February 5, 2010

Something to Pass the Time.

Hi Losties!

I know you're all waiting for the next episode of LOST!  
That premiere episode was friggin amazing!!   I was in a constant state of jumping up and down with excitement every time something was revealed.
I am working on my notes for it as you read this.  

If you need something to pass the time until the next episode here's some reading material for ya...
I just wanted to link you up to an interview I did for the web site The LOSTBlog.  
They ask LOST fans fun questions about their thoughts on LOST.    You can also check out answers from many other LOST fans too!

Also, here are two links to a couple of different newspaper articles that appeared during the LOSTNESS of premiere weekend in Hawaii.
They're from the Star Bulletin.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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