July 18, 2011

The ODI Podcast Discuss John Locke.

                                     "We Have To Go Back!"
Hi Losties!
In this edition of the LOST podcast we discuss my favorite character, John Locke.  We chat about his early days and his evolution as a character, his communion with the "Island", his connection to the Smoke Monster and his awesome legacy.  We could have gone on much longer than we did, as there is so much to say about this multi faceted character.

Thanks for all the great feedback for the last podcast and we will hopefully do another one in a few weeks!
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ODI LOST Podcast 75 - We Have to Go Back - John Locke

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PS: Here is the video of Kevin Pollak's interview with Damon Lindelof!

Kevin Pollak's Chat Show: Guest Damon Lindelof
Pay close attention to Damon's comment starting around the 28 minute mark (or so), when Damon discusses a bit more about his geek rift with George RR Martin. But watch the whole interview because it really is time well spent with these two men.

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