August 24, 2010

Tranquility Island

Hi Losties!
In honor of it being a very HAPPY LOST DAY because the DVD'S will be in our hands today and we'll start classes again at LOST University, I put together a fun little LOST video.
I have not created a Silly LOST Picture in a while and thought "Why not try a Silly LOST Video?!"
Although it is pretty obvious that I don't know how to edit video and never made one before, I still had fun giving it a try. The one thing I wish was that I had HD quality footage so a few of those clips were clearer.'s all in LOSTASTIC fun! You can see where my mindset is while trying to deal with life without LOST.

I dedicate this video to all of us LOST fans who feel lost without LOST.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


  1. I love this Karen, brought back so many wonderful memories. Thanks again. XO~Debby

  2. You must have had a blast making this!! Thank you!!


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