August 15, 2008


Let's talk about LOST!  Tabula Rasa.

Claire and the survivors are on the beach going through luggage.

The Marshal tells Jack "Don't trust her. She's dangerous."
Jack- "Try not to move, man."
The Marshal keeps saying they/he have to find her, they/he have to bring her back.
Jack-"Every time I ask you who you have to bring back, you pass out on me again.  Since your fever is running pretty high, I'm guessing you have no idea who the hell you're talking about."
The Marshal, who now seems lucid, wants to know where his handcuffs are. He has Jack get something from his jacket pocket. It is a mug shot flyer. Again he tells Jack she's dangerous. Jack looks troubled.
Kate and the transceiver group trek back to the beach. Kate looks sad and troubled.
Boone comments that it's getting dark.
Sawyer -"Then pick up the pace."
Boone calls him a name {dick, I think}.
Sawyer-"A little louder."
Sayid suggests they make camp there. Sawyer doesn't want to stop so Sayid tells him to have a nice walk through the jungle in the dark.
Sawyer- "Ooooh. Afraid the tress are gonna get us?"
Sayid- "No. What is knocking down the trees will get you."
Maybe Sawyer should have the clip for the gun back. Kate tells him to put the gun back in his pants.
Kate confirms, "Sayid's right, you keep walking, you're not gonna make it to the beach."
Why, does she know something?
Kate-"Trust me."

Sayid uses a rock (to represent Australia) and a torch (to represent them/us) as visual aids,"This is Australia. This is us."
Sawyer-"Nice stick."
Sayid continues- "Two days ago we take off from Sydney.   We fly along the same north east route every commercial airliner bound for Los Angeles does."
Kate confirms the pilot says he lost communication with the ground six hours in; he turned around and headed for Fiji.   No one knew they changed course. The turbulence hit, "We know the rest."
Kate-"The pilot said we were 1,000 miles off course."
Charlie feels they'll find us, "They have satellites in space that can take pictures of your license plate."
Sayid- "If only we were all wearing license plates." Basic photography, point and shoot. Satellites can shoot, but must be told where to point.
Charlie- "Oh. Bullocks."
Sawyer-"Okay. Really enjoyed the puppet show. Fantastic...we're stuck in the middle of damn nowhere. How 'bout we talk about that other thing."
He refers to the transmission Abdul picked up on the radio with the French chick that said "They're all dead."  The 16 year loop. "Let's talk about that."
No one says anything about that.
Boone- "Well. We have to tell the others when they get back." But tell them what; they don't know what they heard after all Shannon's not a stupid translator.
Sayid suggests they don't say anything, "To relay what we heard, without fully understanding it, will cause a panic. If we tell them what we know, we take away their hope. And hope is a very dangerous thing to lose."
Kate-"So we lie."

Hurley asks Jack "Was it a dinosaur?"
Jack says it wasn't.
Hurley-"You say you didn't see it."
Jack- "I didn't."
They are busy making a tent to shelter the Marshal. Jack educates Hurley about knowing it wasn't a dinosaur because they are extinct.
Hurley-"Oh. Yeah."
Hurley asks what the Marshal's story is; he looks kind of...dying, and yellow.
Jack says he's not going to die.   His wound is infected; the antibiotics will fight it off.   If not, his body will shut down, one piece at a time. His abdomen goes rigid then..."
Hurley-" He looks like he's in pain."
Hurley picks up Kate's mug shot and wonders what she did; she looks pretty hard core.
Jack doesn't know; it's none of his business.

All of the transceiver group is sleeping except for Boone. He steals the clip from Sayid. Sayid wakes up.
Boone claims he's standing guard, "You heard what they said's out there."
Boone also took the gun from Sawyer.
Shannon is upset because Boone has never held a gun, doesn't believe in guns, "He goes on marches."
Boone-"I don't go on marches."
There's an argument about Sawyer's misuse of the word Aljazeera {the network}.
Shannon suggests Kate hold the gun. They all agree.
{Flash Whoosh}
...A rifle is pulled on "Kate" in Australia as she sleeps in Ray Mullens sheep pen. {Ray hold rifle in left hand. There are lockers on the back wall.}  She says she walked from the nearest town; 15 kilometers.
She tells Ray her name is Annie.
Ray feeds her bacon, eggs and coffee and he asks her why she's trespassing on his property. She says she's from Canada and she ran out of money. She graduated from college and wanted to see the world; Australia was tops on her list so she hoped a flight to Melbourne.    She doesn't know anybody "here", so she figured she'd walk for a while.
Ray states that "Melbourne's a hundred kilometers from here."
She likes walking and she likes farms too; knows how to work one. Ray's wife died 8 months earlier. {He still wears wedding ring} He offers her a fair wage and a place to stay if she helps with the chores. She agrees to the "Deal."
She wants to "Shake" on it, but Ray shows he has a prosthetic right arm. He's a lefty.
(Check out the arms!)
Hurley runs to tell Jack, who is still tending to the marshal, that they're back.

Sayid gathers the survivors around to recap the trek, "As you and the others know, I hiked up the mountain in an attempt to help the rescue team locate us. The transceiver failed to pick up a signal. We weren't able to send out a call for help."  They won't give up.  He has everyone gather up all their electronic equipment, he can boost the signal and try again.    It may take time so he gives instructions to ration remaining food and gather rain water.   He needs to organize three separate groups; each group should have a leader. 1 group for water. {He'll organize that}
Sayid asks, "Who's going to organize electronics?" {Why not Sayid? That's fucked up!}
Jack is relieved to see Kate.
Kate needs to tell him something. She tells them about the blocking signal preventing them from sending a signal.
Kate- "It was a distress call from a French woman. She said that the others were dead. That something had killed them all. She was alone on the Island. It's been playing for 16 years, Jack."
She felt she wanted to tell him.
Jack asks if there's anything else she wants to tell him.  Kate looks back at the tent housing the Marshal and asks how he is, "He wake up?"
Jack-"Just for a few seconds during the surgery."
He lies to Kate and says the Marshal didn't say anything.

As Hurley and Jack are moving two plane seats, Hurley wants to know what Kate said; since they know about the mug shot, the cuffs and that guy keeps saying she's dangerous.
Jack tells him again, "I don't know anything." It's not his business, it's not his problem.
Hurley- "Yeah, you're right. We'll let Johnny Fever take care of her when he gets better."
Only he's not getting better, he needs stronger antibiotics.
The stuff Hurley gave him was for ear infections and foot fungus; apparently they went through everything. Jack asks about the luggage in the overhead compartments.  Hurley won't go in there with the dead bodies.    Hurley will keep an eye on...Jack will handle it.

Jack with a flashlight, looks for meds in the dark fuselage. Jack hears a noise.
"Boo." It's Sawyer trick or treating.
Jack calls it looting. He wants to know what's in Sawyers bag.
Sawyer has Booze, smokes and a couple of Playboy, "What's in yours?"
Jack wonders if this what he does back home too, "Steal from the dead?"
Sawyer- "Brother. You gotta wake up... Rescue aint coming."
Sawyer feels Jack's wasting his time trying to save that guy. He also asks how many of those pills is he going to use to fix him up.
Sawyer says to Jack, "YOU'RE JUST NOT LOOKING AT THE BIG PICTURE, Doc. You're still in civilization." And he's in the wild.

On the beach Charlie uses the wheelchair to cart luggage. He helps Claire. Charlie comments about the wheelchair, "Well, look on the bright side. Whose ever this was is probably better off than we are."

Sun thinks she found Jin's bag.   Jin checks it but it's not his. He tells Sun she looks filthy, she needs to wash up. As she walks way he says "I love you." She forces a smile back.

Charlie asks Claire how the baby is and discovers there is no man in her life.   That's very modern of her. Claire makes a comment about those guys hiking up the mountain for nothing.

Hurley runs out of the tent carrying three empty water bottles, right into Kate. He nervously tells her he was going to get water. They haven't met before; Kate introduces herself. She was looking for Jack. Jack went to get medicine from the fuselage. Kate has a gun sticking out of her pants back waist band. This makes Hurley even more nervous. He pretty much runs away from her. {He looks back when he runs}

Rain hits the beach and everyone tries to take cover and gather rain water.
Kate enters the Marshal's tent.
As she leans over him {Apparently check if he's conscious} he appears to be out....{FLASH}.... Annie hides her wages in the pantry behind the wall in a tin can. {Pear jars dated 2003 and 2004} She's on the run again. Ray turns on the light and catches her. He would have held on to the money for her but she has trust issues.
Annie wrote Ray a note in place of saying goodbye.   She's been with Ray almost three months. Every time Ray asks her questions about herself she gets that look in her eye.
Ray convinces her to stay 1 more night; offers to drive her to the train station in the morning.
Ray-"I get it you. Everyone deserves a fresh start."……The marshal wakes up and chokes Kate. Jack breaks it up.
Jack asks Kate "What did you do?"
She was just checking him.
Jack gives the Marshal water and explains that he's not responding to antibiotics, he's bleeding internally, his fever is pushing 104 and his abdomen is ridged. Jack leaves to get him more water.

Outside the tent Kate asks Jack "What are you going to do about it?" {About him} She asks if he'll suffer and will it be quick.
Jack explains it won't be quick; it could take 2, 3 may be 4 days, and he'll feel it.    Kate wants Jack to put him out of his misery.
Jack admits he saw her mug shot.

Annie rides passenger in Ray's old red truck. If You've Got Leaving on Your Mind, by Patsy Cline plays on the radio. Rays cutely asks if they listen to Patsy Cline in Canada. She tells him they listen to Patsy Cline everywhere. He offers her a burger she declines saying she'll eat on the train. She notices Ray keeps checking the rear view mirror.   She asks what he's looking for.  She sees in the side view mirror a big black SUV approaching fast. She now realizes Ray "knows".    He admits to knowing for a couple of days. He saw her picture in the post office, "I guess they knew you were down under"   Ray needs the reward money, $23,000 to pay for the mortgage. She confesses her name's not Annie. {Ray still wears wedding ring} The Marshal pulls right next to Kate's side of the truck opens the window and does the ol pulls the make believe gun/trigger gesture at her………

Kate stands in the rain on the beach.
Walt plays with three white rocks and a plane part. {Makes a slide-like game} Michael and Walt talk about the bald guy Mr. Locke. Michael asks if Mr. Locke "got any kids?"
He didn't say.
Michael wants to know what he said.
Walt tells him "Some of its secret."
Michael-"Did he tell you not to tell me?"
No, he didn't. Michael pushes to know the secret.
Walt says that Mr. Locke said, "A miracle happened to him."
Michael tosses up miracle to the fact it's a miracle they all survived a plane crash. Michael wants Walt to stop hanging around with Locke but Walt feels that Locke's his friend.
Michael- "I'm your friend too."
Walt with attitude says, "If you were my friend you'd find Vincent."
Michael- "I haven't given up on your dog. I'm gonna do everything I can to find him."
Walt gets confrontational telling Michael he won't find the dog, he doesn't care about Vincent. Michael-"I'm gonna get your dog back.   As soon as it stops raining.  Listen to me. I'm gonna get your dog back."
And just like that THE RAIN STOPS.

Michael {Red leash} walks through the jungle talking to himself, mocking the coincidence about looking for Vincent "when it stops raining...I'm gonna find your dog. I'm just gonna go walking through the haunted damn jungle, looking for your..."
He hears something. "Vincent!?"
He hears grunts and growls. "Hey Vincent, that you, Buddy?" More growls. Michael runs away as if something is chasing him.   He runs until he comes upon Sun who is topless, washing up. Uncomfortable, he tries to explain to her in English that something was chasing him. He doesn't hear it now. He warns her she should probably head back. He picks up her top and hands it to her. {Why?} "I didn't see anything."
As he walks away he says again "If you're worried about it, I didn't see anything."
She looks back, watches him walk away.

The Marshal is suffering; he's yelling/crying out in pain.  Everyone hears  him.

Charlie sits by Locke who is whittling a dog whistle. {Because he's Walt's REAL friend}
Charlie tells him he used some tribal flutes once in a recording session. He's in a band.
Locke doesn't acknowledge him.

Anxious Shannon tells Boone she wishes he {the Marshal} would just die already.

Sayid offers assistance to Jack.
He whispers to Jack, "The others are getting upset. They want to know what's going on inside the tent."
Jack- "I'm trying to save his life."
Sayid- "Rumor has it, you can't." {WTF?! Who started this rumor? Who would know Jack can't?}

The Marshal still yells out, suffering in agony.  Kate, about to light a fire, discovers no matches. Sawyer, on cue, offers her a light. {He has a lighter.} He came by to thank her for taking that gun away from him. She says she didn't take it away from him.
Sawyer-"It's stickin' out of your denims, aint it?"
He's glad he's not the one with the gun right now. With the poor boy screaming all night, he knows what's got to be done, "The only one that can do it, it the one with that gun."
He tells her not to act so surprised, "I heard you tell the hero the same thing…. Hell, there's only one bullet left. It'd be damn near poetic."
Jack is still tending to the dying Marshal. The marshal wants Jack to listen to him, "No matter what she does, no matter how she makes you feel, don't trust a word that she says. She will do anything to get away."
Jack asks what she did.
The Marshal doesn't say what it was; he wants to talk to her, alone. Jack doesn't respond.
The Marshal notes, "She got to you too."
Outside Kate just stares at the marshal's tent....
{FLASH}...The Marshal gives her the make believe gun/trigger gesture. Ray sees another car headed for them. The Marshal drops back behind them. Once clear from the passing car, the chase is on. Kate spins the truck out causing it to rollover and down a hill. She saves Ray from the fiery crash, pulling his prosthetic arm from his shirt. The marshal apprehends Kate. At the top of the road, a truck honks by and Ray wakes up. The Marshal pulls a gun on Kate.
Kate talks with the Marshal in his tent. He wonders what the favor was she was going to ask him for when they were on the plane... {FLASH}...Kate and the Marshal on the plane during the turbulence. {Again watch the marshals face with the turbulence.} She has one favor to ask. The plane starts its break up, etc.
Kate wanted to be sure Ray Mullen got his 23 grand; Yeah,  the guy who ratted her out.
The Marshal-"You really are one of a kind."
He goes on to say she would have got away if she didn't save him.
Kate- "In case you didn't notice, I did get away."
Marshal- "You don't look free to me….Kate, I'm gonna die, right?"

Hurley asks Jack "Where's the fugitive?"
Jack informs him "In the tent. What's she gonna do, she's 120lbs soaking wet".
Hurley reveals that she has a gun. Concerned Jack runs toward the tent to make sure Kate wasn't going to kill the Marshal. He's relieved to see Kate walk out of the tent. A shot rings out! It's Sawyer who leaves the tent having done the deed. He shot the Marshal in the chest; trying to hit his heart but it doesn't kill him.
Sawyer tells Jack the Marshal wanted it, "Hell, he asked me."

Inside the tent Jack tells Sawyer he perforated his lung, it will take the Marshal hours bleed out. Sawyer missed shooting him in the heart; He only had one bullet. Jack kicks Sawyer out.
Sawyer tries to smoke but his cigarette won't light.
After a minute we don't hear anything coming from the Marshal. Jack walks out of the tent with blood on his hands. Jack is upset, he doesn't say a word.

Daylight on the beach:
Locke sits on the beach facing the jungle. He blows into the whistle he made four times. He hears something. It's Vincent! {Collar on. Blue dog tag}
Locke walks through the wreckage to where Michael and Walt are sleeping in the sun.
Locke wakes up Michael, "Shhh. I found your sons dog. Vincent. I tethered him to a tree just over there."
Locke tells him he knows Walt lost his mom so he thought it would be best Michael should be the one to bring his dog back to him. {Wink.}

Jack sits on the beach looking out to the water.
Kate joins him; she wants to confess what she did and why he was after her.
Jack -"I don't wanna know. It doesn't matter, Kate, who we were, what we did before this, before the crash. It doesn't really...Three days ago we all died. We should all be able to start over."
Okay. {WTF? Is he giving up on rescue already?}

Hurley dumps sand out of his sneaker while listening to Wash Away on the CD player. The survivors are going about their new lives on the beach.
Jin wipes his hands, checks on sleeping Sun; tenderly touches/moves her hair.
Boone gives Shannon a fixed pair of sunglasses.
Sayid tosses fruit to Sawyer.
Charlie puts new tape on his fingers. {Permanent marker}
Claire sits and talks to her tummy.
Michael brings Vincent back to Walt. Walt is very happy.
Locke sits very quietly watching....watching them! the last note rings out on Wash Away into the LOST music, and that last note rings out, listen to the sounds very carefully. {With headphones if necessary} As the camera pans around from behind Locke to the front of Locke... Monster sounds.... Interesting, huh?! Hmmmmmmmm. Yeah!

Thing to note...Questions to ask...
  • Kate says she's from Canada. What is Kate's role, really? Dangerous, how? Where's page 1 of her mug shot flyer? She's cunning and clever. Is she capable of crashing a plane to get away?
  • Kate/Annie likes orange shirts. Lol
  • The Dahli Lama wears orange. (And red)
  • Alias. {Names}
  • Kate, Sawyer, Sayid, Charlie, Boone and Shannon agree to lie. Hmmm. Standing guard.
  • Could the Castaways be tracked?
  • Marches. March. Mars.
  • Fever. Fire. Lighter. Light.
  • Pace.
  • Chicken/eggs. Pear/pair.
  • Mirror. Rear view mirror.
  • Boone steals the bullet clip from Sayid. Sawyer steals the clip on badge from the Marshal.
  • The passenger and driver seats in Rays truck are opposite from the way they are the States.
  • Down. Under. Slide down.
  • In the wild" opposed to being in cages or domesticated? 
  • Parts of the body will shut down one at a time.
  • Walk. Walking.
  • Michael seems troubled regarding Walt and Mr. Locke.
  • Michael and Sun. I think they have a connection.
  • Locke gives Walt the illusion that Michael found the dog.
  • Charlie's taped fingers- FATE...LATE...what next?...KATE?
  • Sayid is the one who talks to the group about organizing and helping to contribute to their Island survival.
  • Keep your eye on Locke at all times. With what I saw with him here I believe there's more to Mr. Locke.
Vocabulary and Research...  
* Tabula Rasa: Latin tabula meaning tablet and rasa being the feminine form of rasus: erased. Means Blank Slate. Refers to the epistemological thesis that human beings are born with no built-in mental content, in a word, "blank" and that their entire resource of knowledge is built up gradually from their experiences and sensory perceptions of the outside world.
* Hero: in Greek mythology and folklore, was originally a demigod. The offspring of a mortal and a deity, their cult being one of the most distinctive features of ancient Greek religion.
The literal meaning of the word is "protector", "defender" or "guardian.
* TREE: Trends in ecology and evolution a scientific journal.
* Trees: a plant form that occurs in many different orders and families of plants. Trees are made of cells, have reproductive organs, morph, live a very long time.
* Trees an important role in many of the world's mythologies and religions and have been given deep and sacred meanings throughout the ages. Tree of Knowledge Various trees of life appear in folklore, culture and fiction, often relating to immortality or fertility.
* Tree may also refer to: Tree structure, a way of representing the hierarchical nature of a structure in a graphical form. Decision tree. Evolutionary tree. Family tree.
* Tree (graph theory), a graph in which any two vertices are connected by exactly one path.
* Tree- Data structure, a widely used computer data structure that emulates a tree structure with a set of linked nod.
* Tree Network- a type of computer and communication network topology.
* Marches. Plural form of March:
March is said to "come in like a lion, out like a lamb." Some variants of the proverb reverse the "lamb/lion" ordering.
- March is the 3rd month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of 7 months with a length of 31 days.
- The name of March comes from ancient Rome, when March was the first month of the year and called Martius after Mars, the Roman god of war.
-  March's birthstone is Aquamarine.
* March hare: An allusion to the excited behavior of hares during the rutting season.
* Marching- (music), a genre for marching. Parade. Or Demonstration (people).
* Fever- sign of infection.- Yellow fever has been a source of several devastating epidemics.
* Buddy may refer to: A friend. A partner for a particular activity.
Buddy system-any system in which two people work together, especially for safety reasons.

Tabula Rasa is a Great episode! We have our Lostie's arriving on the "Island" and are able to leave behind "everything", getting a clean slate.
More to it, I think so. What do you think?
For example, Jack may have added something very interesting to his CLEAN SLATE....ironic isn't it?
You'll hear the Lostie's say things like..."In a former life I was..." or "In the real world I did..."
Pay attention to things like that.

The story gets told to us through metaphors, word play, using subliminal  and  lesser simpler situations to make us "real into" what the bigger picture really is.  Our clues will come from not only what we are seeing in the scene, but VERY much from the dialogue.    The words and phrases that are used are huge clues.  So many things are right in front of our eyes. So don't just look at the show, really see what's there. Look deeper!

A "Clean slate", a "New beginning", a "New life", "Start over" and a "Do-Over". I point this out because of my thoughts of the survivors doing just that, re-living things over.

Love to all who are "LOST"™

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DISCLAIMER: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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