March 3, 2010

What Kate Does.

Let's talk about LOST! What Kate Does.

Barefooted Lennon hurries down the temple pathways to tell Dogen {Typing on an old typewriter} that "He's alive."   {Who? Sayid? Jacob? Locke?}
Dogen grabs hold of pendant his wears around his neck.
Happy Jack looks at awake Sayid.
Hurley sees this, "It worked! Dude, you're okay!"
Hurley hugs Sayid but Jack wants Hurley to let Sayid breathe. Jack asks confused Miles to get Sayid some water.
Sayid leans against Hurley with his eyes closed as he feels a little lightheaded.
Sayid asks "What happened to me?"
Jack smiles and happily tells him "You died."  {yet here he is...awake!}
Now Sayid looks confused.

Kate and Sawyer stand away from them. Skeptical Kate wonders how that's even possible, "I mean, one minute he's gone and now he's fine?" {I'm sure she's seen the previously thought to be dead come back and she brought young Ben to be saved from the clutches of death too.}
Sarcastic Sawyer feels of course he's fine, "He's an Iraqi torturer who shoots kids he definitely deserves another go-around." 
Sawyer is contemplating his exit strategy. He asks Kate how many guys with guns are outside this place; he was out cold when they brought him in. "How many guards did you see, 5, 10, 100?" Sawyer shares with Kate he's thinking about running.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Kate is outside the airport and she runs from Edward. She seeks escape in a taxi that already has a customer in it. Claire. {The dialogue is different here from the last episode!} Claire begs to be let out and tough gun toting Kate tells her to be quiet.
The driver stops as to not hit Arzt, who is bent over picking up something. "I'm walking here. I'm walking here!" {I guess the pigs weren't walking this time around. lol}
As they wait for Arzt to move his ass Kate sees Jack in the distance chatting on the phone. She looks confused. Claire tries to run but Kate pulls her back in. Kate demands the driver go; so he runs over Arzt's bag.
The backseat driver Kate directs the nervous driver to take a left at the light. Once stopped at the red light Claire begs to be let go and the driver runs away.
Cuffed and armed Kate jumps over the seat and takes the wheel. She demands Claire's purse and kicks pregnant Claire out of the car without letting her get her suitcase. {What a bitch!}
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sayid is helped outside into the courtyard by the boys.
Sayid-"Who are these people and what do they want?"
Hurley-"It's the Others, dude. They caught us...again. I don't know...I think they're trying to protect us."
Miles notes that Hugo has assumed the leadership position; apparently this bothers him.
Jack examines Sayid's almost completely closed wound. Sayid looks puzzled and thanks Jack for saving his life.

Dogen storms over to confirm Sayid is alive. They want Sayid to come inside with them but Jack insists he go along too. Lennon informs Jack they need Sayid alone, that they have a few questions for him.
Jack-"You have a few questions, well so do we. Let's start with 'Who are you?', 'Why are you holding us here?' You..."
Lennon speaks for Dogen and lets Jack know once they've spoken to Mr. Jarrah they'd be happy to tell them everything they want to know. {We've heard this before!} Well, something tells smart Jack that they're not going to be happy to tell them anything. Dogen seems to not want to be bothered with Jack and the boys so he has his men physically subdue them.

Two shots ring out; it's Sawyer. {Is there a new sheriff in town again? lol} Dogen doesn't want his men to shoot at Sawyer. Lennon assures Sawyer they're not going to hurt his friend. Sawyer doesn't give a shit, they can do what they want because he's walking out of there.
Kate tries to get James to stop but he announces "I'm gone! You understand." He starts to remove the barricade and Dogen in English begs "Please. You have to stay."
Sawyer-"No, I don't....Don't come after me." He walks out the door.

Dogen's men take Sayid away and this upsets Jack, so fired up gun slinging Aldo wants everyone to calm down.
Lennon asks Jack were Ford went. Jack doesn't know. {I don't think Jack knows his last name is Ford.} Lennon asks Jack if he expects him to believe that.
Restrained Jack wonders, "He told me he wanted to kill me. You believe that?"
Kate proclaims she can bring him back even though she says she doesn't know where he went but she can track him. She is confident in her convincing skills not only to bring him back but to make him stay. {What a gal!} Jin offers to go with her.
Lennon informs Kate it's very important that Ford gets back there safely.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Kate pulls the taxi into a ratty garage. Armed, she asks the mechanic where his tire hammer is.
The mechanic-"A tire hammer will just cut off your wrists. Your problem is you need a punch press. And you're not going to be able to use one of those and keep that gun pointed at me." He's kind of volunteering. He does have a steady hand but feels they got off on the wrong foot. Kate warms up and offers him $200. The mechanic frees her from the bracelets and he's curious about them Kate shares she's wanted for murder.                                 
Kate-"You don't have somewhere I can change, do you?"
He points her in the direction of the bathroom, "Make it quick."

In the bathroom with its very old dirty and worn out mirror, and wheels all over, Kate goes through the bag she wouldn't let Claire take with her.

On top of baby goodies is a Polaroid picture of pregnant Claire and a stuffed whale.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}

Kate packs rope in her backpack. Jin is packing his backpack. Aldo warns Kate she better not slow them down.
Kate quietly says "You better not slow me down."
Jin observes this.
Jack tells Kate he'd go with her but he must fear Sawyer will kill him. {Uh, Sawyer said he wasn't gonna kill Jack.}
Kate will take care of James while Jack takes care of Sayid.
He pulls her back but only enough to lovingly tell her to be careful.
{Jack won't go there again or at least at this point!}

Sayid is strapped down to a table and his head is restrained.
Dogen blows some ashy powder over Sayid and looks into it as if trying to see an image of some sort. He also attaches wires to his chest {Head-Heart} and stomach because he is going to run current through Sayid's body as some sort of test.
Nervous Sayid just wants to know what Dogen wants.

Dogen cranks an old piece of equipment that looks like it was put together by an engineering and science student. {Listen to the sounds it makes and the color light it has.}

 This machine produces electric currents that shock Sayid.
Dogen even pumps up the juice for a stronger jolt.
Sayid yells out in pain, cries and asks why he's doing this. Sayid doesn't have any secrets. Then Dogen burns Sayid with a red hot poker; being careful to look at Sayid's eyes/face while being burned.
Lennon unstraps Sayid and apologizes that they had to put him through that. He explains it was a test, "We had to be sure." Of course they don't tell Sayid what they need to be sure about.
Lennon-"You passed." Sayid is escorted out.
Lennon asks Dogen, "I just lied to him, didn't I?"
Dogen, who is writing notes down says, "Yes."

Claire is sitting alone on a bench on a street. Kate pulls up in the taxi and makes nice nice with Claire. "Where were you going?"
Kate returns her bags and lets her know she didn't take any of her money. She offers to take Claire to the home of the couple who are adopting her baby on Langdon street in Brentwood. They were supposed to meet Claire at the airport but didn't show up. Claire thinks they got their days mixed up or something, "It's not like they abandoned me."
Claire takes the offer.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
In the jungle Kate asks Aldo why they want them to stay at the temple.
Aldo-"We're protecting you."
Apparently from the big pillar of black smoke that makes a ticka-ticka sound and looks pissed off. He does note Kate's been on this island a while.
Jin asks Aldo if he knows anything about another plane coming in, "An Ajira flight."
Aldo-"I'm sorry,is this a press conference?"
Justin interjects with mentioning the one that landed... Aldo tells him to shut up. {Well Jin, there's your answer!}
Kate gets a closer look at a decoy trail and directs them the other way. She bases it on her experience. Justin agrees with Kate.
Aldo-"Of course she is. After you princess." {Love it!!} He asks Kate what her strategy is for bringing her boyfriend back. Sawyer shot a guy on his way out.
Justin saves Kate from stepping on a tripwire on the ground. Jin thinks it looks like one of Rousseau's traps. The tripwire connects to a large net filled with rocks.
Justin-"The French woman? She's been dead for years. This couldn't be one of hers."
Again Aldo shuts him up.
Tough Kate demands Aldo tell her what Justin was gonna say.
Aldo-"You don't even remember me, do you? You don't recognize me?! Well maybe this'll jog your memory...Three years ago You staged yourself a prison break and ya did it by knocking the guard out with the butt of your rifle. That would be me."
Kate hits him, tosses her canteen to trip the tripwire and releasing the trap. With both guys knocked out she takes their guns. Jin wonders what she's doing.

Sayid is returned to the "spring" room and is met by Miles, Hurley and Jack. Hurley felt it necessary to announce "He's back!"
Sayid is in pain; he shares that they tortured him and he doesn't know why. "They didn't ask me any questions."
This fires up Jack. He walks over to the two armed guards at the door and tells them to step aside; which they do. {Wow! That was too easy.}

Jack finds his way and walks right into Dogen's lab where he's mixing up a concoction. Lennon is happy to see Shephard came on his own. Jack demands to know what they did to Sayid. The talking head, Lennon says they didn't do anything to him, "Your friend is sick."
He tried to find explain, although there's not a literal translation...the closest thing would be..."infected".
Jack doubts that as Sayid isn't even running a fever. Dogen gives a mocking chuckle.
Jack-"Did I say something funny?"
Lennon doubts it because, "He doesn't really have a sense of humor" although Lennon's comment seems to amuse Dogen.
Dogen has created a pill which he wants Jack to give his friend. Jack wonders why Dogen doesn't give it to him.
Lennon-"Because it won't work unless he takes it willingly and he won't take it willingly from us." {He kind of laughs his way through that.}
Jack-"Maybe you should have asked him to take it before you tortured him."
Lennon-"We didn't torture him. We were diagnosing him." You see if he was infected. Jack isn't giving anything to Sayid unless he knows what's in it.
This compels Dogen to reach out to Jack by speaking English and playing on the role/fault that Jack played in Sayid getting hurt; along with the others who were hurt or died by helping Jack. {All of this for a friggin pill! Come on!}
Dogen tells guilty Jack that this {pill mission} is his way to redeem himself. He puts the tiny with package with the pill in Jack's hand.
Dogen-"It's medicine. And your friend needs it."
Jack-"What happens if I don't give it to him?"
Dogen-"The infection will spread."

Miles questions Sayid about his experience. "So, nothing,there wasn't anything? No white light, angels singing, no dead relatives?"
Sayid remembers being shot.
Hurley wonders if he's a zombie. Sayid is not a zombie. {So, did Sayid "really" die or not?}
Hurley is cool leaving Jack and Sayid alone for their chat because "Yeah, see, private talks kinda freak me out coz they usually lead to me having to do something I don't quite understand."
Jack-"I'm right there with ya."
Miles and Hurley will be in the "food court" if they need them. Jack drinks some water from a canteen and Sayid doesn't want a drink when Jack offers him some.
Jack tells weak and angry Sayid that the Others were trying to diagnose him. Sayid doesn't buy it, "They told me it was some sort of test...which they said I passed. Clearly I didn't."
Jack shows him the pill that the Others claim is medicine.
Jack- "I don't know. And you know before, when you, when you thanked me for saving your life... I didn't have anything to do with it Sayid. I didn't fix you, they did."
Sayid-"I don't care who fixed me. I only care about who I trust. So if you want me to take that pill Jack, I'll do it."
{Is it just me or does Sayid's accent sound different. lol. You can see Jack is not sure and he also doesn't know who to trust. Does he take the leap of faith?}

Jin asks Kate, "Where are you going?"
Kate is catching up with Sawyer even though she has no intention of going back to the temple; she's not interested in being a prisoner.
Jin-"Where did your plane land, Kate?!"
You know, the plane she, Jack and Hurley came in on. Sun was on that plane too and he has to find her. {OMG! He's SO close!!}
Kate-"You think they're gonna tell you? You think they care about you or about Sun or about any of us?" {Who?! Kate you ass, he's talking directly to you!}
Jin-"Who do you care about, Kate?"
Kate wishes him "good luck" and walks away. When she catches up with Sawyer she guess they'll figure out what to do next.
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Kate drives the taxi with the directions in her hand. Claire asks where her handcuffs went.
Kate-"I cut them off." Claire likes the nice neighborhood and feels the "couple" are nice too. {Kate gives a look.}
Claire-" What you think they didn't come to the airport on purpose?"
Kate-"Why would I think that?"
Claire-"Good. Coz They didn't." They arrive at the house and Claire needs the support of her new criminal friend to go in with her because she doesn't want to go up there on her own. Kate wonders if she's kidding her.
Distraught Mrs. Bascom answers the door. Claire introduces herself to the woman. Mrs. Bascom won't be adopting the baby because her husband left her. She wants Claire to believe that she wanted the baby so much but she can't do it alone.
Claire-"So you just changed your mind?" Mrs. Bascom explains her life is a little bit complicated.
Kate speaks up on Claire's behalf, "She came all the way from Australia and you don't call?"
On cue Claire gets pains, "Ah! It's coming!"
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Armed Kate arrives at the ramshackle Dharma barracks. She hears noise coming from inside a house; Sawyer's house.

She watches him from the hallway as he retrieves a memory box{Magic box} from beneath the floorboards. The heartbroken man takes out a small piece of brown fabric. It means something to him. He hears a noise and threatens to shoot the intruder. Kate tells him she's there because she was worried about him. Sawyer doesn't really give a shit.

Kate pulls the taxi up to an emergency clinic where Claire is put into a blue wheelchair. The nurse is informed Claire thinks she's having contractions that started 3 minutes ago. {A whole entire fucking three minutes ago!! Wow!}
A black and white cop car pulls into the lot. Kate confirms to the nurse she's with Claire.

In the OB Triage and hooked up to monitors, Claire is near panic over what's going on with the baby. Kate heads into the hallway and grabs the attention of Dr. Goodspeed to go and take a look at Claire. Claire's freaking out.
Goodspeed-"What's that mother nature's gotten a little ahead of herself. Are you ready to have your baby?"
Claire-"Ah,ah,I'm sorry what!?"
Goodspeed-"You're at 36 weeks. 3 centimeters dilated, and about 80 percent effaced, which means...if you want you can have your baby tonight."
Claire-"If I want? So what y, you, you mean you can stop it then?"
Goodspeed-"Maybe, however to do that would require a number of drugs."
Claire-"What drugs? I mean will that hurt the baby?"
Goodspeed-"No their perfectly safe, I just don't wanna have to stick you with needles if I don't have to. So, it's up to you."
Claire-"I,I'm not ready." {So, just like that it gets to be "turned off-stopped" hmmm}
Goodspeed-"OK, let's get her started on an Nifedipine drip." The Maternal Fetal monitor goes flat line and Claire freaks.

Goodspeed-"Margret, let's do an ultrasound. I want to get a picture of what's going on in there, ah, it could just mean the baby's out of position."
Claire-"Wh,what are you saying? What's happening to my baby!? Is my baby ok? Is Aaron Ok?"
Goodspeed-"See? {baby image moves} There he is. Everything's just fine. Your boy just likes to move around. 140 BPM perfectly normal. I have a feeling, that Aaron, is gonna be a handful. Now let's see if we can slow this down. Ya did great mommy. Thanks."
Kate holds Claire's hand or Claire holds Kate's hand.

{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Sawyer site alone on the end of the dock until Kate comes to visit.
Kate-"A couple of days ago you asked me why I came back to the island...I need to find Claire. I thought, maybe if I could catch up to you, you could help me, and then, maybe if we could find her and bring her back to Aaron then maybe all of this wouldn't have been for nothing. I'm sorry. I never should have followed you."
Sawyer-"Which time?"
Kate notes the house he shared with Juliet and apologizes to him for Juliet. "If I hadn't come after you on the sub then you two would have left and she would have never died..."
Sawyer feels it's not her fault she's dead, he feels it's his fault. He is teary eyed telling the story of when Juliet was sitting on the dock "tryin' to leave this place... and I convinced her to stay. I made her stay on this island because I didn't want to be alone. You understand that, right? But, uh... But I think some of us are meant to be alone. {He looks at a diamond ring he's holding} I was gonna ask her to marry me." {Got that engagement ring from the Dharma Initiative jeweler, did ya?} He throws the ring into the water. He feels Kate can probably make it back to the temple by nightfall and walks away. Kate cries alone.

Dogen spins a baseball on his desk {Note typewriter, red books, cloth under typewriter.} Jack walks in and asks, "What's that?"
{Really, Jack?! You know baseball, don't ya? Your daddy taught you all about the Red Socks.}
Jack remarks Dogen speaks pretty good English for someone who needs a translator.
Dogen is amused, "We both know that I don't need a translator."
He explains he needs one because he has to remain separate from the people he's in charge of. {Walks among them, but is not one of them.} It makes it easier when they don't like the decisions he makes for them. {Is Jack talking to himself here!?}
Jack-"Who are you?"
Dogen-"My name is Dogen."
Jack-"Are you from here, the island?"
Dogen-"I was brought here like everyone else." {See, the "island" is a place you are brought to.}
Jack-"What do you mean, brought here?"
Dogen-"You know exactly what I mean... You didn't give your friend the pill, did you?"
Jack confirms he didn't because he doesn't know what's in it. Jack "got that" it would eliminate the infection.
Jack holds the pill and asks "What's in it?"
Dogen can't explain; there isn't any time, even though Dogen says "he'll die..."
Jack-"He already died!" Jack insists on knowing what's in it and Dogen just wants Jack to trust him. {Again, Jack can't trust/leap of faith.}
Jack-"I don't trust myself. How am I supposed to trust you?...Let's see where trust gets us."
Jack swallows the pill and Dogen physically removes the pill from him. Jack wonders if Dogen will tell him now what's in it. {Boy, Jack is still stubborn!}

Claire smiles as she looks at the black and white ultrasound printout image of the baby. She is visited by a detective and officer. The woman detective Rasmussen comes in asking about the woman who signed in with Claire, Joan Hart.
Claire didn't immediately know who she was talking about.

The police officer looks around but doesn't seem to do a very good job because he doesn't find Joan Hart who is hiding in an attached storage room.
Claire tells the detective Joan Hart was just the cab driver. "I needed help and she brought me up here."
Rasmussen asks if Hart gave any indication where she was headed. Claire doesn't know so they leave.
Joan Hart thanks Claire and Claire asks, "Why are they after you? What did you do?"
Joan/Kate-"Would you believe me if I said I was innocent?"
Claire would believe her. She also offers Joan/Kate her "not much of a limit" credit card for doing what she did for her. Of course Joan/Kate takes it and compliments the baby's name; Aaron.
Amused Claire doesn't know why she said it, "It's like... I don't know...I knew it or something."
Joan/Kate-"I think you should keep him."
Claire wishes her good luck.
Joan/Kate-"You too."
{Air plane engine/sounds-rumble}
Kate fills up her canteen from the spout outside a Dharma house and she watches lost Sawyer enter the house; he doesn't say a word to her.

Dogen pours 2 cups of tea and confirms to Lennon that Jack swallowed it. Dogen puts the cup in front of Jack and Jack questions what it is. Dogen tells him it's tea and they both drink it. Jack wonders why they want to kill Sayid.
Dogen-"We believe he's been...{says something in Japanese}"
Lennon-"The closest translation is claimed." Jack asks claimed by "what".
Dogen-"There's a darkness growing in him. Once it reaches his heart...Everything your friend once was...will be gone."
Jack wonders how Dogen can be sure of that.
Dogen-"Because it happened to your sister."

Jin treks through the jungle with a rifle and stops for a drink by the stream and is jumped by Aldo and Justin. Aldo knees him, "That's for my head!" He asks where that bitch is. Jin tells Aldo he doesn't understand as he's going back to the temple. Justin thinks Jin is alone and they should take him back, but Aldo remarks, "Maybe we didn't find him alive."
Justin-"Aldo, no! We can't, he's one of them!"
Aldo-"He may be one of them." Jin makes a run for it and his foot is caught in a trap! Sarcastic Aldo asks Jin, "Where you going?" and is shot two times in the chest while Justin gets taken out with one shot. Jin looks up to see it is Claire who fired the shots.
Claire looks puzzled and confused.

What Kate Does is a GREAT episode!
Hmmm, make a quick change, Kate.
I am so sad for Sawyer, after a few years of finding peace, love and a sense of "growing up" he now has a broken heart that is being filled with hurt, anger and loneliness.
Is the "infection" a form of a poisoned heart? Meaning a heart that is so hurt it turns ugly and filled with anger and resentment? Or is the "infection" a contamination of something else? Maybe there is no "infection" at all.
Kate and all the Lostie's seem to me to be having memory and a sense of things being very familiar. How can we deny that?!
Plus we still get repeated "Island" images/dialogue/scenarios/people/clothes/items that are very close to "off island". How can we deny that?!

Another thing I should mention is after all these years with the way I format my notes and photos I think it's safe to say the same clues do indeed repeat themselves over and over and over again... like a friggin loop!

Things to Note...Questions to ask...
* We see two different versions of Kate's dialogue with the taxi driver at the airport. WTF is up with that?
* This season seems to have a state of voices and sounds in the background.
* Sawyer yells "Hey, I'm walking here" in Two for the Road when Christian is getting out of the car at the bar.
* Karma. Redemption.
* Life-Death-Rebirth.
* Kate doesn't notice Claire's pregnant until she looks through the bag.
* Game. Deal. Strategy. Baseball. Christian.
* On the move. Out of position. Time. Timer.
* Test. Exam. Examine. Diagnose.
* Richard doesn't want Locke shot and Dogen doesn't want Sawyer shot.
* Sawyer throws an engagement ring in the water. Desmond throws an engagement ring in the water.
* Sayid is connected to a machine that produces electric current. This also happened when Rousseau captured him. And we've seen Locke use a machine that supposedly stimulates his legs with electric current.
* Maybe only a part of Sayid "died".
* Mechanic. Machines. Tools. Chains. Medical equipment. Ultrasound.
* Wires. Electro-machine. Head restraint. Limb restraints.
* Driver. Tools. Toolbox. Monitor. Printed out data/photo.
* Head and Chest- Hearts and Minds.
* Head. Lightheaded.
* Guns, Guns, Guns, Guns...and yes...more guns.
* Aldo hints to the episode Not in Portland with room 23.
* Pills. Drugs. Alchemy. Medical.
* Prison.
* Do sick, infected and claimed all mean the same thing?
* What is real {if anything} and what is not?
* Who is telling the truth? Who is manipulating? Who can be trusted? What are lies?
* Polaroid picture of Claire. In Santa Rosa Hugo's photo with Dave was a Polaroid.
* The stuffed whale was seen with Aaron when Kate and Jack were together in L.A.
* Decoy. Fake. Picture.
* There's rules on how to take the "pill".
* Tests. Challenges. Missions.
* Jack feels the Others in the temple fixed Sayid.
* Days mixed up. 10-22-2004.
* "Ethan"-"Goodspeed" is a doctor in L.A.. We've seen him in Miami and on the "island". Is he in L.A. because Cheng saved him from one of the purges? Or is "Ethan" anywhere he "needs" to be?
* Ethan examined pregnant Claire on the "island".
* I wouldn't be surprised if the temple with its courtyard is shown in an overhead shot and it's the shape of a huge Bagua. The center of a Bagua offers protection.
* Does Jack know why they were brought to the island? How much does Jack really know about other "island" related things and people?
* The tortured torturer gets tortured!

* I must again bring up The Psychedelic Experience.  Based on The Tibetan Book of the Dead, it is an instruction manual intended for use during sessions involving psychedelic drugs.  It is authored by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert.
I also wanted to add that in the 1960's John Lennon and the Beatles explored the "mind freeing" and "altered state of consciousness" experiences with drugs to reach enlightenment, spiritual connection and experience "Ego Death".    On the album Revolver, specifically the song "Tomorrow Never Knows", Lennon's lyrics were directly connected to Timothy Leary's The Psychedelic Experience.

Turn off your mind, relax and float down stream
It is not dying, it is not dying
Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void
It is shining, it is shining
Yet you may see the meaning of within
It is being, it is being
Love is all and love is everyone
It is knowing, it is knowing
And ignorance and hate mourn the dead
It is believing, it is believing
But listen to the color of your dreams
It is not leaving, it is not leaving
So play the game "  Existence"  to the end
Of the beginning, of the beginning
Of the beginning, of the beginning...

Vocabulary and Research...
* Ajira is Hindi for Island.
* Claimed-A basis for demanding something; a title or right. 2). To state to be true, especially when open to question.
* John Langdon is an American graphic designer, ambigram artist, painter and writer. Langdon is known mostly through his association with author Dan Brown and his books Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol.
* LUCK SYMBOLS- Rabbit foot. Horse shoe. Penny.
* I found my old notes from Fire + Water to be interesting after seeing this episode.

We learned in What Kate Did that Kate has murder in her heart.
The mirror Kate looks into was not clear, could that mean she's "infected"?    We also know she has a soft spot for babies.
What does Kate do? She takes control of people's lives, pulls them in and doesn't realize the enormity of the wake she leaves them in. What is really in Kate's heart?

These people are desperate to know, "Where are they going?" and they look in the mirror and wonder, "Who are you?"   Those are real questions someone who is truly lost will ask.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Understood? Good! Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance! It will get very exciting as we progress into the story.


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