December 5, 2008

LOST Worlds Intertwine.

Hi Losties!
I was talking with Mel, and we were having a blast talking about the latest LOST cast picture. We noticed a lot of interesting things in it.
Are there really any clues in this cast photo for season 5?
You know me I can't let anything go without investigation. I'm friggin' crazy like that. Besides, I was totally frickin' bored and needed something to do.

This photo seems Photoshopped together, but it still could contain some important info. Let's see....


Things to note... Questions to ask...
* Water Towers: Growing up in New York City I saw these water towers on buildings all over the city. The water towers went up in the 1800's. They were put on buildings that were over 6 stories high.
* The vines: Inside the apartment, outside the windows. But more importantly, the vines weave in and out of the glass.
* The Windows: Are not covered. People on the outside would be able to see in.
* The background buildings: People at some of the windows. Fire escape visible. The building right behind Sawyer stands out.  It is a different style than the other New York City buildings in this picture.
* We have only 4 women.
* Hurley is above everyone else. Sun is right in front.
* Desmond is apparently considered one of the one going players in the game.  But just like the Locke/Boone vision showed us, Desmond was descending the escalator... he was leaving that "Island".
* Are the clothes they're wearing have any hint to anything?  Probably not. Maybe it's just an cool way to keep everything blended together ....
Ben is wearing all black. { I have the same shoes as Kate! I love them.} Everyone is dressed in either black, blue, brown. Juliet has black and white shoes. Sun in boots.
* The apartment has a dirt/soil/sand floor, palm trees and vines.
* Dharma items are around. TV from the 50's perhaps. Old computer and parts, speaker (?) cracker box, soda, beer cans.
* Not pictured is Aaron.
* Why doesn't Faraday have a left foot? Is it a mishap of the Photoshopper missing part of the picture? Or is Faraday not what we think he is? Maybe he doesn't exist. Is this a hint to the 4 toed Statue?  Either way, Faraday is still sporting his nerdy tie. Love that!

As the promos and sneak peeks are making their presence known, I am giddy with girlish excitement for the new season to start.

A few questions and facts I still have to take with me into season 5 are...
* Jack wasn't on Jacob's list.
* Why is Christian seemingly very much alive on "Crash Day" and apparently knows Vincent and Jacob?
* Who will take care of Aaron while Kate is off "going back" or whatever she's running from again.
* We know you CAN get back and forth/to/ from that "Island."
* Why would some people need to be drugged to sleep before going on the trip to that "Island"?
* Ben. Man, beast or bug? What is his purpose? Why does he always have to manipulate not just the game but everything and everyone?
* Why would Ben need so many identities?
* Why would the "Island" still be getting food/medical drops?
* Why did the Other's have to dress in costumes and make-up/fake beards, and hang out at the decoy village etc.?
* What is the temple?
* Why would the "Island" be equipped with speakers all over the place for bird/nature sounds? Why are the powers that be trying to fool people? Why aren't there any natural sounds of birds/nature? What other uses for the speakers could there be? Whispers? Public service announcements? Warning siren? An awesome disco party? What else?
* Mittleos Bioscience. Dharma. The Hanso Foundation.
* Going back and forth to the "Island", what is the mode of transportation?
* Smoke monster. What is "it", really? Or is it a metaphor for the whole smoke and mirrors part of the story?
* Can things in the past be changed or just learned from? With that said, is that the only way to change your future?
* Are Sun and Jin part of the whole truth?
* Is there a glitch in the Matrix?

As far as this promo photo we are seeing that the "Island" and the "Outside World" are pretty much intertwined, or even one in the same. Maybe one can't exist without the other. Dare I say it again?... Blurred together.
Are there clues to New York, below/under, underwater,water, being watched, family ties, long history together?

Enjoy the pictures below!
Love to all who are "LOST"™


We see the vines and dirt show up inside Jacobs cabin.

The vines show up covering Jacobs cabin.

The vines and dirt show up inside the Black Rock as the brig.

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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