August 2, 2008

PILOT. part 1

PILOT. Part 1

Eye... {PAY attention to eye colors} Jack lays on his back in the middle of the bamboo jungle. He wakes up. The view is of Jack's perspective looking up toward the unbroken bamboo trees above him. Two scratches on right cheek bone, two on left cheek. He looks to his left and sees a dog; Vincent, collar on, all happy as can be. Vincent runs off. We don't really hear any background noises. Jack stands up and realizes he's bleeding. He checks his right jacket pocket and pulls out an unbroken travel size bottle of liquor. Jack takes off running through the jungle. {OK, I'm gonna wake up in the middle of the jungle after falling from the sky, and I'm going to know which direction to run in to get to the 'beach', yet Jack heads right for the beach! Damn he's good.} On his way, Jack passes a white right tennis shoe in the tree. Little by little we hear the screams and yells of the survivors of the crash. {Could it be that they all were starting to 'wake up' at the same time?}
Jin yells for Sun. Michael yells out for Walt.
Jack kicks into rescue everyone mode. He saves Rose and a nearly eight months pregnant Claire and then Hurley. Locke and Jack remove a plane part off a guy trapped under it. Let's remember when Jack's saving Rose, Boone tells him he's a licensed Life Guard. Boone runs around frantically asking people if they have a pen (So that a hole can be made in Rose's throat.) Boone does retrieve a handful of pens for Jack.
Jack searches for sewing kit in suitcases and finds one.

Jack leaves the crash site to stitch up his wounds.
Kate, alone rubbing her wrists comes upon Jack. She's wearing a white shirt. Kate helps Jack sew up his cut; after all she sewed a pair of drapes once. Jack tells Kate the story of his first solo procedure while in residency as a spinal surgeon. How he counted to 5 to deal with the fear, "How the terror was just so crazy, so real.... {As opposed to not real?} ... And I knew I had to deal with it." So he made a choice to let the fear in and take over, but only for 5 seconds. {Jack seems to tell this story almost trance-like and very emotional.} Kate says she would have run for the door. Jack notes she's not running now.

Sawyer is hanging out real emotion, just kind of looks like, 'well island, here I am.' But note he lights a cigarette where there is fire, gas and fumes!
Hurley's in charge of the food.
Locke just sits looking out over the water.
Boone is trying to get a signal on his cell phone; it only beeps.

Sayid builds a fire and recruits Charlie to help make it a big fire.
Revived Rose kisses her wedding ring on a chain.

It's Night on the beach. Sayid wonders why "they" haven't come by now. Hooded Charlie asks "Who?"
Sayid- "Anyone."
{Why would Charlie ask who? Is he NOT expecting people to come?} {DS ring.} Charlie is writing the letters of the word FATE on four of his white taped left handed fingers.
Shannon paints her toes by firelight. Boone offers her a chocolate bar, after all they may be there for a while. Shannon reminds him the plane had a black box so they know exactly where they are and they're coming. She'll eat on the rescue boat.
Hurley delivers food to Claire; he gives her two trays of food.

Michael watches over Waaaaaalt.
Jin tells Sun in Korean she must not leave his sight, "You must follow me wherever I go." He tells her not to worry about the others,"We need to stay together."

Jack tends to a severely injured man who Kate was sitting next to on the plane. She asks if he's gonna live.
Jack uses a palm leaf as a visual aid to describe the plane at 40,000 feet, then hits an air pocket; he blacked out, etc..
Kate saw the whole thing. Jack says they need to figure out which way they came in, head to the cockpit and find a transceiver to send out a signal, "Help the rescue party find us."
Kate wonders, "How do you know all that? {Does he remember something?}
Jack admits he took a few flying lessons, "wasn't for me." {He's more the doctor role, than the pilot role anyway. But he technically piloted a plane!}
Kate mentions she saw smoke through the valley and if Jack's thinking of going there then she's going with him.
Jack-"I don't know your name."
She introduces herself, "I'm Kate."
MONSTER sounds! The trees move as if being knocked down, sounds of metal, gurgling, clicking, and an almost siren sound.
It's cute how when Walt hears the monster he turns to Michael and asks "Is that Vincent?" {Vincent? WTF?!}
You can see Rose calmly standing, looking in the direction of the sound.
No one freaks out; they listen but they aren't frightened enough to run and hide.
Charlie- "Terrific."

Jack is on the plane looking out the window that's on his left; he's having a drink. Cindy the stewardess comes over to him, "Shhh" sneaks him two bottles of vodka for his not so strong drink. Jack jokes about it breaking some critical FAA regulations. He downs his drink.
Charlie runs toward the 'front' of the plane to the bathroom.
Jack and Rose have conversation, about the turbulence; he tells her it's normal.
Locke sits behind Rose.
Rose mentions to Jack she has never been a very good flyer. Rose's very smart husband is bathroom. Jack tells her not to worry and that he'll keep her company until her husband returns, "It's gonna be over…"
The plane shakes badly, the masks come down, people are tossed around.

On the beach Jack stares at the water. The survivors talk about the sounds they heard.
Michael- "It didn't sound like an animal. Not exactly, I mean..."
Rose- "That sound that it made, I keep thinking that there was something really familiar about it."
Shannon- "Really? Where are you from?"
Rose-"The Bronx."
Charlie-"Might be monkeys. It's monkeys, right?"
Sawyer-"Sure it's monkeys. It's Monkey Island."
Hurley-"Technically, you know, we don't even know if we're on an island."
Sayid-"We're on an island."

Kate asks Jack if he's ready but Jack feels he can find it himself. She insists she'll go retrieve the transceiver from the cockpit with him but she's gonna need better shoes. Kate gets a pair off a dead body. Locke, who has a vertical cut above and below his right eye, smiles at her with an orange slice in his smile.

Michael tells a few of them that whatever they heard wasn't natural.
Charlie asks for sun block; Shannon has some.
Hurley says they should do something about the bodies; a word that Hurley miss-spells and Walt corrects.
Jack entrusts Boone to keep an eye on the wounded. They talk about the marshal and the other guy with the leg. Charlie will go on the trek too because he doesn't feel like standing still.

As Jack, Kate and Charlie leave for the cockpit we see Vincent just sitting there checking, watching them. Kate asks Charlie if they ever met anywhere before. Charlie reveals he's in the rock band Drive Shaft; he shows her the DS ring, 2nd tour of Finland.
Jack says they have to keep moving.
Locke sits on the beach looking out toward the open water. The skies look gloomy.

It's raining in the valley. Charlie asks if it's normal "the kind of day turning into night, you know, end of the world type weather?"

At the beach the survivors are seeking cover due to a big rain storm, all except Locke who sits there welcoming the rain. He's not running from anything, he's welcoming everything!

There are monster sounds and movement in the trees again.
Jack breaks open the cockpit door and they find the Pilot. Jack tells Kate a transceiver looks like a complicated walki talki.
The pilot wakes up; his right eye is swollen and his head is dizzy. It's probably a concussion.
Jack informs the pilot at least 48 of them survived. It's been 16 hours. The Pilot explains what happened before they crashed, that rescue wouldn't know where to look for them because six hours in the radio went out, "No one could see us." They turned back to land in Fiji. By the time they hit turbulence they were 1,000 miles off course, "They're looking for us in the wrong place."
The pilot reaches for the transceiver.
Jack realizing Charlie's not in sight asks where Charlie is.
The transceiver isn't working.
Kate looks for Charlie.
Charlie is in the bathroom.
Monster sounds! It's right outside the window! Kate seeks protection in Jack's arms. They see dark shadow outside the fogged up window. Jack tries to wipe the fog off the windshield to "see" the monster. Brave Kate also tries for a closer look. The pilot is not scared, he gets up to take a peek too. He puts the transceiver on the seat and pokes his head out of the window. BAM, he's pulled out the window; blood everywhere.
The plane falls. {Do you hear whispers?}
They run through the jungle! Charlie falls, almost too close to the monster and Jack goes back to get Charlie.
Kate hides in a Banyan tree, {Looks like a cage/ jail cell} looks up and uses the count to 5 method we just heard Jack share. She screams for Jack. {Only for Jack and not for Charlie.}

Hooded Charlie scares Kate; no Jack. {Where the hell is Jack?}
Charlie saw Jack; he pulled him up but they got separated. Charlie also starts to describe "…That Thing…" as he claws his hand… Kate asks him "Did you see it?"
Charlie says "No. It was right there. We were dead…. I was…and then Jack came back and he pulled me up. I don't know where he is." The rain stops.
Kate says they have to go back for him. Charlie's concerned as there is a "certain gargantuan quality about this thing."
Kate tells him, "Then don't come."

Charlie goes after her. Kate finds the pilots "wings" in a muddy puddle; the reflection in the watery mud shows his body is up in the tree. Jack steps out of the trees not surprised to see the pilot in the tree. Kate asks him if he saw it.
Jack says "No. It was right behind when I dove into the bushes."
Charlie asks how something like that happens.
We see the pilot's bloody body in the tree.

Things to Note...Questions To Ask…
A pretty basic review; so what do we have? Jack placed inland waking up, bottles in pocket not broken, etc.. Vincent. They DO NOT look like people that just fell from the sky! They look like they were placed there.
* Monster.
* Numbers to note- 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 16, 23
* Additional clue words: Pilot, Pen, Time, Watch, Guard, Needle, Alcohol, Patch, Black, Spine, Spinal fluid, Nerves, Sac, Membranes, Tissue.
* Charlie and Rose's husband were in the bathroom on the plane.
* Jack sits in row 23.
* New York.
* Pen
* Jack is NOT afraid of the monster, neither is the pilot. Did Jack see the monster? Where was Jack "hiding"?
* The flash shows us Charlie running to the bathroom toward the front of the plane. While he's in there the turbulence starts. Let's keep that in mind for part 2.

Vocabulary and Research…
* PILOT is an acronym, and stands for Programmed Instruction, Learning, Or Teaching.
* A pilot experiment is a precursor to a full-scale study used to check if all operational parameters are in check.
* A pilot study can refer to many types of experiments, but generally the goal of study is to replicate the full scale experiment, but only on a smaller scale.
* PILOT: is the title of a short story in science fiction author Stephen Baxter's Xeelee Sequence. 6th in the anthology Vacuum Diagrams.
* Pilot- Aviator, in aviation, an Aircraft pilot is someone who controls an aircraft. A Maritime pilot in shipping, someone who guides ships through the waters near a harbor or dangerous coastal waters. This is the original meaning.
* Pilot is the name of a pop rock group best known for their 1975 hit songs "Magic"
* Transceiver: a device that has both a transmitter and a receiver which are combined and share common circuitry or a single housing. If no circuitry is common between transmit and receive functions, the device is a transmitter-receiver. The term originated in the early 1920s. Technically, transceivers must combine a significant amount of the transmitter and receiver handling circuitry.

A great beginning to a wonderful story! Could there be a pilot responsible for delivering these people to this "Island" Or are they in the middle of an experiment?

Love to all who are "LOST"™

I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! Things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either. I hate spoilers! I stand clear of reading certain sites, as to not take me off my own research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode, we all know what they are. Good! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues in bold.

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