January 5, 2010

Island or Bust!

Hi Losties!

First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

I wanted to touch base with you about how this long ass LOST hiatus has been going.

The first bit to share is that in my spare time I've been very busy over the past few months moving all my LOST notes from MySpace to their home over here.

There are two reasons I decided it was best to move my notes and not leave them at MySpace "as is"...
1). So that non MySpace LOST fans could have access to Karen's LOST Notebook.
2). It seems MySpace was having issues with the amount of text and photos I need per post for my detailed episode notes. This caused all sorts of formatting issues. So instead of constantly having to struggle with problems re-posting them in full, its best I do that here and just post the links over there.
I am not abandoning my blog over there at all. As a matter of fact it's because I want MySpace readers to have my complete notes and photos to use.

Let's face it...I am honest enough to admit I am not a writer and first to admit my notes weren't originally meant to be shared, they are crude, poorly written and I'm also aware sometimes my jotted down thoughts make it hard for some readers to follow.

But long time readers know there was a good reason for my madness and horrible writing as far as my note taking. I was very sick for a long while, but that couldn't keep me away from connecting with LOST and absorbing myself in the puzzle, playing detective and keeping track of potential clues. Thus writing down what I could in any fashion while my brain retained any information became my normal standard.
The wonderfully supportive LOST fans and friends over at MySpace stuck through the poorly underdeveloped structure, awful spelling and dreadful grammar of my notes. Writing ability or lack thereof aside, I totally appreciate each and every one of you for coming back for more insight.
Fans asked if I'd ever go back and put my earliest notes into the format they later became accustomed to, and indeed I did.

Actually this moving process enabled me to add those very important snapshots in LOST time I took for my notes.

It has always been important for me to show that not only clue words, info and photos are consistent, but also my record of things and where potential clues present themselves, has been the same throughout. In other words...those "clues" and bits of info have been there since the very beginning.

The original date I posted the notes over at MySpace is on the bottom of the moved notes.

So over the next few weeks if you find more than one title posted in a single day, it's most likely my older material being moved over. Please Don't feel compelled to read them, just know they're here for your research if you need.

Here are a few other things that have happened over the break:
* Was not able to attend San Diego Comic Con 2009, but many of you did! There were good times had by all. Darlton and their team aired a few new advertisements involving a couple of survivors, brought a few handsome men from the cast to hang out with you, made the event extra special by literally sharing the love and creativity of LOST fans and have been on a Fan Appreciation mission of sorts. And we were introduced to Damon Carlton and a Polar
* Damon Carlton and A Polar Bear kept us busy for over 16 weeks while we became art aficionados.

* I recorded a few interviews with special guests over at The ODI that will air soon.

* Put together a LOST University Class of 2010 photo with the help of fantastic fellow LOST fans and friends.

* There were releases of Mysteries of the Universe and sneak peeks for the season 5 DVDs. You can find my posts on all of these by using the drop down menu.

* My friend Vozzek wrote a book about LOST. Things You Never Noticed About LOST. You must get yourself a copy!

* LOST University classes began. After fearing I wouldn't be able to participate in L.U. because I don't have a Blu-ray player and had no plans purchasing one, the Blu-ray DVD set was a Christmas gift so I get to take my classes after all. Thank the island gods for my PS3!

Christmas held a huge surprise for me... A little "Island" magic.
My family and Santa brought me a Dharma lab coat, a Dharma Initiative license plate frame {For my LOST license plate}, LOST t-shirt, Oceanic ornament for the tree, Season 5 Blu-ray DVDs, and an extra special surprise a... Dharma Initiative messenger bag.

This was no ordinary D.I. messenger bag; it contained some of my favorite entertainment magazines and an Oahu visitor tour book.
I was very confused with getting the Oahu visitor tour book and for a split second wondered "Why the hell is my family torturing me?!"
The reason...As much as it is my dream to spend quality time on the island, I knew deep down the reality would be that I would never be able to ever get there.
Well, my hubby had me open the front cover of the book and it was there that held the announcement he booked four days on the island for the premiere.

Needless to say I broke down in total shock combined with massive amounts of joy!
Here's proof in this embarrassing moment caught for posterity. lol!

Yeah, I know...I'm a DORK.

I realize four days isn't enough time for us to do what I want and need to do there, and much of that time will be spent traveling, but at least I will be there.

A dear friend of mine, Vanessa, who knows how much this trip means to me, suggested I journal my voyage. That is the perfect idea! So I got myself a journal and will have at least two cameras on me and I will try to document this adventure as best I can.

If you plan on being at the premiere, let me know because I'd love to say hello and grab a photo op with you, even if it's just for a moment! Being excited at the opportunity to be at a LOST event on the actual island with all of you has left me speechless.

Knowing the island is filled with beauty, love, peace, magic, LOST and friends, I know this adventure will be a dream come true for many of us.

Thank you for putting up with my Lostness all these years!

I look forward to meeting you and creating memories that will forever become part of my own personal journey.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


  1. WOOT!!

    I LOVE that picture of your total surprise and joy! What a moment!

    Can't wait to see you! Can't WAIT for LOST! Can't wait to bag Matthew Fox (with your help)!

    See you soon!!

  2. Congratz!

    I'm a long time reader but don't comment nearly enough.

  3. Awesome. Have a great time and I can't wait to hear and read about your trip.
    Wish I could go myself.

  4. I am SO happy for you Karen :)
    much love sweetie

  5. Wow! Awesome that your hubby planned the surprise trip. I'll bet that's the best gift ever! I remember how upset you were to have to miss Comic Con and I hope this makes up for it. Have fun!

    I got Seasons 1-5 on Blu-Ray and a blu-ray player for Xmas. I finally got my hubby to watch it with me and he's hooked now, too. Finally! After 5 years of watching it myself.


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