August 12, 2008

PILOT part 2

Let's talk about LOST!     Pilot. Part 2

Jack, Charlie and Kate walk through the jungle from their monster eats the pilot trek. Charlie keeps asking Jack if he’s getting anything on the transceiver; Jack's not getting anything. Charlie reminds him that before the pilot was ripped from the cockpit he did say that no one will find them unless they get that transceiver working.
Still nothing.
Kate wonders Charlie what he was doing in the bathroom. Charlie informs her he was getting sick “My one tangible contribution to the trek.”
Kate is happy that Charlie came.
Charlie- “Every trek needs a coward.”
Kate- “You’re not a coward.”
Charlie stops; you can see his mind start to “think”.

Charlie is in the plane. He sits nervously in his seat tapping his DS ring on the arm of his aisle {isle} seat. He has headphones around his neck. Stewardess Cindy asks him if he’s alright. Charlie says he’s good. She offers him water but he declines the offer. Cindy, noticing his behavior, seems troubled by it so she tells the other stewardess. Charlie gets out of his seat and rushes to the bathroom in the front of the plane. He passes by Jack, Rose and Locke. He tries the doors to two lavatories but they are locked. Then literally walks right through Boone and Shannon’s row moving on ahead to first class. Cindy tries to get Charlie to get back to his seat. The plane takes a bit of a dive; the fasten seatbelt signs light up. Cindy, wanting Charlie back in his seat, announces this order from the Captain. Charlie goes into the lav and locks himself in. He removes his right size 8 black and white vans sneaker and takes out stashed heroin.

A male stewardess bangs on the door asking if he’s alright; they want him to open the door. Charlie uses a bit of the drug. Charlie touches and looks deep into the mirror. He’s high. He purposefully drops the rest of the heroin in the toilet. The stewardesses are still banging on the door for him. As Charlie’s about to flush away the drugs…turbulence! Charlie flies upward! He gets out of the bathroom and avoids getting hit with a rolling beverage cart and makes it to an empty window seat. He belts himself in and puts on mask.

Shannon sunbathes in an orange bikini among the wreckage. {As if nothing is wrong.} Boone tells her they are going through bags sorting clothes. He sees that Shannon found her bag. Shannon doesn’t want to give them a hand, “You’re wasting your time. They’re coming.”
Claire, with a cut on her chin asks Shannon if that’s her boyfriend. Shannon reveals it’s her brother Boone “Gods friggin gift to humanity.”
Pregnant Claire shares, “I used to have a stomach.”
Shannon looks at her and asks, “Do you know what it is?”
Claire-“Not yet.” She hasn’t felt the baby move since yesterday. Shannon doesn’t acknowledge her concern.

Sun watches Jin collect food from the water. Michael comes from behind “Aaaa. Excused me…Uh, Hey…Have you seen my boy?”
Sun replies in Korean. Jin watches Michael with Sun and he demands she button up the top of her sweater. Michael realizes Jin is controlling says he’s sorry and walks away calling out for “Walt.”

Walt holding a red leash is in the jungle calling out for Vincent; only he’s not yelling the name, he’s loudly whispering it, “Come here boy.”
No Vincent.
Walt finds a pair of handcuffs on the ground. Michael finds Walt and is upset, “What did I tell you after everything that’s happened?”   Walt explains he thought that maybe Vincent would be around. But Michael told Walt to stay on the beach. Michael insists Walt listen to him, “I mean what I say.”
Michael takes the newly discovered handcuffs from Walt; his eyes search for something in the jungle. They walk off.

Sayid and Sawyer are in a fist fight on the beach. Jack breaks it up; Michael helps separate them. Apparently Sawyer accuses Sayid of crashing the plane, “If the shoe fits, Buddy!”

Michael presents the cuffs that his kid found in the jungle to Jack. Sawyer tells us that “This guy was sitting in the back row of business class the whole flight, never got up. Hands folded underneath the blanket.”
Sayid thanks him for observing his behavior. Sawyer also mentions that he saw them pull him out of line before they boarded.
Kate yells for them to stop, “We found the transceiver but it’s not working. Can anybody help?” { and just like that the fight is over.}
Sayid may be able to help. Sawyer makes a big deal about trusting this guy. Hurley suggests they treat each other with a little respect.
Sawyer tells “Lardo” to shut up. Jack tells Sawyer to give it a break.
Sawyer-‘Whatever you say Doc. You’re the hero.”
Boone asks Jack if there were any survivors at the cockpit.

Sayid announces the transceiver is duel band military spec; chances are the battery is good but the radio is dead.
Kate asks “Can you fix it?”
Sayid-“I need some time.”
Rose tells Jack he should take a look at the man with the shrapnel.

Sayid opens up the transceiver. Hurley sits next to him and complains about the chain smoking redneck. Sayid comments some people have problems, referring to the redneck.
Hurley-“Some people have problems. Us...Him.”
Hurley thinks Sayid’s OK, “I like you.”
They shake hands and introduce themselves. Sayid admits to Hurley he knows how do to all the radio stuff, because he was a military communications officer.
Hurley-“You ever see battle?”
Sayid fought in the gulf war. Hurley’s got a buddy who fought over there; he was in the 104th Airborne.
Hurley-“ What were you? Air Force? Army?”
Sayid shares that he served in the Republican Guard.
Kate stands alone in the water washing herself. Sun gets her attention; she is trying to tell her something but only communicates in Korean. Sun points in a direction. Kate nods her head yes/Okay, as to tell her she understands.

Kate meets up with Sayid on the beach. The transceiver seems to be working except they’re not picking up a signal. Kate wonders why he wants to receive a signal when they need to send a signal.
Sayid explains “What you want to see here is little bars. The bars would show the radio’s getting reception.”
They need the bars.
Sayid-“We could broadcast blind. Hope that someone, maybe a ship somewhere picks up our distress call. But that would be a waste of the battery.” Which may not last too long. Sayid suggests they try getting a signal from higher ground.

Jack tends to the shrapnel guy (the marshal); he’s bleeding very badly. Kate {No scratches on face} watches and then asks how the guys doing. Jack was hoping he’d be at a hospital by now so he needs to think about removing the shrapnel; he needs to find antibiotics. Kate informs him she’s going on a hike as they need to get the fixed transceiver to send a signal.
Jack is upset, “Kate, you saw what that thing did to the pilot.”
She did.
Kate-“What makes you think we’re any safer here than we are in the jungle?”  Jack wants her to wait for him, but of course they can’t because Sayid said the battery won’t last. Jack concedes and tells Kate of she sees or hears anything “Run

Jin cuts up sea food and Sun helps. Jin is very particular on what he allows Sun to do; he actually slaps her hand as if she’s a child that’s done wrong. Without saying a word he takes the seafood tray from Sun and walks away. Sun rebelliously opens the top button on her sweater. Jin, speaking Korean, offers food to Hurley who is washing his plaid shirt in the water. Even though Hurley admits to starving, he refuses the food.

Walt is reading a comic book written in Spanish. The Flash and the Green Lantern- Faster Friends. Michael asks him if he reads Spanish. Walt says no; he found it. Michael offers Walt that when they get home he’ll get him another dog. Without saying a word Walt takes Vincent’s red leash, the comic book and storms away from Michael.

Charlie kneels down by a tree and pours out some of the heroin in his hand.

On the beach Jack asks Hurley for help; he needs him to look through the luggage for any kind of prescription medication especially drugs that end in “myocin” and “cillin“. {Those are antibiotics to you and me!}
Hurley {Wearing plaid shirt} asks “What’s this for?”

Charlie, who is wobbly, relaxes on the ground...high.

Shannon {Wearing yellow laced sneakers} is sitting and crying. She is looking at a man's dead body and tells Boone, “I think I was mean to him….He’s that guy from the gate. He wouldn’t let us have our seats in first class. He saved our lives.”
Boone tries to get her to come help clear some of the wreckage. He feels she’s being “worthless” just being over here sitting on her ass staring at bodies. She argues she’s just been through a trauma. Boone remarks they’ve all be through a trauma, but since the crash she’s been able to give herself a pedicure. They argue about him making fun of her.
Shannon-“Screw You! You do not have the slightest idea what I am thinking.”
He thinks he has a much better idea than she thinks he does.
Boone-“OK Shannon, then what are you thinking?"
Shannon catches a glimpse of Kate and Sayid getting their back packs. Shannon impulsively decides she’s going with them on the hike.
Boone- “No you’re not.”
Oh, yes she is!
Shannon approaches Kate and Sayid and tells them she wants to go. Boone interjects mentioning that this is what she does, her way of making really bad decisions that upset her family, “Which at the moment is me.”
Kate doesn’t think her going is such a good idea.
Shannon-“What, are you two years older than me? Please.”
Charlie puts himself right in the middle of the group; he’s going if she’s going. Kate says everyone can go but they’re leaving now.
Charlie, referring to Kate -“You couldn’t really tell from that, but she’s actually really nice.” {How does he know how nice she is?}

Sawyer literally sits in the middle of wreckage. {It looks almost cradle-like.} He’s smoking and reading a letter that appears to be torn out of a spiral notebook. {Watch him when he reads it.}

The transceiver group heads off through the jungle. Something has motivated Sawyer the complex guy, to join the group. This bunch literally climbs up steep mountains to reach higher ground.

Jack’s looking through suitcases for some sort of blade. He asks Michael how his son is.
Michael- “Walt? Yeah, I think he’ll be alright.”
Jack-“How old is he?”
Michael-“9. 10. 10. Walt’s more worried about his dog than anything. The dog was on the plane, so…Kids, you know.”
Jack- “Is it a lab?”  {It is a lab}
Jack saw him yesterday in the jungle. What? Where? Over there. {A friggin rhyme!} a couple of hundred yards in or so; he looked good. Jack finds a blade.

Walt with the dogs red leash, comes upon Locke who is setting up the backgammon game. {Was he waiting for Walt? In the middle of a game? What?}
Walt, asks from behind Locke if it’s like checkers. Locke tells him it’s a better game than checkers. He asks Walt if he plays checkers with his Pop.
Walt, still behind Locke answers,“ No. I live in Australia with my mom.”
Locke comments the boy has no accent. Walt shares they move a lot. He continues, “She got sick. She died a couple of weeks ago.
Locke-“You’re having a bad month.”
Walt-“I guess.” {As if it’s no big deal.} Walt comes around to sit opposite Locke.
Locke explains backgammon’s the oldest game in the world. Archeologist's found sets when they excavated the ruins of ancient Mesopotamia. 5,000 years old. That’s older than Jesus Christ. Walt inquires if they had dice and stuff. Indeed they did, although they were made from bones. Walt thinks that’s “Cool.”
Locke explains, “Two players. Two sides. One is light. One is dark. Walt. Do you wanna know a secret?” {Left hand holds light, right hand holds the dark and his red scar in the middle.}

Claire writes in her diary. {One earring, left ear.} Jin offers her food after all she needs to eat. She initially declines then takes a piece. She feels the baby move. She's very excited and wants Jin to feel it too. She forces him to touch her belly. Claire is happy “He’s” moving around. She thinks it’s a “he”.

Walking in single file in the jungle, Sawyer suggests they check the radio. Sayid doesn’t want to waste the batteries; he believes they wouldn’t get any reception. They argue. Sayid feels if he checks they may not have any juice left when we get to… All of a sudden there is LOUD NOISE and rustling in the tall grass. Something is coming toward them. Kate tells them to move. Shannon panics and says “I shouldn’t have come on this.” She screams, they run, all except Sawyer. He stands firm and fires 10 shots at a charging polar bear. They all gather around the big bear. Boone asks if that’s what killed the pilot. {He knows the monster killed the pilot???}
Charlie-“ No. No. That’s a tiny teeny version compared to that.” {So, what did Charlie see?} This polar bear is still breathing.

Hurley is helping Jack with the shrapnel guy. Jack will remove the metal from his chest but Jack has put the guy out.
Hurley- “How do you know he won’t wake up when you yank that thing out?”
Jack sterilizes the blade with a lighter.
Hurley talks to the guys “Hey guy, are you awake?”
Jack chuckles as Hurley mocks to try to wake the guy, “There’s a rescue plane, we’re saved, Yeah!!” {I love how the marshal’s legs are crossed! And there’s more unbroken little bottle of liquor. Lol!} They both confirm "he’s out" and unlikely that he’ll regain consciousness; but the pain might bring him around. Hurley needs to hold him down. Hurley lets Jack know he not so good around blood and he may faint. Jack tells him not to look. And indeed Hurley faints.

In the jungle, the group agrees it’s a polar bear. Polar bears don’t live this far south, but this one does. Kate asks Sawyer where did that come from.
Sawyer- “Probably bear village.”
She was talking about the gun not the bear. {She doesn't wonder where the bear came from?}
Sawyer tells them he got it off one of the bodies; a U.S. Marshal.
Kate asks how he knows that. {WOW! She asked Jack, how he “knew all that” too.} He took the gun, thought it may come in handy; he was right. The marshal had a clip on badge so he took that too.
Sayid states, “I know who you are. You’re the prisoner.”
He goes on assuming the cuffs were on Sawyer.
Sawyer- “Fine. I’m the criminal. You’re the terrorist. We can all play a part. Who do you wanna be?”
Kate snags the gun from Sawyers back waistband and asks if anybody knows how to use a gun.
Charlie- “I think you just pull the trigger.”
Kate wants to take it apart.Sayid gives her the instructions. Once apart she gives the bullets to Sayid and the empty gun to Sawyer.
Sawyer grabs her close “I know your type.”
He remembers girls like her but apparently not exactly like Kate. She walks away obviously troubled about something.

A stewardess asks Kate if she wants a refill. Kate is fine with what she has. Kate is sitting next to the marshal. The stewardess asks the marshal if he’d like a cocktail or soda. He wants black coffee.
The marshal chats, says Kate looks worried, “You gotta stay positive Kiddo. You know there’s always that off chance they’ll believe your story. I know I sure did.”
Cuffed Kate doesn’t care what he believes. He asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want anymore juice. They hit turbulence. The marshal smiles when the turbulence hits. Kate has one favor to ask the marshal. Instantly, a guy flies up, stuff starts falling, a case hits the marshal on the head. Kate can’t reach the mask! Kate takes his keys, un-cuffs herself then puts a mask on him and then herself. The tail section rips off from the mid section.

Sayid tells Kate “We should keep moving.”

As Jack works on the marshal he wakes up. Passed out Hurley lays on the ground. The marshal very strongly grabs Jack's shirt and whispers, "Where is she?" {Hmmm...Who?}

Sayid determines a good spot to try the radio. They’re up higher. He picks up a signal and is excited, “Bar. Hey! WE’VE GOT A BAR!”
He calls “Mayday” into the radio but gets feedback. He determines something else is already being transmitted but from where? He feels it's somewhere close, the signal is strong.
Charlie-“You mean on the island. That’s great!”
Boone- “Maybe its other survivors.”
Shannon- “From our plane? How would they even…
Sayid-“It could be a SAT phone, maybe a radio….”
He adjusts the frequency.
Sawyer-“There’s no transmission.”
Then all of a sudden they hear a transmission in French. Charlie’s excited to hear from the French! You can also hear a man’s voice repeating numbers-iterations (a counter) with it. The batteries are dying. They listen to the weird voice.
Shannon, who spent a year in Paris drinking not studying, barely speaks French translates....."It’s repeating…..She’s saying please. Please help me. Please come get me…..I’m alone now… Please someone come… The others, they’re dead…It killed them, It killed them all."
Boone {Stunned/stares} says to Shannon “That was good.”

Sayid says that French distress call/mayday, the loop has been running for 16 years and 5 months.
Sayid- “It’s been playing over and over for 16 years.”
Boone-“Someone else was stranded here?”
Charlie asks, “Guys...Where are we?”

Things to note…Questions to ask…
* It must have been pretty important for Charlie to stay in his seat. Cindy and two other stewardesses were pursuing Charlie as soon as he left his seat, all before the turbulence and the Pilot turning on the seatbelt sign and the plane going down. If Charlie was in the front of the plane near the cockpit, even when he gets to a seat, he still should be near the front. How far could he have crawled in those few moments? He still should be near the front section of the plane when it crashes. But Charlie ends up with the middle section survivors on the beach. To explore all options, did Charlie crawl all the way back to his seat (His original seat was an aisle seat) while the plane was going down or at least out of the very front of the plane? HA!
* Did the gate guy who wouldn’t give Shannon and Boone their seats in first class really save their lives, or was it part of the plan?
* Claire wears a black cord necklace with a symbol on it.
* Boone wears a black cord necklace with a symbol on it.
* Kate single handedly and instantly got the Sayid/Sawyer fight to stop just by the mention of the transceiver.
* Jumping ahead- The comic book belongs to Hurley, not Walt.
* Jumping ahead- Vincent the dog belongs to Brian, not Walt.
* Shoes. Pedicure. I.E. Foot/Feet.
* I sometimes feel like they are animals that were removed from the jungle/wild and placed in cages so they can be domesticated.
* I faint at the sight of blood in real life, yet I love horror movie. Go figure.
* Roles. Play a part.
* Sleep. Knocked Out. Unconscious….Awake.
* Does Kate know where they are? I’m just asking!

Vocabulary and Research….
* Bars- In psychology research on behaviorism,Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS) are scales used to report performance. BARS are normally presented vertically with scale points ranging from 5 to 9.
- A place where alcoholic/liquor beverages are sold and served; a social place.
* Bars, Dordogne, a commune of the Dordogne département in France.
* Rods/Sticks/Poles, or handrail made of structural steel.

** Island- sometimes called a key, bar, Atoll, Archipelago, cay, enclave, haven, isle. islet, isolate, refuge, retreat, sanctuary.
* Battery- In chess, a battery consists of two or more pieces on the same rank, file, or diagonal.
* A set of small cages where hens are kept for the purpose of farming their eggs.
* A coordinated group of artillery.
* Battery Island is a small granite island in south-eastern Australia.
* Juice : A liquid from a plant, especially fruit. or vegetable tissue.
- Electricity to energize. Power. Petrol. Gasoline. Gas Or even steroids.
- JUICE is a widely used non-commercial software package for editing and analyzing phytosociological data.
* JUICE is a J2ME experimental Java Virtual Machine.
* Loop modeling is a problem in protein structure prediction requiring the prediction of the conformations of loop regions in proteins without the use of a structural template.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

DISCLAIMER...I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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