April 7, 2009

Through The Looking Glass. pt 1

Let's talk about LOST! Through the Looking Glass.

On board an Oceanic flight, Bearded Jack sits drunk with a drink in his right hand. He is visibly ragged and tired. The stewardess asks a passenger to put her seat back. Jack asks the stewardess for another drink but she cuts him off; they'll be landing in 20 minutes.
Jack feels "20 minutes is a long time."
She offers him a newspaper instead and tells him to buckle his seat belt. They hit turbulence and Jack's face lights up. Over the intercom the pilot apologizes for the bumps; says they hit warm air. They are preparing for their descent into L.A..
Something in the newspaper catches Jack's eye. It is an Obit that seems to upset Jack. He tears out the article.

Jack is driving at night; he pulls over on the right side of the 6th Street Bridge. He cries while reading the torn out article then he crumples it up. Jack tries to call someone on the cell phone but he leaves a message, "Hi it's me. I just read..." he hangs up. He appears zoned for a minute.
Jack decides to jump off the bridge. Standing on the ledge he looks down; there is concrete not water,
and says, "Forgive me."
As if on cue a car passing by crashes; flames!
You hear a young boy and a woman yell for help. Jack runs to her rescue.

Jack to the rescue at the beach.
Everyone's getting ready for the trek to the radio tower. Jack and Kate share a tender smile while she fills up water bottles. Kate sees Sawyer packing up his stuff; she looks troubled.
Jack asks Sayid if he has everything he needs.
Sayid- "No. but I made the best out of what we have."
He tells him Bernard and Jin are excellent shots and highly motivated. The dynamite's in place, they won't miss. He also tells Jack to be sure to keep moving to the radio tower. No matter what happens at the beach, don't turn back for any reason, "I'm willing to give my life if it means securing rescue. I'm not giving it up for nothing. You understand?"
Jack understands. The men shake hands.
Sayid wishes Jack, "Good Luck."
Jack-"You too."

Rose asks Bernard, "If I told you I'd help you with your S.O.S. sign would you change your mind?"
Bernard smiles, "No ma'am."
She makes him repeat the 'I am a dentist, I am not Rambo' mantra,"And don't you forget it."

Danielle watches Aaron, who's being held in Hurley's arms. Hurley assures Claire that Charlie will be fine.
Jin tells Sun to stay close to Jack and rest when she has to Sun cries and asks him why he's doing this
Jin in English tells her, "Because we have to go home."
Juliet watches Jin and Sun.
Naomi is still playing with her phone.
Jack leads them on this Exodus while the three shooters stay behind.
The flock crosses the rocky area; Danielle in the lead.
Naomi catches up to Jack and asks him what he did for a living before he became Moses.
He admits to being a doctor.Juliet is right there with them yet Naomi informs Jack none of his people trusts Juliet. Juliet takes that cue to move ahead and tells Jack to catch up to her when he's done. Naomi needs his attention to show him how to work the gadget in case something happens to her. {I guess something's gonna happen to her.} "You need to be able to call my boat." It’s very simple, "Once the rock star turns off whatever underwater contraption is jamming us up this red light will turn a lovely shade of green. That'll be anytime now, yeah?"
Naomi looks worried.

Charlie is being punched in the face by the blond/light. {Bonnie}
She asks, "Who are you?"
The dark haired woman, {Greta} tells him if he tells them how he got down there, they won't hurt him.
Charlie reveals to the ladies, "I came in by invisible submarine. Don't you see it?"
Bonnie hits him again. {He is tied to a desk chair} Greta tells Bonnie to take it easy.
Bonnie- "Take it easy? He's one of them. Why are you here? How did you find out about this station?"
Charlie reveals Juliet spilled the beans, "She's one of us now. In case you haven't heard."
Tough Bonnie hits him again.
Greta yells "Stop!"
She says they have to call Ben so they open a huge door. Charlie sees the blinking yellow light and communication equipment. We see the conversation Desmond has with Charlie describing the flash.

Ben in his tent at night.{Lanterns. Wooden doll, framed pic of Alex} He is writing in his journal. Bonnie is trying to reach him on his walkie. Ben leaves the tent, I guess for better reception. Mikhail and Richard are playing chess and drinking coffee or tea.
Ben asks Bonnie, "Why are you breaking radio silence?"
Bonnie tells him, "One of 'them's down there."
Ben asks which one. Charlie hears Ben asks this and yells, "It's Charlie! Tell him I said hi!"{He seems entertained.}
Bonnie informs Ben that Juliet told them about the station. {Richard's face.} Ben tells her to sit tight and don't do anything; he's sending help.
Ben wants Mikhail to go down to the Looking Glass and find out what Charlie Pace is doing down there.
Mikhail-"You told us the Looking Glass was inoperable. Flooded."
Ben admits he lied. {No really,Ben told a lie! I know, I'm shocked too! lol}
Ben needs Mikhail to go now!He can be there by dawn.Richard looks troubled.
Mikhail is curious and asks, "But if Juliet told them about the Looking Glass, what else did she tell them?"
Ben radio's Ryan but his radio is off.

Ryan is looking through binoculars at the Lostie's beach camp. {Night} He asks Tom if their walkie's are all off.
Tom-"Yes sir."
Juliet did her job marking three of the tents with white coral.
Ryan-"Let's do this."

Our three shooters are hidden as they watch the Others walk through the camp. The Others realize no one is at the camp.
Sayid shoots one tent and it blows up!
Ryan yells "It's a trap! Move!"
Bernard shoots his tent, it blows up!
Jin, with a handgun, fires twice but misses his mark.{Handgun belonged to Karl.}
The Others see those shots came from the "Tree line!"
There's a shootout!
Jin shoots one of them.
Ryan knocks down Jin, "I got your man.Drop your weapon."
Bernard tries to run away and get knocked by Tom.
Sayid has Ryan in the cross-hairs.
Ryan, who is holding Jin at gunpoint tells Sayid "It's over."
Sayid's about to pull the trigger and an Other pulls a gun on him, "Don't. Finger off the trigger."

Jack and his flock watches the two explosions at the beach from afar.
Rose is upset there was supposed to be three explosions.
Worried Kate, wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt, says "It didn't work."
Jack doesn't say anything.

Bearded Jack gets stitched up in the ER. {A lot of windows in this ER. Cut on right side a few inches over eye.}
The attending doctor tells him the news people are waiting for him outside, ‘Him being a hero and all."
Jack asks how the woman is. The doctor informs him she's been stabilized and feels it's a good thing he was on that bridge.
Sarah opens the door. The doctor tells her no visitors in the ER but
Jack says it's OK, they used to be married. Sarah asks what happened. {His right forearm is bandaged}
Sarah wonders "Were you drinking again?"
Jack- “No.”
Sarah- "Are you Jack?"
He says no. {Is this Jack?}
Jack asks her why she came down there. Apparently she's still listed as his emergency contact {Convenient, huh? After all that time.}
Sarah- "What were you doing driving around at 2:00 in the morning?"
He looks confused and tears up, "Maybe you could give me a lift home."
She doesn't think that's appropriate.Jack thanks her for coming down. She's crying and says"Goodbye, Jack."

Jack is still staring down toward the beach camp.
Worried Sun wonders, "Why were there only two explosions?"
Jack-"Maybe they didn't have to blow the 3rd tent." {You can see the deep black smoke rising against the night sky from the explosions.}
Rose questions the gunshots.
Jack tells her "He's OK, Rose."
Sun-"Do you believe that?"
Jack-"Listen. They had no idea that we were waiting for them. And Sayid's with your husbands. They're gonna be fine. And they're gonna be a couple of hours behind us." {Check out Juliet when he says that.}
Sun wants to wait there for them. Jack says no, no one gets left behind.
Rose-"If you say Live together, Die Alone to me Jack, I'm gonna punch you in your face."
Jack smiles, "Fair enough, Rose. Fair enough. But we have a plan. And for all we know it worked. It's gonna be OK. Everything's gonna be alright. Let's just keep moving. OK?"
Sawyer seems concerned for the guys at the beach. Naomi does the only thing she does best...checks if she's got a signal yet.
Nope, no signal.

Blinking yellow light.
Bonnie's going to ask a beaten Charlie, one more time, "Why are you here?"
Charlie still tied to the chair, tells her "I'm here to turn off your jamming equipment, in there, next to the flashing yellow light."
He knows, "I know about it, because, I know. Whatever you ladies do to me, I'm going to turn it off."
She asks him what the code is; only three people know it, Bonnie, Greta and Ben. {Apparently Des didn't know anything about a code or does he?}
Charlie tells him he won't need the code since the entire station is going to be flooded. He tells them to turn off the little jammer and the helicopters come and rescue all his friends. Bonnie sarcastically asks if the station floods what happens to him. Charlie admits he dies. {His face changes.}

"They're all dead."
Tom tells Ben, "Diane, Ivan, all of them!" Shephard and his people are gone but Tom doesn't know where. They killed 7 of them!
Ryan tells Tom to calm down and tell Ben the good news, that they caught three of them. They knew they were coming.
Ben's hand is shaking, "It was Juliet. She betrayed us."
He tells Tom to figure out where she is.

Ryan calls Sayid, Junior; he wants info and knocks him out. Tom tells Ben they have Jarrah, Kwon and the dentist. {Why don't he use his real name?}
Ben tells them to shoot Kwon. If they want them to answer questions, kill Kwon!
Bernard is freaked out and wants to "talk".
Jin tells him, "No. No Talk!"
Tom tells Bernie to talk so no one will get hurt.
Sayid tells Bernie he's lying; they're going to kill them anyway. Sayid gets knocked again!
Ryan to Jin, "Sayonara."
Bernard spills the beans-"The radio tower. They're hiking to a radio tower."
He goes on to tell them about the woman who parachuted there and her satellite phone; they're going to call her ship. Also spills the beans about Karl in a canoe warning them they were coming tonight. Ben is troubled by what he just heard; he stares at Alex. He decides he doesn't want the three killed just yet.

Ben uses a red pencil to chart a red route line on a map to the radio tower; he's going. {Daylight. Coffee}
Richard is to take everyone else to the temple as planned.
Richard advises, "Now might not be the best time to go tromping off on your own."
People are asking questions about leaving home, Locke, Jacob and the rumor that everyone who went down to the beach is dead. Ben tells him they're not all dead.

Alex asks Ben where he's going. Ben pours more coffee and tells her, "I thought I might go for a walk. See if I can't find Jack and all his friends. {CHECK OUT THEIR EYES!}
Alex is going with him.
Ben thinks it's a good idea "You do wanna see Karl again. Don't you? Get your pack. I'm leaving in 10 minutes."

Richard tells Ben there's 40 of them and he's alone; they're gonna do whatever it takes to get off the island. What does he think is gonna happen when he gets there.
Ben says he's gonna talk them out of it.

The Lostie's refill their water bottles at the stream.
Claire cleans up Aaron's face. {Check out Rose and Sun here.}
Kate tells Sawyer "Something's wrong."
Sawyer- "Lots of things are wrong, Kate."
The three shooters should have caught up to them by now so Kate wants to go back to make sure their alright.
Sawyer-"Course you do."
She wants to know what that was for.
Sawyer- "It means Kate, there's always someone to go back for." {There it is!}
Kate asks him what's the matter.
Sawyer says he's fine.
Kate splashes him! He asks why she did that.
Kate- "TO WAKE YOU UP!   Ever since you got that tape from Locke, it's like you've been sleepwalking." {There it is!!!} She tells him it's like he doesn't care about their friends or anything anymore, "And since when did you start calling me Kate?"
She goes on to say they sent Juliet to check on Sun, but they also wanted to check to see if she is pregnant too.
Sawyer-"Well let’s hope you're not." He walks away.
Sawyer and Jack make eye contact.The phone light is still red; no signal yet.

Desmond finally wakes up!
The left side of his face hurts. He takes Charlie's list out of his pocket and puts it back in. He realizes Charlie really went down there.
Mikhail with scuba gear shoots at Des from the beach.
Desmond takes a deep breath and dives in.
He uses the cable as a guide down to the Looking Glass {Note the bunny on the logo does not have clock hands on it.}

Charlie watches the two girls argue through the porthole window. {Muffled.} He's still tied to the chair, no shoes.
Desmond comes up from the water and sees Charlie.
Charlie warns Desmond to hide! Bonnie hears Charlie so he pretends to have been singing, "You all everybody…"
She hits him, "Shut up." The girls go back into the communications room.
Desmond is hiding in a locker. {Charlie's eyes are dark!}

A patient is on a respirator in a deep rose color room.
Jack looks over her chart. His right hand is shaking and he's a mess; Jack pops a pill. {Note communication board.}
Dr. Rob Hamill sees Jack in the room and asks, "Can I help you?"
Jack says he's just looking at her chart. {Note Jack's badge.}
The Dr. introduces himself to Jack as the new chief of surgery. He's not met Jack yet, "Dr. Shephard, the hero. Twice over."
They shake hands. After last night he's surprised Jack would want to come in, "Talk about right place, right time? This woman is very lucky you were there."
Jack feels "If she was lucky then she wouldn't have a fractured back that was impinging upon her spinal cord. I'd like to operate first thing I the morning."
Jack puts the x-rays up.
Dr. Hamill tells him that this isn't his patient;  Gary Nadler's doing the surgery at 6:00am.
Jack would rather do it himself.
Dr. Hamill explains that last night Jack pulled this woman's 8 year old son out of a flaming car and then you went back for her; he thinks he's done enough.
Jack insists he wants to do this surgery.
Hamill tells him everything's under control, go home and have a drink, he deserves it. {Hamill, a Dr., can't tell Jack has substance problems?! WTF?!}
Hamill takes the X-rays and Jack reluctantly gives him the chart. Jack wants him to call him; he wants to know what happens.

Jack walks down the hospital hallway into the waiting area. The TV is showing the Action 8 news. Jack's 6th Street bridge rescue is the story.'...In the wake of a fiery car accident  that left two injured. An unidentified 40 year old woman and her son... Fortunately Dr. Jack Shephard was there...they were transported to St. Sebastian's hospital...'
Sitting in a chair is a young boy with his left arm in a sling.  The boy in the plaid shirt waves at him. {He sits in between a man and woman.}
Jack wavers on his feet.Messed up Jack heads out the exit door.

Focused Jack walks across the island with his flock.
Sawyer announces "I'm going back."
Jack-"No way."
Sawyer aint asking permission; he's going back to the beach. {Eyes!}
Sawyer- "Look. You got a job to do here. I ain't gonna stand in your way of doing it. But you sure as hell don't need me."
Jack asks him what he's gonna get done alone and unarmed.
Kate offers to go with him.
Kate-"20 minutes ago you weren't even interested in going…"
Sawyer doesn't want to go with her.
Jack-"Sawyer, it's a suicide mission without guns."
Of course Juliet knows where there are some guns! {Fuckin' A!} Juliet tells him there's a hidden cache a couple of miles from here. She can take them back to the beach on a route past it. {Of course she fucking can!}
Juliet feels she kinda has to do this. {I wonder why? Hmm.}
Sawyer-"Let's do this."
Jack tells her not to do anything stupid.She won't if he won't.
Juliet kisses Jack! {Yeah. No comment!}
Kate sees this.
Juliet tells him "Don't wait up." {WHAT?!!}

Charlie is pissing off Bonnie with his singing. He explains to her, when you have a tune stuck in your head; this song just started to come to him. He's almost finished; he just needs to find the bridge. Pissed off Bonnie tells Greta to get the spear gun; she wants Charlie to hurt. Greta won't get it so Bonnie will. She heads over to the lockers.
Charlie- "Oi! Oi! I'll shut up! I’ll shut up!…"
Just then Mikhail emerges from the water and sees the girls, "I thought you two were on assignment in Canada?"
Greta-"He made us promise not to tell anyone."
Charlie says hello again to Mikhail.
Mikhail asks where the other one is.  He tells the girls he was shooting at his friend. The girls say he's alone. {He has a knife.}
Charlie- "Here's a better question to ask Cyclops.  Why did your little friend Ben tell you people that this entire station was flooded when it isn't?    Or why these two have been jamming transmissions off the island?"
This info surprises Mikhail. There's a beep; it's Ben.
Mikhail goes to answer it and closes the door behind him.

Ben tells Mikhail, while on his trek with Alex,"You have to understand everything I did, I did for the island." {Ben, still using the walking stick}
Mikhail- "The Island told you it was necessary to jam your own people."
Ben-"Yes it did! You've always been a loyalist, Mikhail. Now I'm asking you to trust me, to trust Jacob, who told me to do this."
Mikhail questions the fact that Jacob would ask him to lie to his your own people.
Ben explains to him it's because this island is under assault by forces stronger than anything it's had to deal with in many, many years. And we're meant to protect it, Mikhail, by any means necessary. The jamming was for everyone's security. We are in a serious situation here."
Mikhail questions why Ben didn't trust him to tell him. Ben made a mistake and needs him "To help me clean up this mess that I've made. I need you to kill Charlie. Make sure that the jamming mechanism continues to function at all costs. And we can't risk Greta and Bonnie telling the others about what we've done so you'll have to take care of them too."
Alex is shocked.
Disappointed Mikhail asks Ben how does he know he didn't say the same thing to them about him.
Be-"Because if I had, Mikhail, you'd already be dead."

Kate stops to get a rock out from her shoe.
Jack asks her if she's OK.
Jack tells Kate, "He didn't mean it, you know?" About Sawyer saying he didn't want her to go with him.
Kate asks if he didn't mean it, why did he say it.
Jack- "He was trying to protect you. That's why I asked you not to come back for me." {She knows he right on both counts.}
Kate wonders, "Hey, why are you sticking up for Sawyer? He'd never do it for you."
Jack- "Because I love you." {WOW!}

Sawyer asks Juliet when they pulled them out of the polar bear cages and put us on the chain gang, what were they breaking all the rocks for.
Juliet tells him they're building a runway...for the aliens, then makes like she doesn't really know what for, "Do you think they told me everything?" {YEP!}
He asks her if she's screwing Jack yet.
She says no, are you? {Screwing...Maybe he knows that's where that part of the stories gonna go/ has been.}
She goes on to tell him there aren't any guns; she lied. {No. Really! Lied! I'm shocked!} It was the only way he'd let them go back.
Sawyer-"So why are you going back?"
Juliet- "Karma. Why are you going back, James?"

Hurley yells from the distance that he wants to go back with them. He can help after all, their his friends too. Hurley feels left out and just wants to help, "Please?"
Sawyer feels he's just gonna get in the way, "You wanna get us killed?"
Sawyer and Juliet move on. {My heart truly breaks for Hurley.}

Ben reads his chartered map. {Yes, I see it, Pascal Flats} If they head north they should reach the radio tower before them.  Ben let Alex come because he's delivering her to her new family; she betrayed him.
Alex- "You locked Karl in a cage. You put him in a room and tried to brainwash him."
Ben didn't want Karl to get her pregnant; he supposes he overreacted.  Alex wants to know why he has to stop them, why not let them leave.
Ben- "Because I can't, Alex."

Locke's left eye opens.
He is laying the Dharma grave;shot. He can't move his legs. He reaches over for the gun and checks to see if it's loaded and aims it at his head. {Where the 3rd eye would be!}
"Don't John" says Waaaaaaaaaalt! "Put the gun down. Now get up, John."
John tells him, he shot me and "I can't move my legs".
Walt adamantly says, "You can move your legs. Now, get out of the ditch, John...Because you have work to do."
John smiles.

This is only the first half of Through the Looking Glass. Even this first half is friggin' amazing!

Things to note…Questions to ask...
* Eye color Changes. All of them.
* Jack at the right place, right time. There are no coincidences. That's the island way!
* Them
* Are events being triggered?
* I can't help but wonder if Ana Lucia ever hung out with the underwater chicks.
* Do Jack and Juliet have history?
* Island=Jacob?   Jacob is an "It"?
* Communication. COMMUNICATIONS BOARD. The Flame. Flame.
* Alice in wonderland. Down the rabbit hole.
* Karma. What comes around, goes around.
* Bernard gives up where his wife is to save the guys and himself! Maybe he's protecting Jin?
* Ryan uses the word Sayonara instead of a Korean word to Jin.
* Sawyer cannot face being a father. He must bring him too much childhood painful memories. He wouldn't want to put his own child through anything painful.
* Blinking yellow light represents caution.
* Hints to Aliens.
* Dr. Gary Nadler. Rose and Bernard's last name.
* Dr. Hamill, the new chief of surgery. Who was the most resent one? Christian?
* It's reported that female whispers that Locke hears as he is about to shoot himself and seconds before Walt appears are not clear. The version that most agree to are: "Help me", "Naomi. I don't know that name" and "I have hell to pay".
* Game. Computers. Mission.

Vocabulary and Research...
* Corals are skeletal remains of marine organisms from the class Anthozoa and exist as small sea anemone–like polyps typically in colonies of many identical individuals. The group includes the important reef builders that are found in tropical oceans, which secrete calcium carbonate to form a hard skeleton. A coral "head", commonly perceived to be a single organism, is actually formed of thousands of individual but genetically identical polyps, each polyp only a few millimeters in diameter. Over thousands of generations, the polyps lay down a skeleton that is characteristic of their species. A head of coral grows by asexual reproduction of the individual polyps. Corals also breed sexually by spawning, with corals of the same species releasing gametes simultaneously over a period of one to several nights around a full moon.
- Coral (precious, a red or pink gem made from the skeleton of a coral species.
- Coral, the unfertilized eggs of a female lobster, which turn a reddish color when cooked.
- Coral Sea,a region of the north-east coast of Australia.
* Trigger list in its most general meaning refers to a list whose items are used to initiate ("trigger") certain actions.
-A trigger represents some form of experience that triggers a memory in someone. Triggers can be in the form of individual people, places, noises, images, smells, tastes, feelings, animals, films, scenes within films, tones of voice, body positions, bodily sensations, weather conditions, time factors, or combinations thereof. Triggers can be subtle and difficult to anticipate, and sometimes exacerbate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition in which trauma survivors cannot control the recurrence of traumatic or repressed memory.
- Trigger-Casus belli is a Latin language expression meaning the justification for acts of war.
* Max Jammer (born 1915 in Berlin, Germany) is an Israeli physicist and philosopher of physics.
* The Flood- Many religious traditions, mention an ancient disaster that drowned all humanity except for a chosen few.
-The White Rabbit is a fictional character in Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice follows him down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. Let's not forget that Alice uses various substances to get her to transform and change in this story. Giant Chess Game! The Queen.
-Jefferson Airplane recorded a song called "White Rabbit", with references to the actual story and substances being used to manipulate Alice's experience.
-Neo is told to follow the "White Rabbit" in The Matrix in one of many metaphysical "waking up"

Here's a few important pictures. Fans forwarded these to me when the epi first aired. I don't know where they originated from, so I apologize for not having a link to connect the people who sent them to the photos.
Ben's Diary:

(click the pics!)

Jack's newspaper:

I've been digging around about some past clues. I've been trying to find out for sure if the Hummer Hugo is driving in the episode 'Numbers' is indeed, for sure an H3. The reason you ask….The H3, started production in late 2005, but not officially introduced until 2006. I have to do a little more investigating.

Through The Looking Glass Part 2.…NEXT!

Love to all who are "LOST" ™

March 10, 2008

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin!I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story

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