August 1, 2009


Let's talk about LOST! Dave.

NOTE: Be very observant of Libby and Dave's body language and facial expressions when they are with Hurley. These are just as important as dialogue clues we are given.
Power walking Libby leads orange shirt wearing Hurley across the shoreline. They are exercising. Libby thinks this is great, while Hurley prefers breathing. Libby informs him that exercise is addictive.
Totally out of breath Hurley can see why.
Hurley confesses he needs to drop a few lbs.   Libby doesn’t want him to be too hard on himself ; it's not gonna happen overnight “Some people’s metabolisms are just a little slower.”
It’s not Hurley's metabolism, “I’m sick.”
Libby wants Hurley to trust her.
Reluctantly he tells her OK, “But it’s bad."
In the jungle Hurley reveals to Libby a hidden food pantry filled with Dharma labeled goods.
Hurley-“When we first crashed here, I thought this isn’t all bad. It’s like the all mango diet. I wasn’t turning any heads or nothing but I did drop a couple of belt sizes. Then we found this hatch… and it was full of food…tons of food. I tried giving it all away but, I guess I kinda kept some of it for myself. Wish I could just get rid of it.

Libby, who stayed silent as Hurley made his confession, encourages him to just get rid of it. Libby picks up a gynormous container of Dharma Ranch Composite, “You wanna change? Then change.”
She hands him the huge container and he dumps all the contents out. They proceed to dump out and discard all the food. There is a huge mess all over the place. Exhausted Hurley feels free. They hug and then appear to get a bit tender with each other but are interrupted by the perfect timing of Jin yelling something in Korean.   Jin is very excited. Sun runs behind Jin and tells Hurley and Libby that “They found something! Come on!”
A group of people all of a sudden come running behind Sun from the jungle.

They come upon a group of survivors already at a large pallet filled with cardboard boxes. Those boxes reveal they are packed with Dharma foods and goods.

Hurley’s upset.
Libby asks Charlie where it came from. Just then Jin picks up an Orange parachute and looks up.
Charlie tells Libby, “Locke said some kind of blast doors trapped him in the hatch. Maybe it was because of this. So no one would see who dropped it.”
Then Charlie asks aloud, “Any of you guys see a plane last night?” {WTF?!}
Sawyer tells Tattoo he saw it, “Just decided not to tell.”

Hurley looks at the excited Castaways rummaging through the boxes and start to fight over who saw what items first.
Sawyer tries to tell the “locusts” to have a little order here.
Charlie asks Sawyer if they should ask someone a little more trustworthy take care of this.
Sawyer-“Like you…baby napper?
Charlie- “No. Like Hurley. Why not Hurley? He’s done it before, he can do it again.”
Hurley protests, “No! No way! Not me! No, not again! No!”
Libby suggests no one be in charge; everyone can manage, just take what they need.
Sarcastic Sawyer tells Moonbeam that’s a great plan, “After that we can sing Kumbaya and do trust falls.”
{We hear an overlapping mix of dialogue from the group of savages about trading items. Sawyer can be heard saying ‘we can do it any way you want.’ Bacon. Get your hands off of it. Outta my way, “Every man for himself".}

Through the group of savages Hurley sees a bald man in a bathrobe smirking at him.  The man walks away and Hurley tries to quietly see where he went.  Hurley spots the man who seems to beckoning him, turns his back on Hurley and heads in to the jungle. Hurley heads in after him.
Libby watches Hurley.

Hurley chases after the man who is indeed running through the jungle.
Hurley falls down conveniently at the spot to discover a light/white colored slipper.
Hurley touches it, “Uh oh.”
Hurley sits on the beach staring at the slipper he’s slowly rotating in his hand.   Libby asks him what he’s doing and who he was looking for out there.
Hurley puts the slipper down beside him, “No one.”
Libby- “When you ran off it sort of seemed like you were looking for someone. I tried to find you..."
Hurley doesn’t want to talk about it. He nonchalantly moves the slipper so it’s out of view.
Libby remarks how it’s pretty weird "the island" won't let Hurley lose weight, "You destroy your stash, then BANG, more food falls from the sky."
She's proud of him for not freaking out.
{Hurley heading into the jungle like that was not “freaking out” to her. She must have known where he was going.}
{Flash Whoosh}
A beautiful picture of an island hangs over Hugo’s head in the psychiatrist’s office.
Hugo is a patient at Santa Rosa's {mental health}.
Dr. Brooks asks Hugo how the diet's coming.
Hugo-“It’s OK. I had salad and chicken breast for lunch.
The Doctor promises it gets easier. The doc heard he had a visit with his mom.  Hugo tells the Doc the visit was good and he’s not mad at her for putting him in there. “I know she put me in here for a reason.”
Brooks-“What reason was that?”
Hugo-“The accident.”
Brooks asks Hugo if he wants to talk about that today; been there almost two months, it should be time to start getting their hands dirty.
Evidentially Hugo doesn’t want to talk about that.  Brooks suggests they talk about the homework assignment he gave him.   Hugo shares he wasn’t really good at homework.
Brooks asks if he remembers what he’s supposed to do, “make a list of things you like about yourself.”
Hugo shares that he didn't do it because nobody else did it; meaning Dave.  Hugo also shares that Dave thought it was a stupid idea.
Brooks {who's not Dave's doctor.} feels that Dave is a negative influence on him.
Hugo feels "Dave's the most normal person in this place, man."
Dr. Brooks- "But he doesn't want you to change does he?"

At the gym, there's a very interesting basketball game going on with the patients. Dave is playing. {Dave uses all the same verbiage and slang that Hurley uses. Note all the damn plaid!}
The guy in the red robe is just carrying the ball not dribbling it. “Shoot it! Shoot it!”
Dave asks Hugo, “You want in this game, man? Go for it. Something tells me no one will care.”
Hugo seems distant. Dave yells at a player, "Dude, Dude, give up the rock!"
Someone throws the ball and Hugo catches it.
Annoyed Dave yells, "Fantastic, Great give it to the guy who's not even in the game!" {HOLY SHIT! WOW! Important line!}
Dave wants to hit taco night, “Let’s blow this pop stand.”
{Yogi on the floor in meditation}
Hugo tells Dave Brook's opinion of him. Dave seems to admit he's negative, “Duh! So you don’t wanna hang out with me anymore?”
Dave asks if that quack’s getting inside his head, "DO NOT LET HIM. You got much more important things to think about." {Yes, Important!} Like hard or soft shell, chicken or shrimp, sour cream or hot sauce?"
Amused Hugo guesses he could eat. The happy duo head off.
{Flash Whoosh}
Sock toes wiggle {Left foot}.
In the hatch Jack examines Locke's legs.
Locke is in pain when wiggling his right toes {not his left}.
Doctor Jack doesn't have an x-ray but his best guess is Locke has a hairline fracture. Jack wraps his injury to keep the swelling down until he can get a splint on it.
Locke can’t walk on it for a couple of weeks.
Jack suggests to Kate the wheelchair for him but Locke freaks! Kate will get the pair of crutches. {Because I'm friggin' nuts, let's note the reflection of Kate in the washer/dryer glass. 2 Kate's.}

Locke tells Jack that during the lock down Henry/He could have escaped, but feels he came back to help him. Jack feels Henry came back because he thought his story was going to check out.

In the armory fake Henry is strung up like he's hanging from a crucifix.
The door is wide open and Anna Lucia strolls in. Henry is telling Sayid, “He was dead already. Four months ago I was part of the search party, Henry Gale… was hanging out of the basket neck broken.”

Anna Lucia wanted to ask Henry a question but Sayid stops her and he asks, “So he was already dead.”
Sayid- “Then you buried him and left a grave marker.”
Sayid tells Henry he really should have checked his wallet before you did that.
Sayid produces a $20 bill {Improvised w/o paper} with the last composed thoughts from the real Henry Gale to Jennifer.
Sayid reads the note aloud. “Jennifer, well you were right. Crossing the Pacific isn’t easy. I owe you a beer. I’m hiking to one of the beaches to start a signal fire. But if you’re reading this I guess I didn’t make it. I’m sorry I love you Jenny…Always have always will. Yours Henry.”
Sayid folds up the cash and pockets it.  He wants to know how the real Henry could have written a note to his wife with a broken neck. {Is Jennifer Henry's wife?}
Fake Henry starts to get upset, flustered and tells them "It wasn't me. I didn't kill him. You don't understand.”
Sayid asks how he knew his wife’s name, "Did you interrogate him?" {Really, how did he know his name?}
Fake Henry appears panicked, “Please, just listen…I'm just a……" {Just a what?!}
Sayid -"How many of you are there?" {IMPORTANT!}
Fake Henry- "If I told you about them, you have no idea what he'll do."
Sayid- "He?"
Ana interjects "You mean their leader. The guy with the beard." {As she's looking directly at Henry.}
Fake Henry- "Him?!…He's no one Nothing!"……I can't….."
All the while Sayid questions him, “Where are your people? How many of you are there?!”
Henry feels Sayid doesn’t understand.
Sayid-“Understand this!” and pulls a gun on Fake Henry.
Sayid gives him three seconds to answer his question, "How many of you are there?" {OMFG!}
Sayid counts, “One…” …..Henry yells "He’ll kill me!”
Sayid-“I’ll kill you. Two...
Fake Henry-“You can't do this! I am not a bad person!"
Sayid, “Three!” Sayid fires the gun at Henry and Ana jumps in, protecting Henry.
Sayid feels Henry’s a liar!
Ana tells Jack to get Sayid out of there.

Locke, curious about the commotion, upset and frustrated calls out for Jack.   Jack walks over to calmly tell John, I’ve got it covered, John.”

Fake Henry thanks Ana Lucia. She just tells him to shut up; leaving him alone in the dark room. {Henry knows Ana is there for him}.

Mr. Eko is constructing something; he is sawing. {Cross on dark cord. In front of the burned woods.}
Charlie come up dragging a pallet and says that when he noticed Eko was building something, he thought he could use it “For whatever it is.”
Eko finds it thoughtful of Charlie then asks “Why don’t you help me?”
Charlie asks what he’s making.
Eko has Charlie hold one end of the wood. Charlie wonders if it's "a STARBUCKS?"
Eko doesn’t answer the question, only gets Charlie to pitch in. Eko will not tell Charlie what he’s building right now.

Hurley walks through the jungle carrying the slipper. He looks down and finds a box of Dharma fish crackers. He ferociously opens the box and shoves them into his mouth.
Dave stands there watching him.
With a mouth full of dry crackers Hurley blurts outs "You're not here!"
Dave throws a coconut at him to prove that he is here. {The thrown coconut makes contact w/Hugo. Pretty real to me!}
Dave picks up another coconut as if to throw it but runs into the jungle with it. Hurley runs after him wanting him to wait. {Dave is there running but at one point Hurley looks up and he’s not there.}

Hurley ends up right where Charlie and Eko are busy constructing.
Hurley asks if they saw a guy in a bathrobe with a coconut run through there…
Charlie- "No. I saw a polar bear on roller blades with a mango" {I'm sure he did. LOL!}
Eko who is focused only on construction, did not see anything.
Hurley-“Yeah. Me either.”
{Flash Whoosh}

Connect Four.

Leonard is repeating 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.
Hugo is playing Connect Four with Leonard and
Lenny wins.

Dave says to Leonard, “Pretty sneaky, Leonard. Using those magic numbers of yours as a psych-out, aren't you man?"
Dave is on to Leonard’s juju and knows that he just plays dumb.  This amuses Hugo, “They're just numbers, dude.”    {Lenny emphasizes “8” a bunch of times. "Ate"}
Hugo snacks on celery while Dave tries to tempt Hugo into snagging one of Lenny’s graham crackers, “He won’t notice. What’s he gonna do, call you a 23?”
While Lenny repeats the number mantra and Dave interjects with the numbers and finishes with a nice, “Hike!” {Football.}
Nurse Lazenby brings Hugo his meds. {Clonazapam. Same meds as mentioned on the island.}
Concerned Dave tells Hugo, “Dude, you wanna get out of here with me don’t take the horse tranquilizer.”
Hugo- “What do you mean get out of here?”
Dave means “Escape, man. Me and you ASAP. They're getting to you, dude. We gotta split."
He tells Hugo that Dr. Brooks doesn't care about him he's the one prescribing that crap. Dr. Brooks walks over to the table and asks if there’s anything wrong with Hugo’s meds.
Nope,Hugo and Dave were just talking.
Brooks says hello to Dave.
{If Dave wasn't really there, would a Dr. 'feed' into a patient’s illusion and say hi to imaginary friend?}
Dave and the Doctor share brief niceties.
Dave tells Doc he’s, “Never been saner.

The Doctor is taking pictures for the bulletin board; he’s got everyone except "you two." {Hugo and Dave, Not Hugo and Leonard.}
Brooks has the two friends get closer together. Dave is Rockin'!
 The photo is shot with the Polaroid camera.

Brooks wonders if Hugo needs water, as to be sure he takes those two pills. The doc thanks the guys for the photo op and leaves.
Hurley pretends to take the two pills; Dave is impressed.
Dave quietly yells Hugo "The revolution has begun, man. Lay low, when the time is right, we fly".
{Flash Whoosh}
The beach:
LMAO as Sawyer is trying to separate a Dharma {fully hydrogenated} Oreo cookie, but to no avail. Hurley tells him you gotta twist it; pulling it will only break your cookie.
Hurley {the expert} tells Sawyer he’s kinda looking for something. Sawyer’s done trading because he’s got enough food to open up a chain of mini marts, “Hey. You think Sayid needs a job?”
Hurley wants a favor so he reminds Sawyer when he helped him out with the tree frog that Sawyer killed.
Sawyer remembers. Hurley wants Clonazapam. Hurley explains the meds make you “calm down” or for when you’re seeing things that aren’t supposed to be there; like a bald guy in a bathrobe.
Sawyer teases him.
Hurley gets pissed off and tackles him into the tent and they fight. Jin is amused at this sight!
Sun wants him to break them up. Handsome and strong Jin breaks it up. Pissed off Sawyer calls Hurley crazy.
Hurley-"I'm not crazy. I’m not crazy."
{Sawyer's tent gets torn down, just like the boar that tore down his tent.}

Kate, leaning on the crutches she's supposed to deliver to Locke, is entertained with Sawyer’s story about the Hurley ass kicking. Sawyer’s annoyed by her amusement.
Sawyer- “Don’t you got an adventure to get to? I think Timmy fell down the well over that way.”
Kate wonders what would "make Hurley, of all people…?"
Sawyer said he doesn't know why, "He just Hulked out on me" for no reason at all. Sawyer encourages her to enjoy her giggle but to steer clear, “The man is crazy.
Sawyer rebuilds his tent.

Inside his tent, Hurley is packing his backpack. {Packs peanut butter.} Libby visits to check on him and asks what happened with Sawyer.
Hurley doesn’t want to talk about it.
Libby-“ beat him up?”
Hurley guesses she knows what happened then. Libby is on his side, “Whatever you tell me…” {Really?! His side.}
Hurley doesn’t want to talk.
Libby comments about the huge container of peanut butter.
Hurley’s gonna need a lot of protein where he’s going. He's going back to the caves, after all no one lives there anymore, so he won't bother anybody. He's going to live alone, be one of those crazy guys with the big beard, no clothes, who's naked and throws doody at people. { LMFAO!}
Libby says he doesn't have to do this.
Hurley- "Just leave me alone. You can't help me! No one can."

On his trek through the jungle Hurley's backpack rips and everything falls out. The peanut butter is busted open and Hurley scoops some up and eats it right off a leaf. {Orange shirt.} He hears the sound of a footstep in the grass. There is one shoe Dave standing there. {Orange sock.} With a mouth full of peanut butter Hurley swears that Dave's “NOT here! You’re in the hospital. You can’t be here.”
Dave smirks and says, "Sorry dude, I am here."
{We can't get more point blank than that!}

Hugo likes that he has a good relationship with his mom, he likes making his grandpa Tito laugh and he likes chicken. Hugo is reading from the list he's made. He seems to be a family kind of guy. {The dialog here is VERY important. Also note he's wearing same robe, different shirt underneath.} Dr. Brooks remarks that last list entry wasn’t about Hugo and then asks if it was difficult writing that. Brooks also says that Hugo didn't mention anything about his appearance in the list. {The session is being recorded.}
Hugo- "It’s not like…I mean, I can't really do anything about it, right?"
Hugo sits there sad, obviously in pain and feelings of guilt. Hugo opens up, "If I, uh…If I… wasn't so fat…they never would have died.”
Dr. Brooks tries to show him a rational view and tells Hugo, "There were 23 people on that deck, it was built to hold 8. And it would have collapsed whether you went out there or not.”
Hugo is nearing tears, "Yeah, but I did walk out there. And it did collapse. And I killed them." {Keep this accident in mind for a later time.}
Dr. Brooks- "It was an accident."
Hugo-“It was my fault.” He is blaming himself for this accident.
Brooks- “Look, after those people died you were in a practically in a catatonic state. You stopped talking, you stopped going out, you stopped sleeping. But you never stopped eating. Because that’s how you punish yourself.
Hugo tells Brooks that Dave is right about the Dr., "Your nothing but a quack."
Brooks-“Dave doesn’t want you to lose weight, does he?”
Hugo is adamant Dave cares about him, “He’s my friend.” {Walt said the same line to Michael about Locke in season 1}
Brooks reveals the photo taken for the bulletin board, "Dave isn’t your friend, Hugo. Because Dave doesn’t exist."
Dave is absent from the picture!

Two photos; one of Mrs. Reyes and one of Grandpa Tito in front of a blue truck.
Hugo sleeping.
“Psssst! {whispering} Hey. Wake up, Dude.”
Dave tries to wake Hugo up and actually drums/pats on him to do so, “Finally. You could sleep through a damn NASCAR race, man.”
Hurley again feels Dave’s not there; he’s a hallucination. Dave slaps him to prove he IS real, “Was that a hallucination?
Hurley still thinks that maybe he imagined Dave slapped him.
Dave slaps him AGAIN! {Pretty real.} Dave can do that all night.
Hugo tells him about the picture Brooks showed him from the rec room, “My arm was around…like, nothingness.”
Dave- "Uhhh, Kinko's? Photoshop? What you really think they really blew up the Death Star?"
Dave wants Hugo to stop talking crazy and come on “We’re on the clock here.”
Hugo doesn’t get up so Dave asks him “Hey, you in or you out, dude?
Dave encourages Hugo to take a plate of lasagna that Marcus didn’t finish, "That is a waste, man. One for the road?"
Hugo takes the plate.

Shhh” motions Dave as they attempt to covertly sneak down stairs.
Dave waits until the coast is clear and the security guard takes his break.
{Hugo uses his fingers to eat.}
Whispering Dave instructs Hugo, “Tippy toes, big guy.”

 Inside the dark cleaned up rec room Hugo puts the plate down on the table that has the Connect Four game still out. {Black chips/markers.}
Dave whispers to Hugo "…you got the keys, hombre. You took em off Brooks' desk earlier." {He did?! We did see Brooks move the keys off the file.}
Hugo kind of gives a look as if “I did?” and takes keys out of his robe pocket.
Dave and his mischievous giggle encourage Hugo, "Come on man, open it! Open it!" {Window with a padlock.}

Hugo opens it with the first key tried; opening the window’s security gate and the window, letting in all the night air and sounds of the outside. Dave asks him if he can taste Freedom and Cheeseburgers.
Dave jumps out the window and lands only a couple of feet below the window.
In celebration Dave offers chili fries "on me."
Hugo apologizes to Dave because he can’t do this, "You're not real. You're trying to get me to run away and get cheeseburgers because I want cheeseburgers.”
Dave freaks, “Did you take those pills, man?!”
Hugo- "No, man, I'm just not coming….Look, you don't want me to get better, you don’t want me to change."
Dave feels he doesn’t need to change; he’s fine, “You are great!"
Hugo says he's not fine and that Dave just wants him to stay fat, “You wouldn’t care if I ate myself to death.”
Dave tells Hugo very matter of fact, "Do not do this man. If you don't come with me right now, you will never get outta here."
Hugo- "Bye Dave" and locks up with window.
{Flash Whoosh}
Hurley sits in the jungle with his eyes closed. He opens his eyes again to see Dave is indeed there. Dave asks Hurley for his slipper but complains that there’s peanut butter on it. Dave sits down next to Hugo and chats about him knowing that Hurley's is freaking out right now and he's sorry, but Dave confesses that "Its gonna get a little worse before it's gets better."
Hugo- “Worse?!”
Dave-“You ready, dude?”
Hugo nods yes.
Dave begins, "You remember that night you closed that window on me? Remember what you did after that night?"
Hugo recalls, "Yeah. I realized you were imaginary. {Dave gives an obligatory yes nod, "UmmHumm."} And that was a breakthrough. {Dave gives him an 'Oh really' look.} And a little while later Brooks let me out and I went home to live with my mom, and I got my job at Mr. Clucks back, and I got better."
Dave informs him that "None of that ever happened… You're still at Santa Rosa, man. You never left the hospital."
Hugo feels that’s not possible.
Dave understands it’s hard, “I mean, all this…you, me, this island, that peanut butter, none of it's real, man. None of it's happening. It's all in his head, my friend. The second you closed that window your brain popped a gasket. You went back into your little coma thing and that’s where you are right this very second, in your own private Idaho inside Santa Rosa."

Hugo won’t believe it after all he had his mom, his friend Johnny, “I won the lottery!”
Mockingly, Dave finds this awesome and asks what numbers he played, “Leonard’s numbers, right? From the hospital. What a coincidence. You uh, seen them around anywhere else?”
Hugo- “The hatch.”
Dave- “BINGO! The hatch. With the button that you gotta push every 108 minutes or the world ends. Oh! Oh! Oh! And, and what’s the code for the button? Oh yeah, the numbers.
Hurley insists he got better “I changed.”
Dave now mocks Hugo’s circumstances “Changed? What are you kidding me? Look at yourself. You’ve been on a deserted island for over two months and you haven’t dropped 10 lbs. How is that even possible, man?”
Hugo admits he just destroyed his stash and he’s been exercising, “Libby says it won’t happen overnight…”
This too amuses Dave, “Oh right, right, Libby. The mega cute blond chick who magically appeared from the other side of the island. Oh! Oh! Oh yeah. Who just happens to have the hots for yooou.”
This hurts Hugo.
Dave offers out his hand to Hugo so they can take a walk.
{As they walk through the jungle, note the beautiful bright/vibrant, red/orange/yellow tropical flowers.}
Hugo asks Dave, “So this is all in my brain?”
Dave confirms "Every rock, every tree. Every tree frog. Even me. The real me, the one they told you was imaginary, he went out that window, man. Right now he’s probably bouncing from hot chick to hot chick. Unlike me, who’s really you, who’s got more important things to do."
Hugo-“So I’m making you up.”
Dave tells him "I'm part of your subconscious, man, all the people on this island are."
Hurley wonders "What part of me are you?"
Dave is the part of him “that wants to wake up, man. Follow me."
Dave leads him to it; the edge over the rough surf. The BIG FINALE! “The answer to all your problems. A way for you to wake up, snap out of it!”

Hugo looks over the edge and says he’s doesn’t want to kill himself.
Dave assures him “Who said anything about killing yourself, man? This is gonna bring you back to life! The only way for you to bust out, is to tell your mind that you don't believe any of this."
Hurley asks {as he looks into the water} "So…If I?…all this will be gone? I'll just wake up?"
That’s right.
Dave-"And when you do wake up, come find me. I'm sure I miss ya See you in another life Hurley."
Dave intentionally falls back off the cliff and splashes down in to the water; laughing all the way down.
{Dave called him Hurley.}

Down in the hatch Locke on his crutches heads towards…..changes course to the couch where Ana is playing/putting together a gun. {She’s wearing a ring.}
Locke asks Ana Lucia, “Jack not back yet?
Jack has gone to the beach to tell everyone they’ve got one of them.
Something tells Ana “people will have a lot of questions about our house guest.”
Locke wants to talk to him but Ana doesn't think that's on today's program.

Locke doesn't care what she thinks. {Ah! A man after my own heart!} He wants 5 minutes with him; he’s "earned 5 minutes with him." {Boy, everybody's earning something around there.} Ana opens the armory door and lets Locke in.

Fake Henry sits on the cot’ his hands and feet are tied up. Ana closes the door on them for privacy. Locke asks "What's your name? Your real name."
With his head down and eyes closed Fake Henry suggests to just keep calling him Henry, “I've gotten used to it,"
Locke-"Did you get caught on purpose? You and your people have been here for God knows how long, and you got caught…in a net." {That’s what I've been asking.}
Fake Henry- "God doesn't know… God doesn’t know how long we've been here, John. He can't see this island any better than the rest of the world can. May I ask you a question? What possible reason could I have for putting myself through all this?”
Locke wonders "Maybe your people were looking for this place.”
Fake Henry- "This place? This place is a joke, John.”
Locke wants to know what he's talking about. Fake Henry goes on to say that he crawled through your vents and I stood at your computer as the alarm beeped. And you know what happened? The timer went all the way down to zero. And then some funny red pictures flipped up in its place. They looked like hieroglyphics…I'm no expert. And then things got real interesting. There was a loud clunking and a hum like magnet, a BIG magnet. It was really very frightening. And do you know what happened next? Nothing happened, John. Nothing happened at all. Your timer just flipped back to 108. I never entered the numbers. I never pressed the button.
Locke- "You're lying"
Fake Henry- "No, I'm done lying."

Hurley looks over the cliff calling out for Dave.
Out of nowhere Libby is standing behind him and asks "Who's Dave?"
{Like she doesn't know.} WATCH/LISTEN TO LIBBY!

Hurley-"What are you doing here?'
Libby- "What are you doing here?"
Hurley wonders how she knew where he was {because she has to keep tabs on him}.

Libby says Jin saw him while he was fishing. Ha! Jin doesn't speak English! {HA!}
Libby tells him, Sun translated {Yeah, sure.} Libby just wants to know what's going on with him.
Hurley blurts out "NO! You're just a part of me that's scared. {He takes a step back, closer to the edge} You don't want me to wake up. Well guess what? I'm not scared." {I think he's correct there!}
Hurley edges closer to the edge of the cliff.
Libby's concerned and feels he's having some sort of panic attack; she gets that. But she also feels this isn't like him.
That statement surprises Hurley, "Like me? You don't know me." {Yes she does}
Libby - "I was starting to."

Green eyed Hurley reveals he's so fat that he killed two people, and has an imaginary friend. Libby, who also has green eyes and blends in with the green of the fucking jungle, tries to calm him. She fears he's going to hurt himself.

Hurley yells, "NO I'M NOT! Cause this isn't happening. None of it! I'm just imagining it. This isn't real life!"

Libby's facial expression has changed dramatically, she wonders why he would say that.
Hurley feels " Because in real life... no girl like you, would ever like me..."
{Libby says all the right things to him. She uses a common psych ward tactic to calm patients down.}
Hurley continues, "Remember when I said I knew you from somewhere? {WATCH LIBBY'S FACE!} Well, maybe, it’s cause I made you up."
{Now she's relived that he doesn't really 'remember' her.}
Libby needs to prove to him that this experience is real so she tells the story of the things that happened to her on the other side of the island; that Eko brought a man to her who needed help, "What was his name?"
Hurley doesn't know because it happened to Libby not Hurley.  Libby buried broken leg Donald, "I buried a lot of people, Hurley. So don't tell me that that wasn't real. And don't tell me you made me up; it's insulting."
Hurley- "When you saw me on the beach this morning, was I holding a slipper?"
Libby- "No, not that I can remember, no." {I call fucking shenanigans! B.S.!} Hurley, look at me. I am real. You're real. The way I feel about you that's real."
She kisses him {To make him believe.} "That was real."
Libby- "Are you ready to go back?"
They look over the edge down to the water.
Hurley asks her if she thinks he really can change.
Libby-"Yeah, I do."
Hand in hand they walk off.


{Flash Whoosh}

Dr. Brooks is taking the picture (No Dave)...Camera pans to a brunette loopy Libby, also being given her meds.

Dave is a GREAT EPISODE!!!!!! This episode is telling us outright about prescriptions/drugs/hallucinations/fake/real-imagined/staged/scripted/improvised/appearance changes/emotional changes/an exercise/crazy/mental health. Also there are clues to cells and make up of physical being.

Is Dave real or just Hurley's imagination/subconscious? Is Dave physically on the "Island"? Was Dave really at Santa Rosa? Maybe Dave happened to "slip" away from somewhere to get to Hugo? Hmmmm?

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Shirts worn.
* Eyes.
* Sleep. Shhhh. Coma. Catatonic. Wake up. Snap out of it. Brain.
* Crazy. Quack. Mental Health.
* Change. Get better. Find something.
* Addiction. Depression. Guilt. Punishment.
* Real. Not real. Not really happening. Fake. Make it up. Hallucination. Illusion. All in the head.
* 8-ate
* 23
* Metabolism. Sick.
* Hurley made a list again. The importance of Hurley and lists.
* Negative/X-ray.
* Button. Numbers. Timer. Reset. Program. Net. Computer. Pictures. Game.
* 2 names, 2 identities, 2 sides.…?
* Santa Rosa translates to Saint Rose. (In Italian).
* Hurley is looking for a guy in a bathrobe, yet he is wearing a bathrobe in Santa Rosa. He must be looking for himself.
* Libby may have recounted the story about the Tailie's adventures, but if Hurley wasn't there to experience it himself, that recounting "her" experience proves nothing. All it shows is the "experience" Libby had was "hers" and the one Hurley is having is for Hurley. Each person is having their own "experience" on the "Island".
* Let's point out that Ana Lucia mentions 'their leader, the guy with the beard'…Hurley says he's going to be one of those guys 'with the big beard'
* Sayid attempts to kill fake Henry.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Composite: 1). Something made up of parts. 2). Image of a suspect. 3). Building material.
* Hippy/Flower child/Flower Children: the idealistic young people who gathered in San Francisco and environs during the 1967 Summer of Love. It was the custom of "flower children" to wear and distribute flowers or floral-themed decorations to symbolize altruistic ideals of universal brotherhood, peace and love.
* A trust fall is a trust-building game often conducted as a group exercise in which a person deliberately allows himself to fall, relying on the other members of the group spotters to catch him
* Kumbaya: A spiritual song from the 1930’s. The song was originally associated with human and spiritual unity, closeness and compassion, and it still is, but more recently it is also cited or alluded to in satirical, sarcastic or even cynical ways that suggest blind or false moralizing, hypocrisy, or naively optimistic views of the world and human nature.
* Clonazepam belongs to a group of drugs called benzodiazepines. Benzodiazepines are medications that help relieve nervousness, symptoms of anxiety, and some types of seizures by slowing the central nervous system. In the United States, clonazepam is sold under brand name Klonopin. High doses of Clonazepam causes Anterograde amnesia memory loss, in which new events are not transferred or from short term memory to long term memory. This may be a permanent deficit, or it may be temporary, such as is sometimes seen for a period of hours or days after head trauma or for a period of intoxication with an amnestic drug. The deficit makes its sufferers unable to recall an event which occurred only moments earlier when their attention has shifted to something else.
* The drug Heroin is aka Horse.
* Revolution- the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course; also : apparent movement of such a body round the earth  (2): the time taken by a celestial body to make a complete round in its orbit  (3): the rotation of a celestial body on its axis b: completion of a course (as of years); also, : a sudden, radical, or complete change.
* Improvisation is the practice of acting and reacting, of making and creating, in the moment and in response to the stimulus of one's immediate environmentThis can result in the invention of new thought patterns, new practices, new structures or symbols, and/or new ways to act.
* Metabolism is the complete set of that occur in living cells. These processes are the basis of life, allowing cells to grow and reproduce, maintain their structures, and respond to their environments. The term metabolism is Greek for "Metabolismos" for "change", or "overthrow."
* Instant camera is a type of camera with self developing film.
* Escape: 1). to elude observation. 2). to avoid capture. 3). to elude. 4). to get free. 5). act of leaving a dangerous or unpleasant situation.
-Escape is the 20th book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series.
-In computer: Escape Key- 1). "Esc" key on a computer keyboard. 2). Escape sequence, a series of characters used to trigger some sort of command state in computers. 3). Escape character, a single character which in a sequence of characters signifies that what is to follow takes an alternative interpretation.

Is Dave is trying to help/protect Hugo from the people at Santa Rosa/Island? It seems that "Dave" is "on to" what was going on at Santa Rosa/Island.  Actually it seemed as if it hinted he is a direct link to the "Island".  Dave knew he needed to get Hugo out of there before the "powers that be" or "evil puppet masters" get to him.  If this insight isn't coming from “Dave” then it's coming from somewhere inside of Hugo who is aware of what's happening.

Dave says some pretty important lines. Go back and re-read the highlighted clues again. Are we seeing clues to what Dave really knows or to what Hurley really knows? Dave/Hugo, Hugo/Dave, Hugo/Hurley? Confusing, I know.

Is Santa Rosa a place where certain people involved in the “Island” are made to "go", to manipulate them into thinking they're crazy but they are not.  They are "programmed", or possibly even "De-programmed"?
Is Santa Rosa on the “Island” not in California or just one in the same?

Is there a clue to the importance of Lostie ROSE?

Hurley doesn't bring much attention to himself on the beach; he blends in. Could he end up being the total opposite of what we perceived him to be? He is fine with being a crazy old dude who lives in a cave and he is a list maker.
Hurley being “in charge of food”… again:  I don't think this episode is all about food and his weight, although he has an addiction and issue with punishing himself with it. 
Hugo/Hurley must/may be in charge of something more impressive.  When does he change or go from Hugo to Hurley?  Is it after "said' accident?

Libby's role here: Is she privy to this exercise? I think, YES. Could Libby know “Dave” is there? Could she really see Dave's slipper in Hurley's hand. Libby's body language and facial expressions tell me that it's not all about concern for Hurley; it's much more than that. Is she "on his side", there to keep tabs on him or to steer Hurley in to the next move?

The slipper is real; it is three dimensional, it can be held. Dave hits Hurley with a coconut, just as he slaps him in the hospital to prove reality. Don’t forget Brooks says hello to Dave in the game room. Again I ask if Dave wasn't really there, would a Doctor "feed into a patient’s illusion/delusion" and say hi to imaginary friend?

Remember I have always felt that Flashes are not in linear- time order.   When did the “accident” really happen and where did that accident happen?  OK, indulge me. Just imagine for a moment that accident happened on the Pala Ferry dock or somewhere else on the Island. Don't laugh! We'll just keep that in mind for the future and see if and where the “accident” shows up again.

The very vibrant pictures on the walls in the Doctor's office and the hatch: Could they be something more than artwork?   A trigger perhaps or just a subliminal hint to show us “Island” events and “outside world” events are blurred together.

Who is Fake Henry? Which parts of fake Henry's stories are real and what's not? Why can't he tell the Castaways the truth about everything?  Fake Henry is obviously in a role of great importance. Just as there are people in play to protect him, he is in turn protecting something as well!  He obviously is a person who is not what we think he is.

Who is protecting whom/what?

I'm telling you that Hurley is very important to all that we're seeing. Are there two sides to him and two …..?
Is Dave a real person from the past or present? Is he a guide? Dave very well may be part of Hurley's memory, made up or outright part of his subconscious.
Either way we see Hurley realizing on some level that he is aware of the "whole" and “truth” of his situation. The bottom line here is Dave outright tells Hurley that things are "faked", manipulated; Kinko's, Photoshop...contrived. But how?

Could the "magic numbers" be a psych out for something else?...Hmmm.  If Dave isn’t really physically there or is an illusion who else on the "Island" isn’t real or is just an image?
The “Island” won’t let Hurley lose weight and “Dave” won’t let him lose weight. This comment from Libby reminds me of when Locke was the representative of the “Island” in asking Charlie for the drugs in return the “Island” will give something back. I still must keep that info about Locke being part of the “Island” close at all times.

Hugo/Hurley is not even in the game yet still seems to be looking for something. I feel like the "Island" adventure is part of an exercise to help them find themselves.   If they are all trapped on the “Island” does Dave/Hurley know how to escape the game, how to wake up and be “brought back to life”?

Remember that everybody loves Hurley, but everybody hates Hugo.

Hurley holds the key to something BIG here, he’s very important. I can't wait to find out what it is. Maybe we have to wait until the above mentioned "BIG FINALE" to find out.

Love to all who are "Lost"™

PS: "Let go over a cliff, die completely, and then come back to life. After that you cannot be deceived." - ZEN Proverb

Originally posted at MySpace 2007.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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