September 18, 2008

Further Instructions

Eye opens...John Locke; looking up at the trees. {Just as Jack did in the pilot episode} Locke hears the sounds of birds, nature and footsteps running through the jungle.  John tries to vocalize but nothing comes out.   Naked Desmond is running past looking around as if confused/lost.   Locke sits up; the right side of his head is bloody. He stands up, he looks strong. {Like Super Mario.} Eko's Jesus stick falls out of the tree and falls upon Locke. The scripture reads: HAB 1:3, LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK NORTH. John 3:05, GEN 13:14, ACTS 4:12, 4:8:15:16,     ROM 6:21.
Focused John approaches his beach camp tent. {with a hammock}
Claire and Charlie are hanging out and observe John disassemble his tent.  Claire wonders "When did John get back? What's he doing? Well, where's he been? Where is everyone else? Don't you think you should go find out?" 
Limping Locke starts to take apart his tent. {removes the silver tarp}  This confuses Claire yet Charlie looks amused. {Charlie's shirt symbol 'a cross'.)  Claire wants Charlie to find out about Locke.

Locke is at Eko's church structure. He is building something within the structure.
Charlie–"So you're gone for a whole day after a massive hatch detonation. You don't call. You don't write."
Charlie asks him if he's interrupting something as Locke isn't paying attention to Charlie's small talk.
John can't speak.
Sarcastic Charlie mocks Locke a bit, asking if he's a mute. "I am sorry about that."  He also asks about Eko and Desmond, "Are they off being mute and building structures as well?"
Frustrated Locke tries to pantomime to Charlie that he needs to speak to the "Island".   John acts out his intentions and Charlie tries to interpret his actions: I.E. John needs to speak to church, the sky, sand, the trees "Yeah, I've heard they're wonderful conversationalists".   With his knife John draws a circle in the sand and Charlie guesses "Island".
Charlie-"You need to speak to the island."

Later, Charlie is working on the beach/Dharma food pantry/kitchen. Limping Locke gets a note pad and writes a note to Charlie with a sharpie permanent marker. {Cap in his mouth}
The note says "I need your help". {Charlie is standing on the table under the parachute roof}
Charlie-"Since when do you need my help?" {he says with an attitude}
Locke flips the page and writes 'I need u 2 stand guard'.
Charlie reads this aloud. He also tells John that he detests him. He reminds John of repeatedly punching him in the face and accused him of using heroine when he was not.
John writes another note '@ the sweat lodge'.
Charlie-"What the sodding hell is a sweat lodge?"
John prompts Charlie to follow him.
Flash Whoosh
Locke is driving a (blue) pickup truck. {Plate # 5Q49938. Road sign California 36.} Thunder is heard and it starts to rain. Locke picks up a young guy hitchhiking. {The guy wearing a Geronimo Jackson tee-shirt and an army jacket. Locke wearing a plaid shirt} The guy is headed to Eureka but Locke can get him as far as Bridgeville.   The hitchhiker hops in and tosses a large duffle bag into the bed of the truck and keeps his sling back-backpack with him.
This is Eddie.
Friendly Locke asks Eddie "What's in Eureka?"
He's shares that he's headed to Eureka for some work, cutting timber. John-"Is that what you do?"
Eddie doesn't know if that's what he does, "I just know I had to get out of where I came from; Mom's dead, Dad's a drunk." {Watch the look Locke gives here.}
The rain passes and stops.
A police officer pulls Locke over.
Eddie asks Locke, "What'd you rob a bank?"
Locke says seriously-"Afraid so."
The officer asks for his license and registration.
John-"Was I speeding Officer?"
The cop {Williams} informs Locke his taillight is out.
Officer Williams-"Will you both please step out of the vehicle."
They do. Williams asks what John has back here; referring to the back of the pickup truck.
Locke admits the groceries and guns are his; the transactions and paperwork for the guns are all in the RED notebook in the duffle. {Log books} {Important Note: Williams pulls back a silver tarp to reveal the guns}
The paper shows JOHNATHAN LOCKE. San Francisco USA Ca 94099. 5'10" 175 male D/O/B 11/15/1946 and it's 5/30/56 on his California drivers license..
Locke asks if they are free to go.  Williams threatens he could still take him in for picking up a hitch hiker.

Eddie lies and says Locke is his uncle, "I called him and he picked me up."
Locke is surprised.   Williams tells them to "get outta here".

Eddie-"So what is with all the guns? Uncle."
Locke just smiles.
Flash Whoosh
In the "Locke built" sweat lodge mixing up a batch of his magic paste. He takes a taste.
Charlie is inspecting the silver tarp made sweat lodge (and palm leaves) and comments that he likes the indoor fireplace, "very snazzy".
Charlie, still with the attitude, sees John taste the mixture and wonders, "What's that? You're not taking drugs, are you John? I only ask because of the strict zero tolerance policy you've enacted. And I wouldn't want you to have start punching yourself in the face."
Locke shows Charlie the note with "I need u 2 stand guard" note again. {NOTE the writing is different; words spelled different}
Charlie says he understands and he'll stand guard "out here" while Locke goes into his magic hut in case he devolves into a monkey.
Locke writes "Don't come in".   He wants Charlie to be clear on that rule and Charlie says he gets it.

{Charlie stands guard outside the sweat lodge/hut, but inside the church structure.}

Inside the sweat lodge Locke eats some of the magic paste while sitting (legs crossed) in front of the fire. He pours water on the fire and stares...waiting.
There is Boone. {His hair is longer than when he "died".} He touches John on his right shoulder and says "Hi John. It's good to see you again."
Locke tries to apologize for him-dying.
Boone-"What's that John?"
Locke mouths "I'm sorry."
Boone-"Oh. You're sorry. That's okay. But I was the sacrifice the island demanded" {How would Boone have heard Locke say that statement?}
John shakes his head no; tries to talk.
Boone-"Don't worry. You'll speak when you have something worth saying. I'm here to help you find your way again. So you can bring the family back together. {What family? Who?} Come on. I want to show you something."
Locke can't move his legs.
Boone shows Locke a  wheelchair on its side with a squeaking turning wheel, "John. You're gonna need that." 
John looks puzzled. The wheelchair stands upright on its own.

We see the airport. International Departure Gates sign. Plane flying upward. Boone is wheeling Locke in the wheelchair. {We see the girl soccer team with the numbers on their backs.}
Boone- "John someone in this airport's in serious danger. You are the only one who can save them".
{We see Charlie, Claire and the baby, looking very happy-very family. Charlie is wearing a black tux jacket and rings on fingers. A cross ring on right pinky. Claire is wearing a ring on her left ring finger.}
Locke points at the little family.
Boone-"Not them. They'll be fine. For a while".
Then we see Jin, Sun and Sayid on (que) line. They are bordered by Red queue line.  Sun has tickets in her hand. The little passport booklets are RED. She also has a RED paper bag and gives it to Jin in anger. {Speaks Korean} Sayid prompts them to move forward.
Boone- "I think Sayid's got it."
Hurley is behind the Oceanic ticket counter. {In charge of tickets} He is wearing a uniform with a name tag says Hugo. "Next Please"   Hugo says with a smile.   He is entering the numbers into the 'old-Swan' computer. You can hear the computer reset.
Charlie is the next person we see immediately after Hurley says 'next please'.
Boone-"Not Hurley. {Hurley doesn't need saving}
We see Desmond dressed as a pilot descend the escalator with three women. The first woman is wearing Pearl earrings. His Pilot jacket has three stripes on the sleeve. {He is laughing; enjoying himself. I can't hear what he says}
Boone-"Forget it. He's helping himself."
Then we see Kate and Sawyer on line on the other side of a glass partition. She takes a bin and hands it to Sawyer. You can hear him say "Wipe the stars out of your eyes, Sweetheart." {Beeping} Sawyer takes a ticket or something out of her back pocket. He's holding a phone or walki talki.
Then we see Jack take off his watch, put it in the  bin and push it forward. Ben scans/wands him. Ben's patch has stars on it and his name tag says Henry Gale. Locke tries to wave his arms franticly as if to get their attention.
Boone-"There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet. First you have to clean up your own mess." {This line repeats over and over. We can see Kate push her bin forward.} Boone squats down to look at John. {Almost as if to say- 'Do you know what I'm saying?'}
Locke is troubled.
Locke has more blood on his head now. Boone is not there. Locke looks around for him. {There are 3 escalators.}
Boone calls out, "Come up here, John."
Boone is on the upper level waving him up...{You can hear the metal gear sounds we heard when John was getting pulled by "the monster".}
Locke who is unable to walk lays on the escalator and rides the steps up; ascending to the next level. There he crawls, puts his left hand in blood on the ground. {We see the number 2 behind him} There is the scripture stick with blood on it. Locke touches it with his right hand.
Boone-"Clean it up John. They've got him. You don't have much time"
{Boone bloody with ripped shirt. Who has who?}
Locke wakes up! He gets up to leave the sweat lodge but we see the brief image of a snarling animal.
Locke falls out of the sweat lodge. {It scared him.}

Charlie asked him what happened. Locke walks over and takes out his big knife.
Charlie-"What are you doing?
Locke speaks, "I'm going to save Mr. Eko's life."

Locke walks through the jungle with Charlie. Locke finds Eko's cross on the cord on a blade of grass and states that he/Eko was 'dragged' this way by the polar bear. Charlie recalls that "Sawyer killed the Polar Bear."
Locke-"Sawyer killed 'A' polar bear." {Conformation of more bears}
Locke discovers blood on the ground. He tells Charlie he's going to go on alone; Charlie should go back to Claire. Charlie says he'll take his chances.
Locke insists, "You don't want to go with me, Charlie. Bad things happen to people who hang around with me."
Flash Whoosh
John's truck gets let into a gate in a beautiful area with lots of trees. A child {Bobby} opens the gate for them and John gives the child jelly beans. {The gate has 2 animal skulls on it} The people working there all seems happy. They wave at John.
Inside we see a sweat lodge {with lite white smoke coming out of the top} and Eddie asks about the sweat lodge.
John explains it's for anybody who wants to go in there, light a fire and get it nice and hot and meditate; and then you're supposed to figure out what do with your life, what direction to take.  He tells Eddie "Go on in there and figure out if you're a farmer or a hunter.
Eddie-"So which are you John?"
John doesn't answer him; he just smiles.

The two guys walk over to a very large table where people are gathered for supper. Eddie is introduced to Mike and Jan. {Lots of ugly plaid shirts abound.} John tells them that Eddie is looking for logging work. The nice people welcome Eddie.
Mike mentions "John's a very special guy."
Jan tells Eddie to grab a spot. Mike comments on Eddie's interest of the band Geronimo Jackson. We also learn it's one of Eddie's Dad's old shirts. Mike says his dad has excellent taste.  Mike introduces the guest John brought to supper to everyone.   The group says "Grace" before eating. This includes John's speech of how he's thankful for the food,  friends and for the rain today so that Adam will stop grumbling about the droughts, "And for me. Thank You for helping me stop being so angry.  And for helping me find a real familyUh, because they're a hell of a lot better than the one I used to have so, let's eat. Amen."
Locke offers Eddie potatoes. They dig in.  Eddie thanks John.
Locke and Charlie continue through the jungle and they come upon the imploded hatch.
Charlie-"Is that the hatch?"
John-"What's left of it."
Charlie-"What happened?"  {WTF? Was he NOT fucking there? Charlie was there with Eko!}
Sad Locke says it looks like it imploded.

They come across an active kill where he also finds a tuft of white Polar Bear fur; deciding that whatever was eating the animal was a polar bear. With that they hear angry growls! They run and It is chases them! They stop and Locke throws his knife at 'It'.
That 'it' ends up being Hurley.
Locke's knife was stopped by Hurley's canteen.  {Where the fuck "It" go? Hmm...}
Hurley tells Locke about his adventures with the Others; that the Other's kept Sawyer, Jack and Kate, but they send him back to tell everyone else that "We can't ever go over there."  He also tells him that Henry is there and is like their "leader".
Locke stops and looks around.
Hurley-"So. What do we do?"
Locke is focused on his task at hand. He tells Hurley to do what they told him to do; Go back to camp and tell the others.
Hurley-"You're not gonna do anything?"
Locke-"I am doing something. Go back to the beach Hugo."
Hurley-"Wait, where are you guys going?".
Charlie explains that the "Island" told Locke that he has to save Eko. {Apparently a bear got him; he's just made an active kill. {Is this all an assumption?}
This concerns Hurley. "What bear?!"
Locke and Charlie move on.

They find more white fur. Locke directs them where to go. Charlie tells Locke about when he used to get high he watched nature programs on the B'b... Polar bears are meant to be quite clever. They're like the Einstein's of the bear community. {hehehe!} {Charlie's eye color change?}
They stop at a black rock; there is a cave.
Flash Whoosh
John and Eddie comment about a hot young girl walking by carrying flowers/plant in a basket.  Locke comments that "She's like half my age."
But Lizzy's too granola for Eddie. What she really wants is a daddy, like everyone else here. {WTF, Eddie? Was that a question asked on purpose to get a reaction?}
John doesn't find that funny. Eddie says he was joking. They grab their baskets and head out.
As they pass the table of peaches Eddie pursues the Daddy question with John. He wants to know how come he doesn't talk about him. John feels it's nothing worth talking about.
Eddie looks over his shoulder and asks "What's going on in that greenhouse over there?"     He offers to go over there and help them with the fertilizer.
John says No; they have Orchard Duty. 
{The greenhouse door is silver/gray}

Later Eddie asks John, "What's the big secret,John?"   He wants to know about the greenhouse; what are they hiding
Eddie's been there for 6 weeks. John tells him he's still a guest there and these things take time, but Eddie wants info.
Eddie's not blind, "Did you forget that you had a duffle bag full of guns when you brought me here?"
He goes on to say "Mike and Jan fold their hands every night before chow and talk about how we're family. Your family has too many secrets. Now I see the fertilizer going into that greenhouse. I know what's going on. I want in."
He wants in on whatever you guys are trying to blow up.
Amused John laughs and tells him that he'll talk to Mike and Jan.

Back at the cave Locke prepares for his trip into the cave. He tells Charlie he's not to go in. Locke will do this alone. {It is AMAZING that Locke happens to bring ALL the right stuff in his backpack for a search and rescue into a Polar Bear cave. Including fucking hairspray.}
Charlie's annoyed, "You don't get to tell me what I can't do. If I want to go in there, I'll go in there."
Locke feels there's no reason for Charlie to go in there. He tells Charlie to go back. Locke's going in there because he's supposed to go in there.
Charlie-"If it all goes to plan, then we probably won't even see the bear, will we?"
Locke-"Hopefully he won't smell us."
Locke's all camo'd, hairspray in pocket, shares a smile with Charlie, lights his torch and heads in.

Hurley, still on his trek back to camp hears noises and thinks "bear".
He's afraid- "Bear... is that you? Who's there?"
A voice says, "Are you alone brother?"
Hurley says yeah.
Naked Desmond is revealed.
Surprised Hurley says, "Dude, I'm not alone" and shields his eyes. He asks Hurley for some clothes. Hurley asks what happened to his.
Desmond- "I woke up in the jungle like this."
Hurley surmises the hatch blew off his underwear. {Did Locke tell Hurley about the implosion? Locke looked kind of preoccupied before. Charlie was surprised by the implosion.} Hurley gives him a funky smelly tie dye shirt. {With a nice spiral pattern}

Locke walks in the dark cave lit only by his torch, kicks an old metal Tonka dump truck. {They haven't been made for years.}
Flash Whoosh
Whistling John (twirling a long stick) walks over to the greenhouse. He is told by the person standing guard {Kim} that Mike and Jan were looking for him. John feels then its "Good timing ."
Kim opens the door and lets him in.
Mike and Jan are running around frantic.  {Inside note the silver ductwork}
Mike wants to know where the cash is. Jan tells him it's in the bag with the money in it. {haha} He asks about bank records. Shouldn't they sort out what they can trace?
Jan tells him there's no time!
There are files and file boxes everywhere.
Inside this greenhouse is lots of weed. John asks what's going on. They are hurriedly packing everything up; they're leaving.
Mike tells idiot John that he screwed up big time, but John doesn't understand. "You're leaving?"
To show him why, Jan slams a file into his chest and reveals that Eddie is a cop.
Humboldt County Sheriff. Edward F. Colburn. Rank-Officer. Employee number-84023.
Mike-"Do you know how much jail time we would get for this much weed?"
Jan-"Nice picture, huh? Got him fresh out of the academy."
John is very confused as he feels Eddie was just hitchhiking. Jan says that he was there waiting for him! Eddie has been there for 6 weeks gathering evidence "because you brought him here!"
John finds this impossible.
Mike says that he "played you for a sucker. Now it's over."
John tells them to wait; stop! He knows that Eddie hasn't been in the greenhouse so he must still be gathering evidence, etc.. It's not too late to protect all of us. It's not too late to fix this.
John-"I can fix this."
Mike asks him how.
Flash Whoosh
In the bear cave John finds bones, human and animal skulls and canvas/bag with the Pearl station logo on it. There is injured Eko. They see each other. {Eko still seems responsive here.} Just then we see a bear grab Eko! Locke and the bear literally have a tug of war with Eko in the middle.   John takes out his trusty hair spray can and fires at the bear! The bear backs off.
John helps Eko out of the cave to where Charlie is. They both pick up Eko and head back.

Hurley and Desmond on their walk back to camp are discussing what happened with the hatch.
Hurley inquires, "When you say turned a key, do you mean a key, key?"
Desmond-"It was a failsafe key."
Hurley-"That seems kind of convenient...I'm just sayin' if you had this magic key the whole time, why didn't you like... use it?"
Desmond-"I didn't know what would happen."
Hurley-"So what did happen?"
Desmond-"The fail safe key must have detonated the Electromagnetic anomaly. Made the hatch implode."
Hurley-"And you didn't implode?" {Nope. Desmond was at ground zero and he didn't implode! That is very convenient and suspicious.}
Desmond- "No."
Hurley- "You're not going to turn into the Hulk or something?"
Des scoffs.
Hurley- "So is that what made the blender noise and the sky turn purple?"
Desmond's afraid he missed that. Hurley sarcastically mentions the fail safe-ing.
Hurley-"FYI, The whole island vibrated. And Kate and Jack and Sawyer saw it too right before they had bags pulled over their heads."
Desmond tells him not to worry, "Locke's gonna go after them. He said so in his speech."
Hurley wants to know what speech because all Locke said was that he was gonna save Eko and kill bears.   Desmond has a realization that maybe that part {didn't really happen yet}, and chalks it up to being shook up.

Charlie and Locke carry Eko. Locke comments about burning the bear pretty good.
Charlie-"Now that we've survived this suicide mission, do you want to tell me what you saw?...In the spirit tent."
Locke tells him he saw Boone and that Boone told him to clean up his own mess.
Charlie-"As dead as he may be. I agree with Boone. If you would have kept pressing that button like Eko told you too..."
Locke-"We wouldn't have had to save Eko in the first place. Yeah. Charlie, that's what cleaning up your own mess means."
Charlie-"Spoken like someone whose had few too many messes to clean."
Flash Whoosh
John and Eddie are in the woods deer hunting.
Eddie asks him if he's spoken to Mike and Jan yet.
Locke says yes and that he should bring him by the greenhouse tonight after supper and they would explain everything. Eddie thinks that great.
John acts like he spotted a deer over Eddies shoulder. {Both the rifles have scopes on them.} John has the gun pointed at Eddie.
John- "Did you know it would be me? In the truck? Did you know it would be me driving? Did they choose me?"
Eddie- "They? John. I have no idea what you're talking about."
John informs him that his rifle isn't loaded.
Eddie admits "Yeah, They chose you, John...Because you hadn't been here long, didn't have a criminal record and psych profile said you would be amenable for coercion."
Eddie demands he lower the gun.
John is confused/hurt by all this.
Eddie tells him it isn't personal, he starts to back away and John orders him to stop.
Eddie isn't worried because John won't shoot him, "You're not a murderer. You're a good man. You're a farmer."
John-"Nope. Not a farmer. I was a hunter. I'm a hunter." {WAS?}
Eddie tells him is going to walk away. John cries with the gun still pointed at Eddie back. It appears that he lowers the gun.
Flash Whoosh
Locke and Charlie stop to rest with Eko under a tree. They hear a stream. They need water for Eko. Charlie offers to go fill up the water bottle.
John apologizes to Eko {Who appears unconscious.} "I'm sorry.  Sorry I ever doubted ya. Sorry... I gave up on my faith in the Island. I messed up. Now our people are captured and... if I'd just listened to you, if I just let you...keep pushing the button. I could've gone with 'em. Protected 'em. I could have saved 'em."
Eko speaks, "You can still protect them. {Eko's eyes open but he doesn't move} You can still save them".
Locke- "I don't, I don't even know where they are."
Eko-"You will find them. After all... you are a hunter, John."
Charlie returns and John informs him Eko's awake, but he is not!   John tries to give him water.
Charlie-"Maybe we should just...get him back, John."

At the beach Claire is washing things.
Paulo is sleeping against the tree with a water bottle.
John, Charlie and Eko arrive. Paulo, Nikki run over; Hurley is there. They gather around them. They wonder if he's alive.   Nikki says they need Jack.
Hurley informs them "Jacks not coming back. They've got him."
They are confused that "Jack's gone."
Nikki- "When were you planning on telling us this Hurley?"
Paulo- "Who's they?"
John -"They are the Others. And yes, they've taken Jack and Kate and Sawyer…I'm gonna find our friends. I don't know how yet, but I will.  We're gonna find them, all of them.  And then we're gonna bring them home. But first things first...We gotta look after Mr. Eko. Paulo, Nikki, bring towels and water...Claire we gotta clean him up so bring the first aid supplies you can find."
Desmond is shown in Hurley's tye die shirt, throwing rocks into the water
Hurley realizes this is the speech that Desmond mentioned.
How did Desmond know ahead of time this would happen? Hurley says to Charlie that he just got hit with Deja vu... {FRIGGIN YES!!!}
Charlie-"Okay, Well, when that wears off can you get bandages from the kitchen?"
Hurley looks impressed.  
Desmond is throwing rocks into the water.

Further Instructions is a GREAT EPISODE! And one with lots of information and ties to other episodes.
I have been talking about the clues/answers with the Locke vision since the day it aired.  When are John's "Flashes"  from?  How long is he with the commune?  Was a hunter? Is a hunter...Hmm?

There is another reference to something being built on the "Island".
Why would the implosion make John mute?

It is clear to me that this experience or at least parts of it, is happening while they are in an altered state/dream state, etc.  It is shown to us all over this episode.
Another very important bit of info given to us is that John Locke's role on the "Island" is very important and his purpose there is for the overall greater good. 

- Locke's D/O/B is 11/15/1946 in this episode and it's 5/30/56 on his California drivers license. In Deus ex Machina is mother Emily's D/O/B is 10/15/40... Was she 6 years old when she had him? 106? Maybe she's not his birth mother. Maybe more of our Losties are adopted or is "Locke's" whole life a lie?
Also from that episode, Deus Ex Machina, Locke has the vision with a bloody Boone and his mother. Locke is in the wheelchair.
With the scripture on the stick that falls upon Locke, although that is scripture, I can't help but note how it's chapters are written out.  They look more like time on a digital clock.

*Cutting timber- Sayid's friends in the apartment were 'tree cutters' too. We also know now that Horace was cutting trees in season 4 dream.
* The cop's uniform only has his Name-Williams, County Police. No other details.
* Locke eats the magic paste. When he made it for Boone it was put on open wound on his head.
* Hurley mentions the Hulk. Comic book character. A young man who was exposed by Gamma rays/Radiation, giving him the ability to become The Hulk.
* Is this the last we ever see of Eddie?
* Something/What is being grown, nurtured, harvested? WHAT? The Orchid Station.
* Who is in Geronimo Jackson?
* Structure within a structure.

All these notes are original notes from 10/2006 with the added elements in red, of some things we know now (as of S4).   Go back and look at things I highlighted in the episode part of these notes.   The following are just extra things I wanted to point out.
* Locke's self induced hallucination/vision.
* Boone, a "dead" person is here to help John find his way. To bring what family back together? Who is family here? Who is related? We know now that Jack and Claire are related.
* Locke needs a wheelchair. Why? When?
* Boone- "John someone in this airport is in serious danger. You are the only one who can save them." EKO WAS NOT IN THE AIRPORT. John's next step is to find Eko and get instructions from him/stick. John does not save Eko.   Eko is not meant to be saved; he "dies" anyway.   It's info from the stick and "something" Eko tells him that must be part of John's "Further Instructions."   This is a 'means'/clue to get further instructions to John. Eko even used this term with John in '?'.
* NO WHERE IN THE VISION IS EKO MENTIONED AND TOLD TO BE SAVED.  Isn't it possible that John fucked up the interpretation of the vision. This episode is about John screwing up. 
* Eko had vision/dream of Yemi/Locke wheelchair. There are ties with both.
* Signs in the airport. "Departure". Who is departing? Departure to where?
* Charlie and Claire will be alright-literally for a while. That was true.
* Charlie is next to die. And Charlie does indeed perish in the Looking Glass.
* Could Claire also be at risk for something? What about Aaron? We now see Claire with Christian at the end of season 4. And Aaron is with Kate.
* Hurley doesn't need help. He seems to be in charge of something. He has a role of importance here. He is working the check in counter/numbers. He is not a passenger.   Does he leave the "Island"?  Uh...I'm not sure. He may be more important to the "Island".   Does he get to decide who does leave?
* Jin and Sun conflict/baggage. Sayid moves them ahead. Are they VIP's, as it can be interpreted that they are in the First Class line.   Plus are they going to be able to leave the Island? I think may be the case. So yes.
* Desmond is wearing a Pilot uniform. What is he the pilot of?  The 3 girls...Does that represent his supposed 3 years on the "Island"?   One girl has Pearl Earrings. The Pearl station. Does he have ties to the Pearl Station? Hmmm?!!   Is Desmond's turn over?   Desmond is helping himself!  How? Will he use people to get what he wants?  Most likely. I feel and noted in my posts that Desmond used Charlie in season 3 to get to Penny.   He also is not a passenger. He's the pilot. Maybe more on the pilot thing is yet to be revealed.
* Desmond Descending-Locke Ascending.
* Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Ben on the other side of the glass. They are in line for departure. Just as Sun, Jin and Sayid are in line. {Ben's badge says Henry Gale} Jack gets' scanned by Ben, passes security. Just as Christian got scanned by Ana Lucia.
* Jack puts his watch in bin and moves it forward/through. Jack goes "home"!   Watch/Time and the "Island".
* How many are going "home"?   Jack. Kate. Sayid. Sun. Jin. I'm not 100 % sure about Sawyer because we see him take something out of Kate's back pocket. What could that represent? Maybe he 'takes' her ticket, so to speak. Maybe he saves her life. NOTE: We do know now Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sun, Sayid and Aaron leave the "Island".   So, besides seeing who leaves, we then have to find out who stays behind on the "Island", and who "dies."
* Locke's mother wears pearl earrings in season 4 Flash.
* John ascending the escalator the number 2Is that the next level?
* John doesn't have much time. Time. Does John not have enough time on the "Island"? Does time run different on the "Island"? Does time run slower on the "Island". If time runs slower, could that be clue to something about infamous time/space? How about the other extreme? What if the "Island" was hidden by water?
* A clue to two sides? And 2...
* Missing from this vision is original Castaway Rose who is still alive. I wonder why?
* John has to clean up his own mess. That is what has to happen first!
* I note that the first part of There's No Place Like Home should have been called Further Instructions part 2.
***Boone tells Locke in the vision "They've got him" and Hurley tells the camp "They've got him" talking about Jack!

It's important to note events and revelations of the Locke/Boone vision that has come to pass (such as Charlie dying, the Oceanic 6 go home, etc.) did NOT happen immediately after this episode. So couldn't there be other things mentioned by Boone, that weren't meant for the "immediate", maybe they were for events yet to happen. Events that are coming up now and may include the episodes Cabin Fever and There's No Place Like Home...and beyond.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Posted on MySpace October, 2006

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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