February 17, 2010

The Substitute

Let's talk about LOST! The Substitute.

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Locke drives down the street of his little happy neighborhood. Paralyzed Locke loads himself in the wheelchair onto the chair lift, lowering himself to exit the van but it gets stuck.

He uses the red joystick trying to jar the mechanism but to no avail. Locke then pushes the chair off the lift in hopes of a smooth landing but he is thrown from his chair. Then the lawn sprinklers turn on. John is not angry about the comedy of errors, as a matter of fact he seems a bit amused. Helen comes out and turns off the water. She takes soaking wet John inside.

John is in the bath looking at two color swatches for the backs of chairs for their wedding. We hear Helen is on the phone asking someone “How long will that take?” as the wedding is in October. Helen tells John she’s sick of caterers and bands and picking out fabrics for chair backs, “What do you say we just get my parents and your dad and do it shotgun style in Vegas?”
John-“No, you deserve better than that, Helen. We can do this. I know we can.“
John shows Helen the choice he made in fabric color {green} then Helen remarks, “That one?”

John- changes his mind, “I meant this one.” {Blue}
Helen feels he’s a very sweet man; which John already knows.
Helen inquires about the conference.

John takes a sip of his coffee and tells her it was boring. {mug} Helen looks at a business card she found in John’s pocket and asks who Dr. Jack Shephard is.
John-“Oh, I met him at lost luggage when I went to fill out the forms. He... he lost something too.”
Jack offered a free consult too. Helen gets excited that he’s a spinal surgeon and suggests John call him but John feels the doctor was just being polite.
Helen-“So what? I mean... what are the odds of you just running into a spinal surgeon? I mean, who knows? Maybe it's destiny.”
John smiles-“Maybe it is.“
John seems to think.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}

The smoke monster operates quickly, clicking, ticking, cranking, moaning, flashing and rushing high and low on its way across the “Island”.   Its sequences are glitched and seem to jump from one terrain to another until it arrives at broken down Dharmaville where it navigates its way through the tiny village and stops at its desired destination, Sawyers house. Sounds of breaking glass and loud music are heard.   Smokey hovers outside the window for a few seconds and then flashes, cranks and hurries high and low through the jungle until it comes upon the knife it was looking for and Locke acquires it.

Locke uses the knife to cut down a hanging canvas cradle that contains frightened Richard.
Locke-“Alright Richard, time to talk.”

Locke sits in the wheelchair waiting in an elevator to arrive at his level/floor. {Note No Smoking} The elevator dings and Locke exits, wheeling himself to his cubicle. At his desk he looks troubled and sad.

Randy enters, welcomes the Colonel back and compliments the nice tan John got while at the conference in Australia.

Randy asks if he “missed us”.
John-“Sure I did, Randy.” Randy asks about the conference.
John-“It was okay. I didn't really learn anything."
John-“But um... I made some good contacts, though."
Randy-“Really? That's interesting. See uh... Ken Fisher called and said you had to cancel your lunch with him."
John-“Right, right... I was a little under the weather that day. Probably jet lag. {He grabs a green binder on his desk.}
Randy-“Really? Cause then the seminar people called and said you hadn't picked up your credentials. I did some checking... and it seems you didn't attend a single event. Since we sent you to Sydney on the company's dime... where the hell were you?"
John-“Look, Randy... I'm really sorry. Why don't we just call it my vacation week?"
Randy-“I thought you wanted that vacation week in October. You know, for your wedding."
John-“Please, Randy... look, I know I shouldn't have lied. But where I was... it's personal. And I... and I really don't want to talk about it."
Randy-“Okay, John. Hey... you're fired.” He salutes John and walks away.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}

Locke gives Richard some water and apologizes for hitting him in the throat and dragging him off the beach but he had to do something.   Richard just wants to know what he wants.
Locke-“What I've always wanted. For you to come with me.”
Richard-“Why do you look like John Locke?”
Locke-“I knew he'd get me access to Jacob. Because John's a candidate. Or at least he was a candidate... “
Richard struggles to stand up; he doesn’t understand what a candidate means.
Locke-“Didn't Jacob tell you any of this?”
Richard-“Any of what?"
Locke-“Oh, Richard... I'm sorry. You mean, you've been doing everything he told you all this time and he never said why? I would never have done that to you. I would never have kept you in the dark.“
Richard-“And what would you have done?”
Locke-“I would have treated you with respect. Come with me and I promise I will tell you everything.”
Richard won’t go with him.
Locke-“Are you sure about that, Richard? Because people seldom get a second chance...”
Richard-“I'm not going anywhere with you.”

Locke sees a young blond boy a few feet away. He is dressed in Other’s garb, no shoes and blood on his arms.
Richard doesn’t seem to see the boy.
Locke is now nervous, “I’ll be seeing you Richard. Sooner than you think.” And he walks away.

Ben enters the statue {fire pit is illuminated and white} notes the covered dead men and Ilana who is alone and crying. Ilana wants to know what happened.
Ben, who feels there’s a chance she won’t believe him but still shares with her that John Locke killed them, turned into a pillar of black smoke and killed them and Jacob right before his eyes. Ilana asks where Jacob’s body is.

Ben-“Locke kicked him into the fire and he burned away.”

Ilana walks over to the ashes, takes a small sack {Similar in color to one of Helen's swatches} and gathers ash to put in it. Ben asks if she knows why Locke carried Richard out into the jungle and Ilana replies, “He's recruiting.”

Locke walks through Dharmaville {Not smokies his way through} and walks into Sawyer’s destroyed house.
A record is playing Search and Destroy. Locke enters Sawyer’s bedroom where he finds him dispirited and drinking. Sawyer thought Locke was dead to which Locke replies, “I am.”
Sawyer pours two sloppy drinks and shoves one at Locke {who only licks the spilled drop from his finger but doesn’t drink} Sawyer toasts to being dead. Locke feels Sawyer’s taking it extremely well. {What, that he/they’re dead?}
Locke-“That I’m here.”
Broken and drunk Sawyer replies, “I don't give a damn if you're dead. Or time travellin' or... the ghost of Christmas past. All I care about is this whiskey. So bottoms up! Get the hell out of my house.”

Locke informs him it isn’t James’ house; he just lived there for a while but it was never his house.
James-“Who are you? Cause you sure as hell aint John Locke.”
Locke wonders what makes him say that.
James-“Cause Locke was scared… even when he was pretending he wasn’t. But you…you aint scared.”
Locke seems intrigued by James’ observation and doesn’t admit or imply he’s anything other than “Locke” or not, he only says, “What if I told you I was the person who could answer the most important question in the world?”
This amuses James and he wonders what question would that be.
Locke-“Why are you on this Island?”
James-“I'm on this Island… because my plane crashed. Because my raft blew up. …cause the helicopter I was on was ridin' one too heavy.”
Locke tells him that’s not why he’s there and if he goes with him he can prove it. Curious James is interested so he’ll go put some pants on. {Fine, but leave the shirt off! Can I get an Amen, ladies?!}
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Locke wheels himself with his box of office effects to his car in the parking lot. Locke does not park in a handicap space and gets upset when the yellow Hummer is parked too close to his car making it impossible for him to get to mechanical side door and chair lift for entry. In frustration Locke throws the remote control key fob on the ground. He bangs on the Hummer causing the alarm to trigger. Hugo comes along with his remote control key fob, cancels the alarm and asks Locke what he’s doing. Locke is a bit fired up.
Locke-“What am I doin'? What the hell are you doin'? Did you ever park a car in your life? You're practically in my spot!”
Hugo apologizes and shows him there’s a handicap spot over there.
John-“Yeah? Yeah, okay... but I don't have to park there! I can park anywhere I want! You need to stay inside the lines!”

Hugo-“I'm really sorry. They were supposed to reserve a spot for me, so... you know, I just... parked here.”
John-“I haven't seen you before. Do you work here?"
Hugo-“Actually, I own the company.”
They laugh, introduce themselves to each other and shake hands. Hugo asks John what he does there.
John-“Actually... nothing. My boss just fired me."
Hugo-“Oh? Who's your boss?"
John-“His name is Randy. But uh…”
Hugo-“Randy Nations? Yeah... that guy is a huge douche. Want me to talk to him for you?” John declines the offer.
Hugo-“Tell you what, John. I own a temp agency too... {takes a pen and paper from the box and jots something down} Call this number and tell them that Hugo said to hook you up with a new job, pronto. And chin up. Things are gonna work out.”
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
The body of dead Locke lays on the beach. A spider {Bug} is on his head and crawls away.

Armed Frank remarks that Locke’s getting pretty ripe. {For picking or what?! lol.} Sun informs Ilana that everybody went to the temple.

Ilana feels that’s the safest place on the island and they should go there too. Sun shows concern for Ilana but doesn’t want her to assume she’s going with her. Ilana knows Sun wants to find Jin.
Sun-“What do you know about my husband?"
Ilana-“I know that if he's on the island... and if he's alive... then he'll be at the temple. Let's get moving!”
Sun-“What about John? We need to bury him.”
Ilana sighs.

On their trek through the jungle Locke asks James what he was doing alone in that house. James admits he was drinking.

Locke wonders where are the rest of his friends are and James tells him they’re at some temple somewhere. Locke asks why he isn’t with them. Sawyer stops the questioning and suggests they don’t talk anymore. They both hear something and see the blond boy standing in the jungle.
James-“Who the hell's that?"
Locke-“You can see him?"
Sawyer-“The kid? Hell yeah I can see him.
The kid runs off and Locke chases him. Locke trips on a roots/vines and falls. The kid stands over him and tells him, “You know the rules. You can't kill him.” {Who?!}
Locke-“Don't tell me what I can't do...{the kid shakes his head no and walks away} Don't tell me what I can't do!

Purple shirted James calls out for, “Locke! Locke! Look, whoever you are, you got about twenty seconds and then I'm outta here!“
Petrified Richard pokes out of the jungle with both hands up and asks James “Where is he?”
Sawyer wonders what the hell he’s doing there.
Richard-“Where is he?”
James-“Locke? He ran off into the jungle after some kid.”
Richard-“We need to go! Now!”
James-“Go where?“
Richard-“To the temple! Let's go! Let's go!”
Sawyer-“You know what? I've been to the temple and I think I'm stickin' with Locke.”
Scared Richard tells him that man is not John Locke! Sawyer already knows that.
Richard-“Then why are you with him?”
Sawyer-“Because he's got answers. He says he knows why I'm on this island. Unless you wanna tell me why I'm here, Richard..."
Richard-“Don't be naive! He's not gonna tell you anything, he's gonna kill you!”
Sawyer-“If he wanted to kill me he could have done it a dozen times already...”
Richard-“You don't understand what you're dealing with! He doesn't just want you dead, he wants everyone dead! Everyone you care about! All of 'em! And he won't stop…”

Richard hears footsteps in the jungle and runs away. Locke shows up asking James who he was talking to.
James-“Nobody. You ever catch up to the kid?”
Locke-“What kid?”
James-“Right... let's get on with it, shall we?”
Locke agrees.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
A bizarre purple shirted woman sits behind a desk and asks Locke “What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?”

{Note the posters use the word "DREAM"}

John-“Excuse me?”
The Woman-“What kind of animal would you describe yourself as?”
Confused John doesn’t know what that has to do with this. The woman tells him to just say whatever comes to mind but John doesn’t answer.
The Woman-“ Would you describe yourself as a people person?”
John is confused and uncomfortable and asks to speak to her supervisor. The woman leaves to get her and Rose walks right in. {This woman walks out of the room kind of droid-like. lol}
Rose-“I'm Rose Nadler, the office supervisor. What can I do for you?”
John-“Uh... what you can do, Mrs. Nadler, is spare me the questions about what kind of animal I am and hopefully place me in a job."
Rose-“Absolutely. What kind of placement are you looking for?”
John-“Well, I see here that you have a listing for a site coordinator...“
Rose-“Construction site coordinator. Uh... I'm not sure that's a good match.”
John-“Well, if experience is the issue, I have…”
Rose-“Experience isn't the issue.”
John-“Look... Mr. Reyes told me if I came down here I would be taken care of.
Rose-“And Mr. Reyes is my boss, so if he said that, I can make it happen for you. If you want to work construction, you got it. “ John thanks her.
Rose-“I'm not finished. I will send you down there tomorrow and then, the day after, you will be back in my office. Look, Mr. Locke... let's try to be a little more realistic.
John-“And what do you know about realistic?”
Rose-“I have cancer. Terminal cancer.”
John-“I'm sorry... “
Rose-“When the doctors first told me, I had a hard time accepting it. But eventually... I got past the denial part and I got back to living whatever life I've got left. So, how about we find you a job you can do?”
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
On their trek through the jungle James asks Locke if he reads book.  Sawyer and Locke walk through the jungle. Locke does read.
James-“My favorite's Steinbeck. Of Mice and Men. You know that one?”
Locke-“Nope. A little after my time...” {Published 1937}
James-“It's about these two guys, George and Lenny. Lenny's kinda slow... causin' George problems... so George walks him into the woods and tells him to look out yonder and picture the pretty little house they're gonna live in one day. Then he shoots Lenny in the back of the head.“
Locke feels that’s not a happy ending and James agrees. James points a gun at Locke.
Locke-“What's on your mind, James?
James-“I'm wonderin' what would happen to you if I put a bullet in your head.“
Locke doesn’t even falter,” Why don't we find out?”
James-“What are you?
Locke-“What I am is trapped. And I've been trapped for so long that I don't even remember what it feels like to be free. Maybe you can understand that. But before I was trapped, I was a man, James. Just like you.”
James is having a hard time believing that.
Locke-“You can believe whatever you want, that's the truth. I know what it's like to feel joy... to feel pain, anger, fear... to experience betrayal. I know what it's like to lose someone you love. So if you wanna shoot me, shoot me. But you're so close, James. It would be such a shame to turn back now.”
Locke walks into the jungle. Sawyer concedes and follows Locke.

Ben and Ilana carry Locke’s body in a fabric cradle to the Lostie’s beach camp cemetery. 
Ben asks her why she had to bring him to the statue in the first place. Ilana felt the people there need to see the face of what they're up against.
Ben-“And what’s to stop what they're up against from changing his face?”
Ilana-“He can't, not anymore. He’s
stuck this way.”
They arrive at the overgrown Castaway cemetery and Ben and Frank dig the hole while Sun and Ilana tend to Locke’s body.
Once they put Locke in the ground Ilana asks if anyone wants to say anything, “Didn't any of you know him?
Ben steps forward, “Alright, I know him. John Locke was a… A believer, he was a man of faith, he was… a much better man than I will ever be. And I'm very sorry I murdered him.”
Sun looks a bit surprised at his last remark. This is the weirdest damn funeral Frank has ever been to. They toss dirt into the grave.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Locke is laying on the bed; the alarm is going off. It’s 6:15.  John quietly goes through the motions of his daily routine as a paralyzed man.

He sits in front of his small circle mirror looking a bit lost in thought and dials up Dr. Shephard’s office.

The woman-"Hello, Dr. Shephard's office? Hello? Can I help you?"
Locke has second thoughts about making the call, "No, no you can't." And hangs up.
John tries to fluff off who he was on the phone with to Helen but then reveals he was calling Dr. Shephard. {Which one?} This pleases Helen and she asks when John will see him. John is not going to see him and blurts out that he got fired. The doorbell rings. {The home is filled with images and representations of flowers; orchids, roses, etc.}
It's the Oceanic courier to bring the lost luggage.
"Sign here to accept your delivery."
As Helen wheels over the silver case she wants to know how John got fired. {Helen's shirt is pink/rose with sentiments of Dharma: Peace, Karma, Joy, Tranquility, lotus flower and Asian characters.
Locke-"I lied to Randy, I didn't go to the conference in Sydney."
He has Helen open the case, she sees the knives and wonders what they are for.
Locke-"My walkabout."
He goes on.
Locke-"My walkabout. An adventure in the outback. Man against nature. But they wouldn't let me go. And I sat there yelling at them, shouting at them that they couldn't tell me what I can't do. But they were right. I'm sick of imagining of what my life could be out of this chair, Helen. What it would be like to walk down the aisle with you because it's not gonna happen. So if you need me to see more doctors, have more consults, if you need me to get out of this chair, I don't blame you. But I don't want you to spend your life waiting for a miracle because there is no such thing."
Helen-"There are miracles, John. And the only thing I was ever waiting for was you. " She tears up Dr. Shephard's card and kisses John.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
James and Locke arrive at a high cliff that literally overlooks the ocean. James compliments the view.
Locke-"Now we go down."
Sawyer wonders, "Down where?"
Locke-"Down there."
Sawyer-"No offense, but you already died. So this is great that this isn't a big deal for you. But if you think I'm climbing down there first, you're off your damn mind."

It's no problem, confident Locke with his backpack on will go first. And so he does. Locke quickly and swiftly climbs down the narrow ladder handmade from bamboo, tree limbs and rope. Very cautious James starts down the ladder.

Locke switches over to a different ladder to the right. {Tell me that doesn't feel like a video game/Donkey King move.}
James' ladder breaks and it falls but he holds on, ending up hanging right next to Locke on his other ladder. Locke saves James.

They arrive at their destination; a hole in the side of the cliff. {Cave}
James-"What is this place?"

Locke walks over to a work table that has a scale that is (somewhat) in balance (actually a little heavier on the black rock side) with the use of one light/white rock a one dark/black rock.

Locke throws the white rock out of the cave and claims the action to be an inside joke.
James-"So this is what you wanted me to see? A hole in the cliff with some rocks on a scale, that's why I'm here?"
Locke-"No. {Locke smiles, lights a torch and leads James into another cave.} That's why you're here. That, James, is why you're all here."
Locke illuminates the ceiling and walls revealing many names and numbers, many of which are crossed out.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}

Switch scene to show Locke sitting in his wheelchair and coaching girls running sprints to speed it up and advising them not to cheat
Then switch to Locke is sitting behind a desk in a classroom full of students.  He instructs them to "Open your textbooks to chapter four. Today, we are going to talk about the Human reproductive system."
The Bell rings.

Locke is wheeling himself {brown paper bag on his lap} through the exterior school corridor and asks a student for directions to the teacher's lounge. In the lounge we hear the familiar voice of Ben.
Ben-"Alright, I know I sound like a broken record, but how many times do we have to go over this? If you have the last cup of coffee, you remove the filter and throw it away. Fear not. I will make a fresh pot."
Locke-"Actually, I was just hoping for some Earl Grey."
Ben-"Tea? Now there's a gentleman drink. I don't believe we met. Ben Linus, European History."
Locke-" John Locke, substitute."
Ben-"Well, Welcome."
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Locke watches James check out the writings.
James asks, "Who wrote all this?"
Locke shares "His name was Jacob." and explains the "was" means he Jacob died yesterday. James noted Locke doesn't seem too upset about and that's because he's not. James asks why all the names are crossed out. Locke indicates they're not all crossed out and shows him a name on the wall. 23-Shephard.
James- "Shephard. That'd be Jack Shephard?" {scene of Jacob touching Jack at the vending machine.}

Locke-"He's not the only one."
James-"Reyes. That's Hugo, right? What's the eight about?" {Jacob touches Hugo in the taxi}
Locke-"Jacob had a thing for numbers. 16 Jarrah. 42 Kwon. I don't know if its Sun or if its Jin. And here, 4 Locke. I think we both know him. Last but not least, number 15 Ford. That would be you."

James wonders why  Jacob would write his name on this wall as he's never even met the guy.

Locke assures him he did meet Jacob, {scene of Jacob touching James at the funeral} "At some point in your life, James, probably when you were young, when you were miserable and vulnerable. He came to you, he manipulated you, pulled your strings like you were a puppet. And as a result, choices that you thought you made were never really choices at all. He was pushing you, James. Pushing you... to the island."
Jacob did this because James was a candidate.
James-"Candidate for what?"
Locke-"He thought he was the protector of this place. And you, James, have been nominated to take that job."
James-"And what does that mean?"
Locke-"It means you have three choices. First, you can do nothing and... see how all this plays out. And possibly, your name {crosses out Locke's name} will get crossed out. Second option: You can accept the job, become the new Jacob, and protect the island."

Sawyer-"Protect it from what?"
Locke-"From nothing, James. That's the joke, there is nothing to protect it from, its just a damn island. And it will be perfectly fine without Jacob or you, or any of the other people, whose lives he wasted."
James-"You said there were three choices?"
Locke-"The third choice, James, is that we just go. We just get the hell off this island. We never look back."
James-"How do we do that?"
Locke-"Together. So what do you say, James? Are you ready to go home?"
James thinks-"Hell yes."

The Substitute is a GREAT episode!!
In  "2004" John Locke is alive and “somewhat” well, and we're seeing a version of things "as if" Oceanic didn't crash or in other words a "substitute" version, but in 2007 he is "dead" on the "Island". {Actually isn't it Jeremy Bentham that died?!} What are we really seeing and what is the purpose of seeing it laid out this way? Is it three completely different time lines from three completely different spaces in the universe or is it a glimpse into three go-around's on the "Island" for John Locke, Jack and the rest?

I think all of the "Oceanic" events are also included in the other experiences that I consider happening in “confines” of the “Island”.     I mean come on we're still seeing a Locke “Flash” that connects/blurs with "Island" events, so it has to be there for a damn reason!!
If Locke is dead there would be no reason for us to see a "Flash" of him in a "what if" scenario. The "Oceanic" Locke admits to not learning anything and seems pissed at Hugo for practically being in his spot, literally. Is Hugo in a position that Locke was vying for?

Locke and "Smoky/Locke" share memories, feelings, emotions, language, {Smokey/Locke} even trips and falls chasing the blond boy, so isn’t it possible it still is Locke just on a whole other level or at least Locke is still in there somewhere.   Maybe the "smoke" feature isn't completely understood by all of us yet.
Speaking about levels, it could seem that Locke didn't see himself paralyzed on some level as he does things like not parking in a handicap spot or jumping the wheelchair off the lift and going on a walkabout.  The current on "Island" version of Locke is no longer afraid. That is a very important thing to note.

I do still think people and things are not what you think.

(The Bagua is posted so you can see if the colors pertain to the story)

Things to note…Questions to ask…
* Could the “X” in LA  X mean experience or that names are "crossed out"?
* Reyes is the boss-Rose is Manager.
* Games. Gambling/Vegas. Odds. Rules. Cheat.
* Bug.
* Drills. Colonel. Military.
* Machine. Mechanical sounds. Ring. Buzzer. Alarm. Clock/timer.
* Purple. Green. Blue. Rose.
* The color blue swatch and the little blue bag Ilana uses to pick up ask look very similar. {according to my TV}
* Locke lies.
* Will the dead and buried Locke stay buried?
* Jacob burned up in the fire. Locke gets fired.
* "You need to stay inside the lines!"
* Death. Rebirth. Karma. Letting go. Destiny.
* Dreams. Imagining.
* Terminal.
* Joystick. Remote control.
* Recruits. Candidates. Lists. Credentials.
* Cards-Business card. {John/Jack} Credit card {Claire/Kate}
* Company.
* Sawyer sees the blond kid but Richard doesn’t seem to see the blond kid. Who is the blond kid in the jungle? Is John chasing himself or someone else in child form? Is the kid just there to remind Locke of the boundaries of the game?
* Rose is married, living in L.A.
* Learn. School. Lessons. Student. Teacher.
* Mind. Head.
* Body. Human reproduction.
* Hugo=ATE=8
* 4 = Four/for Locke
* Jacob touched Jack when he was older but Jack still had choice issues and situations in earlier years that shaped his life as did Sayid, Locke, Jin, Sun and Sawyer.
* Drinking. Drunk. Jack and Christian.
* Christian was on the "Island" in Missing Pieces...what's that about? It must mean something.
* Locke tells James he has three choices and Rousseau told the Castaways' in Exodus part 1 they have three choices: run, hide, or die.
* Richard won’t go with Locke so Locke approached broken Sawyer.
* Have the people on the island been following Jacob blindly?
* Ben controlled the "smoke monster". It did get out and wander the "island". So was he held prisoner in the cabin?
* It's a joke. The island doesn't need protecting.
* How is Ben really playing into the other part of the game duo?
* Hugo and his important role in the entirety of the adventure!
* Are candidates on the "white"/light side?
* The numbers: We see they're associated with certain Castaways, but what does that mean? Okay, they equal 108.
Does this mean there is no Valenzetti equation?
The numbers were broad casted at least for the 16 years prior. {Prior to what? I don't friggin' know!}
Lenny repeated the numbers.
Hurley always seemed directly connected to the numbers.

In the cave:
4 – Locke
8 – Reyes
15 – Ford
16 – Jarrah
23 – Shephard
42 – Kwon {Jin or Sun? Both?}
313 – Littleton {Claire? Aaron?}
Although all of the above could correlate to only the males.
195 – Pace

Vocabulary and Research…
* Substitute: Proxy-
alternate, agent, alternate, assistant, auxiliary, backup, changeling, delegate, deputy, double, dummy, equivalent, expediency, fill-in, ghost writer, locum, makeshift, pinch-hitter, procurator, recourse, refuse, relay, relief, replacement, representative, reserve, stand in, standby,sub,successor, supply, surrogate, symbol, temp, temporary, understudy, vicar.
Acting, additional, another, artificial, counterfeit, experimental, false, imitation, mock, near, other, provisional, pseudo, second, sham, simulated,tentative, vicarious.
* Scale (weighing scale)
- symbol of justice. metaphor of matters being "held in the balance.
- Libra is represented by the balanced scales- September 23- October 22.
* Buddha(from the ancient Indian languages of Pali and Sanskrit) means "one who has awakened".
* Dharma's two meanings-
1). the teachings of the Buddha which lead to enlightenment (The Universal law of nature)   
2). the constituent factors of the experienced world (The characteristic of elements)
* Chakras: There are 7 primary Chakras
- Muladhara-Base or Root Chakra (ovaries/prostate)
- Swadhisthana- Sacral Chakra (last bone in spinal cord *coccyx*)
- Manipura- Solar Plexus Chakra (navel area-gut)
- Anahata -Heart Chakra (heart area)
- Vishuddha- Throat Chakra (throat and neck area)
- Ajna-  Brow or Third Eye Chakra (pineal gland or third eye)
- Sahasrara- Crown Chakra (Top of the head; 'Soft spot' of a newborn)
* "Candidate" is a derivative of the Latin "candida" meaning White.
* Conference (sports), a grouping of geographically-related teams.
*  Boss an employee's supervisor, a leadership or executive position in an organization or group.
- In video gaming, is an enemy-based challenge, a particularly powerful enemy or opponent in a video game.
- Boss: a character in the Transformer universe.
- Yahoo! Search BOSS (Build your Own Search Service)
* A credential is an attestation of qualification, competence, or authority issued to an individual by a third party with a relevant de jure or de facto authority or assumed competence to do so.
* “Search and Destroy” by The Stooges
* “Search and Destroy” also known as 'Seek and Destroy', is a military strategy.

* Reminder- John Locke (29 August 1632 – 28 October 1704), widely known as the Father of Liberalism was an English philosopher and physician regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers. Locke's theory of mind is often cited as the origin of modern conceptions of identity and the self. Locke was the first to define the self through a continuity of consciousness. He postulated that the mind was a blank slate or Tabula Rasa. He maintained that we are born without innate ideas, and that knowledge is instead determined only by experience derived from sense perception. The Lockean self is a self-aware and self-reflective consciousness that is fixed in a body.

Something I feel is important to touch on is we learn that Jacob took away their free will and we're led to believe that "Locke" gives people choices.
This season we learned "Smoky" took Locke's form so he could gain access to Jacob. But couldn't it be that Locke "believes" he assumed that role. That's important!

I feel we may have seen this "not scared" John Locke before, possibly going back to season one but more specifically the example I'll use here is from season 3...
In episodes like The Man behind the Curtain Locke wants to be brought to Jacob. Locke even calls out Ben {who by the way poured two glasses of whiskey for him and John} about not having access to him and threatened to get Richard to take him to Jacob.

With The Substitute I want to believe Locke when he is talking to James about joining him but I am very cautious because I remember back in the episode  The Brig,  Locke used Sawyer as a loophole/cheat to kill Anthony Cooper and get what he wanted...access to Jacob.

Two sides, one light, one dark, both on a quest to win the game and find balance.  This war game is going to get ugly and I still have to wonder who is coming to get in the middle of all of this.

Did the con man James just get conned by the con man Locke?  Is it possible that Locke is truly trying to align himself with a team that can help him regain his freedom?
Locke may just be "changing the combination" again. It is obvious Locke wants to be done with all of this and go home.  Hell at this point he could be a friggin' ET or a Prawn or maybe a hybrid of some kind and wants to go home.

This episode showed yet again the principles of enlightenment and Dharma. It was all over the place. I'm still puzzled by how that layer of the story is almost never addressed by the fans.
Learning to let go of the old you and discovering a way to live life as the new you...Finding peace and tranquility between your mind, thoughts, challenges, heart and body...You seeking balance on all levels...isn't that all we ever really want?

Love to all who are “LOST”™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.

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