February 23, 2009

3 1 6.

Let's talk about LOST! 3 1 6.
Jack's eye opens. He wakes up in the bamboo forest; holding a torn section of paper with “I wish” on it. 
In the distance you can hear Hurley calling for help. Jack drops the paper.
Jack runs to the edge of a waterfallBelow is Hurley holding on to a guitar case.  Jack dives in and rescues him. They get to a point in the water where Jack tells Hurley “We can stand.” 

They both look around, “It really happened.”
Yep, they’re back! Jack sees Kate lying on rocks. Jack wakes her up. He confirms to her that they’re back.
Kate- “What happened?”

46 Hours Earlier:
Mrs. Hawking lights her white candles in the church. {Doubting Thomas painting.} She questions Ben, “I thought I said all of them.” 

Ben replies this was all he could get on short notice.
Eloise guesses it will have to dofor now. All right, let's get started.”

She leads the group to the back of the church then down the spiral staircase. {Caution sign warns high voltage.}

Down in a dark lower level she opens a door; {Much like a door/hatch on a ship/freighter.} this is the Lamp Post station. She lights up the room.
A giant pendulum swings across a map floor. There are old computers and a board that shows longitude-latitude numbers, yet looks more like an old departure board in an airport. There is a blackboard with equations and variables and a U.S. Army Op 264 TOP SECRET military photo of an island {Dated 9/23/54- EYES ONLY} Eloise tells the group this place was called The Lamp Post by the Dharma Initiative, “This is how they found the island.”
Jack asks Ben if he knew about this place
Ben- “No. No I didn’t.”
Jack asks Eloise if he’s telling the truth
Eloise-“Probably not.” 
Jack walks over to look at the military photo to take a closer look. Eloise has a blue flight book; she apologizes to the group if this is confusing but she turns to Jack and wants him to pay attention.  She goes on to explain the room they are standing in was constructed years ago over a unique pocket of electromagnetic energy.  That energy connects to similar pockets all over the world. And the people who built this room however were only interested in one.”
Sun- “The Island.” 
Eloise- “Yes. The Island.  They gathered proof that it existed. They knew it was out there somewhere {Over the fucking rainbow!} but they just couldn’t… {Desmond bends down to take a closer look at the map on the floor.} ...Then a very clever fellow built this pendulum on the theoretical notion that they should stop looking for where the Island was supposed to be, and start looking for where it was going to be. {What good pupils they are! She continues on}  This fellow presumed and correctly as it turned out, that the Island was always moving, “Why do you think you were never rescued?”     While the movements of the island seem random, this man and his team created a series of equations, which tell them with a high degree of probability where it is going to be at a certain point in time.  {Jack looks at the blackboard filled with variables.}  Windows, as it were, that while open, provide a route back. Unfortunately these windows don’t stay open for very long. {Desmond is annoyed.} “Yours closes in 36 hours." 
Eloise hands the blue flight plan binder to Jack
Desmond asks in disbelief, “Am I really hearing this? That’s what this is about? You’re all going back to the Island, willingly?”
Sun confirms they are, “Why are you here, Desmond?”
Desmond tells them he came there to deliver a message.  
He tells Eloise, “Daniel Faraday. Your son… sent me here. He wanted me to tell you that he and all the people on the Island need your help.  He said that only you can help him. He didn’t say Jack, he didn’t say Sun, he didn’t say Ben, he said you.”
Eloise replies in a very caring granny manner, “But I am helping, dear.“ 
Desmond considers the message delivered
Eloise is sorry to tell this to Desmond, “But the Island isn’t done with you yet.” 
Desmond freaks; says this woman cost him four years of his life. Four years he’ll never get back, “Because you told me that I was supposed to go the Island. That it was my bloody purpose!”
She nods her head “yes.”  
Desmond says to Jack, “You listen to me brotha, and you listen carefully. These people here are just using us. They’re playing some kind of a game, we are just the pieces. What ever she tells you to do, ignore it.”
He tells Eloise he’s done with the Island

Eloise informs Jack, “The binder in your hands shows all the air routes that fly over the coordinates where I believe the Island will be in little more than a day from now.   There’s a commercial airliner flying from L.A. to Guam that’s going to go right through our window.    Ajira Airways flight 3 1 6.   If you have any hope of the Island bringing you back, it must be that plane. You all need to be on it. It must be that flight.” 
Ben watches Eloise work. She continues to tell them if they want to return "you need to recreate as best you can the circumstances that brought you there in the first place. That means as many of the same people as you are able to bring with you." {She talks directly at Jack.} 
Jack-“What if we can’t get anyone else to come with us? What if we’re it?” 
Eloise-“All I can tell you is the result will be unpredictable.”
Jack-“So that’s it? We just get on that flight and we just hope that it works. That‘s all.”
No, that’s not all; at least not for him.
Happy Eloise brings Jack to her church lady office.  {Virgin Mary statues
Jack wonders- “Ben, Sun.“
Eloise says they heard what they needed to hear; this doesn’t concern them. She rummages through her very disorganized and cluttered desk looking for something.   She pulls out a crinkled envelope from under a bunch of papers and tells Jack it’s John Locke’s suicide note {Addressed to Jack.}
Jack didn’t know. Eloise tells him obituaries don’t see fit to mention when people hang themselves. {Hanging Charlie.}  
Troubled Jack asks, “Why would he kill himself?”
Eloise-“There are many reasons. I’m sure. But the only one that matters is this…he is going to help you get back. John is going to be a proxy. A substitute.”
“For who?” Jack wonders. 

She reminds him again that he needs to best recreate the conditions of the original flight. “Which is why you need to give John something of your fathers.” {Check out Jack’s shadowy shadow on the wall. Lol} That’s what Jack has to do.
Upset Jack tells her, “My father is gone. My father has been dead for three years. You want me to…and to give it to Locke, he’s in a coffin!”
Eloise nods her famous “yes” nod. 

Jack- This is ridiculous!
She tells him to stop thinking about how ridiculous it is and start asking himself whether or not he believes it’s going to work, “That’s why it’s called a leap of faith, Jack.

Ben appears to be kneeling in prayer/meditation in a pew.    Jack puts the envelope in his jacket pocket. Ben tells Jack that Sun left, and a friend is looking after “it”- Locke’s body/the coffin. He’ll pick it up on his way to the airport. 
Ben walks over to light a white candle and asks what she said to him.  Jack now in the prayer/meditation position in the pew, “Nothing that matters. Who is she? Why is she helping us? How does she know all this?”
Ben- “Thomas the Apostle.”
Ben tells the story of Jesus, Judea and Thomas.  Thomas was not remembered for his bravery.  He claim to fame came later, doubting/refused to acknowledge the resurrection. “He just couldn’t wrap his mind around it.”   The story goes that he needed to touch Jesus’ wounds to be convinced.”

Jack- “So was he?”     {Jack never heard this story before?
Ben- “Of course he was. We’re all convinced sooner or later, Jack.” 
Ben has to leave as he made a promise to an old friend; just a loose end that needs tying up. “See you at the airport, Jack.”
Jack looks up and then over to the painting of Thomas touching the open wound.

Jack sits in a colorful bar staring at his drink
His cell rings, “Hello. Yeah. This is him. He did what?”

Jack talks a man at an “Retirement/old folks home.”   The man explains to Jack this is the 4th time he’s left, “He has to follow the rules or he’ll have to move to our fully assisted facility. 

Jack understands.
They enter a common room where a special magic show is being performed for the residents. The magician introduces his “Fraidy-cat” rabbit." {This things eyes are scary!} Jack says hey to Ray, his grandfather.  The magician is doing a card trick with a woman.   Jack asks Ray why he "took off" this time.

Jack- “At least tell me where the bus was headed.” 
Ray tells him “It doesn’t matter, anywhere I go is somewhere better than here.”

Inside Ray’s self sufficient room, Jack sees Ray packed a bag. {But didn’t pack his meds.

Ray mentions, “One of these times I’m actually gonna get away. They won‘t ever find me either.” 
Jack explains if he takes off again they’re gonna throw him outta there.
Ray- “But what will I do without my magic shows?”
Jack helps granddad unpack.  
Ray asks Jack, “So how are you, kiddo? Are you seeing anyone special?“     Ray asks Jack about the girl he brought by with him that time; the pretty one with all freckles, “What was her name?”   
Jack reveals he and Kate are not together anymore.  
Ray looks at the bright side; more time for Jack to come visit him. Jack tells granddad he’d love to, but he’s going away
Ray-“Where’s away exactly?” 
Jack- ”Somewhere better than here.” 
Ray- “Touché.
Jack finds a pair of handsome dark shoes under Ray’s plaid shirt.  
Jack- “Are these yours granddad?“
Ray tells him those shoes belong to Jack’s father. His mom sent Ray a box of his stuff after he died, “Must have gotten mixed in when I packed for a quick getaway.”
Jack- “These shoes…can I take them?”
Ray-“Be my guest.” {Be his guest!}

Jack enters his dark apartment. He looks in the fridge and cupboards then pours drink. He hears a door close. In the dark he makes his way to the bedroom where he discovers Kate lying on the bed. She looks distraught, “Are you still going back to the island?”
Yep, he thinks he is. Kate is going with him. Jack asks what happened.
Kate tells Jack if he wants Kate to go with him, he is never to ask questions, never ask about Aaron again. Jack understands. They kiss and…


Jack prepares the breakfast of champions, orange juice {2} and coffee. Jack seems happy and content. Kate seems disconnected.
Jack removes the black shoes from the table.

Kate refers to the shoes, “Those don’t much sense for the island. You might consider hiking boots” 
They giggle. 
Jack explains they were his fathers. {A chief of staff without nice shoes. Go figure.} “When I went to pick up his body in Sydney my dad didn’t have any nice shoes. My mother wanted to have the funeral as soon as I landed back in L.A., but I thought, who the hell is gonna see his feet? {Watch Kate this whole time} And so I had these old white tennis shoes and I just said use these. Put these on him. Cause he wasn‘t worth a nice pair of shoes to me, or the time it would take to go out and get um.”
Kate asks why he doesn't get rid of em, “Why hold on to something that makes you feel sad?” 

The phone rings. {Saved by the bell} Kate tells him to go ahead; she’ll see him at the airport.
Jack answers the phone;  it’s Ben. “Hello Jack. Are you there?” 

Yep. Ben is calling from a pay phone at the marina. He also appears to have been beaten up although Ben calls it sidetracked.  He needs Jack to pick up Locke’s body and take it to the airport. “The coffin is at Simon’s Butcher Shop. Corner of Grand and Hayes.
Jack- “What’s happened to you?” 
Ben wants him to just do it.

Jack arrives at Simon's in his dark suit and back pack. {Smoking Prohibited by Law on the door} It’s locked up. He looks in the window and bangs on the door.{5x}   Butcher Jill comes out and lets Jack in. Jack tells her Ben sent him. 

Jill reveals “I know who you are Dr. Shephard.”   She leads him to the back with hanging meat, “What’s in the bag?”   I think she realizes it was out of place to ask.
Jill- “Ben said to give you the van. I gotta pull it around back. Give me about five minutes.” She leaves through the creaky door. Jack heads over to see Locke.
Jack opens the top half of the coffin  revealing Locke.  Then opens the lower half, revealing Locke wearing black loafers   Jack removes them and replaces them with handsome black lace up shoes. {Right foot first.} “Wherever you are John, You must be laughing your ass off that I’m actually doing this. {He ties shoe} Because this, this is even crazier than you are.”  
Jack puts John’s envelope in John’s left side of his jacket. “And here. You can have that back. I‘ve already heard everything you had to say, John. You wanted me to go back, I’m going back.”
Jack closes the coffin and tells him to “Rest in peace.”

Jack talks to the agent at the Ajira counter. {color- Red} Jack is asked the reason he’s transporting Mr. Bentham to Guam.

Jack- “These are his wishes. He wanted to be buried there.” 
The agent asks who will be the recipient of the deceased upon arrival, is there a funeral home or…? 
Jack- “Me. I’ll be escorting the body.”  
Jack claims his relation to the deceased, “He was a friend.” 
The agent informs Jack, due to the increased security measures they are required to open the casket and perform a screening. He assures Jack it’s all done with the care. Jack understands.
Jack sees Kate walk by. He has feelings for her. Jack signs a form and is given his boarding pass. A man on the Ajira line gives Jack his condolences, “I’m sorry you lost your friend.”
Passengers are asked to remove their jackets, sweaters,  jewelry and footwear to pass security. {Jewelry?!} Remove laptops and electronic devices from their cases… Jack watches the people at the security scanners. {Looking for Kate, perhaps.} 

Sun arrives and Jack is happy to see her. Jack thought she might change her mind, but here she is. Sun tells him if there is any chance Jin is still alive, “I have to be on that plane.”
They see {Oceanic sign} Sayid is being escorted by a woman. He is in custody.
They board Ajira.

The preliminary boarding call for flight 3-1-6. {Honolulu and Guam} departing from gate 15. {sounds like eight fifteen

The Agent also announces for anyone on the standby list that they’ll have plenty of seats available.
Hurley reads the Spanish version of Y: The Last Man. He runs up to the counter to tell the agent “There are no standbys.” 

She sees there are 78 seats open
Hugo Reyes admits to buying those 78 seats, “They’re not open, they’re mine. Check and see.” 
The agent asks why he doesn’t want the travelers to get to their destinations. Hugo looks at the waiting travelers and tells the agent, “It doesn’t matter why. They can take the next plane.”
Jack meets up with Hurley, “What are you doing here? How did you know about the…”
Hurley tells him all that matters is that, “I’m here, right?”

Jack is glad that he’s there. Hurley looks troubled, “OK then. Let's do this. After you.”

Jack leads the way. 

He boards. {Row 8 on his left.} Jack and Sayid see each other.   It seems that Sayid wants to talk to Jack, but he can’t.   Sun is in her seat looking at her wedding ring on her hand.   Jack sees Kate, wearing her incognito sunglasses; she made it.   Jack finds his seat. Hurley boards with a guitar case; he puts the case at the seat to his left.
The staff, assuming “that should be everybody“; Ben runs up, arm in a sling, “Hold up! Wait please. Thank you for not closing it.” 

Ben boards; he makes eye contact with Sayid. Upset Hurley jumps up, “Wait! What’s he doing here?…No, No! He can‘t come!”
Jack tells Hurley if he wants to get back this is how it has to be. 
Hugo- “No one told me he was gonna be here.” 
Ben-“Who told you to be here, Hugo?” 
The stewardess asks if every thing’s OK.   Jack assures everything is fine.   Hurley will be fine, although he is visibly concerned.  The stewardess give Jack, seat 8C and envelope found by security while screening his cargo.  She informs them to take their seats; they will be pushing back for takeoff.

Ben asks Jack what that is {envelope}. 

Ben and Jack take their seats, separated by the isle.  Jack looks back to the passengers sitting in the section behind them and asks Ben, “And the other people that are on this plane, what’s gonna happen to them?”
Ben- “Who cares?”  

Ajira takes off.
They fly through the air. {Note the faces of our Castaways; Mixed emotions.} Jack sits next to sad Kate, “It’s pretty crazy, huh?” 
Kate-“Which part?” 
Jack- “Hurley, Sayid, being… on the same plane. How did they end up here?
Kate says they bought a ticket.
Jack- “You don’t think that it means something. That somehow, we’re all back together?
Kate-“We’re on the same plane, Jack. Doesn’t mean we’re together.” {WOW!! That is a VERY important statement.}
The pilot welcomes the passengers via the p.a.. The pilot is Frank J. Lapidus.   Jack is shocked. Lapidus tells the passengers to relax, sit back and enjoy the in flight movie.
Jack tells the stewardess he needs to talk to the pilot, his old friend; know he’s on board. She will but tells him to sit down because he can’t be near the cockpit door when it’s open.
Jack understands. The stewardess phones Lapidus with the request.

Clean shaven Frank comes out of the cockpit, “Well, hello Doc. Small world. What are you doing going to Guam?” 

Jack- “What are you doing here, Frank?”
Frank tells him he picked this gig up about eight months ago, “I fly this route all the time. Sometimes I take the big birds to New Delhi.”
Frank notices Sayid, Hurley and Kate, “Wait a second. We’re not going to Guam, are we?”


The plane is still en route.  Ben sits reading Ulysses.   Anxious Jack asks Ben, “How can you read?” 
Ben- “My mother taught me.” 
Ben smiles and tells Jack he can read because it beats what he’s doing. Jack is “waiting” for something to happen.
Jack- “And what is gonna happen?” 

Ben- “You tell me Jack. You’re the one who got to stay after school with Miss Hawking.”
Jack asks Ben if he knew that Locke killed himself.     Ben of course says he did not know. {LMFAO!! Perhaps Locke isn‘t "dead", wink, wink
Jack takes out the envelope, “They found this stuffed in his pocket. I‘ve been trying to get rid of it, but it‘s like it‘s following me. I know this sounds crazy but, it feels like John needs me to read it.”
Ben- “Why don’t ya then?….Is it because you‘re afraid.”
Jack- “Afraid of what?” 

Ben-  “Afraid that he blames you? That it’s your fault he killed himself?” 
Jack says it wasn’t his fault
Ben-  “No, Jack, it wasn’t your fault.”
Ben gives him some privacy.
Jack opens the letter by tearing one end open.
The loose leaf letter reads…
I wish you had be lie ved me.
The plane starts to shake and rumble, waking Kate and Sayid. {Metal sounds.} Hurley came prepared with eye shades; he tells the man sitting next to him to fasten his seatbelt. Hurley puts on his eye shades

They all fasten their seat belts. Metal sounds, beeping, buzzing, alarm, bright light!
Jack wakes up on the ground in the bamboo forest.   He gets up and looks at the torn piece of the letter {I wish}

Hurley calls out for help. Jack runs to him in the waterfall. Hurley holds onto the guitar case.
Jack wakes up Kate on the rocks. 

Kate- “The plane. Where’s the plane?” 
Jack doesn’t know, after that light he woke up in the jungle. 
Kate- “So, this is it? It’s just us?”
Jack isn’t sure, “Do either of you remember crashing?” 

Hurley- “Crashing. No. One second being tossed around, the next thing I know I’m in the lagoon.”
Kate-“Where’s Sun and Sayid? Where‘s Ben?” 

Jack tells them to spread out and search the jungle, “If we come across anybody from the plane we’ll….” They hear an engine {music-Yeah your kisses, feel so right….you had another man….last night.} A Dharma van pulls up {Shiny and clean} An armed man gets out. {Sheriff star on jumpsuit
It’s Jin! He seems to grin at the three in the water.


316 is a GREAT episode!  Something that jumped out at me as soon as I heard it was the line spoken by Eloise to "student" Jack...“Which is why you need to give John something of your fathers.”   This brings me back to House of the Rising Sun,  when John told guitar-less Charlie that "The island might give you what you’re looking for, but you have to give the Island something"...and John is the one who holds out his hand (as the representative of the Island or the Island itself).   Since the beginning I have felt and connected John to the "Island" and the "monster".    Ask yourself this question, is John the literal connection to the "Island" or just the proxy/substitute?    I know what I feel and think about it.

Things to note…Questions to ask…   
Grandpa Ray. Mom. Dad. Lineage   
316 is tied to Locke and Eko. Guitar case- Charlie  
Magic tricks, games, cons.  
"Fraidy-Cat Rabbit"= Jack  
Exercises, Tests, School, Learning, Equations and Variables.  Student.
Recreate the circumstances. I call Fucking Shenanigans! Different airline. Jack puts the black shoes on Locke, not white tennis shoes, Sayid was the prisoner, Hurley reads graphic novel instead of comic book. Jack has a letter. Sawyer had a letter on Oceanic. And so many more things.  
How many times has Jack had to recreate the original flight?  Jack is starting from the same starting position we've seen him in before.
Locke’s suicide note wasn’t much of a suicide note.  
But I noted the word believed me was written be lie ved. 
✈ Bentham is noted as the deceased not John Locke.
Jack wakes up in Bamboo forest.  Hurley's in the water, Kate on a rock. Is this how it was last time?   
The Lamp Post…Can you say Narnia?  
Who built the pendulum?  
Who is the co-pilot?  
Resurrection.  {Come alive again-rebirth}
Jack asks Ben how can he read? Ben says his mother taught him. His mother died in childbirth.  
The butcher shop, not across the street from the funeral parlor????  
Jack living in a different apartment/home.  
Jack calls his grandfather "Ray", and didn’t pursue the issue of knowing Aaron’s whereabouts. For so much family connections, there is too much of a “family” disconnection going on.  
Ray describes Kate with freckles. They both like to be on the move/run. Kate stayed with “Ray” in Australia. Granddad Ray calls Jack “Kiddo, a word Christian uses.
Hurley says Ben can’t come!!!  
Funny, the word “gig” is a common word used by us musicians.
Hurley puts eye shades when the turbulence starts. He knew what to expect.  
Follow the rules…Widmore.  

Vocabulary and Research…
* Cryonics is the low-temperature preservation of humans and animals that can no longer be sustained by contemporary medicine until resuscitation may be possible in the future.

* Resurrection -published in 1899 was the last novel written by Leo Tolstoy. He intended the novel as an exposition of injustice of man-made laws and the hypocrisy of institutionalized church.
- Resurrection is a Forgotten Realms fantasy novel by Paul S. Kemp and R.A. Salvatore. It is the 6th book of the War of the Spider Queen hexology.
- Alien: Resurrection (movie)
* Proxy- A substitute authorized to act for another person. Example: Deputy is a proxy for the Sheriff.
- (software) An interface for a service, especially for one that is remote, resource-intensive, or otherwise difficult to use directly.
- (sciences) A measurement of one physical quantity that is used as an indicator of the value of another.
* Fabricated or induced illness or factitious disorders, originally and more commonly known as Munchausen syndrome or Münchausen syndrome by proxy, are insidious disorders in which injury is deliberately and gradually inflicted upon a person usually for gaining attention or some other benefit.
* Windows-The word Window originates from the Old Norse ‘vindauga’, from ‘vindr – wind’ and ‘auga – eye’, i.e. "wind eye".
- Biology: Oval window and round window, two membranes between the middle and inner ear.
- Window period, in medicine, the time between first infection and detect ability
- Atmospherics: Atmospheric window, those parts of the electromagnetic spectrum that are not absorbed by the earth's atmosphere.
- Tectonic window is a geologic structure formed by erosion or normal faulting on a thrust system.
- Optical window’s and Astronomical window’s
- A computer program.
* Odysseus or Ulysses, in Greek mythology was a legendary Greek king of Ithaca and the hero of Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. Odysseus also plays a key role in Homer's lliad and other works in the Epic Cycle.
* A Shepard tone, named after Roger Shepard, is a sound consisting of a superposition of sine waves separated by octaves. When played with the base pitch of the tone moving upwards or downwards, it is referred to as the Shepard scale. This creates the auditory illusion of a tone that continually ascends or descends in pitch, yet which ultimately seems to get no higher or lower.
* New Delhi- is home to The Bahá'í House of Worship, also known as the Lotus Temple due to its Lotus flower-like shape

A picture for you to ponder: click to enlarge.


This was such a great episode. For me it had a Wizard of Oz feeling to it. It’s time for me to start bringing philosopher Immanuel Kant into the John Locke layer of the LOST story. We will get more into him, his work and purpose over the next few weeks. Immanuel Kant was an 18th-century German philosopher. He is regarded as one of the most influential thinkers of modern Europe and of the late Enlightenment. His most important work is the Critique of Pure Reason, an investigation into the limitations and security of reason itself.

You know, whenever I hear the smoke monster pull someone it sounds like something being cranked, gears, chains.  I sometimes visualize it as an anchor being pulled up/lowered, or sometimes giant gates being opened or closed. {lol}  Taking some of the things I keep in mind about what "may" be going on in the story, I wanted to test something out. I gave my son a word association type test the other day. I wanted to see if he, without being a LOST viewer, perceived the same "visual" as I did. I only gave him certain clue words that are used in direct association with the "island". Then I asked him what I described. Keep in mind, this tiny experiment was only for me to question one single layer of the story, nothing more.
The words I gave him were: Cabin-Wheel-Hatches-Medical Station-Kitchen-Church/chapel-Armory-Brig-Anchor-Deck-Dock.
My son’s answer was…a military ship or aircraft carrier.
Maybe it’s time to revisit The Helgus Antonius. The container/hospital ship operated by the Hanso Foundation.

I am compelled to dig deeper into Kate’s comment “We’re on the same plane, Jack. It doesn’t mean we’re together.”    I find this line very important, giving us a huge bit of information.

Love to all who are “LOST”™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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