October 2, 2009

L.U. CLASS of 2010 PHOTO.

Hi Losties!

I'm going to just throw this out there...
So many of us around the world will be attending class at LOST UNIVERSITY and many are in the process of receiving their "freshman" tee-shirts.

It would be fun to put together a "Class of 2010 Photo" of students in their "Freshman" tee-shirts.
I'd love to put this together.

If you're interested, send a photo of you in your "Freshman" tee shirt and I'll compile all of them and create a "Class of 2010" photo.

A snapshot of you from the waist up would be great and would show up better.
AND be sure to include your name or name you want associated with it.
You don't have to put your name or anything on the photo; I will add the names and such to the photo.

Send your photo to me at

Let's see how many we get!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

PS: Here's a sample look at mine.


  1. Great idea, Karen! I'll work on it today!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I received the first submission!!
    Thanks Maven!

  4. Argh, live in UK and it only got despatched today which means it won't arrive for 2-3 weeks. I hope you won't put it together before then.

  5. No worries, my friend.
    I haven't not decided on a deadline as of yet. I'd like to keep it open to all the LOSTIES all over the world.
    So I believe we can make time :)
    Let me know when you receive yours.

  6. How do you get a Freshman shirt?? :-/ *is confused* I signed up and enrolled and everything ....

  7. You can order one from L.U. at
    I think there is a link for it on your "Binder" page (Where your i.d. card and PIN number is). They're priced at $14.95 and come in White or Gray.
    I hope that helps :)


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