The Box

      "Careful observation is the only key 
        to true and complete awareness."
The one true way of finding truth is to stop, look, listen and learn.
Why? Because Facts + Clues + Evidence = TRUTH.  Truth = The true or actual state of a matter.

It's time to wake up to the truth!

I have been asked countless times over the years why I put so much time into all the research and learning involving the TV show LOST, and my answer is very, very simple: I wanted to take the journey right alongside of the Castaways and learn as much as I could as I walked the path.  The only way I can explain my being so absorbed in the "zone" to become enlightened is that for me, it's as if I became the experience.  There was a life changing event that jump-started me and put me on my LOST adventure back on that infamous day, September 22, 2004; you can find out more about that in another post.

Ultimately I knew if I wanted answers I had to find them myself and not rely on others for the truth. After all, my truth may not be the same as your truth.   I believe it's important for each of us to perceive the answer on not only an intellectual level, but also on an internal and intuitive one.  I'll never outright give you the answer or tell you what to think; but the information is here for you to fit into the puzzle by yourself.  I'm only trying to encourage you to think, and more specifically, to think outside the box. 

There is no way I could calculate the amount of actual time spent on all of this, although it is much easier to equate it to time spent with the Castaways plus ten!  The journey was a thrilling and exhilarating challenge that at the same time was physically and mentally exhausting.   I had to keep in mind that patience was to become my friend and that the journey is going to take as long as it takes.

It is okay with me that some LOST viewers have not been kind when reminding me that I read way too much into things, when in reality the issue may be that they have not bothered to read deeper, hence the reason they are still lost.   Don't get me wrong, this is not a bad or negative thing or even a matter of one person being right and another being wrong- not at all!   It is just that every single one of us sees something different and with varying levels of intensity than another.   I truly believe we all brought something to the LOST table.

Do you want to peek into the box?
A mystery is only a mystery while trying to see the truth because the answers are right in front of our eyes; we just have to become a little more like Sherlock Holmes with our investigating skills.
You need to closely examine all the evidence, be aggressive when probing the clues- and more importantly the real evidence that is presented and not give in to the razzle-freakin'- dazzle of it all.

The fascinating thing about LOST is that there really isn't just one correct answer as far as personal perception goes, but there definitely is a singular core truth/axiom to the story.

It's all in the details, and they're wrong.
This is one of my favorite lines from the show and I recall it often, as it is a hint for us to pay attention to the details.  I have found that many viewers easily toss details away, especially when they are "demystified" by the powers that be.  This is a big mistake, as it is those detailed bits of information that contain the answers that they shrouded on purpose.
The writers (of whom I completely adore, have great respect and admiration for; they inspire me tremendously and have changed my life), crew and continuity experts involved in the show do their very best to hide the truth from you.  And yes, they've even skirted an issue, feign ignorance, provided misinformation in order to distract and outright fibbed about information you have actually seen and heard with your own eyes and ears. This is done to purposely steer you away from the truth.  You should trust in what you yourself saw, heard and even felt in an episode.   If they made their guilt obvious even to the casual viewer there would be no need for us to work so hard to follow along and discover the truth.   They always wanted us to work very hard to find the answers. That was all part of the plan.

Basically what I am saying is to watch and listen for minute details in every single thing you observe and hear.  Trust me it will all be worth it.

Here is an example of a situation in which we all heard something and questioned it, yet viewers doubted their own eyes and ears because it was "denied" and "excuses" and "explanations" were given to this moment.

Martin Keamy slips about the connection and blurring of "Island" events. 

Directions to opening the box:
Things You Will Need to Find Your Truth:
  1. All six seasons of the LOST DVDs
  2. An open and alert mind 
  3. Lots of paper and pens
  4. A dictionary and thesaurus
  5. Research websites or books (i.e. various encyclopedias, novels, etc.) and music
  6. Time to carefully review all clues
  7. Patience
  8. Wisdom
The next thing you have to do is carefully review every component of LOST while experiencing each episode.  LOST is a Meta puzzle: a mystery, a riddle, a treasure hunt, cipher, a word play game and so much more.

You must constantly question what, where, when, why, who, and how.   It is very important to consider the meaning of every fact you're given; this includes visual, audio and especially the subliminal.

As you write down the facts, write down the wide variety of things that come to mind when you think about each part of the story.  The important step is getting all the information down on paper.

Much of the time on LOST, the real definitions and meanings of certain things are very different than how you or ever your friends may have always assumed.  The use of a dictionary, thesaurus and research books/websites (various encyclopedias, novels, music, etc.) are necessary in order to research the meaning of the facts given in the story.   This is an objective way to delve into the real meaning or meanings of the clues you are trying to piece together.
Once you have objectively defined each part of the story you'll find a major theme that runs through the entirety of story.  This major theme is your biggest clue on how to see the truth in LOST.

The final step is to use your wisdom to become enlightened to the meanings and truth of LOST.   Your life experiences, knowledge and information come in handy and play a role in this quest, so use it in conjunction with the literal information you gathered. You'll be amazed at the completion of the LOST puzzle, especially the revelation of the truth of the story.

When gathering evidence you must first understand that you are looking for the subtle, not the obvious. LOST is filled to the brim with subliminal clues, cues and information, and lots of questionable suspicious goodies.

Gathering evidence means taking notes, and I mean lots of notes.  Another great tool I've used in my arsenal is the use of screen shots that I take myself.  Take special care to note any abnormalities in the continuity of the story, people, items, things and events.   These abnormalities are present therefore are imperative to the story and its mystery.  You need to ask yourself why these abnormalities exist and why are "the powers that be" trying to derail you from the truth.   You will notice that I always remind you that you cannot count out "the powers that  be" as suspicious players in all of this.    Remember their actions and reactions contribute to the entirety of the story.

Keep notes about any parts of the story that contradict each other.  Contradictions may point you in the direction of the truth. 

Additional Hints

* Listen to the characters' stories and interactions.  I mean really listen to the dialogue; the words and phrasing used is always more telling that you might assume.

* Notice how on- "Island" and off- "Island" events and experiences blur together. 

* Look for anything that may have been moved or otherwise altered within a scene.   Such details include: when things show up wrong or different than you observed them in a previous scene/viewing.  A few examples are items being placed in different places or even showing up in another characters "Flash", dates of birth being different or not adding up,  repeated dialogue and repeated dialogue that varies slightly when the scene is repeated, subliminal clues in words on signs, misspelled words on signs, the recycling of "people" in varying "Flashes", symbolism, etc.   You can find plenty of picture proof to such occurrences here: Data and Evidence.

Here is an example clip where we see different versions of things:

I remind you not to fall for excuses, explanations, gossip and razzle freakin' dazzle by "the powers that be".  Everything you see and hear is there for you to see and hear!

Again ask yourself if the details you noticed can be explained by connections to people, issues circumstances, etc., and disregard any and all outside interference to your investigation, i.e. other theories on the story, message boards/forums and such.
Be sure to write down all the possible solutions to LOST.  Use all the information and evidence gathered to deduce the meaning of LOST.

"Every question I answer will only lead to more questions."
Don't let that awesome LOST quote cause you additional anxiety.  LOST is a Hydra that constantly answers one question while immediately following it up with another puzzling question.  Rest assured you will find your way closer to the truth as you make progress.
It is important not to make assumptions or throw in doubt in order to compensate for lack of knowledge and/or evidence.  You may just have to dig deeper to probe a clue.   Be cautious as it only takes one assumption to totally stymie your audacious investigation, hence eliminating all hope of you solving LOST.

Well, you found yourself perusing my LOST Notebook, with its plethora of researched information.  Before you read through each of my episode notes I suggest heading over to the tab titled Your Orientation.  There you will get a bit of insight to how my handwritten notes and research is conveyed to you in the posts.

Be sure to go to the tabs labeled Data and Evidence, Instructing Further, Missing Pieces Mobisodes for a complied version of things I detailed in all of my notes for each episode.
Also my posts titled ...And Yet We Keep Playing It and Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, may serve as some additional guidance for you.
You will find deeper exploration of details within the individual episode notes I posted. Just use the drop down menu for each episode title.

Sherlock Holmes is quoted as saying, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."   And then you must not forget about Occam's Razor.  With the work done and your investigated information in front of you, it will be very easy to see how the answer is the simplest one.

I've always felt that the most important part of LOST is to have fun exploring the "Island", but you may find you are exploring yourself as well.

The precious part of this adventurous journey is that for all of us, once that special package is opened we can see we truly have been given a beautiful gift. 

Love to all who are "LOST"™