June 2, 2010

I'm stuck in a Loop and I Don't Want to Get Out!

I received many emails and messages asking if I was going to re-watch all of our beloved episodes of LOST now that we've reached the end of the series. Of course there are many unanswered questions and much confusion. Well, considering I love the world of exploration and imagination, you can bet I will indeed re-watch.
After all the path to enlightenment is filled with the self on a journey, searching for answers, so we might as well book another walkabout!

The journey we all took with LOST just happened to begin with a trip down into the rabbit hole. And since we needed to find our way through that labyrinth of a wonderland, complete with riddles and rabbits, metaphors and monsters, quests, a hero, and an interesting happily ever after, it will be good to revisit the enigma that originally sent us out blindly to figure things out.

What does your completed puzzle look like now that we've reached the end of LOST? Does it look like the picture on the box?
Let's face it, in reality until we have all the puzzle pieces in place it's not really complete or in this case, fully understood, is it?

In the past I've tried to explain LOST to be a Meta puzzle, but maybe a better way to explain is that it's more of a Koan. A Koan is riddle-like puzzle used for teaching in Zen Buddhism. It cannot be solved by reason, but instead forces the student to solve it through a flash of insight.

When all is said and done what potential ideas and theories to the mysteries of the "Island" were debunked and what potential ideas and theories were supported?

I have not decided how I will literally document any additional notes and insight to the episodes, as I will not alter the notes I've already posted over the years. I want to leave those original notes intact and as is, I stand by those, plus they are there for you to refer back to. (I will always include links back to my original posts.)
If you have any suggestions on how I could share the new/additional notes with you please let me know. Maybe I should group episodes off, or subject matter, etc.

LOST gave us a fantastic mystery, but also incorporated outside sources to enhance our edification along the way. Should we address the ARG's information to the re-watch at all?

For those who are new to my notes, welcome, but be warned...I think outside the box!

Thank you all for your support all of these years.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


  1. Karen- I'm glad you aren't changing in any way your past notes and blogs, they SHOULD stand as written. It was fun to read them and challenge our brains with the material you gave us. Maybe put any additional thoughts or jottings on a sort of "notepad", not sure.
    Always look forward to what you have to share.


  2. Keep up the good work...PLEASE!
    Thx, Mike.

  3. I'm so glad you are continuing to write down your thoughts on this show and do the rewatch with us, but also keep your vintage notes. I really appreciate them.

  4. Thanks Guys!
    @Devera, "Vintage" is right! lol
    Some of those notes go waaaay baaaaaack....YEARS!

  5. I hoped you would like that word choice. :D


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