July 22, 2009

Two podcasts for the price of one!

Hi Losties,

There are two podcasts to share with you today:

We recorded a special Comic Con Preview podcast for you all. Our good friend G-Man also joined us to talk about the LOST Fantasy League that he hosts over at DarkUFO.

The Comic Con portion is about not only what is going on with the LOST panel and what we are planning but a little of what to expect from the event in general. As always we will be live blogging the event on the site and most likely the LOST panel in the spoilers sections.

Last year was a blast, because The ODI met many of you and he looks forward to meeting even MORE this year!!

For the LFL portion of the podcast, we talked to G-Man about running the LFL, what happened in Season 5 and what is in store for Season 6!!

Compared to our previous podcasts this is a mini one and is just about an hour long!

Hope you all enjoy it!!

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ODI LOSTcast 45 - Comic Con 09 and LFL Season 6 Preview

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Over at the Jacobs Cabin podcast, we had the honor of participating in their very special LOST episode titled “What Lost Means to us.” It’s a beautiful collection of narratives shared by LOST podcasters and bloggers.
It was great to see what makes all of us so passionate about LOST.
Head over to Jacobs Cabin listen to find out why we love the show Lost! A special THANK YOU to Jacobs Cabin with bringing all of us together again!

In order of appearance:

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