February 10, 2010

LA X (part 2)

Let's talk about LOST! LA X (part 2)

The men move unconscious Sayid to the stretcher for transport, while Sawyer prepares to bury Juliet. Hurley brings the guitar case; informing Miles it’s not a guitar.

Kate offers to help Sawyer dig the hole to bury Juliet but he tells her to help Sayid. Sawyer asks Miles to hang back with him. Miles agrees to stay with his boss. Kate will be sure to leave a trail so Sawyer can follow it, but Sawyer shares that he’s not following anybody.
Jack gives weak Sayid some water to drink. Hurley is ready to go to the hole in the wall. Jack looks back to note Sawyer having to deal with his loss.

The two small groups head off in two different directions. Jin and Jack carry Sayid on the stretcher.
Jin leads them to the big wall that surrounds the temple.
Jack wonders how they’re going to get him over the top. Hurley shows them the hole they’re going to bring him through.
Inside the “hole” Hurley guides Jin and Jack with Sayid with the flashlight. Hurley notes the passageway. They come across a skeleton where Kate dumps out the contents of the bag once belonging to this man.
Hurley picks up the book and asks “Who brings a book into a cave?”
Kate finds the lighter and lights the torch that was left near the skeleton. Hurley wonders why the guy's arm is missing.
Jin reveals the arm was ripped off when he was attacked by the black smoke. Of course Hurley feels this is gonna be awesome.
They come to another deep hole/well in the ground that must be passed by literally watching their step.
Kate is first to make it passed the dangerous well, followed by Hurley and his guitar case. While Jin and Jack very cautiously make their way over the well, Kate alone takes a look around and hears whispers.

This scene is very important in that we’re shown Kate get turned around a few times in what feels like a head-trippy kind of way and there is a “Flash Whoosh” feel to the music.

Jack realizes Kate’s gone. He runs through the passageways with the flashlight looking for Kate then hears the guys involved in a scuffle. Jack is calling out for Hurley and you can hear Hurley yell out for Jin.
Jack hears whispers and catches a glimpse of someone run by in the distance. This sequence also shows us Jack get turned around and head-trippy; almost dream-like.

Jack is attacked by someone and knocked out.
The marshal, Edward Mars, declares Kate a murderer at the customs counter. The officer stamps her passport booklet.
Kate needs to go to the bathroom and the marshal actually wants her to hold it. Lol
Kate-“I can’t.”
The marshal thinks kiddo can, he believes in her.
Kate calls him Edward with such familiarity and ease.
Edward checks out the bathroom {No Smoking sign}.
He gives Kate 2 minutes in the ladies room. Right away Kate goes to work on unlocking the cuffs with a pen she disassembles for a tool. She drops the spring {The whole time we are hearing the distant voices of people in the airport.} from the pen mechanism.
Edward steps on the spring when he walks over to see if Kate’s done.
Kate isn’t done and he’s suspicious.
Edward- “Alright! Time’s up!”
Kate wants one minute. Edwards bangs on the door demand she come out and Kate insists she’s not finished; she’s still working on the lock. When Edward gets in close to the stall door to threaten her Kate, still cuffed kicks open the door beats him up and smashes his head against the counter top. Once he’s knocked out Kate takes his gun and jacket.
Two women enter the ladies room and Kate makes up a story about this man attacking her and she pushed him, “I..I just need to get out of here.”

The 2nd floor elevator door is closing and Kate yells out “Hold the door!”
Sawyer welcomes her aboard. Kate hides her cuffed hands under the jacket. Sawyer reminds her they were on the same flight; Sydney. Kate doesn’t seem impressed. Sawyer notices she’s cuffed.
Two TSA agents get on the elevator {South elevator headed to ground} and are radioed with instructions to get their asses to international baggage claim; they have a 341.
Curious Sawyer says that sounds serious and asks, “What’s a 341?”
One agent tells him it’s confidential.
Sawyer-“Well if it’s confidential how the hell am I supposed to know when I see one?” {Should he be privy to this confidential info?}
The elevator arrives at G and Sawyer lets the “lady” out first. Sexy Sawyer smiles at her and tells her to take care.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
Sawyer finishes burying Juliet.
Miles still calls him Boss which Sawyer immediately tells him to stop doing, “You aint my Deputy anymore.”
Miles wonders if Sawyer’s thirsty as he thinks he saw some beers in the van.
All Sawyer is interested in is what Juliet wanted to tell him before she died so he kept Miles back there with him so Miles can talk to a dead person.
Miles-“Jim. That’s not how it works.”
He feels it doesn’t matter what she wanted to say and it’s not going to help; she’s gone. Sawyer insists Miles “ask her” so he physically pushes Miles down on top of the fresh grave. Sawyer knows she’s gone, “Now tell me.”
Sawyer leaves Miles to his “work”.
So Miles puts his hands on the grave and does his trance-head trippy-glitchy thingy he does and declares, “It worked.”
That’s Juliet’s message.
Sawyer-“What worked?” He just walks away from Miles.

Two armed men drag semi unconscious Jack and exit out two doors {similar to the medical station.} He is reunited with Kate, Jin, Hurley and unconscious Sayid. They are led to the grand temple.
Hurley-“Guess we found the temple.” {Took ya long enough!}

At the airport we see Kate being escorted by Edward; they are on line and Jack waiting on another line. Oceanic passenger Jack Shephard is being paged and asked to go to the nearest courtesy desk.
The man at the Oceanic counter meant to meet him at the gate and informs Jack that there seems to have been a mix up involving the cargo he checked in Sydney.
Oceanic agent-“Yes sir, a coffin.”
Jack-“I don’t…I don’t understand I mean are you saying that’s it’s not here?”
Oceanic agent-“It appears it was never put on the plane.”
Jack starts panicking as the funeral is in two hours, “When is it getting here?”
The agent is deeply sorry but they don’t know when it will arrive because they’re not exactly sure where it is.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
The detainees are brought to the entry of the temple by their barefooted, bland clothes wearing Other captors. A very important Asian man {Dogen} meets them and uses his translator to help with communicating with them. {He wears a black leather type vest}
Dogen asks, Who are you?”
A woman states she knows who they are, “They were on the first plane. Oceanic 815 along with me.”
This is long haired Cindy the flight attendant.
Dogen speaks only in Japanese, “They should not have come here. Seeing this place is unforgivable.” {Hurley pays attention.}
Nonchalantly Lennon the interpreter instructs, “Shoot them.”
Before the detainees can be shot Hurley blurts out “Jacob sent us!”
This gets Dogen’s attention.
Hurley shares that “He said, you would help our friend.” pointing to Sayid.
Dogen wants red shirted Hurley to prove it so Hurley presents the guitar case which Dogen opens to reveal a large wood Ankh.
Of course Hurley may have had himself a peek at the contents earlier.

Dogen breaks the Ankh over his knee to reveal there is a note hidden inside it.  He reads the note and Lennon asks them their names.
Hurley doesn’t hesitate, “Hugo. Hugo Reyes.”
That doesn’t seem important to Dogen. The rest tell them their names at Hugo’s urging. Jack tells him Sayid Jarrah’s name; and with the information Dogen needed he has his people pick up Sayid instructing them to bring him to the spring.
Thy start walking back into the temple but Hugo has something he wants. “Hey, excuse me, I carried that case across the ocean and like.. through time. So I wanna know what that paper says.”
Lennon- “The paper said that if your friend there dies, we're all in a lot of trouble.” {Really?! How many times are we going to get the whole “doom” bullshit statement from people?}

Jin and Sun are customs with an agent checking their baggage. {Sign-Article to Declare} The agent sees the Rolex watch and asks Jin what business he is in.
Jin replies in poor English-“No English.”
He presents a letter on Paik letterhead to the agent mentioning the watch is a business gift but the agent still wants to know what business he’s in.
Jin just points to the letter. The frustrated agent starts looking through the suitcase and this gets Jin worked up; he feels everything should be in order and even tries to get the agent to move away insisting he has an appointment to get to.
The agent finds a large amount of American money. Anything over 10 thousand dollars has to be declared and he didn’t declare it. Sun is nervous and wonders why Jin has all that money. The agent needs Jin to go with him to have a talk even though Jin doesn’t have time.
Ann is instructed to take Sun to the waiting area.
Ann- “Ms. Paik, do you understand any English? Because if you do, if this is just a misunderstanding, you should speak up now. Do you understand me?”
Sun just stares and says, “No. English.”
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
Dogen leads them through a courtyard with more Others and children.
They enter a small building that contains a spring. {There are Hieroglyphs}
Lennon wonders what happened to it as the water isn’t clear, “What happened?”
Dogen doesn’t know but he cuts a slit into his palm and puts his hand into the tainted water; he hand doesn’t heal.

Dogen asks who did this to “him”/Sayid.
Jack takes they blame and admits he didn’t shoot him, “It’s my

Dogen puts on the fingerless glove he wore on his left hand back on after cutting it to test the spring.
Lennon translates to Jack that if they do this there are risks, “Do you understand?
Kate looks skeptical. {Shouldn’t Kate know all of this already from when she brought young Ben to the temple?!}
Jack wants them to do what they have to do. This comment by Jack even surprises Jin.
The Others take off Sayid’s coveralls and put him into the spring.

Dogen turns over an hourglass and Sayid’s head is held underwater. This concerns Jack but not the Others. The timer is key in Sayid’s stay under the water.
Hurley-“Can unconscious people hold their breath?”
They see Sayid start to struggle while his head is still forcefully submerged. The Others continue to hold Sayid under the water as he fights for air.
Jack tells Dogen-“He’s awake. Let em up.”
Dogen looks over at the sand keeping time in the hourglass.
Upset Jin wonders what the Others are waiting for. Pissed off Jack goes to attack Dogen, “Let him up!”

Dogen karate chops Jack and continues to watch the timer as the Others work hard to keep Sayid submerged.
Upset Hurley yells, “You're not saving him! You're drowning him!”
Sayid stops struggling and the timer runs out of sand.
Lennon informs Jack, “Your friend is dead."
Jack tries to resuscitate Sayid and in true Kate form she wants Jack to stop trying to revive a dead person. “He's not coming back, stop it!”
Jack stops.
Sayid is in the airport waiting at the carousel for his bags. He’s looking at a photo of Nadia. Arzt looks at him bizarre.

Cuffed Kate is trying to make her getaway from the airport. She watches a female worker enter a code on a keypad to enter a door that says No Entry. Kate uses the code to this door that ultimately leads her to an exit up onto the street level. {The PA announces this is a NON Smoking Facility.}

Once outside Kate tries to grab a taxi ahead of other travelers but is told by annoyed Frogurt, “There’s a line. There’s a line!

Hurley is on that line chatting business on the phone {Something about the Outback, a lawyer, title registration.} “Outback is just a name, what are you sayin', they own the entire outback? That's just stupid. Oh and I didn’t get Tustin inventory report yet.” {Tustin-Locke} 

Kate is spotted by Edward and bolts into a taxi that already has a passenger, Claire. Kate pulls a gun on the cabbie demanding he go.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
The tainted spring is bubbling up. Kate sits on the edge starring into the water. Jack sits quiet by Sayid’s body.

Cindy enters with Zack and Emma; she brought them food and drink.
{Of course the Lostie's don’t ask any questions about anything especially about the kids.}
Others carry in unconscious Sawyer and Miles who reveals they were jumped in the jungle. Sawyer took four of them out before one of them could hit him with a rock.
Lennon comes in to retrieve Hugo to bring to Dogen.

Dogen is trimming his herbs/plants. He speaks Japanese without even turning around to talk to them “Ask him what exactly Jacob said, what instructions he got.” Lennon translates.
Hugo shares Jacob told him to go there and that they would save Sayid.
Apparently He was beyond saving.
Hurley,"Wait a second! You're not translating anything I say to him, which means you totally understand me dude.
Dogen replies in English, "I don't like the way English tastes on my tongue." He wants to know when Jacob is getting there, to the temple. Hurley doesn't think that's going to happen as he reveals to the uninformed duo that Jacob is dead. Apparently this is cause for alarm!
Dogen commands all the armed Others to their posts and to prepare the ash. They batten down the hatches and send up a large "bottle rocket".
Hurley asks Lennon-"I guess we're not getting out of here, huh?"
Lennon-"This is not to keep you in...It's to keep him out!"
Hugo-"Who?" {That's what I'm asking!}

Strong Locke drags the body of one of Bram's guys across the floor while Ben sits and watches.
Ben-"What are you?"
Locke-"I'm not a what, Ben. I'm a who."
Ben accuses Locke of being the "monster". Locke doesn't want to resort to name calling. Ben recounts being used by Locke because he couldn't kill him himself, so he made Ben do it. {Yeah, we've fucking heard this song before. Look in a damn mirror, Ben!}
Locke-"I didn't make you do anything."
Locke feels Ben should know that "he" was very confused when he killed him.
Ben-"I seriously doubt that Jacob was ever confused."
Locke-"I'm not talking about Jacob. I'm talking about John Locke. Do you wanna know what he was thinking while you, choked the life outta him, Benjamin? What the last thought that ran through his head was? 'I don't understand.' Isn't that just the saddest thing you ever heard? {Locke takes a seat in the sunlight} But it's fitting in a way, because when John first came to the island, {sits back into the dark shade} he was a very sad man. A victim, shouting at the world for being told what he couldn't do, even though they were right. He was weak, and pathetic, and irreparably broken. {sits forward into the bright sunlight} But, despite all that, there was something admirable about him. He was the only one of them who didn't wanna leave. The only one, who realized how pitiful the life he'd left behind actually was." {Rose didn't want to leave either!}

Ben asks what he wants.
Locke-"Well that's the great irony here Ben because, I want the one thing that John Locke didn't. I want to go home."

Hurley tells "dead" Sayid goodbye and lets him know if he ever wants to talk, he's around.

Kate tends to injured Sawyer who wakes up wondering where they are. {This reminds me of the scene when he wakes up in the hatch after the Talies returned him to camp}
Kate informs him they're in a temple, they were caught by the Others who appear to be trying to protect them this time {She thinks}.
Jack sits alone in thought as Sawyer tells Kate he's not going to kill Jack because he deserves to suffer on that rock just like the rest of them.
Jack sits in thought.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
In the baggage service office Jack is on the phone with his mother explaining that the coffin is missing. "You think I knew this was gonna happen?

Jack scheduled the service so soon because he wanted to get it over with but they can't have the service without him. He'll call her if he hears anything.
Locke is sitting in a wheelchair already filling in paperwork behind Jack.
He asks, "What did you lose?"
They lost one of Locke's bags. Jack feels he wouldn't believe him if he told him. He shares they lost his father who died in Australia a few days ago. The coffin was supposed to go on the plane in Sydney but it didn't. Apparently he's somewhere in transit which is their way of saying they have no idea where the hell he is.
Locke-"Well how could they know?"
Jack feels they're the one who checked him in a have to have some sort of tracking system.
Locke-"No. I'm not talking about the coffin, I mean how could they know where he is? They didn't lose your father, they just lost his body."

{I think Jack understands that part!}
Locke feels Jack's story beats the hell out of his because all that was in his suitcase was a bunch of knives. He hopes he finds his coffin and Jack hopes Locke finds his knives.
Jack asks what happened to him as he's a spinal surgeon.
 Locke-"Oh, no, don't worry about it, uh, surgery isn't gonna do anything to help me, my condition is irreversible."
Confident Jack feel "Nothing is irreversible. Umm, if you ever wanna consult, just uh, gimme a call. Jack hands Locke his business card and tells him it's on the house. {Like he's buying him a drink in a bar.}
Locke thanks him.

The men introduce themselves to each other.
"Jack Shephard."
"I'm John.John Locke."
They shake hands and are happy to have met each other.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
Richard notes the bottle rocket overhead and it concerns him. He freaks when he sees Ben and Locke emerge out of the statue. Lapidus still doesn't believe what he's seeing.
Ilana and gang aim to shoot Locke but Richard in a panic tells them not to.
Locke walks right up to Richard and tells him it's good to see him out of those chains. {Did Locke just free him?}

Richard is stunned-"You."
Locke roughs him up, knocks him out and announces to the group, "I am very all of you!" {Maybe because they didn't believe.}
He carries unconscious Richard off passing his "dead" half along the way.

Dead Sayid is still with the quiet Lostie's.
Lennon comes in to retrieve Jack; they need to speak to him privately.   Jack feels they can just say what they want there. Lennon doesn't think Jack's understanding him, if he doesn't go freely he will have him dragged out. "Because we are going to have this conversation it's not going to be there. Jack gets into a fight with two of the guys.
Hurley calls for Jack's attention because Sayid is starting to wake up and asks "What happened?"

LA   X was an AMAZING episode!
Locke and Jack "Don't understand", but they're not the only ones who don't.
We still have hints and direction to enlightenment being part of the journey/adventure and game. I mean the entirety of the story has revolved around Dharma, finding what you lost, finding yourself and liberation.
The Lostie's are stuck in cycles of suffering.

Dharma is used to refer to the teachings of the Buddha. A reflection of natural law. A person who lives their life with an understanding of this natural law, is a "Dhammic" person, which is often translated as "righteous".

Liberation, called nirvana in Buddhism, is seen as an end to suffering, rebirth, and ignorance.
The path of Buddhism is not easy. Facing the reality of "the self" can be disturbing. There isn't a magic prayer or chant or act that allows instant 'washing away' of sins, or a pill to cure your ills. It does provide a detailed map to freeing yourself from your perception of suffering.
Dharma also means ‘mental contents’, and is paired with citta, which means heart/mind. Dharma also means the source of things and Truth.

The Buddha teaches the Four Noble Truths, the Noble Eightfold Path, the Three Marks of Existence, and other guidelines in order to achieve the freedom and liberation from suffering.

We get many other ties to this way of enlightenment with our nods to Shambala, Yin and Yang, The Enso (circle), The Wheel (Dharma wheel), the hum of OM  and many more examples.

I am very aware the story incorporates many other religions, cultures, philosophy, traditions and science in their narrative regarding redemption and salvation.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
☯ Hour glass that is more a “few minute” timer. Time. Timer. Time’s up.
☯ Game. Beat. Lost. Lose.
☯ Christian
☯ How is Sayid reanimated? {brought back to life-reborn}
☯ Reflecting pool-Mirror image- 2way mirror- see yourself.
☯ Communication. Translation. Mis-communication, misunderstanding and not “getting it” is what we’re seeing here, i.e. "Not understanding."
☯ Locke/Smoke monster wants to go home.  Jack is almost homeThe objective of the journey is to go home. "Home" may be the “home base” of the game. I also think it may mean that “home” is when he finally "finds himself" or whatever he’s looking for, then literally can go back into society and go home a new man.
☯ Is the "black smoke" a tool that can be used by either side or is it strictly a "power" that is only part of one person? {Or two or three).
☯"WHO IS GUARDING THE GATE?" Is there literally a 3 headed watch dog?
Cerberus. I mention this back in the episode Cabin Fever when I noted 3 baby cribs in John Locke’s nursery.  Would we see the "Black smoke" use three bodies? I'm just asking.
☯ The people at the temple must have realized Sayid was going to "die" but still followed Jacob's request.
☯ Somebody better declare Claire already! lol
☯ Jack and his coffins!
Head. Ringing. Voices. Glitch. Dream-like. Unconscious. Unconscious sleep. Neurological.
☯These engine Flash Whoosh sound like they can be running in reverse at times.
“Island” and Oceanic/LA events still blur together. With that I still feel they are not out of the “confines” of the “island”.
Aboard is a term used when on a ship or vessel. Or a board- game board.
☯ The segments I pointed out in the “caves” with Kate and Jack’s experience seemed to be almost dream-like.
☯ I still get that video game feel once in a while.
☯ Sawyer lost Juliet twice.
☯ “It worked” supposedly was Juliet’s message to Jim. What worked? That could mean anything! That young Ben got healed in the spring, that Sawyer ends up with Kate, that she redeemed herself and is out of the game...
☯ What role does Sawyer play in this Oceanic go-around?
☯ There seems to always be a way to physically go down deeper and deeper.
☯ Failed a test.
☯ Language. Linguistics. Translator. Letter. Hieroglyphics. Characters. Code. Keypad. Numbers.
☯ Kate told Mrs. Littleton that she was “going back” to look for her
☯ Kumbaya.
☯ Is Jin hiding something else in his suitcase? A ring perhaps?
☯ Could the "X" stand for 10 or 10th?
☯ “Knight” has been hinted at Locke in Cabin Fever

☯ Jack and Locke may be able to let go of the things they weren't able to let go of before.
☯ Was Jacob bringing people there to use as bodyguards; did he need protection from Locke?
☯ Did Locke need protection from Jacob or was he being held prisoner by Jacob?
☯ Keep these things in mind: "We are the causes of our own suffering", ", Only fools are enslaved by time and space", "Everything changes"  and ..."God loves you as he loved Jacob."
☯ Sun and Jin are in the same place/"time and space" on the "Island" and at Oceanic.
☯ Who has murder in their heart?
☯ If Hurley "could" also "talk" to dead people couldn't he have "listened" to what Juliet's message was?
If Sayid was really dead shouldn't Miles and Hurley hear him since they're supposed to be "conversing" with dead people?
☯ Locke was not the only one who didn't want to leave...Rose didn't either!
☯Could "time" be irrelevant? Could the only "time" that matters is the game "timer"?

Vocabulary and Research...
* A chain is a series of connected links.
- Chain -sequence.
- "chainmail", a type of armor made of interlocking chain links.
* Fetter (Buddhism): a deeply rooted mental attachment preventing one from achieving liberation from suffering.
* Ankh-'key of life', 'the key of the Nile'. Hieroglyphic character that read "Eternal life". Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest.
* Spring- one of four seasons; transition period between winter and summer.
   2). A new beginning.   3). start to exist; be born, come into being, come into existence.    4). Jump or leap.
- A coil spring (mechanical device)
* Crainte et tremblement- The book in the Temple is "Fear and Trembling" (original title: Frygt og Bæven), a philosophical work by Danish philosopher, theologian, and psychologist Søren Aabye Kierkegaard, published in 1843 under the pseudonym Johannes de silentio (John the Silent). In the book Kierkegaard introduces the “Knight of Faith” and contrasts him with the "knight of infinite resignation". The latter gives up everything in return for the infinite, that which he may receive after this life, and continuously dwells with the pain of his loss. The former, however, not only relinquishes everything, but also trusts that he will receive it all back, his trust based on the "strength of the absurd".
* Kigen Dogen-(1200 – 1253) Japanese philosopher and “Zen Master".
- "Dgen" For the Sega Mega Drive emulator.
* The Knight's Tour is a mathematical problem involving a knight on a chessboard. The knight is placed on the empty board and moving according to the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once.

This was a great way to start the season. We see a slightly different version of Oceanic plane events but we still must wonder when it is from.   Yet the Lostie's on the "Island" have all their memories of their time on the "Island" and of the incident involving the "core" (which is derived from Latin for heart) of the hydrogen bomb.

I am still being very cautious of who is on which side. I will assume nothing! Locke is determined and appears to be on a mission to not let Jacob confine him any longer, and seems to have freed others from that as well. Dogen hears of Jacob's death and kicks into "protection" mode, but what and who he protecting himself and everyone from?

I love when Locke/Smokey was describing the broken Locke and he was in the dark and when he spoke about the side of Locke that was admirable he was in the light. This is two sides of the same person.  And yes I say person because Locke even tells Ben he is not a "what", he is a "who".
Is it safe to assume who is in whose body?

In the past I have described Locke the paralyzed man as emotionally paralyzed and unable to move forward. Even though he tried he seemed to have taken one step forward and two steps back. Did {or does} irreparably broken Locke get fixed? What about Jack?

Here is a Zen saying that could connect to what we saw tonight...
"To gain enlightenment you must want it as much as a man whose head is held under water wants air."

The objective of the adventurous game is still to discover who you are, truly see yourself, heal from your past, discover the new you, become enlightened, then and only then do you… get to go “Home”.

Love to all who are “LOST”™

PART 1 of LA X

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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