October 7, 2010

Flashing Back to Special, Homecoming and Outlaws.

Hi Losties!
For my complete notes and connecting photos, please read my original posts on this site.   I also wanted to mention, in an effort to try to make some things easier to connect to the story,  I've been compiling information I gathered in my notes into one link; Data and Evidence. You will find that tab at the top of the site.

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This is a great episode. We see that Michael is on a quest to find Walt.  At this point Walt's role of defiant son is testing Michael's role as "dad".   Walt is very taken by Mr. Locke, and Locke by him. So Mr. Locke takes Walt under his wing.
One important thing I discovered with this episode is that the viewers automatically assumed it is Walt that "summoned" the image of the polar bear, and that very well may be, but we must note that it is angry Michael who rips the comic book out of Walt's hands, throws it into the fire and watches it burn.

There is much to discover in this episode.

Excerpt from my full notes on the episode "Special":
In the jungle Locke hands Walt a knife.
Boone and Vincent {Collar/leash.} are watching.
Walt throws the knife at the tree and it doesn’t penetrate it.
Walt-“Man, I suck!”
Locke-“You can do better than that.”
Boone-“You might want to take it easy on him.” {On whom?}
Locke explains-"See this knot Walt…I want you to aim for it. Right here. Focus on it…alright? Picture it…in your mind's eye. You know what that is, the mind's eye?”
Walt knows it’s like a picture in your head.
Locke tells him to do it again but, See it. See it before you do it. Visualize the path. See it. See it.” {It's kind of like using the force, like a Jedi. Also note Locke touches Walt’s hand.}
Walt focuses. We get a shot of Vincent. Walt throws the knife and sticks his mark! Boone is impresses and Locke knew Walt had it in him.
Walt-“It was weird. I actually saw it in my mind or something, like it was real.”
Locke- “Who's to say it wasn’t?”

The questions that plague the Castaways carry on.
Claire is returned back to her people, minus her memory.  This episode constantly brings up three continuing key clues; "Drugs"..."sleep"..."wake up".

Excerpt from my full notes on the episode "Homecoming"Charlie gives Claire her journal to help her remember. “And this is where you sleep. It’s quite cozy, isn’t it?”
Claire doesn’t say anything.
Charlie asks when he, “Ethan. When he took you away...He took me too. The others came after us. They got me back but were gone.”
Claire-“Who is he? Ethan.”
Charlie thinks as if he’s trying to find the right answer and then replies, “Ethan’s the bad guy.”
Claire looks a little confused and confirms she and Charlie were together when...
Charlie says yeah.
Claire wonders why he left Charlie. Charlie suggests they leave that lovely story for the morning as she’s had enough for one day.
Claire-“I won’t be sleeping.”
That’s lucky for Charlie because he’s not much of a sleeper himself. “Finally I’ve have someone to stay up with.”
Claire questions, “We’re friends?”
Yep, they are friends.

Here we see the concept of Karma, loop/doing this before, dreams/consciousness, being dead and coming back to life, no ID/identity, guiding, and trying to find out the answer to "Who am I?". 
This episode also shows us the struggles Sawyer has when a "boar" acts as the bully.  The boar taunts Sawyer to the point of revenge.  When push comes to shove we see who Sawyer is.

It is very important to note how this episode connects to Jack.

Excerpt from my full notes on the episode "Outlaws"

Sawyer and Kate walk through the jungle. He takes comfort in knowing someday this is all gonna be a real nice shopping complex; maybe even an auto mall.  Kate discovers a wallow. {Mud hole}
Sawyer- “What the hell’s a wallow?”
Kate- “A boar’s wallow?  It’s his den where he sleeps.”
Sawyer hears the squeals of a baby boar and captures it.
Now Sawyer knows “daddy’s gotta be around here.  Here piggy, piggy, piggy!!”
Sawyer taunts, calling for the “piggy” while Kate is trying to get him to put the baby down; she fears he’s gonna hurt it.
Kate-“Not funny!” and she kicks him. The baby boar runs away.
Kate- “You’re sick!”
Sawyer didn’t hurt it.
Kate walks away and tells him to “Find your own way home.”
Sawyer-“No problem!”

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