March 30, 2010

JOpinionated chats with The ODI about Ab Aeterno.

Hi Losties!

Jo of Get LOST with JOpinionated hangs out with The ODI,  Vozzek and me to discusses the awesome LOST episode Ab Aeterno.  We enjoyed  reliving wonderful moments in Ab Aeterno, such as Richard's crazy laugh, his love Isabella, the interaction of Richard with both the MiB and Jacob, the reveals of the Black Rock smashing into the 4-Toed Foot and much more!

Jo joined us for the first time and she experienced some of the more "out of the box" thoughts and theories we have covered on the podcast.  We also focused on the possibility that Jacob and MiB are one in the same person and/or perhaps have a split personality. Think we are crazy?? Well listen to the podcast to find out how crazy!

We also chatted with her about her experiences writing about LOST, visiting the set of Fringe and V.  Jo announced just today she is now officially writing for AOL TV!  CONGRATULATIONS TO JO!

Have fun and enjoy!

ODI LOSTcast 59 - Episode 6x09 Ab Aeterno Recap and Theories

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