September 15, 2010

Pages from Ben's Journal

Hi Losties!

Some great LOST insight was sent my way and I was asked to pass it along to you.  It is an honor to do it!! 

Fellow Lostie Jooky22 was at the LOST Auction and was the winner of Lot #660 which contained Ben's Island Messenger Bag, journals and the photos of Ben (that Miles had when we first met him.
The bag is as awesome, but what really got Jooky22 was Ben's journal.  
We saw Ben writing in this journal before being interrupted by a walkie-talkie call in the episode Through the Looking Glass.   
Here is a note from Jooky22:
"There are screencaps of the two visible pages on Lostpedia but they're not quite correct. More importantly, there are four "other" pages that Michael Emerson wrote, and they are far more interesting. Death notes, supply discussions and an ominous reference and drawing of something called a "Deep Dark Sink".  On the commentary for the episode you can hear them talking about the journal and Michael talks about writing stuff in there that had to be vetted by the producers to make sure it fit the narrative. Awesome stuff!"

Thank you SO very much Jooky22 and Brooke for sharing the very first look at this wonderful LOSTNESS!!


  1. Very cool to give us a look at this! Looks like ME got a bit rushed at the end as his handwriting gets to be a bit more messy and somewhat harder to follow. Lovely of Jooky22 to share with you and even more lovely to share with us. thanks!


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