the tower...and changed the transmission."
Hurley-"That distress signal we heard."
Hurley wants to know if she found out anything about the numbers, "Do you know where they got their power?"
Hurley-"They bring bad stuff to everyone around you. They're cursed. You know that, right? The numbers...are cursed."
Danielle recalls the numbers are what brought her here, "As it appears, they brought you.  Since that time I've lost everything.   Everyone I cared about.  So yes, I supposed you're right...they are cursed."
Hurley is relieved, "Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how long I've been waiting...for someone to agree with me. Thank you. Oh god, Thank you. Thank you."
He gives her a big hug.

Jack tells Sayid they need to find Hurley and Charlie and get out of this jungle, "I just hate that we're going home empty handed." {Home?!}
Sayid is piling up Danielle's lair wreckage. {Burning.}

Sayid finds a scrap of Nadia's photo.
Charlie runs out of the woods announcing someone shot at them.
Sayid- "Rousseau."
Jack asks where Hurley is.
Charlie- "I don't know. He was right behind me and then he just... he just wasn't." {Hmmm.}
Sayid offers to find him but Jack says they'll all go.
Out of nowhere there's Hurley, "Go where?"
Freaked out Charlie asked what the hell happened to him.  Hurley takes a large battery out of his pack and hands it to Jack, "Need a battery."
They're a bit surprised.
Hurley tells Sayid, "She says hey." {How much time could have passed?}

Night on the beach the four men return. Jack pats Michael on the shoulder. Sayid hands the battery off to Michael.

In the dark jungle while still working on his project by campfire, Locke asks Claire if she thought of a name yet.
Claire- "Huh?"
Locke- "For the baby."
Claire-"Haven't really thought about it. I was gonna give it away. You know...for adoption." {Watch Locke}
Locke acknowledges it must have been a difficult decision.
Claire- "Yeah. Well. Doesn't matter now....It's my birthday today."
Locke's curious, "Why haven't you told anyone?"
Claire says she's pregnant, single and on an Island in the middle of nowhere. "Doesn't really matter that it's my birthday does it?"
Locke guesses not, "Well at least your birthdays will be close together.  You and your baby and that's good luck."
That's what he thinks.
Claire- "Do you believe in that...luck?"
Locke says believes in a lot of things.
He's finished the project.
Claire still doesn't know what it is, "OK. I give up. What is it?"
Locke turns it over and reveals its identity; a rocking cradle.
Claire smiles, "It's a cradle."
Locke-"Happy birthday, Claire."
Claire thanks him.

Night on the beach:
Hurley is drying is shirt over the camp fire.   Charlie comes over and jokes about Hurley cooking his shirt in place of scarce food.
Hurley- "When you find a Laundromat let me know."
Charlie sits down next to him and mentions about before in the jungle, "before we became target practice, you were going to tell me what inspired this little quest."
Hurley tells that his bad luck may have crashed the plane.
Charlie tells him "Don't be daft, how could you possibly..."
Hurley goes on to share with him that "before we came here a lot of bad stuff used to happen whenever I was around."
Charlie questions, like bad luck?
Hurley feels that's a mellow way of describing it.
Charlie tries to reason with him by telling him bad things just happen, "You think you're the only one with baggage?  You know what I was doing when the plane went down?  I was snorting heroin in the toilet. I was such a junkie I couldn't even take a plane ride without having a fix.  I suppose that was your fault as well."
Hurley doesn't answer.
Charlie asks, "So how about it?"
Charlie just told him the biggest secret in his life, "I thought you'd want to reciprocate."
After a long pause Hurley tells him that back home, "I'm worth156 million dollars."
Charlie, feeling as if he's bullshitting says,"Fine. Don't tell me."
Charlie feels he bared his soul and all he gets are bloody jokes.
Insulted Charlie walks off.
The camera zooms in to show us
4 - 8 - 15 - 16 - 23 - 42 on the HATCH.

Numbers is a great episode!
Hurley's along for the ride. Hmmm...Very, very interesting.
"Hearing and Listening".    The Lostie's have to learn to truly open their eyes, but to also listen.
We need to really observe and listen to everything too.  Are voices and sounds "bleeding through" wires, static or their sleeping minds?   Is Hurley "hearing" something that the rest of the Lostie's aren't?
Hurley's curiosity about the numbers shows me that his role and part in the "Island's" story is very important.    Hurley is in search of the meaning of the numbers two times, in two environments {on "Island" and off "Island".}   It seems to me that Hurley may be realizing that something is being "done to him".  He also feels he's the cause of pain to the people around him.

Let's not forget the importance of the "power cord" here.   There were a lot of subliminal visuals to a power cord and wires all through the episode.  I can't help but wonder not about the power cord that runs into the jungle and disappears in to the ground, but where is the power and the power cord is originating from?  How far away is its source?  If there is power going to and from this "Island", then how can it be an "Island".
Is it possible the power cord/wire is hinting to something else getting powered or connected?
Maybe it is possible the "power" is a metaphor for the "power" they themselves posses to make change; positive thinking or even wishful thinking/believing.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* Crazy. Disoriented. Disturbed mind. Loon. Lunatic. Nut. Nutter. Psychiatric. Santa Rosa.
* Unconscious. Sleep. Dream. Awake. Head. Voices.
* Laundromat-washing-cleansing
* Heart. Pacemaker. Heart attack.
* Remember. Don't remember. Memory. Familiar.
* Game. Lotto. Hockey. Connect Four. Scam.
* Teams. Danielle's team- Ethan's team. Are they two additional teams or are they on the same team?
* Move. Don't move.Take the lead.
* Maps. Papers.
* Numbers. Wires. Battery. Power source. Power cord. Transmission. Static. Net.
* Dark Territory. Radio Tower. The Cave. Australia. Canada. Los Angeles.Florida
* Languages. Korean. French. Spanish. Numbers. Translate.
* Curse. Blessing. Good Luck. Bad Luck. Jinx. Believe.
* Blindfold=can't see. Glasses=can see. Disappear.
* Family. Mother, Grandpa, Father, Brother.
* What is real and what is not. What is happening in their heads/minds while sleeping?  Or is it a metaphor for them just to wake up already.
* When Hugo introduced his mom and brother, I don't know why but their two names jumped out at me as Carmen San diego. lol.
* Again, did Danielle carry unconscious Sayid through the jungle and across this bridge all by herself? Yeah, that's what I'm sayin!! Did Danielle have these batteries on her? Her place got blown up, did she take Hurley to her new place?
* "That thing in the woods..."   Hmmmm. Hurley, Charlie, Jack, Sayid and Claire and are all in the woods at this point....Aren't they? But it is Locke that is the "woodsman" to me.
* Claire seems disconnected from the "baby".
* Locke tells Claire he "believes in a lot of things."  Yet in White Rabbit he tells Jack "I’m not a real big believer in magic."
* Connections to Locke.
* Box. Boxes.  Casket/coffin?
* Diego translates to James.
* People die/dying.
* Perception.

Vocabulary and Research...
Hummer H2 has room for six passengers (including driver).
 - Song by Smashing Pumpkins on the album Siamese Dream.
 - A hum is a sound made by singing a wordless tone with the mouth completely closed, forcing the sound to emerge from the nose.  A hum has a particular timbre, usually monotone or with slightly varying tones.
 - A person who is bored makes an ostentatious show of humming to indicate their impatience.Humming can also be used to show feelings of emptiness.
 - Mains hum-electric or electromagnetic phenomenon that causes a low frequency(50 or 60 Hz) audible signal.
 - Humvee, a military vehicle
 - The Hum is a generic name for a series of phenomena involving a persistent and invasive low-frequency humming noise not audible to all people.
 - A hum can be caused by Tinnitus. Tinnitus is also a side-effect of some medications.
OM-(OHM): The tone: make a humming or droning sound. The syllable is taken to consist of three phonemes, a, u and m, variously symbolizing the Three Vedas or the Hindu Trimurtior the three stages of life (birth, life and death)
Carmen San diego refers to a media franchise of educational computer and video games, television programs, books and other media featuring a thieving villianess of the same name. It uses detective work and teaches geography, history, English and math. These all featured silly humor and especially a distinctive style of word play with extensive use of puns, rhymes and alliteration.
Sim-Any simulation game.
 -The Sims: a strategic life simulation computer game. The Sims focuses entirely on the lives of virtual people called Sims, placing the player in control of their virtual "world" and their daily activities, such as sleeping, eating, reading, and bathing. Although players are encouraged to make their own characters, they can choose certain pre-made characters.
- Subscriber Identity Modul or SIM card, a device used to store information in mobile phones.
 -SIM-is a Solid Immersion Mirror for Heat assisted magnetic recording.
Numbers game, or policy racket, is an illegal lottery played mostly in poor neighborhoods in U.S. cities.A scam.
Number codes are used in computing.
In Simulation-brain communications: If one were to effectively communicate with the brain, a code or sequence must be created/discovered to send information between the part of our brain that hears and talks.
♦ WAV a file format.
* There are many kinds of waves. A wave is a disturbance that propagates through space and time, usually with transference of energy.   Ocean waves, Seismic waves, sine wave, gravitational waves, inertial waves, radio waves,wavelengths, brain waves. and more.
Nowhere:  1). The state of nonexistence or seeming nonexistence.  2). Being or leading nowhere; pointless.    3). In or at no place; not anywhere.

Numbers gives us a hint to be careful of a Con/Scam.
I love the line Martha says to Hugo-"Don't blame it on the damn numbers. You're looking for an excuse that doesn't exist."
I feel like the whole experience with Martha was very out of place and meant only for Hurley.   You need to go back listen/read carefully to all of her dialogue with him as it's very important.
There is definitely a blurring of what we see on "Island" and off "Island".  Things seem very integrated.

John Locke, what a guy, making gifts for Claire and her unborn baby.
Don't ignore Claire's first perceptive response to the overturned cradle...Trap! Indeed it is.

They literally and emotionally are in the middle of ...........N O W H E R E

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Don't forget to keep your eye out for the second version of the Lotto Ticket!

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

July 12, 2009

Deus Ex Machina

Let's talk about LOST! Deus Ex Machina.
Locke is working in a "super center".   He's setting up the game “Mouse Trap” in the TOY ZONE.
John’s name tag on his blue vest introduces him to the customers as the Assistant Manager.
A little boy walks up to him and asks “What’s that?”
Locke tells the boy it's his favorite game, one he used to play with his brother. The little boy asks how you play.
Locke explains to the boy “You start with all these parts off the board and then one by one you build the trap. Shoe, bucket, tub. Piece by piece it all comes together. And then you wait till your opponent lands here on the ol Cheese Wheel, and then if you set it up just right you spring the trap.”
John notes the older red haired woman in the fur coat watching them. John lets the boy have a turn, “Go ahead kiddo.”

The silver ball rolls down the slide of the trap.
John asks the lady if he can help her.  She’d like to know where the footballs are.
John- “Aisle 8 for regulation, Aisle 15 for Nerf.”
She thanks him but looks at him longingly as she backs away. {Throughout we can hear over the PA video game pickup extension 354, carryout on checkout 2.}

We see the silver ball of the game trigger the trap, ultimately trapping the blue mouse.

At the hatch Locke sweeps away dirt from its window.
Boone- “You want my opinion.”
John tells Boone “You gotta have some faith. All we gotta do is break the glass and then we’re in. Trebuchet delivers a half a ton of force.”

Boone wonders why they call it a Trebuchet when it looks like a catapult.
Locke-"They call it a trebuchet, Boone, because it’s a trebuchet.”
Boone doesn’t get Locke, “One minute you're quoting Nietzsche, now all of the sudden you're an engineer. I don't think I can spell Trebuchet.”
Locke is sure to note there’s a “T” on the end.

{Boone may not know how to spell Trebuchet but he knows who Nietzsche is. Interesting. }
They work hard on putting the Trebuchet together. Boone doesn’t understand, they've been there every day for two weeks and Locke doesn’t talk about himself.  “Everybody’s got a story".”
Locke feels his story would bore Boone.
They get everything into position and Locke counts down, “3...2...1...”
He lets go of the rope, and although the Trebuchet makes perfect contact with its mark it doesn’t break the glass at all.  The Trebuchet literally falls apart.
John touches the glass, he is very upset and he starts to yell and stomp on the little window, “This was supposed to work. This was supposed to work!”
Boone calls out to John, “Your leg, man.”
A piece of metal is lodged in his right leg;  Locke never felt it go in.  John pulls the metal out, again not even feeling it.  He realizes he's losing feeling in his legs but is puzzled by this. He says he's fine.

At night by campfire John wraps his wounded leg.  He takes a safety pin and pokes at both legs.  He is very upset at the loss of feeling.  John even takes a burning stick out of the fire and uses the hot end to run the test again. He’s stunned when he feels nothing.

Locke in a white tee shirt chops wood with a piece of metal. Boone asks him why the Trebuchet didn’t work.
The Trebuchet didn’t work because it wasn’t strong enough.
Boone doesn’t think the glass is gonna break.
Annoyed Locke feels everything breaks if you apply the right force.
Boone-“So we’re just gonna build another one of your inventions hope it works this time?”
Determined pissed off Locke says “That’s right.”
But what if it doesn’t?
Locke tells Boone,“Then the Island will tell us what to do.”
Boone wonders what he just said.
Locke changes the subject by suggestion they get back there and salvage those pieces.  Locke is having trouble standing and walks slowly.  He tells Boone he’s fine and carries the large tree limb away.
In a parking lot, John takes a flier for a lost dog off the windshield of his red VW beetle.  He sees that the red haired woman has been watching, following him.  She tries to run off knowing she’s been spotted.  As John hurries after her he gets knocked down by a tan car backing out of a parking spot. He’s fine.
John gets up, spots the fleeing woman and stops her, “Why are you following me? Who are you?
She apologizes and then blurts out, “I’m your mother.”

Sitting in a diner, the woman is focused on shoveling large amounts of sugar in to her coffee cup that apparently contains tea.   John doesn’t know why she would think he’s her son or how she found him, but the woman cuts him off and asks, “You’re adopted aren’t you?”
John-“No. No. I was raised in a foster home. Not, well, several foster homes actually.”
He wonders what she wants from him.
Mom-“I want to tell you that you’re special.   Very special. You are part of a design. You do realize that, don’t you? That our meeting, me finding you...this is a sign of things to come. Great things.” {Who is this nut?}
John asks if his father is still alive.
Mom-“Still alive? Oh, John...Don’t you understand?...You don’t have a father. You were immaculately conceived.”
It pleases her to tell John this, but he is puzzled. {That was a fantastic conversation, indeed!}

Sawyer asks Sun, who is working in her garden, which leaf is the right one.  Sun tells him which one; which happens to be the one he’s using, “But nothin’s happening.”
Sun apologizes that it’s not helping.  Kate just happens by carrying a sac of bottles for water and asks “What’s not happening?”
Sawyer won’t reveal anything, he only compliments Sun on the garden and leaves.  Sun confesses to Kate that Sawyer has headaches and aspirin didn’t help.

In the cave Jack shaves {Mirror}.
Kate asks Jack, “Say you’re having bad headaches...everyday...”
It’s not Kate they’re talking about, its Sawyer.  She thinks there may be something really wrong with him.
Jack asks what Sawyer thinks.
Concerned Kate tells him he thinks he’s fine but she feels he could be playing it down. 

Jack would love nothing more than to check the guy out and make sure he’s OK, “But we both know all I’m gonna get for my trouble is a snappy one liner.  And if I’m real lucky a brand new nickname. I’m just over it.”

John is focused on rebuilding the Trebuchet.
Boone arrives and John announces, “You’re late!”
Boone nonchalantly asks, “Late for what?”
Apparently Boone is "Late for work".
Boone feels he's done working, this is useless, “You can’t open that thing up, you say you can but you can’t.”
John-“Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”
Boone-“Don’t you get it?  It’s a dead endYou’re not getting in.” {Get in where, really?}
John feels that’s impossible, “We didn’t find this by accident. We’re supposed to...”
Boone walks over and stands on top of the hatch, “Oh we’re supposed to. We’re supposed to find this, right? We’re supposed to open it, right? Then tell me something, John. If we’re supposed to open it, then why the hell haven’t we opened it yet?”
John- “The Island will send us a sign.”
Boone mocks him, “The Island will send us a sign.”
John feels all that’s happening now is "Our faith is being tested, our commitment. But we will open it. The Island will show us how!"
Boone asks what kind of a sign will the Island send them.   The sound of a sputtering engine is heard.  John sees a small plane fly over, trailing black smoke, and then crash into the jungle.  John points and asks Boone if he saw that.  Boone is staring up; Glitchy flashes of him bloody... John hears glass break... he looks around sees his mother in a fur coat pointing up...Bloody Boone repeats over and over "Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs."... There's a lot of static and then a scream can be in the background {sounds like someone screams “John!’}...  John’s eyes are very green.... John's in a wheelchair... Boone is repeating his Theresa mantra although it is becoming distorted.... As John falls from the wheelchair he yells  No. No. Please! Don't take it back!"
Locke jolts awake and thinks.
At the beach camp Locke wakes up Boone.
Boone-“What time is it?”
Locke tells him its morning.
OK, Boone’s up.
Locke just shuffles Boone along.

“Emily Annabeth Locke. In 10,000 words or less.”  {Flash whoosh}
Locke sitting in the break room of his place of work with a hired private investigator. {There's a sign on the wall that says ‘Safety is no accident’, a foosball table, lockers, hanger, 2 vending machines, 2 refrigerators, 2 microwave ovens.}
The investigator gives John a yellow envelope with Intel on Emily. The investigator lifted some hairs from her car and matched them with John’s DNA samples; confirming it’s his mother.
It’s 99% certain.

Locke learns that Emily was institutionalized a few times not for anything criminal or violent, but for a type of schizophrenia. {At Santa Rosa} Apparently if she stays on her meds she’s OK.

{Click those photos!}
Important Details:
Driver’s license (copy) expiration date is 3/20/94.
Emily DOB 10/15/40.
It appears to have been signed on 3/20/90.
Address 2448 Greenwood Ave, L.A., Cal. 90019.
Height 5’5". Weight 115 lbs.
Hair brown. Eyes BROWN.
The Santa Rosa admission papers show she is divorced.
SS# 584-243-15.
She had an Aunt Bea, three Doctors- D. Madison, C. Silva and R. Munos. She filled her prescriptions at SKADDEN PHARMACY.

John seems more interested in his father’s Intel.
The investigator cautiously gives him the information contained in a RED FILE FOLDER. {Yes it is!!} The investigator feels since the mother sought him out “She’s fair game. But this guy...maybe he don’t even know you exist. And I’ve done this enough times to know this stuff isn’t meant to be, even though it may feel that way.”
He feels this probably won’t have a happy ending.
John wants the Red File Folder.
The investigator slides the red folder over to John.
John drives his red VW beetle up to the gate where the guard asks, “Your name is?”
John-”John. John Locke. I’m Anthony Cooper’s son.”  {Plate#2ABM487}.
The guard informs John Mr. Cooper doesn’t have a son.   John sees the camera observing him and reassures the guard he doesn’t want anything from Anthony. “My mother is Emily Locke. Please.”
The guard looks intrigued, picks up the bat phone and tells Mr. Cooper, “I’ve got John Locke here. He says he’s your son.”
John again notes the camera is watching.
The guard tells him he can go on in.

Inside the trophy room of Anthony’s house John looks at all the photos of his world traveled adventurous father. {White water rafting, hunting, scuba diving.} Anthony enters confessing this is awkward.

Anthony- “Somethin' tells me I’m gonna want a drink for this.
Anthony prepares two scotch drinks and asks,“So who found who?”
John shares Emily found him.
Anthony asks "How did she look?" {Read that again.}
John-“Fine, I guess.”
Anthony also wants to know if she said anything about him.
John reveals Emily said he didn’t have a father; that he was immaculately conceived.
Anthony laughs- "I guess that makes me god, huh?”
He claims he didn’t even know John existed until a year after he was born {Interesting hmmm!?!?}
Emily said she wasn't going to have the baby at all. Then Emily "drops off the face of the planet when she turns up again asking me for money, telling me she put you up for adoption. You gonna drink that or what?" {Oh really}
John sips. Anthony inquires about John having a family of his own.
John- “No sir.”
Anthony-”Me neither.”
Although he’s tried it a couple of times, “Didn’t take. Do you hunt?...You’re not one of those animal rights nut jobs, are ya?”
John admits he is not.
Anthony offers a hunting trip for this Sunday.   John would like that very much. They raise their glasses in a ‘toasting’ gesture.
{Flash Whoosh}
“I had a dream last night.”
Locke in his white tee shirt is talking to Boone. “I asked for a sign. And then I saw a plane crash, a... a... a... Beech craft, right out there. (He points.) It was a dream was the most real thing I’ve ever experienced. I know where to go now.”

He knows where to go to find what we need to open this bastard up. {Him or the hatch?}
Boone asks if John’s been using that wacky paste stuff that made me see my sister get eaten. {Oh, you mean the stuff that made you ultimately 'see' so you could feel relief.}
John says no.
Boone- “Cause John, I gotta tell ya...signs and dreams and...”
John cuts him off asking who Theresa is; he tells Boone he said Theresa falls up the stairs, Theresa falls down the stairs in the dream.
Boone asks how he would know about that.
John doesn’t know, “But we’re supposed to go to this place. We’re supposed to find that plane. Will you come with me?”
Boone will.

Michael and Jin {One cuff on} work on building the raft.
Jack’s impressed their project is coming together fast.
Michael- “The fire wasn’t a total loss. We learned a few things from building the first one. Which is saving us from trial and error. Now it’s just...”
He looks at Jin and says to Jack, “Trial.”

Jin communicates with Michael in Korean and Michael answers him, Yeah, Yeah, I know…now, now now. {He understands him}
Jack remarks on him picking up on a little Korean.
Michael feels he’s pretty sure he knows how to say “Faster and “Idiot”.
Jack {Key around neck}sees Sawyer laying against a tree few yards away; putting a blue wet cloth on his head.
Jack walks up to Sawyer, “I hear you’re having trouble with your head.”
Sawyer thinks “she’s” got him making house calls now.
Jack notices Sawyer is sensitive to the light too.
Actually Sawyer is sensitive to Jack. Lol!
Realizing this won’t go anywhere Jack says to him, “We’ll see ya.”
Sawyer calls for the Doc and asks if the sensitivity to the light is bad.
That depends on what’s causing his headaches.
Sawyer- “It’s not like it’s a tumor or something...”
Concerned Jack asks what makes him think it’s a tumor.
Sawyer says he doesn’t.
Jack starts to leave again when Sawyer blurts out “My uncle.”
Sawyer confesses his uncle died of a brain tumor and wonders if that runs in the family. Jack asks what type of tumor was it. {He just said brain tumor.} Smart ass Sawyer answers, the type that kills ya.
Jack- “Do you smell anything funny? Brain tumors bring on phantom smells maybe like something burning.”
Sawyer says it’s just headaches.
Jack’s sure he’s fine but if Sawyer’s worried there’s a couple of tests he can do. Sawyer thinks that sounds fun but his insurance ran out.
Jack finds that amusing.
Sawyer runs the “smell for something burning test” after Jack walks away.     

John and Boone trek through the jungle.
Boone wonders if he mentioned Theresa’s name one day out at the hatch, “Maybe I was talking to myself.”
John- “Maybe. {Takes out a compass. Didn’t he give the compass to Sayid in 'Hearts and Minds' because he didn't need it?} But you didn’t.”

Boone tries to rationalize John’s dream by suggesting he dreamed of a plane crash because of the fact they were... John falls down!
Boone wants to help John up but John insists he’s fine.
Boone asks what’s wrong with John’s leg. Something catches John’s attention; he finds black {rosary} beads. He immediately hands them over to Boone.  Boone wonders if they came from someone at camp; John does not.  John yanks a decayed body of a priest out of the trees; that’s where it came from. {Luv the millipede crawling out of the eye socket.}

John pulls up to the guard house; the gate is already opening.
John stops to say good morning to Eddie the guard.
Evidently John and Anthony have been bird hunting a few times

John walks up to a partially open door and sees Anthony receiving Dialysis. John wasn’t supposed to be the till 12.  John thought Anthony said 11.
Anthony reveals his kidney’s failing and needs a transplant; he’s on the donor list, “But I’m an old man and it’s a long list.”

John is concerned but Anthony says he didn’t tell John so it wouldn’t spoil what’s going to be a fantastic day. They’ll go have a nice lunch and shoot some birds. {OK, then.}
{Flash Whoosh}

Boone announces, “He’s a Priest.” {W/gold tooth}
John removes the pen from the dead dude’s pocket.
Boone is looking through a pocket size book.
John is wearing the  beads around his left wrist.

 Wondering how long the priest has been dead, John tells Boone normally clothing would completely decompose within in two years but this is high quality polyester; could be two years, could be ten. The pen’s true identity is a knife. {Is there high quality polyester? Lol}
John notes the gold teeth, “Obviously well off.” And John reveals a wad of Nigerian Naira. {How does he know that? Smart.}
Boone- “What is a Nigerian priest doing on an island in the South Pacific?”
John takes a gun out of the priest’s pocket, “I’m not so sure he’s a priest.”
Sawyer tries to remedy his headache/eyes but the crashing waves seem to play a part in his discomfort. The pounding and hammering noises are amplified and pissing Sawyer off. He yells at them to keep it down.
Kate comes over and commands him to get up. She physically moves him to go see Jack.
Aggravated Sawyer, “Do I get a lollipop?”
Jack uses the ol “Eyes follow the pen test” and asks Sawyer when the headaches started. Sawyer’s eyes do indeed follow the pen.   The headaches started a few days ago; a week maybe.
Jack-“Do you have them when you wake up in the morning?”
These usually hit Sawyer in the middle of the day.
Jack continues on with the pen test; to check to see if his pupils respond to changing stimuli.
Sawyer is getting worried with Jack in Doctor mode and a nod he gave.   Kate tells Sawyer to let Jack do his thing.
Jack snaps his fingers near Sawyers ear; this bothered Sawyer.
Jack goes on with Doctor questions and note taking. “Have you ever had a blood transfusion?...Taken pills for Malaria?...Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?”
Nope, Nope and Yes.
Apparently Sawyer’s also contracted a lovely STD.
Jack’s mock inquiry asking about his last outbreak pisses Sawyer off. This amuses Kate and Jack.
Jack’s diagnosis is Sawyer needs glasses.

In the jungle John’s legs are freezing/stiffing up causing him difficulty walking.  He can barely walk but feels he’s fine. “It’s the wound from the shrapnel.”
Boone notes that that injury is to his right leg but asks what’s wrong with his left.
John, insisting he is fine, falls down and this warrants Boone to suggest they go back.
John again feels he’s fine.
Boone-“No you’re not. Let me get you back to Jack!”
John doesn’t think Jack would know the first thing about what’s wrong with him. {Hmmm. Why? Is Jack not a real Doctor? Is Jack wrong about Sawyer’s diagnosis?}  John can’t get up and he won’t let Boone help him.
Boone adamantly wants to go back and asks, “What’s wrong with you. Are you crazy?"
John confesses to him that he was paralyzed and in a wheelchair for four years, “The plane, our plane, I was in that chair when we took off but not after we crashed.”
Boone-“Why were you in a wheelchair?”
John- “It doesn’t matter anymore. This Island, it changed me. It made me whole. Now it’s trying to take it back and I don’t know why. But it wants me to follow what I saw... I know it sounds crazy, four weeks ago I wouldn’t have believed it myself, but you and I are here for a reason. There’s something that we were meant to find. Something that’s gonna help us get into the hatch, I know it. But we gotta keep going.”
Boone agrees, “Can you move your legs?”
John nods yes, “Just help me up son.”
Boone literally pulls him up!
{Flash Whoosh}
Anthony and John are bird hunting.
Anthony-“These doves fly a lot faster than you think. So you gotta really lead them. You have to drop it and I'll cover you."
John shoots at a flying bird, “Got um.” {John wears camo pants}
Dad’s proud of his son’s good shot.
John gathers up the shell casing.  Beret wearing Anthony feels John’s mother may be a little crazy but at least she brought them together.    He’s glad it happened now while they still have time, “Let’s find your bird.”
{Flash Whoosh}
Boone helps crippling Locke through the jungle.    He reveals to John that Theresa was his nanny.   His mother wasn’t around much and he needed someone to take it out on. “My bedroom was at the top of this huge flight of stairs and I would sit in bed all day calling her over the intercom.  One day she took a bad step, broke her neck. I was 6.” {Spoiled brat!}  
John sees something over Boone’s shoulder; he is pleased.   John points up at the plane perched above.   As best as John can tell this is the plane he saw.   It doesn’t matter how long it’s been there what’s important is that they found it; what’s important is what’s inside it.
Boone will have to climb up there for them to find out what’s inside.
{Flash Whoosh}
Anthony and John join hands from their hospital beds. John doesn’t have to change his mind, “They just shaved my back.”
Anthony is so thankful for John. Compassionate John feels this was meant to be. The nurses come in with the gurney for Anthony.
Anthony tells John, “See you on the other side, son.”{Hey! That’s what I always say on LOST night!}
{Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer sits reading A Wrinkle in Time.
Jack brings over a shoe box of glasses.    Sawyer’s been reading a lot since they “came” to the Island.  Jack breaks the news in dramatic fashion that Sawyer’s got Hyperopia.
He’s farsighted. It can develop later in life, especially when you add any strain to the eyes; like with reading.
Jack tests a few pairs of glasses on him and holds the book up in front of him to see what works.
Another pair...
Jack-”Better or worse?”
Sawyer doesn’t like the look of the glasses and Jack tells him, “It’s not a fashion show.”
Sayid gently separates two pairs of glasses and welds the proper half of each set to make Sawyer one new pair.
Sayid’s work takes place over maps and diagrams.
Hurley comments to Sawyer in his new accessory, “Dude, looks like someone steamrolled Harry Potter.”
Boone climbs up the roots to the perched plane.
Encouraging John watches Boone struggle a bit to climb, “Hang on.” {Did you hear the dove coo?}
Boone looks in the window of the plane. He pulls the door off and drops it to the ground.
Inside he finds maps(focused in on Nigeria and Sahara). The plane starts to teeter and a decayed body falls on him.
Nervous John calls up to Boone; Boone is fine.
John is getting anxious; he struggles but stands, “Boone, what do you see?”
Boone is mad, “You wanna know what’s in your damn plane, Locke? Here’s your sign!”
Boone tosses a Virgin Mary statue out the window exposing the heroin. {There is the glass breaking sound we heard earlier in the vision}
“They’re Drug smugglers, Locke...heroin! That’s all that’s in here!”
Disappointed John doesn’t understand.
Boone discovers a radio. He turns it on to static. The plane teeters again.
John calls for Boone to get out, “There’s no time! Get out now!”
Boone calls a Mayday over the radio. We hear another voice on the other end, “Someone there? Repeat a transmission, please.”
Boone- “Hello! Hello! We’re survivors of the crash of Oceanic flight 8 1 5, please copy!”
The voice on the other end says something to the effect of, “...survivors of Oceanic 8 1 5.” {“there were no”...?}
The plane drops/falls, crashing down to the ground, ultimately landing upside down/topside.
Locke manages to get inside the plane to badly hurt, bloody Boone.
Locke physically carries Boone. {Damn! Terry O’Quinn is fucking strong!!!! YEAH!}
Inside the cave Jack opens a black shoe box that’s nestled inside a black suitcase.  Kate thanks Jack for helping Sawyer, “I know it’s probably the last thing you wanted to do.” {Why?}
Jack admits he didn’t do it for him.
Locke calls out for Jack’s help.  Locke enters carrying Boone.
John says there was an accident that Boone fell off a cliff out near the place they were hunting. {Lie}
Boone’s chest is torn up.
Jack recruits Kate’s help to gather things he needs to staunch the bleeding.
Jack wants John to tell him exactly what happened. All of a sudden John isn’t there!
John was standing right there then he wasn't!
Jack is yelling, “Locke! Locke!”
John awakens from the surgery.
He looks over to see Anthony isn’t in his bed.   A pearl wearing nurse appears and takes his pulse, “I think what you did was so kind.”
She informs John that she didn’t know Mr. Cooper was his father and that he checked out this afternoon. He went home, has private care and didn’t leave John any message. She’s going to get him some juice.
John is confused and in a lot of pain.
It was his idea”, Emily says standing in the doorway.
She apologizes to John explaining she needed some money, “He’s always been good that way. Your father’s always been generous."
John-"You told me I didn't have a father."
Emily-"Well, he said that was the only way you would give it to him. It had to be your idea. He told me where to find you. He asked me to go see you. I wanted to see you."
Locke-"This can't be happening. This, this is a misunderstanding. This can't-this can't happen to me. He wouldn't do this to me. He wouldn't do this to me!"
But he did.
Devastated John rips out his IV stands up.
John {White tee shirt} pulls up to Anthony’s guardhouse and tells Eddie to open the gate.
Eddie says Mr. Cooper isn’t seeing guests. {Note the photo wall} But John is not a guest.
John gets out of his beetle and demands Eddie open the gate.
John walks up to the gate and notes the camera, “I know you’re watching me. You can’t do this.”
Frustrated and hurt John angrily drives off: smacks the rear view mirror and hits at the car as he drives away from the gate. He pulls over to have a crying fit.
John is having a crying fit over the hatch door. “I’ve done everything you wanted me to do, so why did you do this?! Why?!”
A light shines through the hatch door window.

Dues Ex Machina is a GREAT EPISODE and I must say this is one very important episode. Great in so many ways. I LOVE this episode so much! There's so much valuable information to soak up. I want to mention the title. I know that from my days in theatre; Greek theatre. Could that be a connection? I think yes. I know it also could refer to 'god from machine' in Latin.

Emily's ranting could be the tales of a crazy woman, but there could be some truth to it too.
Again the reference of two halves being brought together to make one, a design of sorts.

Locke has a vision. {I don't like jumping ahead but in season 3 he has a vision again, both times involving Boone. What's his connection to Boone?} John feels compelled to open that hatch, but is that really part of his calling, his destiny? Is it going to end up being a "door" that shouldn't be opened?

 Things to note...Questions to ask...
♟Note when the “Flash” sounds.
Glitchy flash vision. Repeating. Written words/pen.
♟Game. Con. Lies. Costumes-Pretending to be someone else. Trap...Trapped in a game/pen?
Information on drivers license is contradictory.
♟Eyes! Eye colors. Vision. See. Glasses.
♟Emily obviously has blue eyes and then is referenced having brown. Millipede coming out of the eye socket.
♟Red file. Drivers License. Admission papers.
♟Mental health. Santa Rosa. Hospital. Institutionalized.
♟St. Thomas Hospital
♟John talks about very worldly things, of ancient things often, Philosophy, engineering.
♟Mirror. Light.
♟Paralysis. Brain Tumor. Headaches. Light sensitivity.{Brain waves?} Wake up.
♟Feeling nothing. Schizophrenia. Crazy.
♟Family. Watching. Anthony is watching. Who else is watching and from where?
♟Design. Conceived. Invention. Created. Wires. {Machine}
♟Wacky paste. Drugs. Meds. Prescriptions. Alcohol/liquor.
John doesn’t seem to pay attention very well and he’s easily influenced.
♟The Priest/father’s true identity is revealed to be something else. Could John’s father or someone else be revealed to be something else? Hmmm.
♟Is something happening with their heads, while they are sleeping or under.  Something with their brain waves?  There seems to be something going on in their heads/minds.

Vocabulary and Research...
 Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche a 19th German philosopher and classical philologist. He suffered a mental breakdown and death (1889–1900) He wrote what was known as "Madness Letters" to his friends. He was diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia. At least one study has suggested that brain cancer(rather than syphilis).
Deus ex machine is a Latin term referring to a simplistic technique of resolving a plot.
Deus Ex Machina was a computer game.
♦ A Trebuchet is a siege engine that was employed in the Middle Ages either to smash masonry walls or to throw projectiles over them.
Tr├ębuchet in CHESS- A position of mutual zugzwang in which either player would lose if it is his turn to move.
Trebuchet MS is a humanist sans-serif typeface used in computer.
Immaculate: 1). absolutely clean, neat, and free from blemishes.  2). showing faultless perfection.
Conceive: 1). To think, imagine, or invent something.   2). To become pregnant.
♦  Dialysis (Greek "dialusis", meaning dissolution, "dia", meaning through, and "lusis", meaning loosening) is primarily used to provide an artificial replacement for lost kidney function due to renal failure.
Millipede is a 1982 arcade game and is the sequel to the arcade hit, Centipede.
IBM Millipede, a MEMS technology for non-volatile data storage.
Pen-1). Any of various instruments for writing or drawing with ink or a similar substance.   2). the profession of writing.   3). an enclosure used for confinement or safekeeping.   4). a dock having a protective concrete structure overhead, used to service and repair submarines.   5). A female Swan. 6). Short for Peninsula.   7). Short for Penitentiary.
Buddhist use 108 beads, representing the 108 human passions that Avalokiteshvara assumed when telling the beads.  This number also ensures the worshiper repeats the sacred mantra at least 100 times, the extra beads allowing for any omissions made through absentmindedness in counting or for the loss or breakage of beads.

Lost, trying to find something for a purpose.  Learning through trial and error.  Are some of these pupils repeating the same mistakes preventing them to move forward?   We know our Castaways are confined in this pen of sorts, but are some prisoners or patients/mental patients?  Is there a machine that helps them see?   Is someone playing god or playing a part in the “birds” Island experience/journey?   I think so.

Games and traps are all part of the plan.  Locke, a master at games and strategy but seems to lack common sense.  When John says the Island “wants me to follow what I saw”, could John have been wrong to follow what he saw?   Hence the reason for John losing the use of his legs; the “Island” may have been trying to get him to stop from making the same mistake again.   Is that possible?  Or is this what has to happen help him or someone else make progress?
Is John also part of this experience/journey because he is putting pieces in play for Anthony or someone else?  Or is this the test given to John and only John, or is it about someone else?  In the flash while bird hunting Anthony tells John “These doves fly a lot faster than you think. So you gotta really lead them.You have to drop it and I'll cover you.”   Doesn’t it seem like that’s what happened here with Boone?  Would Shannon count as well?

If John is not a guest could he be a major player or even architect in all of this?  Or is he a lost dog, merely a pawn or a knight?
Bottom line here...what is real and what’s not?  But the answers are right in front of our “blurry “eyes.

Love to all who are "Lost"™

PS: I must note that as I transferred these notes over here that it was very apparent in this episode that the whole Boone-Locke vision from Further Instructions was foreshadowed right here, as is what we saw from then and all the way through season 5.  Here Boone tells Locke he has to get him back to Jack.   This line and other clues from Deus Ex Machina and the amount of clues I felt I got from the Further Instructions vision reaffirms my theory on the vision not being about Eko but indeed about Jack.  But how else does Eko factor in if at all? But we do know John's "further instructions" came from Eko's stick. I also feel this episode does indeed lay out a huge amount of detail to the "whole" of the story. It's a nice little play book!

Note: SKADDEN PHARMACY is Emily's pharmacy here but in Something Nice Back Home Jack gets his prescription from Kaddaen's Pharmacy.   Skadden/Kaddaen's anagrams to Dad Snake.

In Hearts and Minds during Boone’s vision, he and Shannon were being chased by a giant bird.
Click for my notes on Further Instructions and ?.

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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.