December 12, 2008


Let's talk about LOST! The Cost of Living.

A padlock is being pounded off the door to a food pantry by Eko and Yemi. {Yemi wears RED sneakers.} The boys are hungry. Eko has broken into the food shed to take care of Yemi. A Nun wearing red beads walks over to them. {She looks familiar.}

Inside a church the Nun stands before Yemi and Eko. A person exits the confessional. {Virgin Mary statues.} The Nun wants Eko to go and confess that he has stolen. We can see the hands and legs of the Priest inside the confessional but we cannot see his face; he is holding a book.  Eko has sinned and hunger does not matter.  The Nun is making the boys very nervous so the boys hold hands. She demands he go and ask god for forgiveness. {The Priest's hands that is holding the book look like a grown up Yemi's hands. My twisted opinion.}

Eye-closed. It's Eko. He is out of it but it looks like he's dreaming.
{REM state}
Hurley tells Sayid that he's been like that "A couple of days now."
Sayid bends down over him, "Eko, can you hear me?"
Sayid asks Charlie what happened to him.
Charlie-" Before or after we saved him from the polar bear cave?"
Hurley tells them to "Come on. Locke will wanna know you guys are back."
Charlie and Sayid leave; Hurley tells Eko "Stay alive, Dude. OK?"   When Hurley leaves he puts down the fabric 'door' to the tent. {I used to do that when we put our birds to sleep at night} We see that Eko is indeed in some sort of dreaming state. {Close up of Eko's right closed eye.}

Grown up Eko- A voice says "Eko. What are you doing here?" {All through this "Flash" we are brought back to Eko dreaming!}
Eko says he's come to give his confession. Eko is at the church his brother Yemi is now the priest of. Inside the church Yemi sits in a pew in front of Eko. Eko tells him that he has some merchandise he needs to get out of the country; DRUGS.
Eko also tells Yemi "You will make us priests. We will fly the drugs out ourselves."
Yemi feels his signature doesn't make him a priest, "You could never be a priest". Then we see the shootout at the airstrip when Yemi gets shot and the drug plane takes off. One solider calls Eko "Father". {Note two winged lions on soldiers hat.} Then… "Eko. Eko wake up" It is Yemi.
Eko wakes up. Yemi is in the tent with him; he lights butane lighter and tells Eko, "It is time to confess. To be judged, Brother. I will be waiting. You know where to find me."
Eko doesn't speak. We see what appears to be a fire/light glow on Eko's face.

Outside the tent, Hurley Sayid and Charlie smell smoke. Eko's tent is on fire.
Sayid yells, "Get him clear!"
They all throw sand onto the fire, get Eko out and then lay him down by a tree. Eko grabs Charlie and says "My brother."
Charlie tells him "You're alright. I'll be back."
Eko goes on about Yemi; he's back in LaLa land.

Locke runs up to Charlie asked "where's Eko?"  Charlie tells him he and Hurley pulled him out… Charlie looks at the tree where he left Eko but Eko he isn't there.
He was right there and now he's not. {Hmm...}
Look at Locke's face. {So go find him!}

Jack is doing pull ups in his glass cell.
Ben enters wearing a FANTABULOUS white tunic. They say 'Good evening' to each other. Ben would like him to join him for a walk.  {I've heard that before!}
Jack- "Well, you say that like you're not gonna just throw a bag over my head and drag me outta here if I say no."
Ben, amused, says "Then don't say no."
Jack walks back to his corner.  Ben tells him to put on the white outfit, "I'll wait outside."
As Ben walks away, Jack asks him if it hurts; his neck, "Any numbness in your fingers and toes? Like pins and needles...when your foot falls asleep? But permanent."
Ben looks amazed, but asks Jack why he's asking him these questions.
Jack informs him he has a tumor on his spine, "An aggressive tumor, that is going to kill you." Jack doesn't know when those x-rays were taken that he saw, but unless they were very recent he's not going to be taking walks much longer. All the while Ben looks at him with amazement. Jack changes his clothes right in front of Ben.
Ben-"I have no idea what you're talking about."
Jack, with a smirk says "Okay, my mistake then. I'm ready whenever you are."
Ben never takes his eyes off of Jack.

A torch leads the way through the jungle.
All of the Others are dressed in their white tunic outfits.  They are there for a funeral. {They still have an armed guard for Jack}
Ben makes a speech, "As we prepare to send Colleen on her way..."
Juliet stands next to Jack. She informs him she hates funerals, "He let you out?"
Jack replies, "Gave me a new shirt too."
Juliet says goodbye and joins the Others to send Colleen off. Music plays over the speakers. They light the floating body/raft on fire for its send off.
Ben asks Juliet "Why did you show him my x-rays?"
Juliet-"I didn't tell him they were yours. But I guess you did."
Ben looks worried/troubled. {Hmmm...}

Daylight on the beach: Locke, Sayid and Desmond.
Locke thinks he knows a way to find Jack, Kate and Sawyer.
Sayid wonders why Desmond is being included in this conversation.
Desmond asks {Eating fruit}-"Is that supposed to hurt my feelings?"
Locke {Big knife} tells Desmond to tell Sayid what he told him.
Desmond-"The computer in the hatch wasn't only for pushing the button. I'm pretty
sure it can be used to communicate with other stations."
Sayid finds this fascinating; but he was just told that the hatch exploded. {IMPLODED NOT EXPLODED!}
Locke answers, "One of them did."
Locke wants to try and communicate with the others. Hurley walks over to the men and lets them know "No luck, Dudes. We looked everywhere. Eko's gone." {Why didn't they go after him right away? Hurley drinking from a water bottle}
Charlie-"There's no trail."
Hurley-"Not that we know what a trail looks like."
Locke asks if Eko said anything when they pulled him out of the tent. Charlie mentions he was just mumbling "My Brother, My Brother".  {that's an Echo}
Locke looks like a light bulb just went off, "Sayid, pack your gear. We're going to that computer."
Charlie-"What about Eko?"
Locke-"We'll catch up to him. We're all going to the same place."

Eko is wandering/stumbling around the jungle; he falls down.
{Flash} Eko in the back of a truck with three soldiers. They bring him to the village church. One of the soldier's tells him "You're home father."
Dogs are playing outside. Eko enters the church. He picks up a book from the confessional seat and in it finds a picture of he and Yemi as young boys. This book is VERY old. {It is not titled Bible. There's pics of the virgin Mary around the church. Also Sacred Heart pics.} A woman and young boy enter the church.  She says "Father?"
Eko turns around and she realizes he is not who she was looking for- "Oh, I was looking for Father Yemi" {Eko and Yemi look nothing alike!}
Eko-"Father Yemi is gone. He was called away, An emergency at the refugee camp. Down South."
She is Amina; she works at the clinic. Her son is Daniel; he is an Alter Boy there. {Yet they both briefly mistake Eko for Yemi. Interesting.}
Amina-"Are you taking his place?"
Eko says yes.
Amina asks if Yemi will still go to London as he was to leave at the end of the week to continue his studies.
Eko informs Amina,"I will take his place there too."
Eko wakes up in the jungle. The black smoke is zooming around.  He takes a stick and uses it as a walking stick. {You can hear the smoke monster zooming around} The bloody bad guys appear in front of Eko; one throws a knife at him and it misses him and lands in a tree. Eko takes that knife, intending to use it for defense. All of a sudden little Daniel the Alter Boy is there. He puts his finger up to "Shhhh" him and tells Eko to "Confess."
Eko drops the knife. Daniel disappears. Eko is looking around like 'WTF?' lol!

Locke is leading Desmond and Sayid to the beach kitchen/food pantry. He tells the folks they're heading out to the Pearl Station, "There's a computer there that may help us find our people." He asks if anyone wants to go. Hurley is baffled by Locke's offering. Locke feels "It's a free island." {Oh really?} Hurley says that Jack would either do things alone, or take Sayid or Kate to go. As Locke packs his backpack, he tells Hurley "I'm not Jack."
Nikki wants to go. Locke tells whoever else wants to go to meet at the tree line in 10 minutes and bring water. Paulo is confused by Nikki's wanting to go.
Nikki- "You always whine about not being included. Now's our chance" as she packs her bag.

Desmond asks Locke if they're going to poke at a computer or going after your man Eko.
Locke-"2 birds 1 stone."
Locke tells Des that Eko is heading for the plane that crashed on top of the entrance to the Pearl Station.
Des-"That's quite a coincidence."
Locke-"Don't mistake coincidence for fate." {Crash? Or fell on to?}

Eko makes his way to a beautiful stream where he bends down to take a drink of water, then we…
{Flash} Eko is washing his hands with holy water. He tells Daniel he is washing away his sins,"I'm not father Yemi".   The sounds of machine gun fire outside the church; Eko runs out to take a look. The men we saw with Eko in the jungle are the men in a truck shooting their weapons into the air.  The head guy gets out of truck asks for Yemi. These are the men Eko saw bloody in the jungle. Amina runs over telling the Drug lord the shipment is late and that it will arrive on Friday.   Eko wonders what shipment.   Amina tells Eko the arrangement they have with the thugs.  They receive shipments of vaccine from the Red Cross.  They're allowed to keep 20%.  "The rest we give to Emeka and his men."
Emeka states "In exchange for protection." {VIRGIN MARY STATUES BEING SOLD.  I thought Eko had all of them for the heroin! Also NOTE vibrant RED clothes in the crowd. I also see that this entire scene has emphasized the colors. Especially red.}
Emeka hopes Eko will continue to honor they're arrangement.
Eko tells him, "I'm not afraid of you."
Emeka shoots the lady selling the Virgin Mary statues and he tells Eko he'll be back for the vaccine on Friday,"You don't want more lives on your conscience."

Eko is at the stream putting mud on wound; drinking water. We hear the smoke monster. We see Eko and the smoke monster's reflection in the water. Eko turns and faces it; it recoils and goes away. {Eko is brave indeed.} Locke comes running up to the stream, but he is on the other side of it. Everyone else is with Locke.  Locke says hello to Eko.

Juliet enters Jack's glass cell; he is sitting in his corner. She has brought him lunch; it's hidden under a silver dome. {Jack isn't big on mysteries.} The bitch brought him a cheeseburger. She tells him she killed the cow; try rendering animal fat!
Ben comes in wanting to talk to Jack alone.   Jack says he can speak in front of Juliet {WTF? That is bullshit! You're supposedly not close to her. Why would you give her that luxury/privilege?}
Ben-"Doctor-patient confidentiality." {Since when is Jack his doctor? Or is Ben? 2nd- Juliet is a friggin doctor who would well be aware of Ben's infliction. What, are we stupid?} As soon as Juliet leaves Jack leaves his corner. {Again, Juliet trained him well!!} Jack eats his burger.
Ben tells him they had such a wonderful plan to break him,wear him down until they had him convinced they weren't his enemy; get him to trust them. Then that would lead him to believe that he was choosing to do whatever they asked him to do. "All of this, assumed that you would get invested."
Invested in what?
Ben goes on to say how much Juliet bears a striking resemblance to your ex-wife. {Where?} Ben is telling Jack all this because "My wonderful plan, got shot to sunshine when you saw my damned x-rays and figured out I was dying."
Jack says you brought me here, "You want me to save your life."
Ben- "No. I want you to want to save my life. But we're beyond that now, so. All I can ask is that you think about it."
Ben turns to leave but asks "Do you believe in God, Jack?"
Jack-"Do you?"
Ben shares that, "Two days after I found out I had a fatal tumor on my spine, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky. And if that's not proof of God, I don't know what is." {WOW! He could be a Jedi Master!}

Eko is walking with a big stick.
Locke, Desmond, Sayid, Nikki and Paulo walking through the jungle. Locke asks Eko if he's alright. {He looks pretty alright to me.} Locke asks him if he's looking for the plane wreckage; tells him Charlie heard you call out for your brother before you left the camp. {This part of the scene has that wonderful coloring.} Locke asks him if he's looking for Yemi. This upsets Eko. Eko is quite strong here! He throws Locke up against a tree, holds a knife to his throat and tells him not to say Yemi's name again!
Locke asks him "What are you so afraid of, Eko?"

{The scene is color washed in RED} Eko just standing. Amina comes out of the
clinic.{We see a man on crutches without a leg.} Eko wants to know more about the vaccine. Amina tells him the shipments come every six months if they're lucky.  Eko asked if she agreed to give most of it to the militia. S he informs him "the vaccines fetch a high price on the black markets. She also warns Eko to not cross these men. Amina shares it is because of father Yemi, they have the
vaccines. {Woooo!!}   She says he reminds her of Yemi, "You're a good man too."
THEN……. An old car pulls up in front of a Disco/Bar.  Eko dressed in street clothes gets out and meets a man inside. {Chairs appear to be RED} The man understands Eko has some vaccines to sell. Eko tells him he does although it has to be done by Sunday as he is leaving the country.

Locke, Eko and the rest come upon the over turned/burned drug plane. Eko walks over to it.
Locke- "The hatch is over here by the plane. Why don't you take everybody down."
Sayid wonders, "And you?"
Locke-"I'll be there in a minute."
Paulo asks Nikki what Eko is looking for.  Nikki reveals his brothers body is in that plane. {HOW THE FUCK WOULD SHE KNOW THAT?}  They open the double doors to the hatch.
Locke chats with Eko, "So, what exactly did you see back there? I saw it once you know."
Eko asked him what he saw. Eko is moving rocks away from the plane entrance.{He's strong!}
Locke reveals "I saw a very bright light. It was beautiful."
Eko tells him that is not what he saw. Locke helps him move the last big rock. Eko goes into the plane. {What gave Locke the impression Eko saw something?} There are unburned parts of Virgin Mary statues.
Eko comes back out and tells Locke "My brother is gone."
Locke tells him that he set the plane on fire. Yemi's body could've burned, not to mention animals or…"
Eko takes the picture of he and Yemi out of his pocket; it has blood on the corners. {WOW!}
Locke- "So, you don't want to come down there with us?"
Eko- "No. I will wait here."
Locke- "Oh. I forgot. I found this when I was looking for you."
It's his cross on a brown cord. He gives it to Eko.
Jesus on the cross in church; candles are burning under it.
Eko's hands are resting on a very large old book. The three militia guys enter the church. Everyone is pissed off!
Emeka-"I hear you have a shipment of vaccine for sale. If you thought you could do this without me knowing, you don't know who I am."
Emeka holds a knife to Eko's throat, "You know, you're lucky, father. I'm a superstitious man. I don't relish taking the life of a holy man. That is why today, I'm only going to cut off your hands."   Eko's hands are bound by rope and placed on top of this big, old book. Eko in turn kicks their asses. Eko takes the machete and… Emeka begs "No, Please..."
Eko says to Emeka, "You do not know who I am."
Eko exit's the church covered in blood. {Note that there appears to be foundation/construction work going on at the church.} Daniel and Amina see Eko. Eko drops the knife.

"I'm Dr. Mark Wickmund" is introducing another orientation video. This is at the Pearl Station. Station number Five of the Dharma Initiative. Nikki is sitting watching the video. The Pearl is a monitoring station where participants can be observed and recorded.

Desmond, Locke and Sayid are working on wires, etc.
Sayid tells the guys "The wiring is only one way. It's a closed system. A dead end."
You can hear Dr. Wickmund say…"Careful observation is the only key to true (and complete) awareness."
Nikki asks what the other TV's are for,"This guy says there are 6 stations." She
rewinds the tape. {Only he doesn't says 6}
Nikki- "Projects. More than 1. So maybe some of these TV's are connected to the other hatches."
Locke feels very stupid. Sayid will "patch in one of the other feeds. See if we can get another picture."
Paulo comes out of working toilet. Sayid has all the TV monitors on.
He is fiddling with wires, asks if there's anything yet?  No.
Then one monitor gets a picture; image of a computer room. Brilliant fruit eating Paulo says they are computers, "That's what you're looking for."
Then we see the camera pan to reveal a man with an eye patch over his right eye look directly into the camera.
Locke looks somewhat amazed. The patch guy shuts off the camera.
Locke-"I guess he'll be expecting us."

Jack is in his glass cell. Juliet enters only she is on the other side of the glass.
Jack-"You don't trust me anymore?" {How close are these two? Trust?}
Juliet is putting a movie (video tape) but Jack wants to pass on the movie.
Juliet-"You'll like this one Jack, To Kill a Mockingbird. It's a classic."

He's doesn't want to watch a movie. She'll turn the sound down. She apologizes to him for bringing him there/here and for everything that's been done to you and your friends. They were desperate, it was all so we could save his life.
Jack looks at the TV and there's Juliet on the screen with 'cue cards' telling Jack to ignore everything she is sayingJuliet continues to speak out loud while Juliet on the TV tells a different story.

Vocal Juliet-"Ben is a great man."
Recorded/TV Juliet- Ben is a liar. He is dangerous."
Vocal Juliet- "You probably feel like you don't have a choice, but you do. Free will is all we've got, right?"
Recorded/TV Juliet- Some of us want a change. But it has to look like an accident."
Vocal Juliet- "Just wanted to put in her 2 cents."
Recorded/TV Juliet- It has to look like we tried to save him. And that's up to you, Jack."
Vocal Juliet- "I told you before you can trust me. I want you to trust me. Doing the surgery is absolutely the right thing for you to do."
Recorded/TV Juliet- It's a complicated surgery. No one would ever know. And I would protect you.
Vocal Juliet- "It's the right thing to do because he deserves to live."
All the while cameras are watching them.  The cue cards prompt Jack to tell her to turn off the movie. {Turn off the movie!!}
Juliet removes the tape and leaves. {As she leaves, her reflection through the glass makes her look like a Ghost or even a hologram. What do you think?}
She tells him to think about what she said. {Which Juliet should he listen to?}

Eko and Daniel are in the church. Daniel is sweeping the floor. Eko has a suitcase and is leaving for London. Daniel asks him if he's a bad man.
Eko- "Only God knows."
A medical supplies distribution van is there with boxes. {Check out the LOGO} Vaccine.
Amina says to Eko "Do you expect me to be grateful? I know what you are planning to do."    She goes on to tell him that those men will be replaced by other men." Men of the village are boarding up the church as they can no longer use it. Eko is upset, "This is Yemi's church."
Amina says it is no longer sacred, "And one day you'll be judged for what you did."
She goes on to tell him to go to London and repent, make peace. "And you truly believe this is Yemi's..."You owe him 1 church."
Eko sits looking at his cross. There is Yemi. Yemi heads into the jungle and Eko goes after him. Near a big fantastic tree, Eko says to Yemi "You say you want to hear my confession. Why? Why Now? Show yourself. Where are you? Where?" {Note beautiful Red flowers.}

Yemi is there and asks "Are you ready, Eko?"
Eko is ready.
Yemi touches the cross in Eko's hand.
Eko- "I ask for no forgiveness, Father. For I have not sinned. I have done only what I needed to do to survive."
This troubles Yemi and he lets go of the cross.
Eko shares the story of the boy who asked if he was a bad man and also tells of how he once killed a man as a young boy to save his brother's life. "I am not sorry for this. I am proud of this. (Eko kneels) I did not ask for the life that I was given, but it was given nonetheless. And with it, I did my best."
Yemi-"You speak to me as if I were your brother."
Eko-"Who are you?"
Yemi walks away. Eko tries to find him;wanting to know who he is…. The black smoke is right in front of Eko!  Eko starts to recite Psalm 23.  The black smoke grabs him and tosses him around like a rag doll; throwing him against trees.

Down in the Pearl they hear "different" monster sounds and they run up. {Not away} Locke gets to Eko but there is no monster.  Locke tries to comfort Eko and tells him it's okay. Eko tries to speak but is very weak. Locke lowers his head down to Eko so he can hear what he is saying.
Eko faintly whispers something to Locke making him look confused and troubled.
We see a memory/flash of Eko and Yemi as young boys, happy together with a ball. Sayid asks what he said.
Locke reveals "He said. We're next."

The Cost Of Living is a GREAT EPISODE! UNBELIEVABLE! This episode is shot and shown to us differently.   The "Flashes" as I see them are tied to REM dream state. The vibrant colors and the red color wash is very, very “dream like.”   I must ask this question again…Are "Flashes" real memories or are they manipulated scenarios/imagery connected to a state of consciousness? Are they tied into Lucid/Waking dreams, simulations or merged experiences? One thing's for sure, things are blurred together! There is NO DOUBT this episode shows us Eko in REM dream state.

Okay, what if the "Flashes" were real?... Are they erased from their memories like in the movie Men in Black? lol.   The other important thing I'll keep very close at hand is the bit with the TWO Juliets' communicating to Jack in the cell.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
* Dreams...Flashes. State of consciousness.
* They are all being watched. Why? Are they being "tested"?
* Is the color red just representing blood or danger? Or the Dharma colors of Fame/Reputation?
* Could the whispers be related to these waking dreams? Partial consciousness. If the subject is lucid dreaming, outside stimulus can cross over into the dream. What if the dreamer is staring to wake from the 'dream' (or hallucination) but there are actually people around them, near them, watching them. Could the dreamer be hearing those 'real' voices as he's starting to come out of the dream? Or are there ghosts? Do the whispers come from speakers? I'm just asking questions here.
* Smoke…Smoke Monster… Makes such a combination of sounds including clicking and mechanical.
* Morph/Transform/Shape changer??
* Black-White
* Jack asks Ben if his neck hurts...But the tumor is in the lumbar area not the cervical.
* Fetch-Dog-Vincent-LAB
* This is very important to these "Flashes": The Virgin Mary statues for sale. Eko supposedly bought of them for the heroin. So, does this fuck up any time line? Or it is proof of lucid dreaming? Or is this another time all together?
When are these "FLASHES" from, Damn it?!
* Vaccines…. for what?
* Clues to people resembling/looking like other people.
* We see two Juliet's at the same time. Okay, one is "live" the other is "recorded" on a TV. But I also mention that her image almost looks like a hologram. Are there "simulated" people/images? Other hints to filmed and projected video images, monitors, cameras, TVs, and computers. I'm just fuckin' sayin'!
* Where those X-rays real? Are they really Ben's X-rays?
* How did Jack know the X-rays 'belonged' to Ben? The X-rays could have belonged to any man about 40 yrs old. If they're not Ben's, do they have to Ben's now?
* I think Ben knew of the Oceanic arrival. He knew who was on the plane". There are/were NO surprises for Ben with this.
* How does Eko get his hands on the vaccine in the "Flash"?
* Did Eko take Yemi's place? I know I've asked this question before.
* Why is the word fun in funeral?
* I wonder if Ben gave Colleen a compass bearing like he gave Michael and Walt.
* I notice the word "Gone" is used often in place of the word "Dead". Could this be a clue to them being removed, called away suddenly, moved on? Yeah, not really/literally dead.
Here was have examples: Colleen being "sent off" (and remember Jack couldn't call Colleen's time of death because there was no clock/time), Yemi is gone/called away and Eko is even described as being "gone" when he really isn't "dead".
* Nikki, Paulo, Locke, Sayid and Desmond. Next to move on, perhaps.
* Eko is not afraid.
* Has Eko just been removed or moved to the next level?
* Eko working on a church on Island.

Vocabulary and Research...
* A colorless, highly flammable gas that has two different molecular structures isomers. Use: lighter fluid, fuel. Formula: C4H10
* Pull- is a force that acts in the direction of the origin of the force. Term used in rowing.
* Pearl: is a hard, rounded object produced within the soft tissue (specifically the mantle) of a living shelled mollusk. For thousands of years, most seawater pearls were retrieved by divers working in the Indian Ocean, in areas like the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and in the Gulf of Mannar (by the ancient Tamils).
-The word pearl has become a metaphor for something rare, fine, and admirable.

* Plane- In mathematics, a plane is a two-dimensional manifold or surface that is perfectly flat. Informally, it can be thought of as an infinitely vast and infinitesimally thin sheet oriented in some space.
- In metaphysics and esoteric cosmology, a plane, other than the physical plane is conceived as a subtle state of consciousness that transcends the known physical universe.

-In the standard cosmology of the Dungeons & Dragons role playing game, the planes of existence are alternate dimensions. They can be grouped into five basic categories: the Inner Planes, the Outer Planes, Material Planes, Transitive planes and the Demiplanes

-Plane of immanence is a founding concept in the metaphysics or ontology of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. Immanence, meaning "existing or remaining within" generally offers a relative opposition to
transcendence, a divine or empirical beyond (constituting the basic divided line of metaphysics or experience which haunted philosophy for so long).

-Clipping planes are used in 3-D computer graphics in order to prevent the renderer from calculating surfaces at an extreme distance from the viewer. The plane is perpendicular to the camera, a set distance away (the threshold), and occupies the entire view port. Used in real-time rendering, clipping planes can help preserve processing for objects within clear sight.

* Rapid eye movement (REM) sleep is the normal stage of sleep characterized by rapid movements of the eyes. REM sleep is classified into two categories: tonic and phasic. REM sleep is physiologically different from the other phases of sleep that the others are collectively referred to as non-REM sleep. Most of our vividly recalled dreams occur during REM sleep.

* Mockingbirds are a group of passerine birds from the Mimidae family. They are best known for the habit of some species mimicking the songs of other birds, often loudly and in rapid succession. Mockingbirds also have a reputation of being fierce defenders of their nests. They will even cooperate in groups to do so at times. Other defensive tactics involve aggressive vocalizations and adults acting wounded on the ground as a lure to draw predators away from the nest site.

The cost of Living… A look at the "life" Eko was given, a life he didn't ask for but lived as best he could without regret. Did Eko find what he was looking for? Did he face the "things" he needed to face? Eko can now move on.
What is Jack's cost of living? Or Locke's for that matter. Were all of the Castaways "given" a life they did not ask for, all of them "made" to just live it? But at what cost?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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