May 18, 2010

Chatting about Across the Sea

Hi Losties!

 Here is the ODI podcast for Across the Sea!
Lots of use of imagination in this great episode. Also there are a lot of answers!

The ODI, Danny and I really dig into some electrifying details.
Hope you enjoy!

ODI LOSTcast 69 - Episode 6x15 Across the Sea Recap

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  1. ok so I'm gonna take a different view of some of the things you said. I could be completely wrong. You seem to suggest that Jacob is bad and Mib is good. Well maybe not good or bad but it seems like you think that the boy in black is the free thinker and jacob is the follower. you said that jacob is like his mother. I think that was right at the beginning because MIB wanted to know where they came from and he didn't want to be there anymore. But something happened during the 2000 years between Across the Sea and present day. MIB is now like the mother and Jacob is the free thinker and the believer of free will. MIB now holds the view that people are bad and Jacob holds the view that people are good and should have a choice. You also say that the island is a place where people find what they are looking for...a place to grow and become enlightened. It is because of Jacob that these people are growing and becoming enlightened. He is the one bringing them there. MIB doesn't care. He just wants to kill these people so he can leave. MIB lies, minipulates and kills just like his mother did back in the day. And John Locke is more like Jacob than MIB. Locke wanted to stay. He believed in the Island. He believed that this is a place where miracles happen. He believed it needed to be protected. MIB lookes like John Locke but is nothing like him in my opinion. Thanks for the great notes! I guess there are a million different ways to look at Lost.

  2. Thanks for listening!
    I have been very clear that both Jacob and MIB encompass positive and negative traits and behaviors. But I will not pick a side as to which is totally Good or totally Bad. There's no reason to choose.
    And yes, in Across the Sea I feel MIB is a free thinker as opposed to Jacob's loyalty with following along with "mother".
    I also can see that their have been changes in attitudes by both as well as a few of our "Island" castaways (sides have changed often!).
    But in my opinion I believe in the end as far as Jacob and MIB are concerned they both are playing things as a means to an end.

    Thanks again ;)


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