November 18, 2009

Destiny Has a URL.

FRAME 14 of brings us ties to Home and Ajira.

Here's your short review of clues.

The first image is of a pineapple.
The Pineapple is a symbol of welcoming and hospitality.

This clue pointed many fans geographically to places like Hawaii, the Islands and even South Florida.

Then the bizarre "Eyeball Eater" shows up as our next image. What could it mean?
My research brought a couple of things to light.
Eyeball Eater-Te Kooti's War was one of the New Zealand Wars, the series of conflicts fought between 1845 and 1872 between the Māori and the colonizing British settlers, often referred to as Pakeha. At some stage he was joined by Kereopa Te Rau, the infamous eyeball-eater from the Volkner Incident, and between them they mustered about 110 supporters.

Then Eyeball Eater turns out to be an anagram for Abe Lee Realty in Honolulu. This puzzle piece was properly identified by "Justin" over at The Lost Arg site. Great Job, Justin!

The next image is "In Escrow" which is a term used in Real Estate and other legal matters.
  •  an account established by a broker, under the provisions of license law, for the purpose of holding funds on behalf of the broker's principal or some other person until the consummation or termination of a transaction, or
  • a trust account held in the borrower's name to pay obligations such as property taxes and insurance premiums.

Next was the confirmation of the address for the URL reveal.

I was very happy to see that Ajira Airways is the connector between "travel", "adventure" and "home" yet again!!!
Destiny is still calling.

Abe Lee Realty
1585 Kapiolani Blvd # 1533
Honolulu, HI 96814-4526

Big thanks to Ryan Ozawa from The Transmission Podcast and Blog for heading down to the office first and retrieving the URL. As always, thank you Ryan for keeping us in the "loop"!
Be sure to head over to The Transmission and to The Lost ARG for additional photos of the day!
The URL:

By: Todd Slater.
Titled: Ben Linus.

This hints to the many identities of this man.


Although "No such thing as curses" is said in a few episodes with a few variations, an example being the accountant says something similar to Hugo in Tricia Tanaka is Dead.
But this exact quote is from the episode NUMBERS and said by Hugo. The police grab him and push him face first onto the Hummer. They cuff him and read him his rights. He looks at his mother and says, "No such thing as curses, huh, Ma?"

Fellow Lostie Clay also went to Abe Lee Realty and shot this video. Thank you Clay for the use of your video! You can visit Clay's Blog "Ben's Frozen Donkey Wheel."

From what I can see of the photos and video, the swag was a folder with brochures for Castaway Getaways Holiday Travel "Get lost in the adventure" and Ajiri Airways Safety and Travel Brochures. Note "Oceanic Airlines Presents" is shown on the top left of the folder.
The brochure wants you to visit them on the Internet at

Another important thing that jumps out at me is the business card was for Donald F. Presario - Tourism Package Coordinator.

Presario is a computer. Could this have any connection to the clue words highlighted in my notes or just a coincidence?

Of course the poster sold out in a "Flash", continuing to leave me poster-less.

I'm going to call Mr. Presario and book a flight so I can get my ass over to that island!! What the hell does a girl gotta do to get lost in the adventure?!!

Until the next one...

Love to all who are "LOST™

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