December 2, 2008

DSA week 2

Just a quick update for you...
Today, Damon and Carlton send out this weeks insider video clips to the 147,000 unemployed "Newly Recruited" Dharma staff.


The password we used to enter the site this week is "qilak".
Qilak is a word meaning cloud in the Alutiig language. The Alutiiq language is officially called Sugt'stun. This is spoken in Kodiak Alaska.
Remember, we have many clues to some place very cold, by evidence of drawn pictures of igloos, penguins, and of course, our Polar bears. Could there be a Station or Hatch in Alaska?
We also got a look into the taping of Kate's entrance into her trial (As one of the Oceanic 6) with all the photographers, etc.. A bit of Evangeline having a bran muffin and tea. That was interesting.
We got a brief look at the beautiful Rebecca Mader on the red carpet talking about her gift for speaking Korean.

Then...The Sneak Peak.
Kate is sitting with Aaron. (eggs, funny pages). Knock at the door. Kate tells Goober to watch is cartoons. Two men at the door (Dan Norton) from a law firm, claim to have a court order for Kate to relinquish hers and Aaron's blood. This of course, is an effort to determine their relationship. Mr. Norton isn't at liberty to divulge the identity (id) of his client. I wonder who it can be? Hmmm?!
She demands they get off her property.
He threatens to have to come back with the sheriff. She tells him to come back with the sheriff. And she shuts the door. Kate is packing clothes, large amount of cash (in a yellow envelope) and guess what else?....A gun! (Really)
Aaron asks her where she's going. She says they're going on vacation.
There's an interesting photo of Jack with a blond young child, (In vibrant color, as opposed to the other framed photos). Kate takes the keys and tells Aaron to "Say bye bye, baby."
Where are they going?

A very interesting remark was made by a dude in the clip showing us Evangeline's filming of her trial, etc..
..."Will the world be misled by the tale that is told?"
That sounds very familiar. I know you've heard similar words come out of my mouth.

So, what do you all think about the little tiny tid bits we've gotten so far? Do you think the passwords are clues to things? Share your thoughts with me.

PASSWORDS: Lafleur. Qilak.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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