February 8, 2010

LA X (Part 1)

Let's talk about LOST! LA X (part 1)
Bright white fades into Jack staring out the window of an Oceanic flight. {Clouds} Jack comes to from his distant stare and appears puzzled. Cindy the flight attendant comes by to ask Jack how the drink is. Jack says it’s good.
Cindy-“That's not a very strong reaction."
Jack-“Well, it's…it's not a very strong drink."
Cindy-“It'll be our secret. “ {This is similar although different from what we’ve seen before.} She hands Jack 1 tiny bottle of alcohol. {On 9/22/04 she hands him 2}
Turbulence starts and this makes Jack nervous and he spills the liquor he’s pouring into his drink. {All the same familiar sounds are heard.}
The captain turns on the fasten seatbelt sign. Rose tells nervous Jack that it’s normal and that her husband says planes want to stay in the air. {She’s reading a Weekly Woodsman magazine-Locke the hunter reference?}
Rose will relay Jack’s sentiments about him being a smart man when he gets back from the bathroom. {She looks toward the back}
Jack will keep her company until her husband gets back. {Locke sits behind Rose. Frogurt to his right.}
Turbulence shakes the plane and Jack is so nervous {and appears like he’s expecting something} that he grips the armrests tightly. He seems relieved when the turbulence stops.
Rose-“You can let go now.”
She tells him it’s OK, “You can let go.”
Jack is still gripping the armrest tightly. He loosens his grip.
Relieved Jack tells Rose, “Looks like we made it.”
Rose smiles, “Yep. We sure did.”
Captain Norris- “Sorry about the unexpected bumps, folks. We just hit a pocket of rough air. It should be a smooth ride from here on out."

Bernard returns from the bathroom and tells Rose, “Remind me to hold it next time, will ya? I almost died in that bathroom. Now I know how the laundry feels when it's in the dryer.”
Rose missed him and Bernard missed her too. Jack sees they’re in love.
Jack walks down the aisle passing sleeping {eyes covered} Frogurt and eyes closed/sleeping Locke.
In the bathroom Jack looks at himself deeply in the mirror. He also sees that he is bleeding on the neck.
Jack walks back to his seat to find a man sitting on the aisle of his row. “Excuse me.”
Desmond-“Oh, I'm sorry, mate. Is this your seat? The stewardess said it was empty.”
Jack- "No. No, I'm at the window."
Desmond-“Oh, right. Listen, mate, do you mind if I sit here? It's just the fella next to me has been snoring ever since we took off from Sydney.”
Jack laughs-“Yeah, no problem.”
Desmond-“Thanks, brotha.”   Jack looks at him trying to place Des; he knows Desmond is familiar.
Desmond-“Something wrong?”   {Hell ya, something is wrong!}
Jack-“No. No, you just... Do I know you from somewhere?”
Desmond is amused-“Well, I'm not sure. Desmond.”
Desmond-“Nice to meet you, Jack... or to see you again.”
Jack laughs but is obviously puzzled and trying to figure it out.  
He looks at the clouds out of the window and that image leads us down through the clouds, plunging deep into the ocean, across the ocean floor to reveal images of the “Island” and the four toed statue.

Jack drops the core of the bomb into the well; everything is getting sucked into it. The chains that attached themselves to Juliet pull her into the well. She holds on as long as she can with the help of her desperate lover, James. He doesn’t want to let go of her. She falls. Upon waking, frustrated Juliet bangs on the core until we get a white screen...

...The white screen gradually clears to reveal…Kate’s eye opening.
She wakes up high on the limb in a tree. {Convenient that she didn’t fall out while she slept.} All sounds are muffled, distant and there’s a high pitch ring. {Like how you would hear things from underwater.}
Kate almost falls upon waking but she holds on. She tries to make sound to clear her clogged ears but it doesn’t work; and she seems off balance. Once she climbs down and looks around. {I can’t help but note the camera work when she does this. What is it trying to convey?}
Kate calls out, “Hello!
This seems to clear her head/ears but not without making her wobble off balance. The high pitch ring is still there.
Kate calls out “Hello!” again, and walks around puzzled in the dark jungle.
Miles appears and asks her about the “ear” issues as he has it too. Kate tackles him in defense before realizing it’s him.
Kate-“What happened?...Where are we?”
Miles can’t hear her. She looks over and sees a hatch door behind the vines.
Miles-“What is it?”
Kate reveals to Miles, “We’re back.”
Miles-“Back where?" {Really, Miles?! WTF?}
Kate runs through the jungle to come around and locate the whole in the ground that Miles wonders is the construction site.
Kate is stunned-“No. That’s the Swan hatch. After Desmond blew it up.” {Did this fucking thing blow up or get imploded?!! Is that the washer/dryer in that rubble?}
Miles-“Guess we’re not in 1977, huh?”  
{No Shaggy you’re not! Now go grab a Scooby snack for Vincent!}
Kate looks over and sees Sawyer is knocked out and so is Jack. She wakes Jack up first! “Can you hear me? Jack!”
He’s disoriented but asks what happened, Where are we?”
Kate- “At the hatch.”
Jack is puzzled, “What? They built it?” {If you build it, they will come, over and over and over...}
Conscious Sawyer blindsides Jack with a kick to the face causing Jack to fall down into the pit.
Kate climbs down in after him.
Sawyer-“You were wrong!! That’s the damn Swan Hatch! Blown up!! Just like we left it! Before we started jumping through time!!”
He climbs down. {Now, come on, it’s not really like you left it.}
Sawyer continues, “You say we can stop it from ever being built! Then our plane would never crash on this island! THIS AINT LA X!
{Kate yells for Sawyer to stop; he’s been carrying on as if she wasn’t even there.}
You blew us right back where we started! Except Juliet’s dead. She’s dead you son of a bitch because you were wrong!”
Jack apologizes to Sawyer, “I thought we were supposed to…I thought it would work.”
Sawyer reiterates that it didn’t.
Jack seems sorry and troubled about it.
{Engine Flash Whoosh-Something feels backwards to me. Hmm}

Jack walks to the back of the plane to use the restroom. {Red graphic depicts lavatory 2 figures. No smoking sign.} He asks the man standing there if he’s in line.
The man, who is chewing on a red drink stirrer/straw is just waiting for his friend.  Kate stumbles out of the lav and keeps her hand on Jack’s chest/over his heart. She didn’t see him there. {What is she up to?} The man/marshal gets sweetheart back to their seats.
Kate is served lasagna, minus her "real" fork and knife. {Not a plastic set. Food and drink is in plastic.} The marshal doesn’t get food.
Kate- “What do you think I’m gonna do? Stab you and run?”  
Sawyer bumps into the side of the marshal and the marshal tells him to “Watch where you’re going, buddy.”
Sawyer eyes Kate, who is hiding her cuffs, apologizes, “My bad.” {He gave an interesting look}
Arzt is begging Hugo to repeat the Australian accented line he uses in his ads just once and he’ll leave him alone. {We’re obviously shown Arzt’s bug pamphlet.}
Reluctantly Hugo recites, “Oy, Have a cluckity cluck cluk day, mate.”
Amused Arzt asks Sawyer if he know who this is. “This is the owner of Mr. Clucks chicken. And he’s…And he’s riding coach with the rest of us yutzes.”
He wonders how a guy like Hugo got to own a major corporation. Hugo shares he won the lottery and he likes chicken, so he bought it. This comment peaks Sawyers interest.
Arzt- “Oh. Good. Good for you.”
Sawyer {w/magazine} tells Hugo he shouldn’t tell people he won the lottery because they could take advantage of him.
Hugo thanks him for the advice but it doesn’t concern Hugo, as he feels he’s the luckiest guy he knows. Nothing bad ever happens to him. Hugo puts on his headphones and looks up as if lost in imagination then….
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
Looking up Hurley sits in the dark jungle with bleeding Sayid on his lap. He’s come to and appears puzzled. {Was he just on that plane?!}
He asks, “What just happened?”

Jin-“I found a flashlight.”
Hurley doesn’t care, “The sky just went from day to night. What happened?!”
Jin-“I think we moved through time.”
Hurley-“How do you know that?”
Jin-“White flash. Headache. Can't hear. Happened to me before.”
Hurley-"What about Jack and everyone else? Did they move through time too?"
Jin-"I don't know. They took one of the Other vans and went up to the work site."
Hurley shhh’s Jin because he hears muffled yelling in the distance. It’s Sawyer.
Jin will go check it out. Hurley sits will unconscious Sayid. {Horace-mathematician Dharma jumpsuit on.}

In the pit Jack states to pissed off Sawyer that, “The bomb must've gone off.”
Sawyer-“You think an atom bomb went off, we'd still be standing here?!”
Confused Jack- "I don't know."
Sawyer-“That's right! You don't! For once, you don't know!”
Jin and his flashlight arrive at the pit to retrieve Jack. Sayid is bleeding and needs his help; he’s with Hurley at the van, 2 minutes away.
Kate hears a woman’s voice in the distance and realizes it’s coming from ground zero under all the rubble.
Sawyer is still mouthing off to Jack. “So what do you say, doc? Got another great idea to save Sayid? Maybe there's a nuke laying around...”
Kate tells him to shut up; They hear it’s Juliet calling for help.  Anxious Sawyer needs to get to her so they remove the debris.

Sayid wakes up, coughing blood. Hurley finds that gross but doesn’t faint at the sight of blood. {As we know he has done in the past, or the future, or…whatever}
Hurley encourages Sayid that everything’s gonna be fine even though he sees he’s pouring blood.
Sayid speaks! “When I die…what do you think will happen to me?”
Hurley won’t answer that question, only tells him to try not to talk.
Sayid-“I've tortured more people than I can remember. I murdered. Wherever I'm going... it can't be very pleasant.” He feels he deserves it.
Hurley hears something coming through the dark jungle. He calls out “Hello” and even uncomfortably arms himself with a gun he claims to know how to use; but apparently doesn’t.
Sayid struggles to survive.

Hurley takes a few steps into the dark jungle, closes his eyes and turns to see Jacob there; giving him a cute little wave hello. "Hello, Hugo. Got a minute?"

Sun sits on the plane, holding her left ring finger, staring at happy in love Rose and Bernard. Jin {reading a magazine} tells Sun to button her top button. {Woman nearby are writing.}
Locke sits reading the Oceanic emergency instructions brochure/manual. Frogurt, wearing lovely rose/red colored clothes and eye shades is sleeping next to him. Boone is drinking an orange based drink. A woman nearby is knitting.
Boone-"You're wasting your time, man. This plane goes down in the ocean way out here, I think our chances of survival are exactly zero."
Locke-"Actually, in calm seas with a good pilot, we could survive a water landing. And, uh, the fuel tanks are buoyant enough to keep us afloat until we got in the life rafts..."
Boone is impressed that he knows that and wonders, "So what were you doing in Australia? Business or pleasure?"
Locke-"Pleasure. You?"
Boone-"I went down to get my sister out of a... bad relationship that it turns out she... didn't want to get out of. So... here I am. So what you were just Down Under for vacation?"
Locke-"Actually, I went on a walkabout."
Boone-"Really? Like,like Crocodile Dundee?"
Amused Locke laughs, "No, not exactly. But...but, uh, it was pretty intense. We...we spent ten days in the Outback and, uh, nothing but our packs and our knives. We slept under the stars and made our own fires, hunted our own food."
Boone-"Wow! I wouldn't make it two days without my cell phone." They both laugh.
Boone-"You're not pulling my leg, are ya?"
Locke-"Why would I pull your leg?"  He laughs.
Boone-"This thing goes down, I'm sticking with you."
Locke gives him thumbs up.
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
In the foot of the statue Locke picks up the bloody knife, wipes the blood off on his pant leg and cuts off a piece of the red weaved tapestry.  Ben stands staring into the fire that is minus Jacob.  Locke tells Ben can stop starring into the fire, "Jacob's gone."
He needs for stunned Ben to go outside and tell Richard that he needs to talk to him.
Ben wonders, "Talk to him about what?"
That's between Locke and Richard.

Outside of the "Foot Statue" Richard is in heated discussion with Bram and Ilana. {Something about knocking 'him' out.}
Sun asks Frank the pilot who they are.
Frank- "Other than the fact they were on the Ajira flight with us...All I know is they knocked me out and dragged my ass to some cabin, which they promptly burnt and then they brought me here along with the dead guy in the box. They say they're the good guys. I'm not buying it either."

Nervous and worked up Richard wants Bram to listen to him carefully, "No one goes in there unless Jacob invites em in."
Ilana assures him that's why they are there, "Because Jacob invited us."
Richard feels that asking him what's in the shadow of the damn statue doesn't mean she's in charge. {Well, Locke just invited him in.}
Ilana-"Then who is?" {Uh, John in the box, perhaps.} Ben comes out and tells Richard everything's fine in there and that John wants to speak to him.
Ben also tells them, "Of course Jacob's alright. They're both together inside." {Indeed he is.} Richard, knowing a bit of shenanigans are going on, is happy to talk to John. He grabs Ben {Who doesn't understand} and throws him at the "body" of John in the box suggesting he should talk to him first. Ben is confused.

At the pit/hole in the ground the gang of uniformed Lostie's are removing all the gathered metal to get to Juliet. Sawyer yells for her to hang on, "We're coming."
Jack uses Jin's flashlight to look down into the pit. Sawyer feels if they can move this beam he can get down there. They all help but it's too heavy. Sawyer has Jin get the chains from the van. Jin climbs up out of the hole.

Hurley is following {barefoot} Jacob asking, "Where are you going, dude? And what are you doing here? I mean I meet you in a taxi and you know everything about me and you give me a plane ticket which just so happens to bring me back to this island. How'd you know that was gonna happen?"
Concerned Jacob looks over Sayid's body; He is thinking.
Hurley wants to know if he can hear him {"Hello"} and why he's not answering his questions. "Look, my friend Jin will be here any second so you better stop ignoring me."
Jacob reveals Jin won't be able to see him. {Why not?} "Because I died an hour ago."
Hurley-"Sorry dude. That sucks."
He shares he was killed by an old friend who grew tired of my company."
Hurley wonders if he wants him to do something crazy again.
Jacob-"No. I want you to save Sayid, Hugo."
Jin can't help him; he needs to take Sayid to the temple because that's the only chance he's got and the rest of em will be safe there. Jin knows what the temple is, "Tell him to take you to the hole in the wall where he was with the French team. Through that opening you can get into the Temple. You still have that guitar case I gave you?"
Hugo does and he asks, "Who are you, dude?"
He tells him, "I'm Jacob."
This seems familiar to him. Hurley hears running footsteps; here comes Jin. Jacob is gone. They need to get Sayid into the van and Juliet needs their help. Stunned Hurley stares and Jin snaps him out of it.

Jin drives the van. Hurley has unconscious Sayid on his lap and asks Jin if he can take him to where there's a hole in the wall where he went with the French team, would he know what he was talking about. Jin knows. {He obviously remembers his adventures in "time glitching"}

The van arrives at the hole in the ground and they get the chains to move the beam. {The chains are coming!} Sawyer's concerned Juliet isn't making noise but Kate feels she knows they're coming so she's just resting.
Pissed off Sawyer tells Kate if Juliet dies, "I'll kill him."
Jack and Miles are working quickly to get the chains set up to save Juliet.
On the plane Desmond reads a book in a seat in the same row as Jack. Cindy announces that there's no cause for alarm but if there's a doctor on board to please press your call button. Cindy appreciates his help and explains a passenger went into the restroom about a half an hour ago and he's not responding when they knock. He may be unconscious in there. The other flight attendant thinks he tampered with the lock, it's... it's jammed or something. Sayid appears there and assists by kicking in the door.
It's unconscious not breathing Charlie.

Cindy runs through the plane with a blue Oceanic bag and Sawyer asks "Earheart/Cindy" what's going on back there. Cindy says everything's fine and to stay in his seat.

Jack asks for Sayid's help with the breathing mask for Charlie. He tells him to "Hold it there and do not let any air escape."
He tries to pump air in but something is blocking Charlie's air passage. Jack digs around Charlie's mouth but realizes he needs something sharp {a razor} but he looks for his pen in his jacket but it's gone.
Cindy mentions it's regulations, "There's nothing sharp." {Fucking go get Kate's fork and knife!} He needs a pen so Cindy looks around for one.

Jack goes back to digging around in Charlie's mouth/throat and retrieves a small bag of heroin.
Charlie comes to right away, "Am I alive?" 
Jack-"Yeah, you're alive."
{Engine Flash Whoosh}
They all work as a team to connect the chains to the beam and the van. Sawyer yells up to Jin that they're "good down here".
Jin pulls the beam. Sawyer heads down even further to get to unconscious
Disoriented Juliet asks, "Where are we?"
He doesn't want her to worry about that and that she's fine.
Juliet- "It didn't work, we're still on the island."
Sawyer-"It's okay, It's okay, I just gotta get this loose enough to get you out, okay?"
Juliet-"No, I hit the bomb and you're still here."
Sawyer-"You what? ... you hit the bomb? Why?"
Juliet-"I wanted you to be able to go home. I wanted to make it so you never came to this damn island {she cries} ... it didn't work"
Sawyer-"Don't you worry about that. You're gonna be okay. I'm gonna get you outta here and we're all gonna go home together, you hear me"
Kate calls down to Sawyer.

Jack checks out Sayid in the van. It's bad. There's nothing Jack can do for him but there's something Hurley can do. He feels if they can get Sayid to the temple they can save him. He knows this because "This guy Jacob told me just before we got here." {Get him some place safe-Safe house.}
Jack-"Who's Jacob?"
That doesn't matter because if Jack can't fix Sayid then he's gonna have to let Hurley do it.

Bram grabs Ben and declares they're going in!

Locke sits in a chair inside the foot statue with this knife, waiting. Ben has obviously been pushed into Locke's view and tells him Richard's not coming.
Locke-"Then who is that behind you?"
Armed Bram and three other armed men enter demanding to know where Jacob is.
Locke-"Jacob is dead."
Bram-"Who are you?"
Locke-"Don't worry about me. Let's talk about you. I'm assuming that you are, what... Jacobs bodyguards? And that you came all the way to this island to protect him? Well I have good news... Jacob burned up right there in that fire. Therefore there's nothing left for you to protect. You can go. {he smiles} You're free."
Bram fires at him. {Locke appears to possibly have been hit and hides behind a pillar. The men continue to fire at Locke}
Ben gets out of their way while they try to gun down Locke.
Bram-"Kill him! Spread out! Get him! ... where is he?"
Locke has disappeared! Bram sees the bullet has no affect on Locke.

In the distance they hear clicking, cranking; mechanical monster sounds. Ben is nervous. The huge and powerful black smoke enters the room and tosses the men around like rag dolls.
Bram tries to seek protection by encircling himself with ash but the black smoke is one smart cookie...He causes a rock to knock Bram out of the circle and finishing him off.
Ben cowers with his eyes closed, opens his eyes and looks around the carnage left by the smoke monster, who is no longer there.
Ben hears something and turns to see Locke standing there.
Locke-"I'm sorry you had to see me like that."

Kate calls down to Sawyer to see if Juliet's OK. Sawyer yells up that he's working on it. He is struggling with a crowbar to move more metal off of her. He frees her, holds her and tells her not to worry.
Juliet seems to be somewhere else but says, "We can get coffee some time."
Sawyer-" I gotta get you outta here"
Juliet-"We can go dutch."
Sawyer-"'s me."
Blondie wants James to kiss her. They kiss and then Juliet has to tell him something really, really important. Of course she appears to die before being able to reveal anything. {Aint that fucking convenient?!} Distraught Sawyer holds her and cries.
Up from the deep hole but still below in the pit, Sawyer holds Juliet's body and looks up at Jack and says, "You did this."
Cindy moves the curtain. Charlie is being cuffed. {Plastic cuffs}
He walks by Jack {drinking} and tells him he should have let that happen, "I was supposed to die." Cindy tells Jack not to take it personally, "Some people just don't know how to say thanks."

Jack returns to his seat, {24} looks around and back but Desmond isn't sitting in his seat. He asks Rose if she knows what happened to the guy sitting next to him. {If he was really there he still should be somewhere on the plane}
Rose only says "We were asleep."

Capt Norris announces- "Ladies and Gentlemen, captain Norris here, we're now beginning our final descent into Los Angeles international airport. I'm happy to tell you it's a beautiful day in Los Angeles, 72 degrees, 6 miles visibility and winds outta the south-west at 5 miles an hour."
Rose smiles and tells Jack to buckle up, "You're almost home."
Cindy walks down the aisle with an orange drink collecting trash, telling sleeping/resting passengers to prepare for their descent. Sawyer and Hugo are sleeping and wakes up. Hugo removes his headphones and looks back. Sawyer looks at Hugo.
Sayid looks at his passport, customs paper and photo of Nadia. Jin looks at the watch and then out the window. Frogurt removes his eye shades/waking up. Some passengers are just waking up.
The plane lands and taxi's to the gate.Two police officers walk by and make eye look over at Kate but escort cuffed Charlie. He gives Jack one hell of a nasty look as he walks by. Charlie retrieves his guitar case on the way out.
The Marshal w/silver case leaves with Kate. Sayid moves past other passengers quickly to leave. Boone shakes Locke's hand. Bernard {wearing wedding ring} and Rose leave. Locke waits.
Jack leaves and sees Locke get put into wheelchair and wheeled out.
{Note most of them have the customs forms in their hands.}

LA X is a GREAT episode!

This game that "Locke" and "Jacob" are involved in is very intense.  They really are trying to out think each other's next moves. They even cheat!
Again we find you can wake up someplace new and if necessary you have to go back to where you started.
At some point could we find out why everybody hates Hugo. Hurley is "key" in this game.
Here Hugo is the one who brings Sayid to the temple on Jacob’s request.
I must ask if it's possible that the "bodies" we see running around in the story don't matter or aren't even real. Is the thing that matters the "essence" or "conscience mind" of the person?

I think we're getting one hell of a peek of what is on the other side of the looking glass where things are wrong, backwards, opposite, confusing and puzzling.
For all we know it could be flight 518 instead of flight 815.

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* UNDERWATER!!!! {WooooHooooo!!!} Down. Below. Lower.
* Languages. Linguistics. Reading. Writing. Things written out/scripted.
* Alcohol/drinks. Orange/drink.
* Loop. Wedding rings. We’re back- Do over.
* Head. Ears. Ringing. Headache.
* When is this Oceanic flight from? Could it be from 2007 or 2010? Here we're led to believe we're seeing parallel events in parallel time. Maybe we are but I call fucking shenanigans!
We're led to believe this "flight" is (originating in 2004) and "Island" events (2007). That is two different time lines, unless by some magic they both ended up in the same time. {Pick a year, any year!} The people at the statue with Locke, Richard and Ben are supposed to be in 2007 as well. Can't we just be witnessing another go-around or another level/layer of the adventure game? Either way they end up on this “Island". Maybe, just maybe, time is friggin irrelevant! The only 'time' that matters is time on a "timer".
* "Only fools are enslaved by time and space."
* New {Flash Whoosh} sound.: This one contains the sound of an engine and at times sounds like it's going in reverse.
* Remembering. Sense of familiar.
* Jack on the plane is nervous and tense during turbulence and Rose comforts him
* Rose isn’t wearing Bernard’s ring on her chain as she claimed to have (because his hands swell).
* Jin isn’t wearing a wedding ring and I don’t think Miss Paik is wearing one either. Maybe Jin is hiding an engagement ring in his luggage.
* In Confirmed Dead Frank feels the "dead" pilot isn't Seth Norris. His clue was no wedding ring. We also find this to be a "faked" crash site and that Frank was to be the pilot on flight 815.
* Why is the Oceanic plane so different?
* Two of them!
* What is the blood from on Jack’s neck? {Implant? Or maybe there's nothing there.}
* Could we be seeing Jack in another go-around in this level? But here is it possible we’re seeing an improvement in him, as he only gets 1 drink on the plane, and he is also learning to "let go".
* Holding on to something and/or someone. In Hearts and Minds Locke got Boone to "let go" of Shannon.
* Bug.
* Appear. Disappear. Change images/body. Change roles. Change places.
* There’s lots of heavy breathing from all of them.
* The Swan Hatch: Over the years I’ve noted it being described as imploded and exploded!! That is two different things!
* Losties are seated near the rear of the plane.
* Frogurt wears eye shades and Hurley wore them in preparation for the "Flash" on the Ajira flight.
* The two main questions still remain..."Who are you?" and "Where are we/am I?"
* Does this episode connect to Exodus?
* Outback- Australia.
* Gone still doesn't mean "dead" and dead only mean "gone".
* Pilot- Frank and Norris.
* Was Frank a candidate for the use of something important, like a "body" or something else?
* Teams. 2 sides.
* Jacob took advantage of Hugo. Locke and Jacob took advantage of Ben.
* Protection. Did Jacob need protection from Locke or did Locke need protection from Jacob?
* Who was being held prisoner in the cabin?
* Remember the very first episode technically was called "Pilot".
* All the sounds we hear throughout the episode i.e. chains, engines, clicks, metal, etc.. are sounds associated with "monster" sounds. {Mechanical}
* Since the beginning we've gotten references to going deeper and deeper down. In the past I've described the Orchid logo as looking like a whale's tail descending/spiraling down.
* Reconstitute. Just add water.
* Were they really flying?
* In A Tale of Two Cities Henry Gale/Ben and Kate chat:
Kate-"Why did you bring me here? Why did you make me put on this dress? Why are you feeding me breakfast?"
Henry/Ben-"I brought you here so you'd look out at the water and feel comforted . Comforted that your friends were looking out at the same ocean. I gave you the dress so that you'd feel like a lady. And I wanted you to eat your food with a real live fork and feel civilized. I did all those things so that you'd have something nice to hold on to. Because, Kate, the next two weeks are going to be very unpleasant."

Vocabulary and Research...
* X- The Roman numeral for 10.
- Marks the spot.
- Alternate. Means 'one after the other' or 'each succeeding' the other in turn, especially continuously and alternative means 'one instead of the other' or allowing or necessitating a choice between two or more things.
- Different, interchanging, another, backup, temporary, second, surrogate, substitute.
* Mate- one of a pair; partner.
- acquaintance, alter ego, analog, assistant, associate, bedmate, bride, buddy, chum, classmate, cohort, colleague, companion, compeer,complement, comrade,, concomitant, consort, coordinate, counterpart, coworker, crony, double, duplicate, familiar, friend, groom, helper, helpmate, intimate, match, pal, peer, playmate, reciprocal, roommate, schoolmate, sidekick, spouse, twin.
- breed, marry, cohabit, crossbreed, generate, join, land, match, merge, pair, procreate, serve, tie, tie the knot, wed, yoke.
* Line- Confining boundary. Limit. Border. Direction. Shape. People waiting. Row. Series of events. Approach. Policy. Deceiving talk. Brief message. Connection. Thin rope. Type of merchandise. Specialized field. Kind of amount or insurance. Useful information. Electric cable. Row of print. Part of a television picture. Track/route. Transport company. Football players. Part of music staff. Fighting force-positioned formation. Odds
* Own- anagrams to Won.
* Chains- are made of links.
* Haroun and the Sea of Stories- by Salman Rushie.

Here's Hugo ad:

A few things I was so happy to see:
1). Two!
2). The Locke/Smoke monster reveal isn’t a surprise to me as I realized very early on (in Tabula Rasa) that connection was there.

3). I was happy to see "underwater". Clues to underwater have been there for a very long time. Le Mer, the Swan hatch corridors dripped water when they first entered it, Walt is dripping wet in visions, Watership Down, and so many more examples. There's even been a few times our POV has been from underwater.
We even had dialogue such as, In Tale of Two Cities:
Jack-"We're underwater, aren't we?"

Here are shots I pieced together a long time ago.

Two friends, two teams, two opponents... two halves of a whole. "If" there is a chance this story isn't about all these people as individuals it very well could be that this "journey" is about one person and their interactions with all the other people are really facets of himself/herself.   Does that makes sense?

Important notes I suggest you go back to look at are :
Further Instructions- and Walkabout.
But I still wonder and I'm still holding on to...people and things are not what you think!

Until Part 2....
Love to all who are "LOST"™

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