September 18, 2015

The Take2 Guide to Lost is HERE!


The Take2 Guide to Lost - The Ultimate Compendium!

LOST is alive and well!  As a contributing author, I'm excited to announce the release of The Take2 Guide to Lost- The Ultimate Compendium!  Longtime "Island" residents and new recruits alike will love and appreciate all that this extensive guide offers you.  This super-size guide gives readers and viewers insight on every LOST episode, themes, characters and so much more.  You will want to keep this definitive resource handy while living or reliving the LOST experience.

A handful of my Lost episode notes from Karen's LOST Notebook have been included in this eBook.   And again, I am humbled and honored to be a part of this awesome publication, and to be included on this list of very passionate and respected Lost bloggers and authors. 

The Take2 Guide to Lost is available at all the major eBook sellers.  More than 50 contributors, comprising established reviewers, academics, award-winning sci-fi authors, and lay writers, ask and answer all your questions in this ultimate eBook compendium  on one of the most successful TV shows ever.

I'm also thrilled to make a very special offer to my family, friends, followers and all readers with a 20% discount on your purchase of The Take2 Guide to Lost.

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Click here to purchase your Take2 Guide to Lost ebook via Amazon, iBookstore, Google Books, Kobo, Nook, and the Take2 Guide to Lost store.

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  1. This is SO Awesome!!! Thank you, Lady Shortcake -- and Congrats!! :-)


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