November 22, 2009

Season 1 Thoughts

*Please Note the following was originally posted on MySpace July 20, 2007*

Let's talk about LOST! Season 1 Thoughts.

I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I just want to have fun!
When I started to write out my notes in this blog I was very afraid of what I had gotten myself into. The amount of notes I have would shock you.  Why would a grownup be so consumed with a TV show enough to take notes on it?  I know I'm not the only one who does this....but think about it...Not only do we re-watch episodes over and over, but we take notes! LOL!

Also important for me to mention is the notes posted here are literally my handwritten notes transcribed. The note taking started when...well let's just say at this point my brain isn't cooperating with my fingers. I'll explain more on that at another time.  But the sloppy, misspelling, poor grammar and structure is due to that fact.

We all watch the show in a different way and we all get different information from it.   Many of us have different views about what we see and I think that's amazing. We can all see something different yet still come together to share what we learn. It's very cool.
Well, here I am about to give you my take on what I "see".
I'm sure if I re-watched again I'd get even more info, but I'm excited to move on to season 2.
Thank you so much for stopping by here, reading the notes and leaving your thoughts. I appreciate it more than you know. Remember this is all about having fun!!

I wrote these notes with all clue words typed in bold on purpose.  That is because those clues repeat themselves in the show over and over; also to make it a little easier for you to go back a check out when a clue first showed up.   It's important to note when I write out certain quoted dialog too. Clues, Clues, Clues!
To me this show is a fragmented metapuzzle, all chopped up and not put in order.
I don't think what we are seeing is always linear in time.   "Flashes" are not in time order; they can be from anytime in the "characters" life and things feel "off".    Much like when we had to piece together the Dharma video in the ARG last summer, same idea.  We found fragments and had to put them in order.

Island "time" has issues too.  Using the clue words helped me figure what I think to be our story.
Please note that in my season one notes I don't use the word Flashback, I use the word Flash Whoosh or Flash.

Right off the bat, I don't think they were in a real plane crash at all. I think all of our characters (including the ones we meet in future seasons) are part of a study and/or  adventure where they are learning and there is a game going on.

The lost Castaways have been on the "Island" before, but how many times?  Maybe a few were "born/created" there, maybe a few never left. Are they older than their years? Are some related?
How about a couple of them genetically "engineered" with a superior being or "created"?
Yep, any or all of these can fit in the story too.

The "Island" is where they all belong, it is home, and they are home. (Read that again).
The lost Castaways don't remember the "Island" as the place they belong{or need to be}, although I feel a few of them start have memory of it as the story unfolds.  They all have a familiarity about the "Island".

They are "placed" in situations of extremes.  The entire "Island" could be considered a laboratory or game board where they are all being watched and heard by "the powers that be".
This story has MANY layers.  The "Island" must have some sort of "power" and that's why the "powers that be" were drawn to it in the first place.  Wink, wink.

The plane crash: LOL!  The characters are on a plane, brought together for a mass exodus.  Study/test subjects, recruiters and players alike, arrive on this "Island".   How do you get them all to an "Island" that no one knows where it is, and apparently needs a special way to get there?   You drug them, knock them out and make them sleep.  Here, on this large scale, we gas them.  When the oxygen masks come down in the plane they are gassed and put to sleep.  The players are then put in their places for when they "wake up".
Remember, Charlie is in the front of the plane but ends up placed with the middle section of Castaways. That same premise will be important for when we meet the Tailies.
We will have a situation of two sides. Two teams on a playing field, test subjects being studied and challenged so they can learn.  Complete with missions, operations, traps and strategies. But we'll get to more of that in season 2!

As "Island" residents they have roles to play out: Doctor, Teacher, Rock Star, Con Man, Fugitive, Millionaire, Soldier/Torturer, etc…

The number two comes up often. Couldn't it mean not only mean two sides, but two "realities".  They lived this already, done all this before, a cycle of sorts!  That could be the reason I see alternate/different versions of the same situation.    I think an alternate reality is what the "Island" gives them.  Alternate as opposed to what is "real".

Here's a few from this season with a few from the next....
Jack is a drinker............Jack not a drinker on the island.
Charlie doesn't swim......Charlie swims.
It killed them.....I killed them.
Boone's life exec.
Nadia dead.......Nadia not dead.
The plane wreckage already inside the caves.
Claire's mom estranged.......Her mom in coma.
Hurley has two different lotto tickets.

Reality vs. alternate/altered reality- In other words Real vs. Not Real.

How many times has this game/puzzle/test/adventure been done?   Does the outcome or results change every time it is run?
Their lives seem manipulated (scripted or written out) for the sake of the experience.  Some situations we see them in are not real. They are an illusion, a trick, delusion, and a fantasy.

How can you have a project of this magnitude?  Endless resources… endless money, people in very high places, scientist, doctors, recruiters, test subjects, players?  People who can keep secrets and people who don't even realize they are part of a project.   I know, you're thinking, Karen, you've really lost it now! LOL! Maybe I have, but this is according to the clues I've gathered to this point.

The "Island" has "power", yes, but what kind? Ancient powers, healing powers? It could, or it just may be a much simpler explanation.

Let me give you an example:
Locke being in a wheelchair, he arrives on the "Island" and he can walk!  Did the "Island's" magnetic power really heal him, or was he never really crippled?   Now, you may be getting a little frustrated with me and that's okay, but if the Lostie's lives aren't real, they are an illusion, then Locke never lost the use of his legs. This is just a possibility, a thought.   Maybe he really did lose the use of his legs and the "Island" healed him, that's great!  But could there be a chance that it wasn't even real?  I just want you to see both sides.
We have seen the island "heal", so I know I CANNOT discount that altogether.  When we get to Rose and her cancer I must admit that I'm back on the fence again. I'll explain more about that in season 2, it's important.

Recruit lost people to be involved in the "Island" project. Yes!  From all over the world, different walks of life, different cultures, nationalities and religious beliefs.   The lost recruits/test subjects have a role/job and that's the role/job they play out.   How do you keep them in a state of delusion or manipulation? Hallucinogens, gas, injections, food, brainwashing, sleep states, etc.

A couple of our Lostie's have a much more important part on the "Island" and it's history.  The connection probably goes deeper than what we see on the surface. Their history goes further back.

Creating the perfect "being" or environment could be part of this project/experience.  But even with manipulating everything surrounding a human being including fate and faith, free will and choices are what makes us human.
Religion and spiritual issues are tested on the "Island".    The "Island" may be "the source" of spirituality for some.
Languages: Although a few different ones are spoken on the "Island" it seems to never be a real issue. Someone always understands what's being said. But, it seems that the metaphor of "communication" is the problem.

Are some of our Lostie's really the age they appear?   In this season we've heard things like "Older than your years", not the phrase "wiser than your years".

At this point I still feel Michael knows what's going on with the "Island" and Walt.  Maybe Michael is Walt's father in name only.   Maybe one of Walt's parents isn't biological.
The same maybe true for Locke. They may be part of a "design" to make them 'special'.
Walt and Locke share something big.

The "monster" of the "Island" is very interesting…If you pay close attention you'll notice that the "monster" seems to have a connection to Locke!  We'll get into that too.

The importance of baby Aaron:  Wow! I'm going to let that one sit a while.

Do not discount Hurley's casual demeanor as unimportant to the "Island". He has an extremely important role and job here!

Other important things I keep in mind as we go further into the story….
Hurley was the first one to make a list, there always seems to be guns, all of their needs are met on the "Island" and I won't let go of the comic book references/clues.  Plus there are time lapses all over the place.

Our lost Castaways' identities: Changing names, different versions of names, nicknames, which have an alias, etc. They don't even have their own identity!

How many of them are connected?
Are they part of a global study, or a global game?
Will they ever be able to change their roles or will they forever be in a cycle of playing the same role in the same story/game?
Is this a case of scientists playing god?

Dharma is great at always supplying them with everything they need; Jars, medicine, pregnancy tests, guns, ammo, batteries. They sure do think of everything.
Being lost people and Dharma are a connection. 

Think of our Lostie's suffering from par amnesia. That's déjà vu (already lived, seen, remembering the future) Also Deja Visite (already visited- a couple of them know their way around the "Island" pretty well)

They are in an "alternate" reality {meaning not real}, brought to the "Island" on purpose and for a purpose.  Do not mistake coincidence for fate! It is not a coincidence they are all brought together.

Fate, Hope, Suffering, Faith, Fear, Sacrifice, Destiny are all issues every one of them deals with!  What would have to happen to them for them to change the cycle they are in?

We've only scratched the surface. There are many layers to reveal with our story.

With that said I may find that I need to modify my theory or build upon it when more things are revealed. We still have a few more years of story to be told. This is so exciting!

I found season 2 to be filled with so much information. Learning about the Tailies and Henry is very informative!

I hope you all continue to hang out with me on this journey!  I love having you along for the ride! You guys rock!!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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