July 18, 2010

Circling back around to White Rabbit,The Moth, House of the Rising Sun

Hi Losties!

I am so sorry for the delay in posting. Even though I didn’t post additional notes for the past three episodes I want you to have access to my original notes for each of the episodes. These episodes contain some very important things that set a thread for all the other episodes.
So click here for detailed notes on 
White Rabbit
The Moth
House of the Rising Sun
I hope you find them useful.
White Rabbit is a great episode showing us a few of the “links” that make up Jack’s emotional “chain”, hence making him the lost man we see on the “Island” journey.   A couple of those “links” are alcohol, drugs and his feelings of being “kept down”.    Jack is the assumed “Island” hero who is called upon to save a drowning person in the ocean.  He saves fellow castaway Boone, but isn’t able to save Joanna.   I really find it more of a metaphor of Jack not being able to find and save himself. There is no doubt that Jack has fallen down deep into the rabbit hole.  Plus pay close attention to Mr. Locke in this very important episode.
The Moth is a great Charlie centric.  We see that the “Island” has an agenda…to help lost people find their way.   The one hit wonder rocker is having to deal with kicking a drug addiction and also struggles with his spiritual self.  This heartwarming episode literally shows us that the “power” and “light” to change lives inside of you, and that you have to look into your heart and believe. This is also an episode that brings to light one of the possibilities to how the “Island” adventure is occurring. It’s all so exciting!
House of the Rising Sun is a wonderful episode.   The “Island” is willing to offer you “something” as long as you offer the “Island” “something” in return.  We are introduced to “Adam and Eve” in the caves.  Two sides, black and white and the “Island’s” struggle for balance are reinforced. We wonder what the importance of a “watch” and “time” is? And Sun has issues with the men in her life. “Communication” seems to be one very important issue that all of the Castaways must learn.

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