August 18, 2010

"Audibly Lost" The Movie Trailer

Hi Losties!
Here is some news for you...
Film maker Alex Castex-Porter, decided to make a movie about LOST podcasters, titled “Audibly Lost” The Movie.   It is inspired by his interactions with LOST fans.

“Audibly Lost” The Movie introduces viewers to the community of LOST podcasters who on a weekly basis discuss the mind boggling events of the hit TV show LOST.
The documentary explores the stories of these devoted and hardcore LOST podcasters, why they podcast about LOST and why each of these LOST podcasts have thousands of listeners.
Quote from Alex's web site: "Coming from all parts of the United States, big cities, suburbs and small towns, these podcasters discuss the “whys” and “why not's,” their reactions to the end of LOST, the emotional ups and downs of podcasting, and what it all means for them.  They show a side of themselves that their listeners may have never seen or heard."

I feel very honored that Alex came all the way down to sunny and hot South Florida and spent some time talking about LOST with me.
We had a total blast!  Thank you, Alex.

Here is the movie trailer!  I can't wait to see the LOSTNESS in its entirety!

"Audibly Lost" The Movie Trailer from Audibly Lost on Vimeo.

Here is just a few of the awesome LOST podcasters you'll get to see:

Kris White of the official LOST Podcast
Amy (Nancy Drew), Curt and Dan of The Black Rock Podcast
Big-O of The Cranky Fanatic Podcast
Ralph  of The Dharmalars.
Anna and Denise of Jacob's Cabin Podcast
Jay and Jack of The Jay and Jack LOST Podcast
Anna and Denise of Jacob's Cabin Podcast
Josh Long/The Joshmeister of The JoshMeister Podcast
Matt and Leslie of Keys to Lost
Josh and Amanda of The Lost Flashbacks Podcast
Evan Agee of The Lost Mystery Podcast
Wayne Henderson of LostCasting with Wayne and Dan
Anil of The ODI LOST Episode Podcast With Danny aka Vozzek69 (of Things I Noticed About LOST)
And Karen Mauro (of Karen's LOST Notebook)


  1. This is fantastic Karen!! So happy you were a part of it!!!

    But... we'll see if any of my segment makes the final cut. lol

  3. Hi Karen, would you let us know when the movie is released?

  4. Of course I will :)
    It will be in a couple of months. But as soon as I know anything I'll share the news straight away.


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