March 17, 2010

LOST Design Winner and Giveaway.

Hi Losties!

Here's an update on the CafePress LOST design contest winners and a giveaway I have for you!
Congratulations to the winners of the CafePress LOST design winners! 
 * Juna of Detour Design won The Island category: We have to go back t-shirt
* Wayne of LOST TV shirt won the Dharma Initiative category: Namaste t-shirt
* Kenny of LOST Shirts & Apparel won the Airlines category: LOST Whatever Happened Flight t-shirt
* Cynthia of Old School Thread won the Love “Square” category: LOST Love t-shirt
* Anne of House of Darkly won The Others category: Jacob’s Cabin t-shirt

Grand Prize Winner: Kenny of LOST Shirts and Apparel (for his LOST Whatever Happened Happened design!)   CONGRATULATIONS Kenny!

Karen's LOST Notebook is showing some LOST love with a giveaway!
There's a couple of ways to get in the drawing for one of the winning designs:
If you're on Twitter, follow me and tell your friends to "Follow @KarensLostNotes then drop your name in a comment at Karen's LOST Notebook  with your shirt choice from one of the 5 winning designs below and the size needed.
* Or Retweet that info and come drop your name in a comment.
 * If you're not on Twitter you can still add your name in a comment here for this post to enter.

I'll hold a drawing for one lucky Lostie to win a free LOST t-shirt from me and CafePress!
Deadline for entries will be midnight March 18, 2010.

So you have a few ways to win a t-shirt.
Good Luck and Namaste!

Love to all who are "LOST"™

And don't forget that CafePress is the place to find millions of personalized gifts – including all those great LOST t-shirts! 

Special thanks to CafePress and LOST for their generosity and support with this giveaway.

I SO wish I had one to give all the entrants.
The entries names were all put in a Dharma hat and the winner's name was picked right out of it!
The winner is  Neil (aka @librarydad)

Please email me (it will be kept private of course) your full name and address  and we'll get it right out to you.
I hope I can bring more of these types of fan appreciation giveaways to you.
On behalf of CafePress, LOST and the talented fans who created the designs...Thank you!!


  1. I'd love to get my hands on the Whatever Happened Happened shirt in an extra-large.

    Neil (aka @librarydad)

    *working the long con* :)

  3. Hi Karen, great contest! I'd like to enter for the Namaste/WelcomeToTheIslandMan T in size XL please. @RobPerrin on Twitter. Thanks!

  4. i like the LOST Love t-shirt the best.
    size Medium.
    my email is orange_lova at

  5. Hi Karen!
    If I should be so lucky, I'd like to have the Namaste shirt in Medium!
    I retweeted & shared on FB!

  6. Hi Karen!
    What a great giveaway =)
    If I should be so lucky, I'd like to have the Namaste shirt in Medium!!
    ((Retweeted & shared on FB!))

    Good luck you all everybody!

  7. I'd love the Namaste in a woman's xl if I am so lucky to be chosen the winner. I retweeted @casting_on.

  8. sorry if this posts more than once, but it keeps kicking me out!
    love the designs though, would be proud to wear one!
    -Angie :)

  9. Hi, I would love a We have to go back in M.will put on facebook

  10. Hey Karen, if I'm a lucky dude I'd like a large black Jacob's Cabin please :)
    RT'd aka

  11. Those are some amazing designs! I love 'em all, but I'd really be thrilled about getting the Jacob's Cabin shirt...Medium :)

  12. If this contest is still open I'd love to win a "we have to go back" in medium.



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