January 12, 2009

Every man for himself.

Let's talk about LOST! Every Man for Himself.

We begin with a shot of the water and pan to Desmond sitting there; his wheels are spinning.
Claire is heard saying, "Aaron, Aaron."
Desmond watches them. {Campfires burning} He heads over to see Claire who is now writing in her diary. {With black pen, wearing 2 shirts}

Desmond tells her- "You've got a problem with your roof."
He feels Claire should move down to the beach just for tonight that way he can fix it; make some improvements. {Improvements!}
Aaron had just fallen asleep, but even so Desmond feels it will be worth it.
Charlie comes over and asks, "What cha doing brother?"  

Desmond explains his offer to fix the roof.
Charlie lets him know if the roof needs fixing he can handle it, "I'm quite handy. I was building a church before Eko exploded." {Eko exploded? Not imploded?!}
Desmond backs off and walks away.
Charlie seems a bit annoyed- "I don't know. Gonna have to get that guy another button to push." {I just want to ask…How friggin' hot is Desmond?}

Jack is in his glass cell where he has the privilege of having a TV monitor set up on the other side of the glass; there is a cartoon showing on the TV.    The eyes of the cartoon bird/vulture watch a Swan with 3 little swans. The big eyed vulture puts up his Out to Brunch sign and salts a baby swan.

There’s a knock at the door.
The video camera watches Jack. {Red light blinking.} We can see the refection of TV in Jack's glass cell.   Jack heads back to sit in the corner of his cell.    {Juliet trained him well.

Juliet comes bearing food/bottled water and she makes small talk with him.
Jack wants to know if he's going to keep on watching cartoons or is she going to tell him why he's there.
Juliet asks him if he likes blueberry.
Frustrated Jack asks, "Should I talk to Benjamin? {Benjamin} Should I talk to Benjamin? Because I'm starting to think you're just the person who brings me my food."
Juliet- "You can talk to him all you want. But he won't tell you anything."
Jack- "You work for him?"
Juliet-"No. I don't for him."
Jack- "He's in charge."

Juliet-"It doesn't work that way over here Jack. We make decisions together." 

Jack blurts out, "Cause when I was holding that broken plate at your neck, he seemed happy to let you die. I mean. It felt like he made that decision on his own."

Juliet looks hurt but insists Jack doesn't know what he's talking about; she "doesn’t answer to him." {Who do you answer to?}
Ben storms in because he needs Juliet, "The sub is back. We have a situation. So come with me now." {Sub? Submarine or substitute?}
They leave and curious Jack runs up to the closed door to listen.

We see a bloody body on a stretcher is being hurried through the jungle.

Sawyer and Kate are sleeping in their cages/cells.
Danny announces it’s- "Time for work."
They wake up.
Sawyer calls him Chinatown; making fun of Danny's bandaged hurt nose.   Pickett is looking for an excuse to "get" Sawyer.
Hot Sawyer thinking he’d get Pickett fired up says, "I thought I just did. What do I gotta do? Talk about your mother?"   {Fighting words! LOL}
Danny gets called via the radio; it's bad news.

Ben and Juliet come running over; It's Colleen who is on the stretcher.
Kate sees this and wonders, "What happened?"
Sawyer-"We happenedBeen on this rock long enough to realize they aint in the business of shooting each other. We did it. Our team."
This makes Sawyer happy, "Damn right I'm smiling. Cause we just got our ticket outta here."
Sawyer is rigging things in his cage so he can retrieve fish biscuits/food/water. {Using a black rock.}
Kate, twirling a string around her finger wants to know what Sawyer is doing. 

He's thinking! {Is Kate trying to remember something?} 
A Recorded woman's voice announces "Warning".
His reward is food. The water pours out the spout and it makes a stream. {Sawyers eyes follow it.} Sawyer tells Kate the girl on the stretcher is broken nose man's girl.
Kate informs Sawyer that they call him Pickett. {Kate heard that name? When? They called Danny.}
Again we see the water stream into a puddle.
Sawyer tells Kate, "Watch and learn little lady."
He explains, “That there's 'juice' pumping into this box from somewhere. The next time somebody comes to pull me out, I'm gonna wait till they step in my little swimming hole and I grab um. Zap! They fall back from the shock. I grab the keys. Bet the bears never thought of that."
{He's so proud.}
Kate- "You're both going to get electrocuted."
Sawyer- "Yeah, but I felt the jolts. I can take it."  {He can take electric volts. Hmmm}
Kate is impressed by his smarts.
Sawyer-"Well wipe the stars out of your eyes, Sweetheart. Cause we're gonna do this."
Kate asks about Jack.
Sawyer-"What about him? We don't even know if he's here. Hell. We don't even know if he's alive. We gotta take care of us. It's every man for himself, Freckles."

Sawyer is in a boxing ring. He is in prison. The guard calls him Ford.
Sawyer has black gloves and his opponent has red.
It happens to be mandatory chow time. Sawyer chats with his boxing partner. Calls him "Old and dumb". {Sawyer's number is 840}
On their way down the steps they see that there's a fight below.  The guy being the punching bag is Munson. Rumor has it he ripped off the government for 10 mil but they never found the money.
Sawyer’s friends say, "If your buddy the warden didn't keep breaking up the fights, Munson'd be a dead man." {So Sawyer is already buddies with him.}
Sawyer-"That son of a bitch."

Later we see Munson {248} busy at a sewing machine.   Sawyer, who is making his rounds, says to Munson, "You've been here what a week and you're on tote bag duty? I've been here 9 months. I'm still pushing trash." 

Sawyer goes on to explain that the Warden isn't breaking up the fights because Munson is cute, it's because he's making a play for the 10 mil. 1st step, butter you up. Give you a plum job. Step 2, Warden will “reach out to your wife, use her against you. Text book con." {Is Sawyer speaking from experience here?!}
Sawyer is telling him all this cause the Warden has made his life a living hell for the past 9 months, "He gets that 10 mil you aint got, I just might have to kill myself."
The Warden comes over, eating an apple.  Sawyer asks what brings him over to the sewing shop. The Warden is sure to ask Munson if Ford is bothering him.
Warden-"Don't think I can't extend your stay, Ford. All it takes is one call. One call."
Ford shares a different type of eye contact with each man.

Sawyer in his cage comments about approaching Ben, “Oh yeah, the big Kahuna."
Ben stands close to Sawyers cage but not close enough to step into the puddle. "Lunch already?"
Ben asks Sawyer what he weighs; actually demands to know what he weighs.
Sexy Sawyer weighs 180 lbs-give or take. {Okay, I'll take} Ben asks how old he is.
Sawyer- "32.”
Ben-"Don't lie."
This pleases Ben.  Ben goes to open the cage and Sawyer pulls his arm; and with no shoes on tries to zap Ben.   Sawyer’s zapping bit is not working because they turned off the power.
Ben hits Sawyer and continues to beats him with his stick. {Little Ben really kicked some ass.}
Ben kicks him in the face knocking him out.

Sawyer starts to wakes up. {We hear, "Two days since the sky turned purple, we've been blind, our comms are all down, I can't get um back up again and in case you forgot Colleen's in critical..."}
Sawyer is now in a cell similar to Jacks. {How close is he to Jack?} He's strapped down to the table and he wants out! Jason and another guy are trying to inject Sawyer with a BIG needle.
Ben tells him-"It's for the pain."
Ben hates needles. {Huh?} Sawyer is struggling to get away.

We see Jack sitting in his corner eating but Jack can hear Sawyer's struggle through the intercom. {Yes, the intercom that's not supposed to be working!}

Back in Sawyer's "room" the two guys are trying to inject him. One guy explains to the other that "You have to go through the sternum, like in the movie." (Movie?} After counting to two they apparently plunge the needle into his chest. {Just like Jack did with injured Boone after he fell in the drug plane.}

Paulo is golfing with fruit. {Fruit in a basket} Desmond comes over and is going to borrow one of his clubs; Hurley said it would be alright. {Asked Hurley for permission?}
Paulo assumes - "Must mean you’re off to save the day."
{Does Paulo know what Des is up to? Paulo’s shirt has stars on the sleeve.}
Paulo tells Desmond to take the 5 iron. I never use it, "That way when you die in the jungle, doing whatever your doing, I don't have to go looking for it."
{Holy Shit! What does Paulo know?}
As Desmond walks away he suggests to Paulo that he "may want to square your shoulders a bit more."
Paulo asks if he plays golf.
Desmond replies he's “Scottish”.

Sawyer is still strapped to the table with two bandages on his chest. {They did not inject him directly in the center of the sternum where they pointed out (heart). They missed and hit off to the left side}
Tom comes in with a caged rabbit; number 8.
Ben rattles the bunny cage over Sawyer. He is rattling and shaking the cage to the point of what we see becomes blurred.
Ben yells at it, “Move, move, move, Come on, let’s move, Hippity hop!!” and the rabbit falls over.
Sawyer wonders if Ben just killed that bunny.
Ben asks Sawyer if he knows what a pacemaker is.    Ben explains that they stick them in the tickers of people who've had by-pass work whose hearts need just a little jump; a kick start. He goes on to tell him the rabbit had a small pacemaker set to deliver its kick start should it get too excited, or anxious or frightened. Or should it try to escape."
Ben then puts a 'watch'/'monitor' on Sawyer. Assuming Sawyer was telling the truth, his resting heart rate should be about 70 beats per minute. Your active heart rate however, that would be about 140", which will be the point that Sawyers pacemaker will cause his heart to explode. This is how Ben knows that he will start behaving now.

Ben frees Sawyer from his restraints and he explains the watch monitors your pulse. {94 bpm} "If you get within 15 beats of your danger zone, it will start to beep. If and when it beeps…you're gonna wanna relax yourself. Do some deep breathing…some yoga."
Sawyer asks if they want him dead why they don’t just shoot him, get it over with.
Ben says they are not killers. "If you tell Kate, what we did, what we put in you, that we're watching you, you tell her any of these things. We'll put one in her too."

Sawyer is returned to his cage. They each are given a bucket so they can wash up.
Tom, who is very courteous to Kate offers her other clothes; should the ones he left her doesn't fit. {Could Tom already know Kate? He acts like they know each other.}
As Sawyer rings out his sponge you can see his heart rate is 120.  Kate asked what happened. Sawyer lies says they just asked him questions. Kate wants him to turn around while she changes her clothes.  As he removes one bandage, he catches a glimpse of Kate's bare back.   His heartbeat hits 125, the beeping increases. {Time to take a cold shower, my man!}
Kate wonders what that is. He lies again and says it's his watch. She wants to know when he got a watch.
Sawyer-"Look, I don't tell you everything, now leave me alone, damn it!"
Sawyer does indeed douse himself with is bucket of water and his heart rate does slow down.

Sawyer is in the prison visitors room. Munson is across the room visiting with a woman with big boobs.   He and Sawyer make eye contact. Obviously there are video cameras around. {"No smoking in visitors area" sign.}
Cassidy comes to visit him; she calls him Sawyer.
Sawyer states, "It's James Ford.”
Cassidy was the person who had pressed charges. {He with cigarette. She's wearing 3 necklaces.} He's mad at her for putting him in there, but after all he conned her.
James just wants to know what she wants, "Come on. I've got license plates to make."
Cassidy shows him a picture of baby "Clementine"; his 'daughter. They are living in a university town in Albuquerque. She just wants him to write the child a letter.
He says the child isn't his.

Back in his cage Sawyer checks his watch and heart rate. {Resting heart rate?} Kate sees that there a possible way for her to escape the cage/cell.
Sawyer tells her to chill out, get the lay of the land.

Jack in his cell hears voices from the intercom. {The one that hasn't worked in years.} He hears "Everything's under control…You know what he's-doing- to Karl. He knows what he's doing….It was a mistake bring those two here." {Who is that talking?}
Juliet storms in and asks Jack for help with a gunshot patient.  Jack had assumed it was Sawyer's blood. Juliet needs his help.

A very loud buzzing alarm is going off.
Juliet and others are transporting a hooded/bag over the head Jack, so he can't see/blind where he’s been or going. The walk him right by Kate/Sawyer's cages.  Kate and Sawyer are calling out to him to get his attention, "Jack" ... "Doc".
Jack stops a moment, possible hearing them or something.

Jack is led to an area that has AREA OP 4 and AREA OP 5 with directional arrows on the wall.  Ben asks Juliet if she's lost her mind bringing him there.   But after all Jack’s a Doctor... Jack peers into the O.R. doors and goes straight into Doctor mode. {WHY is he helping these people?} He catches a glimpse of spine x-rays that are conveniently up, but they aren't Colleens. {X-rays show R with 2 marks/spheres inside of 2 circles}
Danny, whose shirt doesn't fit him, tells Juliet to tell him who did this, "He ought to know that!"
Check out how FOCUSED Jack is! Juliet is not a surgeon.
Jack says, "I know." {WOW! HOW?}

Ben, Tom and Danny watch from behind the glass observatory. Ben is very calm, just watching.
Colleen crashes. Jack needs the crash cart/paddles but conveniently it is broken.
Jack tried CPR.
Juliet seems very upset as she tells Jack they "haven't had anything happen/before".
Colleen is gone.” {Video cameras everywhere.}
We are shown Colleen's heart rate go from 60 to 109, 13, 39, 16}.
Jack calls Time of Death...He looks around; there is NO CLOCK {No sense of Time. Is she really dead? Weeeeeeeeee!}
LOOK AT BEN! He is amazing!


Very distraught Danny attacks and beats up Sawyer in revenge for Colleen’s death. During the beating he gets Kate to admit she loves Sawyer in order for the beating to stop. {Listen to Sawyers heart rate watch.}
Danny commands "Lock him up!

Ford sits reading Of Mice and Men.
Munson {248} comes to talk with him. {LOOK! it appears he is sitting in a vehicle parts like in auto shop or something. It reminds me of his set up on the beach!}
They men walk down a long hallway; video cameras are everywhere. Munson tells of his love for that woman... Ford tells Munson, "10 mil is a lot of greenbacks, killer.  It tends to change things. That's why you never get attached. 'Cause once you care, that's when they can come at ya." Everyone is involved in a con.
Munson-"What did yours want?"
Ford-"Something I ain't got."
Munson needs " him to move it, the money."
They both know he stole the money. "Lila hired a P.I. she's gonna find it. Do this for me. You have too."
Ford- "No. It's too dangerous. I'll be a walking target." {THAT’S IMPORTANT!}
Munson- "If you don't help me the Warden will get it all. He'll win."

In his cage Sawyer has a bucket of water and is cleaning himself up.   Kate is worried about sawyer so she climbs up and out of her cage. This upsets and concerns Sawyer, "Hang on a second Freckles. I told you the time aint right."
Kate-"You're the one who said we had to go." But that was before.
Kate realizes that they did something to him, enough for him to lie about it; and that scares her more than anything that they've ever done to them before. {HOLY SHIT!!}
Once at Sawyers cage, she wants to break off the lock and get the cage door open.
Sawyer wants her to wait, "You gotta leave me. RUN!"
Kate-"What did they do to you?"
He tells her to run, "It's everyman for himself."
The watch starts beeping.
Kate- "Why didn't you fight back?! Tell me the truth for once in your life!" {For once in your life!}
Sawyer- "If you really love me, go."
Kate tells him she only said she loved him so Danny would stop hitting him. {That comment was probably hurt worse than Danny's punches}
Kate climbs back in her cage, "Live together. Die Alone." {I wish I was a physically strong as Kate. I really do!}

Inside the video monitor room, Ben and Tom watch-everything. {Sawyer’s on camera 5. Ben controls number 2 controls} Tom tells Ben that Danny wants to kill Sawyer.
Ben feels, "Danny can wait."
Tom asks "Should I bring Shepherd back?"
Ben says no, he wants him to sit with her a while longer.
We see Jack on the monitor. {Why? Are you trying to get him to remember something? Punishment? What?}

Jack is cuffed to the gurney with the body still there.
Juliet comes in through double doors and apologizes to him for them putting handcuffs on him. She goes on to say that she is a fertility doctor and that she's not used to death. {That's because she creates life.} She tells him that the girls name is Cole, short for Colleen.
Juliet- "I should have come to get you sooner."
Jack-" It wouldn't have mattered. There wasn't any more you could have done. She was dead before you put her on the table." {WHAT?!}
Juliet is going to take him back now, "I'm sorry for bringing you here." {WOW!}
Jack grabs her hand and asks her whose x-rays are those, "They belong to a man about 40 years old. And whoever he is…He has a very large tumor on his L4 vertebra. And I just happen to be a spinal surgeon. So, you tell me. Juliet. Who am I here to save?" {How about yourself, Jack!}

The 5 iron has been made into a makeshift lightening rod at Claire's tent.
Desmond heads over to the 'kitchen' where Hurley is cutting up fruit.
Desmond looks at his own handy work.
Hurley asks Desmond “Is that, art?"
Desmond- "Nope. Just an experiment."
Hurley starts to walk away with his fruit salad but Desmond says maybe he should wait a minute. With that, Des gives him a 'wait and watch look'. Thunder/lightening/rain. A Flash of lightening hits Desmond's rod, saving Claire/Aaron and Charlie. {Yes, and Charlie.}

It’s night and Kate and Sawyer are asleep in their cages.
Ben is trying to wake up Sawyer.
Ben- "Pssst!, Psssst!"
Sawyer wakes up.
Ben –"Good morning. Let’s go for a walk.”

Ford is escorted by four guards through the game/play yard/field at prison. He is meeting the Warden. Two guards walk him down the steps. The Warden waits with two men in front of the Red boxing ring.
The warden shares with Ford that when they first brought him there he was just a dumb hick; now he knows better, "You're a dumb hick that knows how to steal."
One of the men with the Warden is Agent Freedmen from the treasury department. {This man's I.D. badge says State of Florida Department of Corrections}
Ford remembers who this man is; they know each other.
Ford reveals the "10 million's parked in a RED bronco parked in a 'store it quick' facility in Sawgrass. Right off 441. Unit 23C. That's where your money is."
The Warden tells him, as agreed the last 6 years of your sentence have been commuted, "As soon as the truck is recovered and the funds confirmed, your commission will be processed.”
Ford instructs them to set up a new account, it doesn't matter what bank. Make it in Albuquerque. Put it in the name Clementine Phillips. He wants to be sure she can never find out who the money is from.
Warden asks who she is.
Ford doesn't answer.
The warden congratulates him for lying and cheating his way out of prison, "You're a free man."

Ben and two guards are on a trek with Sawyer. It's not much further, just to the top of the next rise. There's something Ben wants him to see.
Sawyer quotes a line from “Of mice and men”... “Is it that place you always wanted, George?" He says to Ben, "Don't you read? It's from “Of mice and men” you'd like it, puppies get killed."
Nearing the top, Sawyers watch starts beeping. {125, 135}
Sawyer, looking a little woozy, comments to Ben about him killing him up there-his heart explode.
Ben tells him his heart will not explode, "The only thing we put inside you was doubt."
He confesses the watch is a heart rate monitor, nothing more. Ben takes out a white rabbit number 8 from his bag. {The beeping stops.} "We gave him a sedative, not a pacemaker."
Sawyer- "How do I even know it's the same bunny? That you didn't just paint an 8 on another one."
Ben-"You don't."
Sawyer punches Ben!
It turns out the rabbit wasn't the thing Ben wanted to show him.The reveal is another “island.
Ben asks him if he's ever been to Alcatraz, take the tour? "You're standing on an island roughly twice the size of Alcatraz. And that over there, that's your island. The one you've come to know and love."

He just wanted him to know there's nowhere to run.
Sawyer- "You did all this just to keep me in a damn cage?"
Ben –“We did all this because the only way to gain a conman's respect is to con him. You're pretty good, Sawyer. We're a lot better."
Ben comments that it wasn't the pacemaker that kept him in line; it's when he threatened her.
Sawyer works so hard to show her that he doesn't care or need her, “A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody. It don't make a difference who the guy is. Long as he's with you. I tell you. I tell you a guy gets too lonely and he gets sick.’ It is from 'Of mice and men'. "Don't you read?"
Ben nicely says, "Come on. Let’s get you back to your cage."


Every man for himself is a GREAT EPISODE!!!! Why? Because it is every man for himself.

Things to note...Questions to ask...
CONS! Con-Game, Manipulation. “Text book con”.   We see that the Castaway's can be easily manipulated; talked into things, believe things.  They are conned about animals/people being dead. A couple of them know how to play the con game as well, but there's always somebody better at the game. 
Is Desmond about to CON anyone? Yep!
What is going on in their heads?   “Going nuts“, “Out to lunch”..."..Goes nuts"...
Heart. Heartbeat Heart rate. Monitor. Implant.
Ben. The Warden.
Sleeping, dreaming, sedatives. Are people really "dead"? {Where’s Eko?} Are all these events really happening?
Watch. Being watched. Videotaped. Observation room/observatory. Monitor.
What’s with all the fruit?
Why is Jack made to watch cartoons? Is he a child?
✈  "A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody...” Is this what happens to Jack, or anyone else who leaves the “Island“?
✈  References to plates again. Plates? Food? Or Plates on earth?
✈  The sub. If it's the submarine they're mentioning, it must only make little short trips around the Island. Like the 20,000 leagues under the sea ride at Disney!
✈  If the "Island" really has these 'magical' healing powers why doesn't it heal Colleen? Is she really dead? Maybe she was given the rabbit sedative.   Maybe it's a different rabbit, Uh I mean Colleen. lol. Remember Jack can't call her time of death! There is no sense of time!
✈  How sexy is Sawyer and Desmond? I know I adore Jack, but come on? Sawyer and Desmond... Yeah!!
Sawyer- "Well wipe the stars out of your eyes, Sweetheart" The same line that is heard in Locke's vision in Further Instructions.
✈  LUNCH! I can't tell you how many times the reference to lunch comes up. It's making me crazy! Sure, brunch comes up. So does breakfast and supper. But LUNCH! What the hell is the deal with friggin' lunch?!!! Is it important? Is something getting put in their food and water? OMG! Lunch!! I'm hungry!
✈  The sky turned purple knocking out visuals and intercoms, etc. What/Where is it they can't see now?!  Who can't they talk to? I can hear voices coming out of the intercoms!
✈  Where are the voices from the intercom coming from? {Talking about Karl in room 23?}
✈  The whole dialogue between Desmond and Paulo with the golf club is interesting. Paulo never assumes Des is going to play golf with the club. He only states that he's taking it to go 'DO' something with it. How does Paulo know that? Come on LOST fans...Think...Think!!
I still feel I need to revisit the song Le Mer for clues.
✈  I can't help but wonder…about Sawyer's hairstyle, clothes and surroundings in the “Flash”. It‘s all very much like “him” on the “beach“.  It is blurred/blended together.
✈  How is the "Island" hidden? Is there literally a dome/globe affect over it? Has it been there the whole time it's just no one can see it?
✈  Different "Islands",Two "Islands". Are there really two different "Islands"?   Maybe there’s more than two. Is it an illusion? If there is another island twice the size of Alcatraz how come they didn't even see it?
✈  Escape.
✈  Cheat 
✈ 23
✈  The Blue Danube is the second part of the Looney Tunes cartoon, A Corny Concerto with the "vulture". I seem to have to ask this a lot…Who’s conducting this orchestra?
Electricity. Shock. Zapped by electric current. Lightening.
Prison. Cell. Are they in prison? Are they prisoners? Or could it be a metaphor for self imprisonment.

Vocabulary and Research...
Cartoon: The original meaning was in fine art, and there cartoon meant a preparatory drawing for a piece of art such as a painting o tapestry. It is most often refers to a humorous single-panel drawing or gag cartoon.
♦  Photographic plates were one of the earliest forms of photographic film in which a light-sensitive emulsion of silver salts was applied to a glass plate.
♦  A plate: is a type of electrode that formed part of a vacuum tube. The plate is impressed with a positive charge so that it may capture and flow electrons within a circuit.
♦  In baseball and related games: home plate is the final base that a player must touch to score. Unlike the other bases, home plate is a pentagon and is hard, usually a slightly flexible hard plastic with beveled edges that rises only slightly above ground level.
♦  Plate tectonics: (Greek builder" or "mason") is a theory of geology that has been developed to explain the observed evidence for large scale motions of the Earth's lithosphere.
♦  Pacemaker (track) or pacer:, a competitor who enters a race with little or no intention of winning, but purely to set a fast pace for other competitors to follow.
♦  Coal: is a fossil fuel formed in swamp ecosystems where plant remains were saved by water and mud from oxidation and biodegradation. Coal is a readily combustible black or brownish-black rock. It is a sedimentary rock, but the harder forms, such as anthracite coal, can be regarded as metamorphic rocks because of later exposure to elevated temperature and pressure. It is composed primarily of carbon along with assorted other elements, including sulfur. It is the largest single source of fuel for the generation of electricity worldwide. 
Rock anagrams to Cork

Are things we see a fantasy, illusion, made up, razzle dazzle, trickery or magic?  Is it in their heads, a dream or experience, experienced in their conscious/subconscious mind?   Is everything just blurred together?
I still see clues to those lucid dreams/waking dreams {happening in the mind/consciousness} I mentioned. If it is a dream, whose dream is it?   Is it one big CON?
Here Sawyer is in prison, so I must ask, are there ties to other Castaways and prison?

Here's the most important thing I have learned through all of this...It's ALL in the details, and they are fucking wrong.

Love to all who are "LOST"™


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Disclaimer: I never claim to know everything about the show and my thoughts by no means make me right! The things I share here are my views and/or opinions. I don't claim to catch every single detail either! You all know I hate spoilers! And I stand clear of reading certain sites as to not take me off my own course of research. The one thing I don't need to do here is rehash all of the obvious clues from an episode; we all know what they are. Understood? Let the fun begin! I'll only note things that I know come up as clues later, but need to be noted when they first show up and things I find that will be of importance.

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