December 30, 2008

DSA Week 6. Fashion Faux Pas & Frequent Flyer Miles.

Hi Losties!
In this week's DSA Damon and Carlton's email wishes all us "Dharma Folk" a happy new year. They also gave us a bit of info on what they have been up to during the holiday break. They have been spending time with family {always a great thing!}, reading, writing, and catching up on "Top Chef".

We are artfully asked if we know anything about the airline. Ajira Airways
Their sign off is sweet with well wishes for a Happy New Year, and we're told to ring in the New Year safely..."No DUI's, okay?" {That's interesting to close with a comment about DUI's. lol}

The password to enter our site is-emal (anagram-lame ,male, meal)

Dark suit, white shoes?
This week's "Post Christmas, Pre-New Year" video clip, complete with edits and beeps, starts off with the boys revealing this is "Take 2" of the filming of this clip. Apparently someone goofed and they had to start over.
Damon looks as if he’s “somewhere else” for a moment. lol. But then he tells Carlton, “Don’t blow it.”
They “act” as if they celebrated the holidays, and got everything they wanted. But in reality this segment was filmed the first week December.

They tackle more “fan” questions from all over the world. WooooHooo! Good Times!!

One fan from New York asked a rockin' question, wondering if Geronimo Jackson will have a reunion to record a follow up album to Magna Carta.  The boys tell us Eddy Kitsis is a Geronimo Jackson historian, and has researched the band extensively Several of the band members, including Keith Strutter apparently are…{Guess…)... Missing. {Is that the same as in “Hiding”? lol}
A reunion probably isn’t in the cards, but, they have unearthed a recording from the mid 70’s.

Another fan asks why Jack’s dad is wearing white shoes with a dark suit on the island. Who would bury someone dressed in this fashion faux pas? It is not a screw up from their costume department. We will find out more about this bold fashion statement this season. That's great because I have many sleepless nights thinking about this. Really, who wears white shoes with a dark suit, red shoes with a dark suit, black and white vans? The "Worst Dressed List" goes on and on!!

Another great question asked, if there will be a lovin' for Ben. And fan Steve Downer, who Damon has a bit of fun with his name says, “Did you go to Downer’s surprise party? What a blast.” Anyway, Mr. Downers asks if we’ll see the Four Toed Statue again.

Passwords: LaFleur. Qilak. Adella Courey. Kapalaran. yksnizdar. emal.


Fancy Ajira Airways is up and flying!
The site is filled with hidden pictures, codes, and crafts!
* Destiny Calls
* Destination-DESTINY
* Fly anywhere for $87.00  What's the catch? I have to read the fine print.
* Booking your flight hints to flight 316.
* Man in dark suit {limo driver perhaps} holds a sign with 316 on it.
* Origami Ball instructions. When folded properly reveals GUM Guam Destinations.

Hidden codes translated by friends of the ODI.
* Translated codes:
Home page-
Translation of code-For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (From John 3:16)

So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about Hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that.

Translation-Destinations- PINEAPPLES IN HAWAII


Translation About us- WHERE AMERICA'S DAY BEGINS.

I find the ABOUT section of Ajira Airways important. Read this....

Welcome to Ajira Airways, a new kind of flying. We take our passengers from the whirlwind of their world into the wild possibilities of this infinite planet. Dreams are made in the atmosphere, and we’re here to make them yours. So never say never to saying goodbye to little pillows, peanuts and kicked seats. Your living room has grown wings and is starting over in a surprise locale.

Get lost in the world with groundbreaking promotions like Destination: Destiny that keeps your flight destination a mystery until you get there. We’re changing the way people think about travel this isn’t vacation, this is your life... escaped -  Let us deliver your destination by revealing your destiny.

The skies have no limit with our new destinations beginning January 21st. So go on an adventure anywhere on the globe and re-imagine your world to be as big as ours. No Borders, Now Boarding - Ajira Airways

What does that sound like to you? Maybe you don't even have to leave your living room. lol!

(click pictures to enlarge)

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* What is the deal with kitchens and food?
* Take 2, re-do, do-over,
* 316.
* Travel.
* Island hopping. More than 1 island.
* Arctic adventures. Some place very cold!
* Australia.
* Ancient secrets.
* MacCutcheon/ Antonio MacCutcheon
* Pilots and Sailors.
* Avoid a new South Pacific location trouble area.
* South Pacific Triangle.
* Mrs. Hawking.
* Widmore
* Christian.

These boys sure know how to deliver us information and clues without you even realizing it. That is friggin' awesome!
I love that Ajira Airways is for island hoppers.
I want my adventurous dreams to become......

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Thanks so much to The ODI and friends for the screen caps and translations of codes.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

December 26, 2008

DSA Week 5. I'll ride in the Mystery Machine.

Hi Losties!
This weeks Damon and Carlton DSA holiday extravaganza was very entertaining. I waited for this weeks DSA email with just as much enthusiasm I have while waiting for the arrival of Santa.

Password to enter: yksnizdar = radzinsky

The boys were hawking the season four DVD'S.
They tell us that they took all the “Flash forwards” from that season and put them in linear fashion.

They also show us a “replay” of the “future” video clip of Damon and Carlton.
I consider this clip a “replay” because it was already shown at this years comic con.
Re-introducing a "four years in the future version" of Damon and Carlton, we learn they are in hiding because LOST ended catastrophically.
They considered their watching of the season four DVD extras {That contained this “future” video clip} liberating.   It enabled them to completely change their game plan. They realized the mistakes that they made in ending the show badly.  With that “future” information, they have completely changed their course.
A New Game Plan.

Damon- “Those guys are never going to exist.”

Then the “Flash sound” and we see their “Flash”…

Seemingly somewhere underground, in hiding. {Looks kind of like the connecting hallways of the Hatches.}
Damon wearing a New York Yankees world champions 2010 and an eye patch.

Carlton with a mustache, apparently supports Obama for four more years.
They bicker about things not turning out so well.
I was cracking up over these two bickering about how things turned out.
Talking about Paradox, “ if we can change any of this.”
A paradox problem.
Carlton believes if Damon could just look at the tape they can just write a new season 5 and 6; The show will end well.
Damon would love to look at the tape but he has no “depth perception.
The boys continue on with cute censored reveals of character and storyline and convincing that each others story ideas led to the canceling the show before the end of the series.
They made mistakes.
They wind up that clip with sharing their distaste for each other, and strangling each other...
Then in a Flash we are brought back to them today, shaking hands and warmly sharing that they will always be friends.
Damon-“Here’s to changing the future
Carlton says the show is going to speed to an incredible fantastic ending. {Hello, I don’t want it to ever end!}
Note that their "future" tape has glitches.

Two New characters are shown in a quick flash snapshot.
Ceaser and Ilana.

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Backwards.
* Will we see the written game plans or rules changed again?
* Re-write the script
* Game.
* New York.
* Underground.
* Depth and Perception.
* Con.
* Believe.
* Paradox
* Or are we just dealing with a pair of docks? Lol!!
* Hiding. The Dharma benefactors went into hiding. Dalton goes into hiding. The island residents are always trying to hide. Don’t they all realize “Hiding is pointless” ?!
* Is something going on with dimensions? Or something with people having different perceptions of things/time/distance/issues/experiences, etc.?
* Are we still dealing with “optical illusions” to some degree?
* As much as things change...will they stay the same? The "universe" has a way of course correcting.
* Is there a glitch in the matrix?
* Should I keep my research and clues about Crete, Ancient scripts (Linear A, Linear B)?

Vocabulary and Research...
* Paradox- A self contradictory statement, which can only be true if it is false, and vice versa. An unanswerable question.
Paradox can be found in Temporal Paradox for time travel issues. Puzzles, Logic, Math, Statistics, Probability, Geometry, Chemical, Physical, Philosophical, Economics, Morals and so much more.
* Depth-is the visual ability to perceive the world in 3 dimensions.
- To make sense of distance.
* Depth perception arises from a variety of depth cues. These are typically classified into binocular cues that require input from both eyes and monocularcues that require the input from just one eye. Binocular cues include stereopsis, yielding depth from binocular vision through exploitation of parallax. Monocular cues include size: distant objects subtend smaller visual angles than near objects. A third class of cues requires synthetic integration of binocular and monocular cues.
* Backwards- is the fourth Red Dwarf novel by Rob Grant.It is set on the fictional backwards universe version of Earth.

I truly adore these guys. These two men along with all the writers and producers of the show are truly AMAZING! I for one can NOT live in a world with no LOST in it.

I would LOVE to imagine there is a bigger clue lurking about.  Sure, I’ve been made fun of for my "over thinking" clues and such, but if I could wish for one clue in this bit of fun info delivered from Darlton, and I could manipulate it in to a clue I WANT, it would be that the LOST series would run for four more years.

In all seriousness, again, we are dealing with perception. And remember, everyone’s perception is different.

Maybe when all is said and done the big reveal will end up being one hell of a Scooby Doo ending.
Just like that great cartoon, maybe some of the unusual forces will turn out to have very rational explanations. I always loved how the criminals in that show wore costumes, masks, and used special effects to scare the shit out of the kids.

You can read my blog about LOST and perception here-(click here)...
Objects in mirror are closer than they appear

Passwords: LaFleur. Qilak. Adella Courey. Kapalaran. yksnizdar.

Love to all who are “LOST”™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

December 15, 2008


WooooooooooooHooooooooooo! I can't believe I'm excited to go to my in-box and check my email the past couple of weeks.
Today we received our DSA email!
The password of the day...Kapalaran.

First of all I have to tell you my NAMASTE ringtone never worked. WTF is that about?

Leave it to Damon and Carlton to address fan questions about our LOST puzzle with utter and complete vagueness and inconclusiveness. Still leaving fans with unclear answers to an already uncertain indistinctness of the story. Yeah! LOVE THAT!!

The boys in their festive Santa hats greet us with a Happy Holiday’s; no matter what your religious or holiday preferences are.
They have a menorah, 10 candy canes, 4 dreidels and Damon’s labeled stapler.
Who, by the way, fears someone may “take” it. Really, Damon? A stapler?!

The office is decorated with a silver tinsel tree, and lovely tinsel garland on the wall. A tiny palm tree also is an obvious part of the decor.
Damon hangs up a wreath. Now we can begin the holidays.

Apparently my LOST questions are never intriguing enough because they never get addressed in any of the LOST Q&A’s. I guess I don't have to send them in any longer.

Darlton read questions from New Jersey {Damon's hometown}, Belgium, Texas (default pic is of an “eye” Love that!) Alabama and England.

We learn basically…Nothing!
They were good questions. Ones I would like some friggin answers to!
They mention things referencing the “who” needs to go back to the “Island".
They share that they cried over the death of Charlie, sighting it the saddest moment of the show.
We may never know what the “runway” was for in Season 3, or maybe it will be essential to the plot of season 5. Which ever it ends up being, someone is getting punched in the stomach.
Conveniently they pick a “Chicken and the egg” question.
In the case of the Monster, they do say it existed on the “Island” before Dharma Initiative arrived there.
Damon notes that Nottingham England has a sheriff there.
And they read a lively run on question about Jacob maybe being the heart of the "Island", save the island, save Jacob, yada yada yada.

Well, it seems The Long Con continues to Razzle Freaking Dazzle us.
At least they finally admit to calculating what we see and hear so it all stays nice and hazy.

(click to enlarge)

In a hotel. Jack is shaving {mirror. Wearing a watch. Cut on right side forehead}
Ben is laying out clothes.
Jack- “So once we get Hurley, then what?”
Ben-“Then we get Sun. Sayid. and Kate of course.”
Jack- “I don't see that happening. When was the last time you saw him? Locke.”
Ben- (sighs) “On the Island. In the Orchid Station. {The Orchid Station is shown} Below the greenhouse. I told him I was sorry for making his life so miserable. And then he left. So obviously John's visit to you made an impression. What did he say to make you such a believer?” {Actually, wasn't it Ben who left first? He walked away from Locke, then Locke went to join up with Richard}
Jack- “Sawyer. Juliet. Everyone from the boat…everyone we left behind.
John said that they'd die too if I didn't come back.”
Ben- “Did he tell you what happened to them after the island moved?”
Jack- (shakes head) “No. No he didn't.”
Ben- “Then I guess we'll never know.”

Questions to ask...
* When is this Flash from? If this is a "Flash forward" then we're being led to believe it's three years since they left the island.
* Is it just me or do you ever feel like the "Flash Forwards" are really from before?
* Is this all a continuation of the "loop"?
* What does Ben mean by "I guess we'll never know."
* How does Locke make Jack a believer?

Vocabulary and Research...
* Kapalaran, Philippines- is situated in Misamis Occidental, Region 10, Philippines, its geographical coordinates are 8° 6' 19" North, 123° 43' 24" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Kapalaran. Misamis is the name of two provinces in the Philippines. Misamis Occidental and Misamis Oriental.

Passwords: LaFleur. Qilak. Adella Courey. Kapalaran.

Here are three new episode titles for you!
5.08 - LeFleur
5.09 - Namaste
5.10 - He's Our You.

Love to all who are “LOST”™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers and I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

December 12, 2008

Not in Portland.

Let's talk about LOST! Not in Portland.
Juliet's back is to us as she sits on a beach looking out over the water at dawn. She is holding a case and crying. We see her get up.

We see her walk the hallway and pass by a man who says "Hello." {Ethan! And this hallway looks very familiar.}

Juliet takes the needle off a record that has ended; there are candles burning. She's still holding the little black case. Her sister Rachel is sleeping.  There is a Ying/Yang Bagua lamp on the nightstand; the book Carrie by Stephen King and lots of prescription bottles too.   Juliet opens this case to reveal it is a syringe and medicine/vaccine.
Rachel wakes up.
Juliet-"We don't have to keep doing this you know."
Rachel-"Are you saying this because you don't think it's gonna work? Or because you're afraid he'll find out."
No answer.
Juliet injects her in her lower belly and tells her she doesn't like her living there alone.  But Rachel likes living on the beach. They are in Miami were every thing's on the beach. {We see out the window an Oceanic plane flies over.}

Juliet stands staring at focused Jack who is talking to Kate via the walki talki about their escape to safety.
Jack-"Kate, listen to me, just listen to me. Do you remember what I told you on the beach? Do you remember what story I told you when you were stitching me up? Do you remember it?!"
Kate-" Yes, yes, I remember."
Jack-" When you get safe, you radio me and you tell me that story."
Kate-"Jack, please."
Jack-"If I don't get a call from you in the next hour I'm going to know something went wrong and he dies!"
Kate-"I can't leave without you!"
Jack-"Yes you are. Go."
Kate-" Jack, I can't!"
Jack-"Go! Now!"
Kate-"No, I can't!"
Jack yells- "Kate, damn it, run!"  {lol! He actually gives her permission to run.}

Kate and Sawyer find new strength and fight off the two Others.

Tom demands Juliet stop the bleeding and stitch Ben up, but she can't fix this; she's not a surgeon. {How convenient!}

Sawyer punches Danny in the nose again and rams his head into the RED button in the cage.  The 3rd smash shocks/zaps Danny. Kate and Sawyer lock the two men in a cage and run.

Tom asks Juliet suggestions on what to do.   Juliet tells the other doctor in the room to find Danny, "Tell him to find Austen and Ford and bring them back."
Jack threatens if they do that then Ben dies; this is not a bluff!
Juliet –"No Jack, you won't."
She instructs them to go "get them" and if they have to "Kill them."

Juliet is walking up to an entrance to a university research lab that requires a key scan access card to enter.  The sign on the door says ACCESS INTO THE BIO-RESEARCH BUILDING THE BIO RESEARCH BUILDING IS AT SECURITY LEVEL 5. It also says 'For those without access, use the intercom system
Juliet enters using a card. {Miami Central University Medical Research Lab. RESTRICTED ACCESS CARD. RESEARCH LAB A-4}
As she walks down a long hallway her cell rings and Dr. Burke answers it.
The call is from Diane of Mittelos BioScience, confirming her appointment with them at 2:00.  Diane goes on to say Dr. Alpert is very much looking forward to meeting. {Doctor Alpert!}
Juliet enters a lab and takes two bottles of medicine for injections and {They are labeled Test Samples} she puts them in her large bag.  All of a sudden the lights go on!  Someone is coming in. Juliet hides. A man and a tall beautiful woman enter; he is showing her around, {or making out…whatever they call it these days. lol}
Juliet's cell rings again and on the 2nd ring she disrupts the call.
"Hello Juliet", says the man standing near her. He asks why she here. Juliet makes up a story about inverting some numbers.
This is Edmund her ex hubby. Edmund introduces Juliet to Sherry.
Edmund says, "Juliet's leaving."
Juliet starts to leave but Edmund stops her and asks, "Jules. Could you please turn off the lights?"
Juliet leaves and turns out the lights.

Back in the O.R. Juliet tells Jack he hasn't thought this through, "Your plan's not gonna work…Your friends aren't going to make it back to your side of the island...Because we're not on that island. We're on a smaller island two miles off shore."
This shocks Jack. Juliet wants to see if they can come up with some kind of peaceful resolution.
Jack laughs, "A peaceful resolution? Is that what you call asking me to kill Ben while on the operating table? Make it look like an accident."
Juliet denies Jacks accusation. Tom looks dumbfounded.
Jack insists she wants Ben to die. The two bicker and yell.
Tom finally yells, "ENOUGH! Get out." {Talking to Juliet.} Tom feels she can't stitch him up so she doesn't need to be there, "Go Julie."
Juliet walks up to Tom and says, "Don't let him fool you. He'll never let a patient just die." She exits.

Danny is yelling for someone to get them out of the cages and they are released.

Sawyer and Kate run through the jungle and they arrive at a beach. Kate sees another island across the way; she is shocked.  Now they need a boat.
Sawyer sarcastically says, "Yeah. A couple of towels and a buffet lunch."
Kate suggests, "We'll just keep following the beach. There's got to be one around here somewhere. How else do they get back and forth?"
Sawyer-"Why don't we just stop and ask for directions?"
Kate calls Jack on the walkie talkie and tells him they need a boat.
In the O.R. Jack yells to Tom, "How do they get off this island?"

Kate and Sawyer are shot at! The walkie is shot out of Kate's hand. It's Danny and a few Others. They have a little shootout.
Kate and Sawyer run back into the jungle and hide. Sawyer shoots two times and runs out of ammo. Kate hears a twig snap, it's Jason! He gets hit with something and falls. It's Alex; she is packing her sling shot!
Alex guides Sawyer and Kate, "This way."
They run and hide underground in a hidden pit. Danny and the guys are right over head but don't find them in their hiding place.
Sawyer–"Nice to meet ya, Sheena."

Juliet in white scrubs, is outside; She is upset and pacing. Tom comes out to tell her Ben's awake. Juliet is shocked and asks "How?"
Tom-"Shephard says he's a spinal surgeon. Not an anesthesiologist. Ben's asking for you."

Kate, Sawyer and Alex exit the underground pit.
Sawyer asks Alex, "This a hobby of yours, under dog? Digging holes?"
Alex-"Yep. That and basket weaving. Want one?" {like in the nut-house?}
Sawyer-"You happen to have a tunnel to the mainland?"
No she doesn't, but she has a boat.  Alex says they can have it but they have to go get her boyfriend first; he is being held prisoner. If they promise to help her, she'll get them back to the other island. So they go get Karl. {NOTE: Alex's EYE COLOR has changed FROM BLUE TO BROWN!}

Jack tells drowsy Ben that he stopped the surgery.
Ben-"I know, I've been able to hear you for a minutes now. It was very cleaver of you. I should've seen it coming.
{Is this part of the game? Are they playing Stratego?}
Juliet comes in to talk with Ben but he wants to talk to her alone; Jack won't allow it.
Ben-"Please. I'm asking you. One gentlemen to another. It won't hurt you to give me three minutes. Will it? I've only got 27 left."
{Like they are playing a gentleman's game! This one's on a timer!}
Jack warns Juliet about touching him or trying anything…She says she won't so Jack grants permission, "You can have three minutes."
Jack watches them from the observation room above.

Juliet and Ben talk. {We see Ben via the mirror.}
Tom joins Jack in the observatory and officially introduces himself to Jack.  We see Juliet put her head in her hands.
Tom shares, "They've got history."

Juliet comes out says to Jack, "I would like for you to go back in there, put Ben under and finish the surgery….Because I'm going to go help your friends escape."   {Note the ring that we have been seeing Tom wear the past few episodes!}
Jack looks up at Tom.

Alpert makes his pitch of Mittelos. Mittelos Bioscience is based in Oregon. We're just outside of Portland.
He is showing images of the "people" of Mittelos. "These shots may seem a little cheese ball, but our people really are this happy. We're privately funded. Privately funded means freedom."
He goes on to show her images from their organized outings in and around the Portland area.  Images of people hiking, biking, river running. {Note we see his reflection in the table.}
Dr. Burke -"When you, your company reached out to me, I was flattered. I don't really know why your company would really want me."
Richard- "You successfully impregnated a male field mice."
Dr. Burke- "He didn't carry to term."
Richard shows her MRI images and asks her what she sees.
Dr. Burke checks it out, "Well, it's a human womb judging from the decomposition of the endrometrium I would say that the woman was somewhere in her 70's."
Alpert- "Well, actually, she's 26."
Dr. Burke wonders, "What happened to her?"
Alpert-"What if I told you, you could have complete freedom and money to find out? We think you're special Dr. Burke. And we want you to lead a team of highly trained people, because we think you're just that good."
Juliet says she can't; her ex husband doesn't want her to have anything.
Alpert asks if they should reach out to him on her behalf.
Alpert wonders, "There must be something he would respond to."
Dr. Burke-"If he were hit by a bus. How bout that? That would work."
She realizes that was a totally inappropriate outburst and turns to say she's sorry, "Whatever you think I am. I'm not. I'm not a leader, Mr. Alpert. I'm a mess."
She leaves crying. {Love the fact that the image of the MRI/womb is on Juliet.}

Juliet walks down a hall and opens the door to the monitor room. She sees where Kate and Sawyer are and also sees that Alex is with them.

A guard/Aldo is outside another building. He's reading a Brief History in Time.
Alex is hoping Karl is in there.
Kate has an idea how they're going to get by with one gun and no bullets.
Aldo is making notes in his book.

Alex, with Kate and Sawyer at gunpoint, marches them up and tells Aldo to open the door. Alex tells Aldo they must have gotten out of their cages; she found them in the jungle.   So Aldo tries call Ben, via Danny, to verify that her prisoners were to be taken there; Alex is not supposed to be there.
{Aldo doesn't know Ben was in surgery today?}
Aldo tells Danny that Alex, Austen and Ford are there. Before he can say much more  Sawyer tackles Aldo.
You can hear Danny saying "Don't believe what she says".
Alex breaks the walkie!
Sawyer holds the rifle over Aldo and says, "Don't get mad at me just cause you were dumb enough to fall for the ol Wookie prisoner gag."
Alex wants to know where Karl is but Aldo isn't telling. Kate tells Sawyer to shoot him in the knee because they don't have time for this!    She takes the rifle from Sawyer and knocks out Aldo. {Not shoot him in the knee.}

Karl is down the hall in room 23.
Sawyer-"Damn good con Freckles. I almost believed you were gonna shoot that boy."
Kate says it wasn't a con.

They find room 23. There is loud Techno beat/music coming from the room.
Sawyer says to the girls, "I ain't feeling this."

Once inside they see it's a brain washing room.
Karl is there with Funky eye wear, and I.V., the music is pumping and the video imagery is playing.  All of them stop for a minute to look, but Sawyer is hypnotized. He's watching the images. {Is this familiar to him? Or memory of a bad rave?}

Here' only a few images…eyes, Plant a good seed and you will joyfully gather fruit, Asian dolls, Ancient coins- one is dated 1921, "everything changes", CD/DVDs, sailboat, compass, a keyboard, flower, moon, (gun chamber Or clock parts? I can't tell), bugs, "We are the causes of our own suffering", fish, nest, speedometer, "God loves you as he loved Jacob", building with Alvar Hanso, Think about- with tribal masks, fireworks at night, Gerald Degroot?… {And a few very interesting and important flashes!} Sawyer carries Karl out.

 Danny slaps awake knocked out Aldo. Juliet informs Danny they are "letting them go."
Danny's shocked, "Ben's in surgery. I was just there!" {He was? Hmmm}
Juliet says that Ben woke up.
Danny-"Woke up? Huh?"
Juliet explains that Shephard won't finish the surgery unless he knows his friends are off the island.
Danny- "I know Ben would rather die than let them go!"

Dr. Burke is at Rachel's apartment. She shares with her sister the job "isn't for me."  She also feels it's to far away; it's in Portland.  Rachel wants to know if she said no because of her.
Dr. Burke wonders, "Why would I want to go all the way to Portland for research that doesn't even work?"
Rachel- "Because it does work.
Rachel is pregnant; she took a blood test too. {Note on her table is 'Glass Patterns quarterly' Widmore pregnancy test.}
It worked!
All Rachel's life she's wanted to have a baby and now because of her sister she is.
Rachel-"Now I just need to get healthy so I can see the little bugger get into an Ivy League school."
Rachel tells her to tell her ex husband of hers what he can do with his ethics.

Edmund is walking outside and talking on his cell with his mother; "Because you're insufferable. And you're mean. Well, you asked me for the truth, Mom." 
 Dr. Juliet Burke tells him that Rachel's pregnant.  Edmund needs to see her labs to verify the data.  Juliet's not interested in publishing because it's her sister.   Edmund  steps off the curb and gets hit by a bus {with an Apollo Bar ad on the side}right there in front of Dr. Juliet Burke.
{And a whole bunch of school kids with backpacks on! WTF is that about?!}

Jack is working on Ben. Tom doesn't like blood.
Jack taunts him with a lovely piece of tumor {I guess}.  Jack asks if they really can get on and off the island why didn't they just take him to a facility.
Tom tries to explains that since the sky turned purple…Oops! Jack has nicked an artery.
Tom-"Isn't that what you already did?"
Jack says yeah, "That was on purpose." {HA!}
Tom wants to know if he can fix it.

At the {outrigger} boat, Sawyer, Alex, Kate and Karl are about to get away.
Sawyer asks Alex, "So, you're the bosses daughter, huh? I never saw that coming."
As they/Sawyer get loopy Karl into the boat Karl says, "Danny."
Sawyer-"No, Sawyer."
Karl was warning him that Danny is behind him.  Danny points the gun at Sawyer and Juliet shows up shoots Danny with three shots.

Jack needs Tom's help with Ben's bleeding situation.

Juliet tells Kate, Sawyer and Karl they can leave but Alex cannot leave.
Juliet tells the girl, "We both know your father. And the only way he'll let Karl live is if you're here when he wakes up."
Alex and Karl share a moment; they've missed each other. {How long have they been kept apart?}

Jack is working on Ben with Tom's help. {They are helping each other. Ben's monitor shows 239.}
Kate's voice comes over the walkie. Jack wants Tom to hold the walkie up for him.
Tom asks, "What about the suction?"
Jack- "Just do it!"
Kate tells them they have a boat and their letting them go. Kate calls Juliet 'The blond woman' {no name}.
Kate goes on to retell the story Jack shared with her the day of the "crash".
"You were doing surgery on a girl and you messed up. You made a mistake. You tore something on her back and all the nerves came loose.  And you said you were so afraid. And you said the fear was so real. And you didn't know what to do, so you counted to five. And then you weren't afraid anymore. And then it was just gone. And you fixed her. You saved her."{Go back and listen to Kate tell the story.}
Jack tells Kate to promise never to come back for him.
 Kate-"Jack, where are you?"
Jack just tells Tom to turn of the walkie.  {Kate never makes the promise.}
Ben is fixed.   Kate gets away.  {Jack "saves" Kate…Maybe.}

Sawyer mentions "The trades are coming" so they shove the boat off and sail away.

In the morgue we see dead Edmund covered in a white sheet, not in a black body bag. Juliet is there because she needs to sign some paperwork. She puts her head in her hands and cries.

Back in the O.R. we see sleeping Ben. Jack watches over him from the observatory. Juliet shows up. Jack informs her he was able to remove the tumor and they have to biopsy it. Jack wants to know what happens now, "I just go back to my cell?"
Juliet-"Until they figure out what to do with you."
Jack feels he is owed an answer; he wants know what she and Ben spoke about in the O.R., what did Ben say to make her want to save his life. {She wanted to want to save his life!}

Richard and Ethan show up in the morgue as Juliet is crying. {That's convenient.} There are a lot of bagged bodies in there.
Richard saw what happened on the news so he's there to express condolences and offer her the job before he goes back up to Portland. Juliet realizes that in her interview she said she wanted him to get hit by a bus, and he was.
Richard realizes she's shook up, but this is just a tragic accident, "I don't even remember you saying that."
The timing is horrible but they really want her to go to work with them, "Just give us six months. If you need to, you can be back before your sister gives birth…. We are very thorough in our recruitment process." {Of course they are!}
Juliet wants her sister to come.
Richard tells her that won't work, "We're pretty remote. She wouldn't have access to the treatment that she needs."
Richard admits at that point they're actually not quite in Portland.

In the observation room Juliet tells Jack, "I've been on this island for three years, Jack. 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. He said that if I let him live and I helped you, that he would finally let me go home."
She cries and leaves. {But we all know Ben's version of what home is, isn't what we think it is.}

It's time for me to bring two very important things out to you…
As I have researched all my clue words and notes throughout these many blogs, I have talked about the Lostie's being in sleep states/altered consciousness, Flashes not being in linear in time or "off",  game, and maybe a couple of Flashes could be a look at life 'after/off' this "Island" and blurring of things.   I've also made mention that there is a possibility some things aren't real.
With that said, this episode added a whole other dimension for me.
When the MRI image came up in this episode I thought back to 'The Hunting Party'; Jack's MRI episode. Although there are many aspects of that episode that show me it could be 'life after/off this Island' for Jack, i.e. the beginning of Jack's marriage falling apart after a long absence, etc… Couldn't it be possible that all Flashes we see are really taking place on the "Island".

That brings me to room 23.
Could that be the very room these contrived memories/images are given to the Castaways/Tailies/Others/whoever.  What if there are five other rooms that do just that. 4 8 15 16 (23) 42.  That would make those numbers bad.  If this is the case, how many people have been in those rooms? How often?

We see Sawyer in room 23 and he is mesmerized-hypnotized!  Are we seeing that he/they have been in that/those rooms?!!  Have we finally seen proof of drugged induced brain washing.?  This would make the idea of manipulated memory and/or imagery on the "Island" fact.
Here it was an IV that drugged Karl with funky glasses.  Other ways to induce this state could be, hypnosis, mediation, mind control, drugs, drugs in food or water, injections or even an implant.  Are images from room 23, or any other rooms/reasons related to any of the Castaway's Flashes?!
AND…EYE COLOR CHANGES! EYE COLOR CHANGES ARE ALL OVER THIS EPISODE!  If you are a veteran reader of my notes you know I've been talking about EYE COLOR differences since season 1!  Changes from one color to another, also the intensity of the blue eye color. Could it mean eye color changes when they are in state of some sort of hypnosis or altered state of consciousness?   Or are we seeing a 'twin'? Or different…. What??

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Juliet can't stitch up Ben. She's not a surgeon.
* Every-thing's on the beach!

* Jack and Juliet have performed medical "miracles" of sorts.
* Juliet feels she's not a leader. Jack feels he's not a leader.
* Everyone is making deals.  Trades.
* Recruitment.
* Events in Flashes are reflected/blurred on the "Island".
* 2 sets of Losties???  More than one set of Others???  Imagery. Or...
* Trying to impregnate a woman who's actively going through cancer treatments…WHAT?! Is this reality? NO!
* Clues to "creating life" where there shouldn't be/isn't.
* Clues to bugs. What kind? Insects or electronic? A bug in the system?
* Juliet is called Juliet, Jules and Julie in this episode.
* We're on a smaller island two miles off shore….
* "We are the cause to our own suffering"…
* Black and White Bagua lamp.
* "He'll never let a patient just die."… Jack did let Boone go.
* Sawyer asks about a tunnel to the mainland.
* Ethan being in the same place as Juliet.
* Edmund getting hit by a bus. Was that the product of a wish?
* "Make it look like an accident."   Jack cutting Ben or Edmund getting hit by a bus?
* I wonder how many other things are made to look like an accident? Hmmm?!
* Alex hides Sawyer and Kate out in a pit. Ana Lucia kept prisoners in a pit.
* 3 Minutes. The episode '3 minutes' was the episode we went back and forth between different days. This was when Michael was out looking for Waaaaalaaaalt. That episode ends when Sun sees Desmond's boat out in the water. 3 minutes is also associated with Chess.
* Juliet and Ben have history. How long is Juliet really on the island? How old is Juliet? I'm just curious!
* Lab-Research lab-Labrador retriever. Is this "Island" a "lab"?
* Are the Others/Islanders keeping a long line of secrets for the Island, just like the Knights Templar and the Freemasons do? {Knights Templar or the Order of the Temple French- Ordre du Temple or Templiers.}

Vocabulary AND Research...
* DNA-
a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The main role of DNA molecules is the long-term storage of information. DNA is often compared to a set of blueprints, since it contains the instructions needed to construct other components of cells.
* Richard Aplert
-aka Baba Ram Dass. Born April 6, 1931.  A contemporary spiritual teacher and author.  He is very into Buddhism.  Along with his friends Timothy Leary and  Ralph Metzner, the three men took a lead from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, authored and participated in experiments investigating the therapeutic and religious possibilities of drugs such as mescaline, psilocybin and LSD.  That project became The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead (commonly referred to as The Psychedelic Experience) is an instruction manual intended for use during sessions involving psychedelic drugs

NOT IN PORTLAND MEANS…THE "ISLAND". {Or one of their "Islands"}

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace Jan 2008

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don’t claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don’t need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I’ll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


Let's talk about LOST! I Do.

The elevator doors open and out walks "Kate" carrying a red bag. She enters hotel room 752. {Song "Slowly".} The red bag contains a black box with her white bridal veil.
A cop knocks at the door. After a moment of role playing, her fiancé Kevin says he'll break the door down in two seconds. She lets him in; they're gonna get in on!
Kevin is a Miami police officer.

Kate wakes up in her cage to the sound of Sawyer throwing rocks at the lever and the recorded woman's voice saying "Warning" over and over.
She says "I thought you had to pull the lever.
He curtly replies, "I know how to get a damn fish biscuit."
Kate tells him go get her one.
Sawyer asks, "What? You trying to keep me productive?"

Juliet and Ben enter Jack's glass cell
Jack is looking at two X-rays. Ben looks hopeful.
Jack looking over file asks, "You took these blood tests? Made all the notations?"
Juliet nods yes. The X-rays are a week old.
Jack informs Ben, "The tumor on your spine is borderline inoperable. And at the rate it's growing that borderline goes away in about one week."
Jack asks if the O.R. they were in is fully equipped, i.e. anesthesia and sterile. Juliet says it is.
Jack tells Ben, "You need to be in surgery yesterday."
Ben says alright, whatever Jack needs is his. Ben is ready.
Jack laughs, he didn't tell Ben he would do the surgery, “I just wanted you to understand how you're gonna die. You think I believe you people? You think I trust you? That I'm gonna just do the surgery and hope that you let me go?" Ben looks surprised. Juliet wants Jack to calm down. Jack throws the file at Juliet only it's deflected by the glass cell. Ben is disappointed in Jack's decision. Jack tells Ben "Well Ben, at least you won't have to be disappointed for very long."

Kevin's badge.
"Kate” and Kevin are in bed. She tells him its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. Kevin tells her it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding.
She had tried on her dress, "I had to hold my breath to get the claspy things to clasp."
They're getting married in 12hours.
Kevin tells her to "You might wanna get clasping.
“Kate” looks troubled, their getting together was fast. Kevin feels "This is right. I know it's real. I love you Monika. She loves Kevin.

Danny comes to get Kate from her cage for work.
Kate wonders "What about him?" referring to Sawyer.
Danny says "He's got the day off. {Danny's nose isn't bandaged!} Kate won't work without him. Sawyer tells her to work; the man wants to give him a day off.
Kate- "No Sawyer. We're a team. You break the rocks. I haul em." {WHAT? I thought it was the other way around? When did that change!!!}
Danny gets Sawyer out of his cage, "I wouldn't want to break up the team."
Desmond covers Eko's body.
Locke takes Eko's cross. Nikki asks what happened to him.
Locke-"Must have been an animal, maybe one of the bears." {So, did they not hear any monster noises or what? They ran out of the Pearl as if they heard it!}
They're not going to carry him back, they will bury him "here".
Desmond asks "Are we?"
Locke feels there's just been a few too many funerals lately, "Nobody needs to see him like this. I slip back to the beach, get a couple of shovels."
Sayid wants to go with him. Locke says no, he'll be back in an hour. {An hour? Can't be.} Sayid will go as it's not safe to go alone. They both take their backpacks.
Sayid asks Locke "What killed Eko?"
Locke shares with him, "The folks at the beach call it the monster. I don't really have a name for it. You don't believe in monsters." {He drinks from water bottle.}
Sayid- "I believe in what I can see. But obviously you have. So why don't you tell me what you think it is."
Locke says it might be what brought them there.
Sayid-"So you believe that this monster decided that Eko was meant to die."
Locke- "I believe Eko died for a reason. I just don't know what it is yet."
Sayid asks if that's why he lied; they aren't headed back towards the camp. Locke says they are, they just need to take a little detour first.

Kate throws wood on the fire. Sawyer is putting rocks into the wheelbarrow. They hear "Compound Breached" over and over on the PA.
Danny-"Where is she? Someone's on the grid. He commands Kate and Sawyer on the ground and if Sawyer moves, shoot him.
Danny over the radio says- "Yeah. They're here. Did the doctor get out again?...You sure?...Well does he know?...How the hell did she get over here?"
Alex is sling shot-ing her way through the work site! She yells at Kate and Sawyer to "Get up! GO!"
Danny holds a gun to Alex asks what she's doing. They're in a face off.
Danny- "You know you're not supposed to be here."
Alex is pissed, "What did you do to him Danny? I want to talk to Ben. Danny gives the OK sign and tells her that’s a “great idea” as she gets grabbed from behind. Danny wants her out of there. As Alex is getting carried away she tells Kate, "Listen. Whatever they say, don't believe them. They're gonna kill your boyfriend... Just like they killed mine."

Kate is chopping rocks, as is Sawyer. She looks at him. Danny is talking to Juliet.
Danny-"I don't understand. It's supposed to be two weeks."
Juliet-"Our schedules been moved up."
Danny- "Is that an order?
Juliet- "It's coming from him."
Danny feels "That's stupid."
Juliet tells him "It’s not my call. It’s the way it is."

Juliet walks over to Kate, she would like for her to put the hood over her head and go with her. Kate isn't going to put a hood over her head because Juliet said please.
Juliet- "No. I think you're going to put a hood over your head because the man standing behind me, the one who's burning a hole in my back. That man is going to kill Sawyer. But if you put this on, and you come with me, There's something that you can do for us that will save his life."
Kate puts the hood over her head.

Monika is dressed in a wedding gown looking into a mirror. {Red curtains} Her future mother in law comes in to see her. There are a lot of excited policemen out there so she's asked them not to shoot their guns in the air when you say "I do". Suzanne gives her a necklace. {Looks like a locket with something engraved} Suzanne's mother gave it to her on her wedding day, "She told me someday I'd give it to my daughter. But, since I had four boys…here."
Monika puts it on, "It's perfect."

In the church the two are about to be wed. The preacher tells the congregation Kevin's been coming to the church since he's little.
The Preacher- "When I first met you Monika, I was struck by your honesty and devotion to Kevin. And when I asked him what he loved most about you, he said 'Because what you see is what you get.'

The couple exchange rings and vow the vows... The preacher pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. She seems happy. {Note the red decoration on the preachers outfit. Gee, ANY ORCHIDS IN THE CHURCH OR ON CORSAGES?! I'm just asking.}

Hooded Kate with Juliet walks down the hallway to Jack's glass cell. {Files that Jack threw are still on the floor.}
Jack looks at Kate. WOW! Such emotion! They go to each other and try to touch each other, only they are separated by the glass.
Juliet gives the two some privacy.
Jack asks Kate if she's Okay where are they keeping her and about Sawyer {Again note the fantastic way this is shot. The reflections (2) of their faces look like a hologram.}
Jack says he's great.
Kate tells him they are being kept outside in a cage and they are making them work on something, "I don't know what it is, but it's big." They're hauling rocks, etc. {Jack looks up. Possibly to see is anyone is watching/camera.}
Concerned Jack asks "Did they hurt you?"
Kate starts to cry. Jack assures her it's gonna be alright.
Crying Kate tells him "You have to do it. This thing that they told you to do...this operation. {Jack looks up again at camera.}
Kate continues, "She said, if you do it, they would..."
Jack wants to know what did they do to her and what did they offer her to get her to ask him.
Kate-"Nothing. They're gonna kill Sawyer."
Kate says that if he does it and does it soon, "they'll let us go."
Jack is surprised and asks, "And you believe them?"
Kate- "I have to."
Jack ends their meeting!
We then see the monitor room. They have been watched the whole time by Ben. Kate is still pleading with Jack; you can hear this via the monitor.
Ben tells Juliet to "Get her out of there."

Monika is wearing the locket while shopping for groceries. She takes a call from Kevin on her cell.
It's taco night; she'll be home soon.
In the rain Monika runs to a pay phone {PALMETTO Telesis. Read research of this, below.} She drops a coin in the phone, sets up an egg timer and calls Agent Mars who has been looking for her. It's the Feast of the Ascension.
Mars is tracking her call. She admits to him she doesn't want to run anymore.
Mars wonders, "What's his name? Does he know who you are?"
Monika-"Edward, please. I know you don't want to spend the rest of your life chasing me."
She really loves this guy. Edward tells her if she can stay put, settle down, then he'll stop chasing her. Then silence.
Mars follows up with, "But you and I both know that's not gonna happen."
The alarm on the timer goes off and she hangs up.

The hood is removed from Kate's head and she's returned to her cage. {She opens her eyes and they have to adjust to the light.} Juliet asks if she really cares about Sawyer.
Kate- "Where is he?"
Juliet only says,"I'm sorry you weren't able to help us, Kate."
Danny is returning Sawyer to his cage. Danny hits Sawyer. Juliet doesn't approve.
Danny-"Right. Sorry Jules."
Danny tells Sawyer if he "has anything to say to his girl, he best says it tonight."
Kate has tear running down her face; she really feels for Sawyer.

Locke is speaking at Eko's funeral in the jungle. He tells of when the hatch exploded {Imploded!Damn it!!} his prayer stick fell out of a tree right on top of me. So Sayid and I went out to get it, because it didn't feel right to bury you without it. I'd like to think you died for a reason, Mr. Eko. Just hope it's not too long before we find out what the heck it might be. Rest in peace, Mr. Eko. And thank you for helping me find my..." {Paulo shirt has birds on it.}

Locke pounds the into the ground with a rock to use as a grave marker. He notes Further INSTRUCTIONS from Eko on it: 'Lift up your eyes and look North. John 3:05.

Kate in her cage tells Sawyer "I saw Jack."   She also tells him they want him to do surgery on Ben.
Sawyer asks, "Who the hell's Ben?"
Kate-"Henry, the guy who brought us in." {'Brought in', not brought here? WTF?} She goes on to tell him he's sick and if Jack does the surgery, they'll let them go.
Sawyer-"And you and me are what, bait?"
Kate-"Something like that."
Sawyer feels the Doc ain't dumb enough to do it
Kate-"I told him he had to."    This upsets Sawyer! He wants to know why; that was stupid!
Kate-"To save your life."
Sawyer-"My life don't need saving."
She insists he's gonna die; Pickett is just waiting for his chance. Kate starts to climb out of the cage and tells Sawyer not to pretend like he doesn’t care.
Sawyer wants her to stay put, "Get down Freckles. We've already been through this."
Kate-"Shut up, James."
She breaks open the lock on his cage and tells him if you don't want Jack to save your life, then save your own. They're getting out of there. {Did Jack save his life last time?}
Sawyer tells her to stop!
Kate tells him to "GO! RUN!"
Sawyer feels, "You're out of your cage. Why don't you run, Kate? Cause me, I aint' runnin, because there ain't no place to go."
He confesses to her that they ain't on "our island"; they're on another island, like Alcatraz, a couple of miles off shore. "So unless you're a mermaid or you got a boat there ain't no point."
He was never going to tell her this because he wanted her believe they had a damn chance.
Kate passionately kisses him, yet she doesn't know why. That turns into some hot island lovin! {Even though he's filthy, unshaven and most likely smells terrible, that man is hot! Can I get an AMEN, ladies?}

In her Miami kitchen Monika serves Kevin two pieces of French toast; drinking her coffee. Kevin tells her to look under her placemat.   To her surprise there are two Oceanic plane tickets to Costa Rica. This is the honeymoon he's promised her for six months. Kevin wants her to get her passport ready. She looks troubled but she tells him she loves him so much.   Then we see Kevin leave for work.  As Kevin heads to his black and white patrol car, Monika stands in the doorway watching. She waves goodbye. We see her face/thoughts change.

Kate and Sawyer are in his cage sharing a tender moment.
He asks, "The day Blockhead was beating on me, you said 'I love you' that was just to get him to stop, right?"
Kate doesn't answer, she kisses him.
He says he loves her too.

Jack is sleeping in his cell and is awakened by static.He goes over to the communication box to try to hear what's coming out of it and communicate.
A voice says- "Try the door." {It sounds like Alex's voice to me.}
The door is open. Jack opens the door to the monitor room. {We don't see Sawyers cage yet.} He opens another closet door to find guns! He takes a gun. Jack turns and sees Kate in Sawyers arms in his cage on the monitor. Jack is surprised. All of a sudden Ben is there with Jack, he says - "If it helps, I was surprised too."
Jack turns pulls the gun on him. Ben doesn't even flinch!!! "If I were a betting man, I would have picked her and you. Well. I supposed this would be the proverbial nail in my coffin, wouldn't it?"
Jack tells him, "Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning. First thing. And everything I mentioned before. The instruments, anesthesia. Someone who can hold a damn clamp. I'll get it out. Your tumor. And I'll keep you alive. But I need your word. I need what you promised me before. I need to get the hell off this island."


Kate and Sawyer are sleeping in the cage.
Flash to Monika looking in to a mirror. She took a pregnancy test and its result is negative. She cries. Kevin is at a computer working; she brings him a drink. 
Kevin is "working on some IR's on that fugitive recovery out of Tampa. Being a cop is endless paperwork. He sips the drink.
Monika asks him,"What if I told you I was a fugitive? What if I told you I was on the run for blowing up my father, and it was only a matter of time before you found out?"

She tells him it's not a joke. Then tells him she almost had a baby. She feels she "can't 'DO THIS'…Taco night. I don't do Taco Night." 
Kevin calls her Monika and she reveals her name's not Monika. She loves Kevin but tells him she has to leave
Kevin tries to stand up and gets dizzy. She drugged him with a sedative because, "Otherwise they'd think you knew. People are going to be asking a lot of questions and I didn't want you to lose your job.
Kevin falls; passed out from her potion. She puts the locket in his left hand.

Juliet and Jack scrub for surgery. There are four X-rays up. {Camera light blinking.} Jack tells her it's a very tricky procedure and he needs her to do whatever he needs, right then and there, no questions asked. She understands as she’s always been good at following orders.
Tom is standing at the O.R. doors. The doctors head in.
Ben is prepped; face down on the table. There are two other people in the room. You can hear the monitor beep. Ben asks Jack if he gets nervous before surgery.
Jack says he used to, but not anymore. Three observers are watching through the glass observatory.
Ben- "Whatever happens, everything will be very different, won't it?"
Anxious Jack with a needle says, "No doubt about it."
Ben asks Juliet if Alex asked about him. Alex did not. They took her home last night and Juliet doesn't know where she is now.
Ben- “Well, see you on the other side. I'm ready"
Jack tells him to countdown from 20.
Ben- "20, 19, 18."
Pickett and the other Other leave the observation room.
Danny comments that "Ben put his life in the hands of one of them. Shephard wasn't even on Jacob's list."
Danny sees that Kate is in Sawyers cage. 

 It is raining. 
Fired up Danny says “You two should've run when you had the chance. Let's go, James."
Danny says he's coming with him and there's nothing she can do about it.

The monitor beeps in the O.R.. Jack makes a small incision in Ben's kidney sac. {Look at Tom's face! Love it!} The beeping gets faster and Ben’s blood pressure is dropping. Jack knocks out one doctor and informs the rest if he doesn't stitch it back up in the next hour Ben dies. 

Jack demands Tom bring his walkie-talkie in.

Sawyer tries to fight off Danny; has a gun to Danny. The other guy has a gun on Kate.
Danny tells him, "You let go, or I do her too."
Kate wants Sawyer to fight but Sawyer concedes.
Danny takes him out of his cage kneels him on the ground; he is going to shoot Sawyer. Kate still wants him to stand up and fight!
Defeated Sawyer wants her to close her eyes so she doesn't have to see. Vengeful Danny is doing this for “Colleen”.
Just in the nick of time Tom radios Danny; he's told to give the walkie to Kate or Jack will let Ben die.

Jack tells Kate they have about an hour head start before they come after them. Jack wants her to tell him the story he shared with her the day of the “crash” when she is safe.
Jack tells Kate, "If I don't get a call from you in the next hour, I'll something went wrong and he dies."
Kate doesn't want to go without him.
Jack says, "Kate, Damn it! Run!"


Things to Note...Questions to ask.
* Who the hell is Jacob?
* Sawyer doesn't know "BEN"
* Locke 'will be back in an hour'.  Eko's death took place near the Pearl Station {and the assumed  'Question mark'}.   If I'm remembering correctly, it took Eko and Locke hours to get there in '?', they even had to camp out.  How is Locke going to take a detour, go back to the beach and return there in an hour?
* If the “monster” decides who "dies", what is the monster basing that decision on? What criteria is this monster basing judgment? Maybe some people are getting to close to discovering certain things and the 'monster' just removes them.  Maybe they have to be removed before someone discovers there are more than one of the same person running around!  OMG! Did I just fucking say that out loud? lol.   Or is it when they find what they're looking for as in themselves/peace/closure/forgiveness/let go of something/grow/enlightenment.
* If Kate is a wanted criminal why- OH- why would she hook up with a police officer. Is that reality? Come the fuck on!
* Danny's nose is healed.
* Taco night! Santa Rosa has taco night!
* Hood over head-Veil over head.
* Juliet gets called different versions of her name.
* Kate drugs Kevin. She has also drugged Jack and tried to make Jin sick, (helping Sun) but Michael got sick.
* If there really is more than one “Island” maybe there are many more hidden “islands” or Layers/Levels. Maybe 6, 9 or even 12 other islands. What would be on these other “islands”? Hmmm??!!!
* Orchids…..What do you think?
* Grid. Timer. Bug.
* Black and white.
* Role to play. Hologram type imagery. Fake.
* Passing through the veil.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Feast of the Ascension is commemorating when Jesus' body ascended to heaven in the presence of his apostles, forty days following his resurrection.
* BUG-
-Computer bug. A software bug is the common term used to describe an error, flaw, mistake, failure, or fault in a computer program or system that produces an incorrect or unexpected result, or causes it to behave in unintended ways. Most bugs arise from mistakes and errors made by people in either a program's source code or its design, and a few are caused by compliers producing incorrect code.
*Palmetto Bug bug found here in South Florida. They are Friggin disgusting and they make me scream if I see one! No Shit!! "Palmetto Bug", another name for the American cockroach.
This bug can travel quickly, often darting out of sight when someone enters a room, and can fit into small cracks and under doors despite its fairly large size. It is known to be very mobile, and it also has wings which allow it to be quite a capable flier. Females produce egg cases and carry them protruding from the tip of the abdomen for about 2 days.
* Palmetto is a 1998 film Harry Barber, who is serving time in prison after being framed in a corruption scandal .uncovered widespread corruption in the local government.

* Telesis was coined by the American sociologist Lester Frank Ward, often referred to as 'The Father of American Sociology', in the late 19th century. Telesis is the theory of planned social progress, where mankind, using the power of education and the scientific method, directs the evolution of human society.
* General anesthesia in its most general form can include: Ananlgesia: blocking the conscious sensation of pain.
-Hypnosis: produces unconsciousness without analgesia;
-Amnesia: preventing memory formation;
-Relaxation: preventing unwanted movement or muscle tone; Obtundation of reflexes, preventing exaggerated autonomic reflexes.

*When you have time read about Carl Linnaeus. The French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau sent him the message: "Tell him I know no greater man on earth."

I DO. Kate takes vows with Kevin. Did she exchange vows with Sawyer, Jack or the 'Island'? Maybe all of the above. I Do" is a who else made vows to whom and for what. Maybe we're just passing through the veil.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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