April 14, 2011

The ODI Examines The End P2 and The New Man in Charge.

The ODI Examines The End P2 and The New Man in Charge.
Our chat about the finale/The End P2 and The New Man in Charge is finally here! Thank you for your patience.

It was wonderful to have meaningful LOST discussion with both The ODI and Vozzek/Danny again.  In this second part of the recap we covered every aspect of the on-island adventures of Jack and the Castaways in The End and then the epilogue, The New Man in Charge.  We get in to some really deep facets of the story including the literal and the metaphor, how the "sideways" connects and the meaning of this epic story as we saw it in its entirety.  I think you'll be very interested to see how the three of us had differing views on some of that.

I want to thank The ODI and Vozzek for including me in your LOST discussions. We really do share a passion for all things LOST and I know we enjoy our in depth talks about it.

I hope you all enjoy the podcast and we look forward to getting together to do another one soon!  Damn, I miss LOST SO MUCH!

Note: With about 38 min left  in this podcast I want to be clear that I was referencing Dharma bars not Apollo bars as I inadvertently called it. Bwahaha!

A little site side note: I've spent the last few months compiling information from my own posted notes into a few of the tabs at the top labeled Data and Evidence and Instructing Further. Be sure to check them out.
Click here for Part 1 of The End recap podcast.

For those that can't access it via iTunes here is an audio player that includes all 3 hours of fun!

ODI LOST Podcast 73 - Series Finale Recap Part 2 and New Man in Charge
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UPDATE: I feel it is important to share these bits of information with you. After we recorded this podcast Damon Lindelof was involved in a feud with George RR Martin over at Twitter. The reason I'm noting it here is because Damon gives us a little more insight to the Castaways' state of existence during the story, which I think you'll find helpful.   Nonetheless, Damon was bothered by George's article and took a stand.

Damon's Tweets regarding the article:
* George RR Martin is terrified of "pulling a LOST" by ending Game of Thrones shittily. In related news, my therapist just hit the jackpot.

*Here's the link to George's lament and why I won't be sleeping tonight --!5788838/george-rr-martin-talks-about-world+building-tinkering-and-the-ending-of-lost

* Thank you tweeps. In but five minutes you have made me feel better. But George? You got yourself a feud, motherfucker.

* Winter IS coming, bitch.

* I don't take issue with his opinion, I take issue with the fact that he coined "Pulling a LOST" as empirically "fucking up the ending"

* Not to mention, he agreed to be say nice things if I sent him Mr. Friendly's beard, which I did

* I've just been informed George is working on his feud response. I'll have it in FIVE YEARS!

* @ditzkoff Oh my gosh! You're not taking MY side?!? And trust me, he knows he's in a feud.

* Two final thoughts, George. A. They weren't dead the whole time.  B. 1997 called. It wants its web design back.

* @ditzkoff I stand by the ending of the show and defend it accordingly. Until I am worthy of the New Yorker, this is the platform I've got.
And tying into that: This is from Inside Media with LOST, JJ Abrams, On Purgatory Theory, Paley Center.