June 11, 2010

Poll: Should "Karen's LOST Notebook" get a new look?

Hi Losties!

As I will continue on with my notes while I re-watch and add commentary to some new things, I want this place to be a nice, comfortable and informative place for you to come and visit.

Should I give my site a new look?
Is the site working the way it should?
What would you like to see here that would make it function better for you?

I do know that not all browsers let everyone see the fun and informative goodies I have in my sidebar here. Are you having trouble with it? I've also had major issues with Blogspot and it messing up the format and fonts of my notes.

I'll leave the poll up for a few days.

Let's see what you all think.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


  1. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  2. Hi Karen! I love your site, but the load time on my computer, seems to take forever. I have broadband, keep the cache clean, but it does not seem to help. Don't know if it is because of the graphics, or what, but I really do enjoy your informative site. I vote for an update :). Kathy.


    I use blurb for simple things. I would love to have your notes FOREVER! and in my collection of LOST writings/books.

  4. I would love to just have my notes made in to a "study guide" for LOST fans everywhere!
    I wonder how I could do such a thing?

  5. Wow!
    I just checked out the sites you sent over. I really should do this.
    There's got to be a way even though it would be a huge

  6. did you ever do a finale recap podcast with the ODI?


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