February 5, 2009


Let's talk about LOST!   Jughead.

Desmond runs through a market place looking for Efren Salonga; the doctor. Philippine men are drinking and gambling. Money is changing hands.
The Doctor asks him “What’s the matter with you?"

Desmond and the Doctor run across a red dock back to the boat where Penny is losing a lot of blood; she is in labor.
Desmond tells her, “It’s OK. Just breathe.”
She is told to push. {What, the button?”  lol}
The Doctor uses forceps to deliver the baby boy.{Wrapped in a green towel w/stripes}

On a sailboat the golden curly haired boy listens to a story told by his father, Desmond.  “Look. Right out there. Beyond where you can see, there’s, there’s an island. And it’s a very special island. I left it a long time ago. I never thought I’d see it again. It’s called Great Britain. And The most beautiful part of the island is Scotland. And that’s where your daddy’s from. There’s mountains and glens and monsters and deep lochs and... It’s where your mommy and daddy fell in love.”
It’s also where he broke her heart.
Desmond wanted to leave out that bit and the bit about the boy’s grandfather who sent a boat to the island to kill all Daddy’s friends.
Desmond tells  Penny they’ll be in and out, “He’ll never know we were here, Penny.”
Penny’s concerned that Des may be underestimating Charles Widmore.
Desmond is on a mission that has nothing to do with Widmore. They are there because of Daniel Faraday. Faraday told Desmond that everyone on that island is in danger, and he’s the only one who can help him. {Watch Penny’s face.}
Desmond- “I have to do this Penny.”

On the jungle trek Miles tells him Sawyer said to meet at the creek. “Unless he got torched by a flaming arrow, that’s where he and everyone else should be.”
Charlotte is still suffering from a headache; she has dizziness and double vision. Dan is worried but tries to reassure her that he won’t let anything happen to her. They arrive at the creek.
Miles- “Some rendezvous, it’s just us.”
They should wait, the rest could be right behind them; or they came and left

Miles-“Or their dead.”
Dan tells Miles that kind of attitude is not exactly what they need right now, people are scared enough.   Something gets Miles’ attention. He spots a trip wireTwo castaways are walking near it. Miles tries to warn them not to move. It's too late. Boom! {Sounds like 6 explosions}

Out of the jungle come arrow wielding “soldiers”; they surround the three.  A small expressionless blond woman with a rifle asks Miles “Who’s in charge here?”   

Miles says Dan is.
She says to Dan, “You just couldn’t stay away, could you?” {I love that we got her POV holding the rifle.}

On the docked boat we see Desmond’s reflection in the mirror. He puts his shoes on.
Penny enters to confirm that “he” finished his breakfast.  Penny says he put up a bit of a fight but listens in the end, “Unlike his father.”
Penny is troubled. Desmond tries to reassure her all he has to do is find "his" mother, tell her he’s still on the island, and then I’m done with this for good.”
Penny-“Why now? I mean, If he told you all this on the island why didn’t you remember it until two days ago.”
Desmond doesn’t understand how any of this works any more than she does.   He knows it happened. Daniel Faraday knocked on the hatch door, told him to go to Oxford, everyone was in danger and he was the only one who can help them. I know how insane it sounds.
He tells Penny he’ll be back by dark, “And then I’m done. Forever. I promise.”
They kiss. Penny asks if he can promise he’ll never go back to that island again.
Desmond- "Why in gods name would I wanna go back there?”

He leaves, leaving the door open. {Yep!}

Dan watches the “soldiers” pull the blown up guys out of the water. Miles and Charlotte are cuffed.
Ellie with the rifle questions them, “There were 20 of you at the beach, but only 5 of you here. Where are the rest of your people?”
Miles remarks that maybe they got blown up by some more of her land mines. She tells him they didn’t put them there, “You did.”
She explains to Dan, “Once they leave there I will be out of control of what happens to you. But if you cooperate now things will go much easier for you. So where are the rest of your people?”
He doesn’t know.

Sawyer, Locke and Juliet have two prisoners kneeling on the ground. {1 lays on the ground.}
Locke asks who these  people are. Sawyer sarcastically says he didn’t have time to ask that with Frogurt on fire and all.
Juliet tells him these people attacked them on the beach.
Locke notes, “This is a 30 caliber M1 Garand rifle. It looks new.”
Sawyer- Who cares about the rifle. Where the hell I've you been?”
Locke shares if he was going through what he’s been going through, the appropriate question would be “When the hell have I been?” {Locke thinks he’s the only one experiencing something?}

Sawyer asks about his leg.
Locke- “I got shot.”
Sawyer wonders “By who?”
Juliet conveniently interrupts Locke answering by saying they can swap stories later; they told the rest of their group they’d meet by the creek. “If there’s any chance of reconnecting with them, we better get moving.”
Sawyer suggests, seeing as they don’t have rope to tie up their prisoners, they’re gonna have to shoot them.

In Latin- Soldier 1-“Quare non sunt vestitus eis?” {Wherefore not are clothing these?}
Jones- “Tace!” {to be silent, say nothing, leave unmentioned, pass over}
John seems surprised.
Juliet says something in Latin back to them. {Wonder what is was…}
She interprets that one asks why they weren’t in uniform and the other told him to shut up. John asks her how they know how to speak Latin.
Juliet reveals it’s the same reason she knows how, “It’s because they’re Others.”

Ellie marches her troop and prisoners through the jungle.
Dan notices radiation burns on one of the men. {Left hand}
Something is grabbing Miles’ attention. Miles tells Dan they just walked over a fresh grave; Four U.S. Soldiers, dead just over a month. Three of them were shot; one died of radiation poisoning.
Dan looks confused. He asks Miles if any of them “happened to mention what year it is.” {Happen too?}

Ellie announces “We’re here.”
Tent City. 

She calls out for Richard, “We’re back.”
Out of a tent emerges ageless Richard.
Ellie informs Richard she caught these three by the creek. This one’s their leader. {Dan }
Richard asks Dan his name, but Dan snaps back with, “What’s your name?”
Richard-“My name is Richard Alpert.”
Richard assumes Dan came back for his bomb.

The bells toll at Oxford. {3} {Lots of file boxes in this library!}
Desmond speaks to a woman with a British accent behind a desk. She does not find any record of any Faraday.
Desmond-“That’s impossible, ‘cause I know her son was a professor here.  His name’s Daniel Faraday. I’m sure his name’s in your database.”
The woman tells him there’s no record of any Faraday ever being employed here at Oxford.
Desmond, in his incognito sunglasses insists he visited him at his lab, “it was in an attic, it was above the physics department.”
The archives go back quite far, perhaps it was a clerical error. You don’t happen to recall what year it was in which you last visited?”
Desmond can’t recall.   She asks why he’s seeking this information.   He apologizes for wasting her time.
Desmond walks down the corridor and sees a sign, heads in.   He sees the “Danger tape” that is sealing off the room being fumigated and he breaks in. The room has indeed been locked down. Newspapers on the windows. He uncovers the chalk board and other items belonging to Dan.  He picks up a photograph of Dan and a blond woman; the glass is cracked. He uncovers the light contraption used to make Eloise’s conscious mind “travel in time.”
He uncovers the maze.
A janitor/custodian comes in; he wondered when someone would figure out we weren’t just fumigating. Then he asks Des if he’s a professor.
Desmond-“No. Not exactly.”
The janitor/custodian sees this as honesty. He doesn’t want Desmond to touch anything because he was the one who had to take the bloody maze running rats down to the incinerator, so that no one would find out what he was up to.
Desmond isn’t the first one to poke around for Daniel Faraday and his work. Rumor had it that he was trying to send rats brains back in time.
The janitor/custodian will forget Desmond broke his lock, if you tell your mates all you found was rubbish left behind by a madman.
Desmond questions why the University has no record of Faraday.
The custodian-“Can you blame them? I mean after what he done to that poor girl.”  {Oooooh.... What girl?!}

Back at tent city Miles, Dan and Charlotte are thrown into a tent.
Miles states “We are so dead.
Dan says they “are not SO dead. We are gonna be fine. We just need to keep it together until there’s another flash. Alright. And all this disappears.”
The next flash could be 5 minutes or 5,000 years. {Awesome!}
Charlotte wants to know what’s going on, “Why are they doing this to us?”
Dan-“They must think that we’re with the American military.”
If so, their best chance of staying alive is to let them keep thinking it.
Richard comes in speaks to Dan, “Ellie tells me you’re not willing to reveal where the rest of your squad is?”
Dan-“Why would I do that? So you can kill them too?”
Richard-“We didn’t start this, Friend. Your people attacked us. You come to our island to run your tests. You fire at us and what? You expect us to not defend ourselves?”
Dan doesn’t know anything about that; he insists, “We are scientists.”
Richard asks if they send him there to recover it.
Dan-“You mean our hydrogen bomb. Then yes. And I’m guessing from this man’s radiation burns that the housing has been compromised. Is that right?”
Dan tries to tell Richard that he has an unstable device, it’s capable of destroying the entire island and it’s broken. If you don’t allow me to render it inert all of us are gonna die. All of us.”
Richards' concerned that Dan could have been sent there on a suicide mission. He could take Dan out to the bomb and Dan would detonate it.
Dan wouldn't, “Because I’m in love with the woman sitting next to me.”
Dan would never do anything to hurt her.
This touches Richard and he gives permission to Dan to take care of his bomb, “If you try anything else, then you will hurt her.”

Locke looks at his compass as they march their prisoners through the jungle. Sawyer asks Juliet who taught her Latin.
Juliet smugly tells him “Others 101. Gotta learn Latin. Language of the enlightened.”
Sawyer- “Enlightened my ass.”
Locke suggests that the prisoners talk. “Once we meet up at the creek, and meet up with the rest of our people, there’s gonna be a lot of anger directed at you for attacking them."
The soldier Cunningham {American accent} tells Locke, the rest of your people are either captured or dead. Hmmm...What makes him say that, you ask. It’s because that idiot/Sawyer shouted out “Meet at the Creek. We knew exactly where they were headed. Sent a group after them.”
Sawyer-“Well maybe I should have said it in my secret language.”
Juliet hurries up to Cunningham and in Latin tells him “We’re not your enemy.”
He replies in Latin, “Then let us go.”
Sawyer wants to know what he’s saying. Juliet asks to be taken to their camp; she even asks if Richard Alpert is there.
Jones is concerned. And yes Locke, she asked for Richard Alpert.
Juliet again asks to be brought to their camp; and no one else has to die. Cunningham looks over at pissed off Jones.
Cunningham agrees to take them, “We need to head east another couple kilometers till we hit the ridge…”
Jones snaps Cunningham’s neck and makes a run for it! Sawyer tells Locke to shoot him!  
Locke aims but can’t do it. Sawyer grabs the rifle and fires!

Sawyer asks Locke if he’s crazy! Why didn’t he shoot him?
Locke couldn’t do it because, “He’s one of my people.”

Desmond in his incognito baseball cap and sunglasses, is looking for an address. He knocks on the door 3 times. {Properly using the door knocker, of course. Lol}
A British woman with blond short hair answers. {Abigail Spencer}
Desmond tells her he’s looking for Theresa Spencer; he’d like to have a word with her. He got her name from a gentleman he met at Oxford University; Daniel Faraday.
This intrigues Abigail, “ Daniel Faraday? Why didn’t you say so?” {He just fucking did!}
Abigail leads him through a sliding door into Theresa’s room. 

Theresa is laid up in a hospital bed; monitor beeps. She’s is being spoon fed by an orderly. This takes Desmond by surprise.
Abby asks, “He didn’t tell you, did he?”
Des asks Abigail if Theresa can hear them.
Abigail- “No. Theresa’s away right now.”   Sometimes she wakes up, thinks she’s three, wants to know where her dolly is. Yesterday she was talking to our dad. He died five years ago.”
Desmond feels this was a mistake.
Abby gets an attitude "Of course. Why would you want to stay? Daniel certainly didn’t.”
She continues… He left her like this. Went running off to the states, never to be heard from again. He abandoned her. What kind of a man does that? She seriously wouldn’t know what to do if it wasn’t for Mr. Widmore, Daniel’s benefactor; he funded his research and he took responsibility for the result of it. He’s been taking care of Theresa ever since. Everything here is due to Mr. Widmore. God bless him.

Miles-“A hydrogen bomb. Seriously?”
Dan explains that back in the 50’s the U.S. Government tested H bombs in the South Pacific. Lucky us.
Charlotte tells Dan he didn’t have to profess his love for her, “There were plenty of other ways you could have convinced them you weren’t gonna blow up the entire island.”
Dan meant what he said.
Expressionless gun toting Ellie enters to retrieve Dan. She takes his pack; Dan promises to be back soon. Charlotte gets teary.

Richard unwraps Dan's “cuffed” hands, “Whatever your uh superiors told you, I want you to know the truth. A month ago we found 18 members of an army battalion right here, in our jungle here, setting up this camp. We gave them the opportunity to leave the island peacefully. They weren’t willing to do that so, I was forced to kill um. All of them.”
Dan wants to know who he was forced by.
Richard-“You answer to someone don’t you? You follow a chain of command. Right?”
So does Richard.
Jones calls out to Richard and tells him, “ A group of them surprised us.”

They were outnumbered but he escaped.
Ellie-“Outnumbered, eh?”
Jones tells her to shut up. Richard shares with Jones that Dan is going to help them with their problem. 
Jones feels he’s “one of them. You can’t trust him.”
But Richard sends Dan and Ellie on their way. Richard asks Jones how he escaped.
Jones-"I ran.". {And I Ran so far away. I just ran. Ran both night and day….Oh! Sorry. Now that damn Flock of Seagulls song is in my head!!}

Richard wonders if it ever occurred to Jones that they might follow him.
Jones doesn’t seem to think they would, “Their leader is some sodding old man. What? You think he can track me? You think he knows this island better than I do?”

Locke and Juliet look down at tent city. Locke asks her how she knew Richard would be there. Juliet mentions Richard has “always been here.”
Locke asks “How old is he?”
She asks why he’s so interested in Richard.   It’s because Richard was about to tell John how he can save “us.”
Juliet-“Save us?”   {WTF? Doesn’t she want to be saved?}
Locke goes on to say that before Richard could finish they were interrupted by that flash of light; and he’s hoping they can pick up where they left off. {Watch Juliet}
Sawyer busts up a “I’m an Other, You’re an Other reunion” to tell them Faraday, the guy that’s actually gonna save us, is being death marched into the jungle right now.”
Locke-“Good luck with that.”
John isn’t going to help Sawyer save Dan, he’s going to finish his conversation with Richard.
Sawyer-“That’s gonna get us all killed. You go rolling in there, they’re gonna know we’re here.”
Fair enough; John will give him 10 minutes head start.
Sawyer asks Juliet if she wants to stay there in Crazy Town or help him rescue the geek.

Ellie asks Dan why he keeps looking at her. Apparently he feels she “looks so much like someone I used to know.”
Ellie-“Some one other than the girl you just professed your love for? Well aren’t you the Romeo?”
Dan-“Far from it. Believe me.”
By the way, she doesn’t believe him. He may have Richard fooled but he can’t expect her to believe he, a British woman and a Chinese man are all members of the Unites States Military.
Ellie-“Who are you? And what are you doing on our island?”
Dan tells Ellie that he’s her best chance at disarming that bomb. 
So, disarm it.
Dan sees the bomb hanging like a pendulum. He examines the hanging bomb, named Jughead. {Complete with it’s Trigger control panel.} He discovers its seeping some substance.  He hurries away from it. He warns Ellie to get back, it’s unsafe; they need to move. Ellie warns him if he tries anything…like shoot him.
Dan explains that would be perfect because rifle fire right next to “what would you call this, hydrogen bomb”, fantastic idea, “Really inspired.”
He asks if her people have access to lead or concrete.
Dan explains, “There’s a crack in the casing, it needs to be filled with lead, taken off the platform carefully and bury it. If they do what he says and bury it, it won’t go off.
Dan needs her to trust him. He insists they must bury it and everything will be fine, “Remember your superior ordered me to take care of this.” 

Apparently the way to take care of this bomb is you bury it. Dan knows so much about this because “50 years from now this island is still here.”
Ellie cocks the rifle and aims it at him. His remark shocks her. Dan can explain himself better. “50 years from now, me and my, me and my friends, that’s where we’re from, OK? And here’s the key, every thing’s fine. I’m not saying it’s perfectly fine, but there hasn’t been any atomic blasts. Alright.”
Sawyer sneaks up behind Ellie and demands she drop the gun. Neither Sawyer nor Ellie will drop their guns. 
Juliet, with a knife says, “Why don’t we all put our guns down?” 
Sawyer makes Ellie “drop it!” And he sees the hanging bomb, “Son of a bitch.”
Ellie-“Are they from the future too?”  
Sawyer asks Dan, “You told her?”
Desmond steps off an elevator and charges right into Widmore’s office. {Namaste painting and the sail boat is on Widmore’s right side} Widmore tells Melanie it’s OK as Mr. Hume is a colleague of his. He also holds off a bodyguard. 
Alone with Widmore, Desmond says he won’t answer the questions that Widmore has for him. Desmond is there to ask him a question and once he has the answer Widmore will never see him again. Understand. Desmond needs to know where he can find Daniel Faraday’s motha. {LOL!} 
Widmore asks what makes Desmond think he knows where she is. Desmond calls him out on knowing he funded Faraday’s research, “So I figured you must know something regarding his next of kin.” 
Widmore says he hasn’t seen or heard from his daughter for three years, “just answer me this…Is she safe?” 
Desmond just replies with “Where’s Faraday’s motha?” 
Widmore takes an address book out of a box. He tells Desmond she’s in L.A., and writes down her address and hands it to him. He also suspects she won’t be pleased to see him, as she is a very private person.
Before Desmond can leave Widmore stops him, “Deliver your message, but then get out of this mess. Don’t put Penny’s life in danger….You getting yourself involved in something that goes back many, many years it has nothing to do with you or my daughter. Where ever you were hiding, go back there.”
Desmond thanks him for the advice

Locke marches right into tent city and calls out for Richard Alpert. He tells Jones he’s looking for Richard. Locke continues calling out for Richard. Jones pulls the rifle on Locke to stop him. 
Richard asks Locke Who are you?” 
Locke-“My name is John Locke.” 
Richard-“Is that supposed to mean something to me?”
Locke-“Jacob sent me.” 
With that Richard tells Widmore to put the gun down. Locke turns to the kid, “Your name is Widmore? Charles Widmore?” 
This pleases Locke.
Penny is in the boat cabin telling her son a story about a bear. Desmond returns. Penny shares she and Charlie had a good day; he wanted to go fishing in the Themes, they were unsuccessful. 
Desmond lies to Penny about finding Faraday’s mum, “There was no one to find. She died a few years ago.” 
Penny asks why he’s lying to her, “Where is she?” 
Des confesses she’s in L.A.. 
This worries Penny. 
Desmond reassures her this was a mistake. He promised her it would be done in a day, and now it’s done. It’s not our problem anymore.” 
Penny wonders ” And what happens if you wake up tomorrow and remember something else? And the next day?” 
Desmond-“I’ll forget it! It doesn’t matter Pen. You’re my life now. You and Charlie…I won’t leave you again. Not for this. Not for anything.” 
Penny tells him he’ll never forget it, “So I guess we’re going with you.” {Permission granted!
They hug.

Richard holds the compass that Locke tells him he gave to him after Locke got shot in the leg and Richard wandered out of the jungle to patch him up. 

Richard wonders why he doesn’t remember any of it.
John tells because it hasn’t happened yet. Richard chuckles. Locke expects Richard to tell him how to get off the island
Richard-“That’s very privileged information. Why would I share that with you?” 
Locke-“Because you told me I had something very important to do once I get there. And because I’m your leader.” 
Richard questions that, “Well I certainly don’t want to contradict myself but, we have a very specific process for selecting our leadership. And it starts at a very, very young age.” 
Locke asks him “What year is right now?” 
It’s 1954.
Locke tells him May 30th 1956, two years from now, that’s the day I’m born. Tustin, California. If Richard doesn’t believe him he suggests he go and visit him
Locke starts to realize the light is changing, triggering a flash, “Oh no. It’s happening again.”   {He grabs his head}
Locke needs Richard to tell him how to get off the island now! “Please tell me!
John is alone in empty Richard-less tent city.
Sawyer, Juliet, Dan, Charlotte and Dan apparently experienced the flash. Dan and Charlotte are very happy to see each other. Dan unbinds her hands. Charlotte gets dizzy and starts bleeding from her nose; she faints

Dan is upset.


Jughead is a great episode!
Since the very beginning events seem scripted, written out.  Similar dialog is repeated by various "characters" over and over and over again. Point blank, I sometimes feel like there is a basic outlined "script" involved.   Is it possible Other's are really supplementary beings, there to fill in the gaps or fill certain roles. Don't you ever feel like it's a living breathing game?

Things to note…Questions to ask 
* Ellie seems almost robotic. Does she have a heart?  
* Ellie is a form of the name Elizabeth
* Richard is wearing street clothes similar to what he’s worn before.  
* Fumigating...For BUGS…Rats…Aliens????? Computer 
* Testing bombs…I wonder if it creates mutant people/creatures. “Muahahaha”  
* Dan professes his love for Charlotte. In what capacity does he love her? Lover, Husband, Brother, Father?  
* Desmond is the only one who can help Faraday’s people. John bringing Jack and the rest of the Oceanic 6 back will save the island. Are these "missions" one in the same?  
* Charlie Pace’s dad chopped heads off dollies.  Jack found dollies in the fresh water in the cave.

* Latin is the language of the enlightened and the ancients (Rome) and Doctors take Latin courses. Here they speak Vulgar Latin. Also, Tagalog language.  
* Where/how did Richard’s people live before tent city.  
* Widmore pays for Theresa's care. Christian pays for Mrs. Littleton’s care.  
* The Bomb.  
* Widmore is an Other living in the outside world.  
* Theresa falls up the stairs….Boone. And Teresa Cortez, Anna Lucia’s mother.  
* The name Jacob got Richards' attention.  
* Richard knew in 'Because you left', that it would be the “next time” he saw John he wouldn’t remember him. Richard implied that he's not "going anywhere", John is. {in the Flashes}  
* Juliet steers conversations. She knows too much.  
* Flashes occur when “triggers” happen.  
* Flashes are random in time. What determines where time ends up or how it’s supposed to get back to proper time?  
* Charlotte has the same symptoms that Claire had on the beach when Ben activated an implant.  
* Was Charles Widmore banished from the island or left on his own?  
* Richard admits there’s a way to get to and from the island and it's privileged info. If its so secret, how come so many people end up there?  
* Is the Flashing tied to the dream Locke had about Horace chopping down the tree on a loop? "Time skipping", doing things over and over, or just a hint to a bug in the system? Glitch.  
* US Military knife- Goodwin had one.  
* If the "Island" heals why are there dead people?  Does it only heal certain people or no one at all?  
* Paradox  
* The Oxford Physics Department is housed in Clarendon laboratory, not "Claredon" as shown.  
* Dan needs to render the bomb inert. Same thing with the gas over at the Tempest with the gas.  
* Arrows….Darts  
* Dates regarding John Locke birth: John Locke in Further instructions…Papers-Johnathan Locke, San Francisco Ca, DOB 11/15/1946.   His driver's license DOB 3/30/56  
* In Jughead John Locke's DOB 5/30/56 
* Duex Ex Machina Emily’s DOB 10/15/40  
* The song “everyday” was recorded on May 29, 1957 and released on September 29, 1957.  

    Vocabulary and Research... 
    * Mabuhay- Tagalog language of the Philippines.  
    * Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III of the Archie comics. {lineage}  
    * The Creek mythology is related to an American Indian Creek people who are originally from the southeastern United States, also known by their original name Muscogee. The Creek believe that the world was originally entirely underwater. The first people were the offspring of Sister Sun and the Horned Serpent. These first two Creeks were Lucky Hunter and Corn Woman, denoting their respective roles in Creek Society.  
    * Recollection is the retrieval, or recall, of memory, may be employed to make the best use of memory. Various means, including met cognitive strategies, priming and measures of retention.  
    * Priming in psychology refers to a finding in which exposure to a stimulus at time 1 influences responding to a related stimulus at time 2. One theory of priming is that exposure at time 1 activates parts of particular representation or associations in memory just before carrying out an action or task. The representation is already activated at time 2, reducing the time required to execute the response. It is considered to be one of the manifestations of implicit memory. A property of priming is that the remembered item is remembered best in the form in which it was originally encountered, a feature of context-dependent memory or more precisely, transfer appropriate processing.

      I loved this episode. It answered a few things for me, but still kept me cautious on a couple of other implications.  I've been asked over the past week if I though Desmond and Penny's baby “Charlie” is Charlie Pace…This one of the issues I have with "time travel" ...If baby "Charlie" is the son of Desmond, remember, Desmond used Charlie and put him in danger, ultimately he died!  And if they're in a loop Desmond would have done that particular action more than once. So, no, I don't think it's Charlie Pace.
      The issues with blood relations being involved in a time traveling loop can become very tricky.  The whole "Grandfather paradox" type issues would come into play.   Maybe baby "Charlie" is just named after Charles Dickens who happens to be Desmond's favorite author.
      If we're talking about the "conscious mind traveling" is it really traveling, transcending the vastness of time and space.   If it's the conscious mind, how is everyone having physical contact with each other?   Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't said "traveler" only be able to be an observer in the Flashes?  The conscious mind deals with memory, recall, thoughts, perception, etc..

      Could we be seeing the manifestation of the traditional "time travel" problems, as with the "grandfather paradox"?   What about the randomness of the "times" landed in?   I'm not sure.
      I know I am trying very hard to connect the "time traveling" dots at this point and to find a link to connect the rest of the clues that are indeed there.  Honestly I feel like there's a major connection to a computer, altered states of consciousness and of course, a game.

      But I am more confidant with the "lineage" thread of our story.   A species of beings working on keeping the family line alive.   Is the "lineage" thread literal or symbolic/metaphoric?   Or are these namesakes just proxies, stand-ins or something more like body doubles?  Maybe they're just friggin bots!  Whether it's an ancient family line, a new family line, or a special bred/created line, it needs to keep a presence on the "Island".

      Love to all who are "LOST"

      Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.


      1. Karen, thanks for you detailed observations. I read the scene with Penny and Des, "we went fishing in the Thames, unsuccessfully." a bit different. Desmond lies, unsuccessfully. I think Penny 'fishing' for answers. She got it, that Daniel's mom is in LA. Not so much as a permission, but as interrogation.

        Also, I thought that the stuff animal was a pink rabbit and that she said something like 'the fishies peeked out sadly . . .then ran away. Easter egg to Charlie Pace bunny slippers.

        Also, Charlotte says that they are 'running for their lives' when they are clearly walking very slowly.

        Also, on the island there were two groups - Faraday's and Locke's. At some point Faraday and Locke split from their groups and disclose information about the future to an Other with Locke now near Charlotte/Miles and Faraday with Juliet/Locke. Probably, doesn't mean anything, just something that I noticed.

        Also, with Locke is walking with his compass thru the jungle, he is looking at the back and then flips is to the front.

      2. Thank you so much for coming back for more :)

        I just had to run and re-listen to Penny telling the story to the baby bit. lol!
        I remember the animals in it. The "bear" stood out to me as well as the "fish" reference...
        "and the fishy suddenly peeked out, but it saw the bear so that it ran away again."

        That is a very telling line.

        I feel I need to keep my eye on Penny for some reason. Although I must admit I'm not sure why. Maybe something just rubbed me different with her behavior this time.

        I agree with how you're interpreting the lines/clues. The answers are there :)

        The clues to Charlie and his family are threaded throughout this episode. It's very exciting!

        But we also get major hints to people telling "stories" here. Lies and Stories.

        The one thing I have told my readers over and over is...Things and People are not what we think they are.

      3. The Charles Dickens reference is "very" interesting! Thank you!!!


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