December 13, 2010

Merry LOSTmas!

Dear Losties!
Thank you for letting me share another year of LOSTness with you.  It has been a pretty amazing and eventful year.
I want to celebrate all of you and the place that we made together, so I put together a little video LOSTmas card.
Wishing you and yours a very magical holiday and I hope all your wishes come true.
Cheers to all the wonderful memories and the memories yet to come!
I love you!

Love to all who are "LOST" ™
Karen ~aka~ Shortcake


  1. Karen, I have had this tune stuck in my head all day ;) You put a lot of work into this! Excellent!Thank you and Happy Holidays! ~Debby~ xoxo

  2. lol that was so fun! And how awesome to see so many fans all together in one place. :D

  3. Been meaning to write, just to say … this RAWKS! And so do you, for LOST — errr, I mean "LOTS" — of reasons, but not least for doing awesomely COOL stuff like putting together and sharing this video!

    Namaste & Happy Holidays to you, Lady Shortcake!! :D

    -Joe L.


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