June 27, 2010

More LOST Chatter and a Walkabout!

Hi Losties!
I have some exciting LOST related bits and fun things to share with you.
Two items of interest from our friends at Strange Angell Productions.

This is your chance to go on a real Interactive Eco Film Tour starring YOU!
Your walkabout takes you to some of the most beautiful and memorable LOST locations in Ohau, Hawaii.Click the link for CAMP WALKABOUT for more details and to book a spot!  You really have to check this out.    {Click the pics}

Next: Check out this video clip from Strange Angell Productions and let me know if you hear anything familiar.
 Be sure to click the other links to watch all the other segments of Into the Sun!

The guys over at TV Without Pity sent over some links they thought you Lostie's would be interested in checking out.
Lost: The Series Finale's Burning Questions

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