September 23, 2014

The ODI & STV LOST Reunion Podcast

Hello, LOSTies!

Here we are, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of LOST!
It has been very emotional to reminisce about our time spent with LOST. It was a very special time for all of us. I believe it goes without saying... I really miss LOST.

For all of you that are missing ‪‎LOST‬ and our ODI LOST Podcast, here is part one to our 10 year LOST Reunion Podcast.

Part one features Anil and Karen from The ODI LOST Podcast, CJ from STV Podcast, JoOpinionated from Cancer Gets Lost, and a quick chat with the owner of Spoiler TV and DarkUFO, Andy (DarkUFO).

.00 - A quick chat with DarkUFO
0.28 - An in-depth chat with Karen and Jo
1.38 - End
Click the link below to head on over and share the 10th Anniversary of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815 with us.

STV LOST Anniversary Podcast

July 28, 2014

LOST Celebrates 10th Anniversary at SDCC2014

Dear fellow LOSTies,

... It IS my destiny, dammit! I can do this! It's destiny!!!

May 21, 2014

Spoiler TV: ONCE Upon A Time Finale Podcast... and Zombies!

Hello, Oncers!

I had the pleasure of being asked by the awesome guys over at Spoiler TV (@SpoilerTV)  to sit in with them and discuss the ONCE Upon A Time season finale.  It was great to chat about the finale and tons of fun for me to jump once again into the podcast universe with my dear friends Anil (one of my two partners) of The ODI LOST Podcast (@TheODI) and CJ (@cjsonic) of Spoiler TV.

Not only did we discuss the magical ONCE Upon A Time finale, but we also dove into a debate about surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.  Good fun!  Plus Anil and I mention our plans to rejoin with our The ODI LOST Podcast partner, Danny, to give LOST fans a very special 10 year reunion podcast.

Here is the link for you to listen to this podcast: STV Podcast 73 - "What would you do in a zombie Apocalypse discussion, Once upon a time and more"

I can't thank the guys enough for the opportunity to hang out with them and discuss a couple of great TV shows.

March 4, 2014

More Islanders Cross the Bridge

This hat reminds me of the Sorting Hat from Hogwarts in Harry Potter's world.
If you know anything about me you know that I am a huge fan of ONCE Upon A Time... and of course, my constant, LOST.  Sunday can't get here fast enough as I'm anxiously awaiting the return of ONCE Upon A Time! I'm also thrilled to see the bridge that connects LOST to ONCE Upon A Time is being well traveled. I consider the "Island" is neighbor to Storybrooke and the many magical and mysterious lands of ONCE Upon A Time. More and more LOST alumni are making their way over to the adventurous fairy tale.

Two such alumni include the lovely Rebecca Mader and awesome Eric Lange.  Both have scored roles on the beloved abc TV show, ONCE Upon A Time. LOSTies will remember both Mader and Lange's LOST characters are shown to exist in more than one "phase" of the "Island's" reality, and with variations in each one's stories. They do however share a past living with/in the DHARMA Initiative.

Rebecca Mader’s role on LOST was as the Geronimo Jackson loving anthropologist – archaeologist, Charlotte Staples Lewis; whom fell victim to the side effects of temporal displacement. Mader’s witchy ONCE character will have history with the Evil Queen Regina, and we hear that this green skinned character will be wicked! I can't wait to see where this OZ influenced journey brings us.
Eric Lange's LOST character was famed Stuart Radzinsky. Radzinsky was a member of the DHARMA Initiative and worked at the Flame Station; we see him crafting a model of the Swan Station in 1977. Radzinsky also served as hatch partner to Kelvin Inman in the Swan Station. Lange's ONCE role is as young Prince Leopold, Snow White's loving father. I'm very excited to see him in this new role.