October 23, 2008

S5 promo details and questions.

 Season 5 details and questions.

Details of the promo:

Plane coming apart.
Black Smoke
Wreckage on the beach.
Sawyer walking on the beach.
Locke to Jack in the jungle- "Do you think we crashed on this place by coincidence?"
Locke standing in the jungle grass.
Locke-"It's Destiny."
Sawyer kisses Kate on the helicopter. He jumps out.
Jin franticly waves at the helicopter.
Sun sees the freighter blow up.
Sayid kneels, eyes closed, assumed praying by the helicopter. Opens his eyes.
Helicopter lifts off.
Kate to Ben "So we can go?"
Ben turns to answer her.
Kate- "Off the island?"
Helicopter leaves the island.
Oceanic 6 walk off the transport plane. Hurley waves, Sun holding Sayid's hand, Kate with Aaron, Jack.
Group of Richard/Ben's people in the jungle.
Bright flash of light. Locke, Richard shield their eyes. Sawyer and Juliet shield their eyes.
The "Island" disappears. Seems to submerge under the water.
Hurley- "It's gone."
Locke/Bentham in the coffin.
Ben (dressed in black) to Jack-"Did he tell you what happened to them?
Bearded Jack –"He told me, some very bad things happened."
Flash of the Dharma logo over Jack.
Charlotte looks at Daniel (her nose is bleeding)
John on the ground, a rifle pointed at him.
Bearded Jack continues "And he said that I had to come back."
Juliet wipes soil/vines off a hatch in the ground.
Daniel Faraday wearing a hardhat touches rock wall in a cave.
Ben tells Jack "The island won't let you come alone."
Richard with a torch in the dark.
Bloody hand holds compass.
IN 2009
Ben to bearded Jack- "You have to do it together, all of you."
Kate by plantation shutter window.
Clean shaven Jack fixes his tie in a mirror.
Sayid "We need to get to the SAFE HOUSE."
Hurley in bathrobe with a gun (on a balcony).
Sayid beats up some dude in a kitchen.
Hurley "We never should have left that island."
Sun locked in a guarded office/room. Bangs on it "Open this door!" She looks back.
(sounds like a gun cocks)
Kate- packs a gun in a bag. Older Aaron asks "Where r going, mommy?"
Kate-" We're going on vacation, baby."
Kate holds Aaron's hand, walks away.
Sawyer, Shirtless in the jungle
Jack- "Everyone we left behind, They('d) die too if I didn't come back."
Juliet in blue shirt in the jungle
Group of people in the beach area.
Night. Group of people, including shirtless Sawyer, in the jungle.
Long haired Daniel, with backpack, walks toward a hatch door, in the jungle.
Yellow hazmat suit guy with a gun outside the door, gun on Daniel.
Yellow (drug) plane falls.
Ben- "Well thank god for second chances."
Jack in a white tank tee shirt, looks up.

The LOST logo: City under the water....

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Where did the island go?
* Why is Charlotte's nose bleeding?
* What hatch is Juliet uncovering? I think there are many hatches all over the place. This would include hatches or stations all over the world. I.e. England, New York, Miami, L.A., Norway, Finland, Tunisia, etc...
* What hatch/station is Daniel at with the armed person in the yellow suit?
* If it was going to be so bad for the Oceanic 6 to leave, why the fuck did Ben let them leave?
* All of this coincidence? HELL NO!
* What is the SAFE HOUSE? WHERE IS IT?
* Hurley with a gun...WOW!
* Ben is convincing bearded Jack they all have to go back.
* Are any of what we saw dream sequences? What is real?
* The compass.
* 108- Is it time to re-set the game/clock?
* The Dharma Initiative logo showing up!
* Where is Desmond and Penny? And Frank, for that matter...
* Who is "Them"?
* Jack says "Everyone we left behind, They('d) die too if I didn't come back. He didn't say go back.
* Second chances...Is this the second time? hmmmmm?!
* Is it possible Ben letting the Oceanic 6 get off that island, be part of another bigger test?
* Is the purple bright light part of "Time Travel" occurring? Or is it telling us the "Island" is in "Movement"? Or something else all together?
* Why do we now see 2 reasons for the bright purple light? We had it when the Swan imploded, and again when Ben turned the wheel (that sticks).
* They all are part of the "Island". How old are some of these people? Are the natives the ones who are being used by Dharma? Are there really natives?
* Who are the "Scientists"? Are they connected to Dharma?
* Does any of this protecting that island have to do with a monster or something created?   Even protecting a "special person" or something...I'm just asking! Cause I know you're asking that question too.

We have been mis-led with promos and coming attractions before. I am not assuming anything by watching this promo. But I can't wait to find out what it all really means!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer:I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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