December 1, 2009

Your L.U. Class Photo

Hi Losties!

Classes haven’t even begun, yet we are so amped to get going on expanding our knowledge on all things LOST!
We’ve already joined groups, fraternities, sororities and clubs. We’re even getting a head start with some tutoring. Not to mention all the gear and supplies we’ve purchased. 
Talk about M O T I V A T I O N!

When Lost University decided to sell freshman tee shirts for the class of 2010, many LOST fans jumped at the chance to spend their pizza and beer money to purchase one of these special shirts offered by the university.

You all know how much I love having fun with all things LOST and love sharing my LOSTNESS with everyone… Well, I was chatting with fellow Lostie, Daniele about our excitement over the shirts that the idea was born to create a class photo.
A notice was sent out to fellow L.U. students that anyone who purchased one of these “limited” shirts can submit their photo to be included in the group project.
We thought this would be a fun way to get to do something over the hiatus and while waiting for classes to start, but more importantly to get to see some of our classmates.
This is the compilation of the photos sent in.
You all are so creative, fun and very much Lostaholics!

I thank you all so very much for participating in this fun project.
Classes will begin very soon. So study hard and pull all nighters if you must! Remember…”Knowledge is Power”.
But have fun with all of it too. After all, all work and no play makes…well, you get the idea!

Enjoy the slide show too.

Very special thanks to:
* Daniele A
* Arianna M
* Bygnerd
* Baker1000
* Bonnie Green “Maven”
* Comixguru “Alice”
* GeorgeStu
* GranMonkie
* Jon Barrand
* Lyly
* Loster21 “Erin”
* Lottery Ticket
* Libby Dippel
* Lauren Jackson
* Meg
* Mel
* ReveredMilo
* Stephen Fry
* Stuart Kiczek
* TMGLost
* White Rabbit “Elena”

Love to all who are “LOST”™

(Click the pic!)


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