November 3, 2009

L.U. CLASS of 2010 PHOTO.

Hi Losties,

UPDATE on L.U. Class of 2010 photo project.
Deadline to submit your photo is 11/30/09.

I have received photos from very proud and excited LOST UNIVERSITY freshman! We would love to add more students to the 2010 class photo.

All you need to do is order your LU freshman t-shirt. That's the one with the Class of 2010 sentiment on it.
A snapshot of you from the waist up would be great and would show up better.
AND be sure to include your name or name you want associated with it. {Real name or your user ID name}

You don't have to put your name or anything on the photo; I will add the names and such to the photo.

BTW, if you are a shy Lostie and want to participate but want to keep your identity under wraps, that's cool! You can still participate if you'd like. We want to include as many LOSTASTIC freshman as we can!
You can just take your pic and use your creativity to camouflage or hide your I.D. (Your head/face).
Examples: wear a mask, photoshop a LOST character over your own head or just take the pick of you in the shirt minus your noggin.

Remember this is just a way for us to have a little bit of LOST fun!!

Email submissions to me at

Contact me if you have questions or concerns.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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